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e 154 a doctors perspective john vuong seo niche
John Vuong talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast.

2020 SEO strategies. Niche topics, pages, back links and more are vital for top search page rankings. Let’s go behind the curtain with John Vuong (160 podcast episodes) and learn what to do.

Okay, You Were Jaded By Your Last SEO Hire and Didn’t Get the Guaranteed Results, Now What?

What’s a black hat vs white hat SEO strategy?

Niche is the Key to SEO

 John mentions throughout the episode about first being good at business. You also have to be in business long enough to know what you like to treat, what you get good results at because the first two years you are probably just treating anything that comes in the door.

What are ways to discover and grow a niche you find yourself enjoying?

How do you grow your blog and back links for that niche in an organic Google friendly way?

Which comes first, growing your local popularity for a niche or bloging and SEO strategy first?

What are some of the signals Google is looking for to say Yes you are a Quality website?

Should you own URL specific clinic and condition names or not?

What can we do for pictures on our website to have the SEO juice?

Should we be creating info-graphics?

Backlinks aren’t dead but how do you get a backlink that is SEO valuable?

Are the search engines looking for a certain length of article for it to be worthy of a first page ranking?

Google has lots of tools for free to see how your site is doing with keywords, page errors, site speed etc.

But in reality even if you monitor whats going on, how do you implement and fix any issues?

Are you going to do it or would you rather pay someone who does this all day?

Even if your site looks healthy and you rank well, are you leveraging that to actually get phone calls to your office?

His 5 Pillars at Local SEO Search: Content, Link, Technical, Dev elopement, SEO … not to mention all the sub categories in each.

How long should you expect to hire an SEO company for, months, years, a one time ‘clean it up’ fee?


Date night and putting those times in the calendar are important to keep family life a top priority.

Also, hire out the tasks you aren’t good at, don’t have time to do or someone else could do better than you.

Authors he recommends (link goes to their work on Amazon) Seth Godin, Neil Patel, Gary V, Rand Fishkin

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/154 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

e 154 a doctors perspective john vuong seo niche ca
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Justin Trosclair 0:30
Episode 154 niche to win at SEO. I’m your host, Dr. Justin Trosclair. And today they’re john bones perspective during 2017 and 18 podcast Awards Nominated hosts and best selling author on Amazon as we get a behind the curtain look at all types of doctor and guest specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective. Welcome back to a doctor’s perspective. How are you enjoying this? Dare I say sporadic episode releases, trying something new for 2020 Like I said before, so let me know your thoughts. Also like your thoughts on the new music that is brought to you by Dr. Amy or Tom, the song depot calm if you’d like it or have another genre that you would want to hear. Reach out to her, she can help you out. hope everyone’s doing okay with Coronavirus. A lot of states are starting to open up a little bit. I hope your profession is considered essential and they let you do social distancing and wear a mask and whatever necessary so that you start treating patients again and not go broke. Speaking of not going broke, if you want to support the show, a doctor’s perspective dotnet slash support. We got everything from buying a cup of coffee to one time, easy PayPal button payments to get free gifts like shirts and some of the books to monthly payments, all those types of things. And speaking of that, today’s show is sponsored local SEO search. We have the CEO on the show, and he’s gonna discuss all the things you need to know about SEO for 2020 It’s a little bit different than I was expecting. Like, I thought it was gonna be, you know, write a blog post of 600 words and make sure you do the image attributes this way. And, you know, it actually kind of turned into a little bit of a business strategy, you know, and niching down and focusing your content on those niches that you want to rank for. And yeah, he’ll go into a lot of detail with that. And I really appreciate and him being open, and not really being like a big sales push or anything like that. It’s just, here’s content. If you like it, contact me. So he can be found at local SEO search.ca. All the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective. dotnet slash 154. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain law from Germany, and Toronto, Canada. Today on the show. We’re going to discuss SEO from john Vaughn A local SEO today he has over 160 podcast episodes talking about this, their 4.9 star rating. I mean, come on. Can you get any better than that? So please welcome to the show, john.

Unknown 3:13
Well, thank you for having me just excited to be here and share some insights for you and your audience members.

Justin Trosclair 3:20
I am as well and I just want to give a quick shout out yesterday was Mother’s Day. I’ve got a wife and a kid. I just want to say how amazing My wife is. And the hotpot was amazing and just give her a nice big shout out for this special occasion. So ha,

Unknown 3:34
that’s amazing. I mean, even on my end, I have a wife and child as well and my great mom, I mean, everyone, they they are amazing people. Let’s give a shout out to all of them and treat them like gold

Justin Trosclair 3:48
coming because they can do eight hours with your child and one sitting in a mountain. That’s a tough day. So, alright, so that’s a whole nother SEO conversation. Mommy’s burnout, and mommy daycare and all these other things. So, but we’re gonna talk about doctors today. Dr. websites, you know, there’s people out there, they’re like SEO is dead do at the, I should just pay to be on the top of Google because that’s the only thing that’s gonna work. Potentially it’s, Hey, I just started or maybe I didn’t realize I was supposed to care so much and their websites not that great. Or they maybe have a year or two worth of blogs, but they didn’t do something or they could have done something they need to pay or do themselves to go backwards. And they’re just not ranking high enough on Google. And potentially you could tell me, actually, the goal is not just the only player you should be working on. Here’s some other ones that you need to work out. So really excited to pick your brain and maybe give you a little Where should we start? Yeah, your game?

Unknown 4:46
Yeah, I think the big thing is SEO is such a topic that business owners are scared and nervous because they’ve been either tricked and fooled before or they’ve tried people That guaranteed stuff. And therefore they’re kind of jaded, right? Like, they don’t really trust, what to expect and what it really means, right for a business owner, because just like advertising in general, people are so used to traditional media ad media, where you print something in newspaper or flyer or you publish something in an ad format, and you actually see your actual thing published, right, going to the right audience members, and then you can track the return. Right? SEO is more behind the scenes, and you don’t really know what’s really going on in the background.

Justin Trosclair 5:37
And then Google just released the new that it just changed the algorithm, I think in April, is that true?

Unknown 5:43
Yeah, in May, there was a big algo update. And I there’s always updates. I mean, that’s the beauty of this industry, right? If you’re doing everything, ethically, everything by the books, everything to really run a really good business. You should be Doing and replicating that storefront kind of practice retail outlet to the digital space so that you don’t get impacted in as dramatical way if you were to do things that were more gray hat or black hat, right? So stay white hat stay on board and really just focus on delivering the best type of product and service to your clients. And they will either Like it or not, but you’ll know that very soon if you are you have a business long term or short term,

Justin Trosclair 6:29
right? So we know your business, this is what you do. So I’d like to know like what should we be doing on our own that we can you know, implement right when we get off of this thing? And then we can definitely bridge into some things that like, what you would actually do, like we’re not all rookies that listen to the podcast and so a lot of people like it’s all about content that the if you want headache patients, then you’d write articles about headaches and and now you’re gonna have a whole bunch of keywords about headaches and your you know.com slash headache relief or something. Then, and now Google’s gonna like it. But I don’t know, I think there’s more to it than that. So what can we do?

Unknown 7:07
definitely know, Justin, you got a really good point. So it say you come from chiropractic physio, you know, medical field, right? And depending on where you’re at with your business, but first off, you have to run a really solid business. What I mean by that is you have to have business sense. And you have to have a product or service where clients actually appreciate and want to continue using you for long term. Because if you’re not running a good business, as much effort as an SEO company, are you trying to do it yourself digitally, you’re not gonna have the type of reviews reputation in the industry and market and signals what Google is looking for, to keep you long term. So if you’ve been in business for a long time, or starting off and you’ve studied, you went to school for 1015 years to become who you are as that expert and now you You have to learn to be the expert of that business, right brand or yourself. What I always tell people do is focus on your business and really realize where you want to specialize. Where do you want to niche down? Do you want to be focused on back pain, sciatica, nervous breathe, you know, whatever tennis elbow, whatever it may be, focus on that and be known for that in your industry or local market community, once you dominate that, because patients tell you like, I got healed because of your treatment or whatever it may be. I felt better. I’m now letting people know like you’re getting references and word of mouth referrals, right? Because you’re doing such a great job in that sort of, you know, focused niche, then you know, you have that specialty, right? Don’t Don’t think about that, especially when you first start let clients let you know what you want to be dictated to move. Towards, because then you could then say, those are my ideal type of patients. And I love treating them because it feels way more rewarding. And I’m passionate, passionate doing this stuff, right? So this is what I mean, like early on, you might not even know what products and services you really want to focus on for the next 1020 years. But sooner or later, you will realize who that persona or ideal customer is profile, and then move towards. I want to treat those type of people more, how do I get my name across for those type of people. So then that’s when you want to look for an SEO company or ad campaign or whatever it may be to let people know, this is why I want to focus on Alright, so let me see if I got it. If you haven’t really had a strong strategy, or if you’re definitely you’re new in clinic, those first year or two, you might be doing anything you can put money to at Facebook, putting money in Google a little bit, trying to put out a couple of web pages. As you know, all the conditions that you would treat and make a quality video in there, you know, you’re doing a blog post with a video and a transcript and all this kind of stuff you’re just trying to get just Just let me get ranked on that first page, you’re starting to see patients. And eventually you start to say, you know what, I hate shoulders. I just hate them. But I like any. I like a Nina like headaches. And then you find out that you’re like, Okay, let me write more stuff on that or I’m starting to see more patients in this what do I do to develop my web page and my web presence and my social status in the community? And then at that point, you say, Okay, let me put some money behind some SEO or some strategies or whatever on those two topics. That way I can really master that to the community even more than already. Exactly. Because honestly, what you want to do is you don’t want to be a generalist because there’s too many generalists out there chiropractors, physio, but if you niche down to a specialty, and it could be 123 or five different specialties with In your clinic, right? Because there’s two main multidisciplinary practices that are very broad in nature, right? But they don’t really focus on a special list or specialty, right? So the more specialized you are, the easier it is not just to rank, but then you’re going to get those ideal customers that you really want to help and focus on.

Justin Trosclair 11:20
And it takes a while to even know like, you might think you want runners, he’s just like, they’re so low that you don’t want them and you’re like, what else do I do that I’m passionate about? And then you figure that out.

Unknown 11:29
And that takes time, right? As a business owner, you always have to pivot you got to always figure out like, first year first couple years in practice, you take anyone and you’re treating every single patient, but as you years go by months go by you kind of, you know, decide who you really want to help. What is the persona looking like as an ideal customer, create that profile, and then push content, create a strategy, even ad campaigns right, like on social or video or, you know, YouTube, whatever it may be, like, everything should be focused on once you know who you want to be known as, and what specialty you want to really be known for, and what type of clients that you want to attract.

Justin Trosclair 12:14
So let me ask you this when we’re doing, like a web page, like your own URL, like, you know, some people want to put their name of their clinic as the if it’s not too long, I guess as the.com I have my own personal name as the.com because figured, you know, I’ll always be me regardless of where I am. At any point would you change it to say, Dr. Justin, cologne Germany or cologne calm? Or would you ever put like our Dr. Justin headache relief calm or anything like that to make it even more Google rich? Is that Is that a thing? Or do you just advertise with it and redirected back to your main site? Is that a strategy?

Unknown 12:50
So because branding is so important, right? That title that URL you you know, www your name right. People will proceed. You have What special, like, you’re an expert for that given, you know, terms, right? So Google already knows which niche you are associated with, you just have to refine it. I would not buy a name just to go after that as a specialty, right? Focus on a big picture, focus on you know, attracting more because end of the day, it’s a sell, sell saleable brand that you want to eventually sell your practice, right. If it’s just your name, it’s very hard to sell, right? But if it’s a generic kind of practice, branded, right, and then that brand is then associated with this specialty, then at least people know what they’re buying into. Okay. So depending on what your purposes right like, if you are starting off then you have to refine and figure out who you want to be known for as right as an expert, but later on in the years like 510 years down the road, like You may start looking at what’s my exit strategy? What What am I really wanting to do moving forward for the next five or 10 years? Is my goal to ramp up grow the business? Or get more patient or sell it? Or are you just happy with status quo? Right? A lot of people are just happy with as well. Right?

Justin Trosclair 14:18
Yeah. What about pictures? Now I’ve heard you know, a lot of people are wasting opportunities with all the pictures that they put on their page because they don’t put an ELT maybe they don’t even put a caption. I mean, I don’t think captions are always necessary, but to the point of naming your file before you upload it to your site, to add an ELT and the whatever the other one is the subtitle or something like that. How important are those things?

Unknown 14:42
So it’s all signals, right? And there’s over 200 factors. So not only do you need to have landing page URLs, h1, tags, description, title, description, you know, just every single tagging, the more consistent and easier it is for you to display and let Google know This information, the more likely it would help the search engines to rank you. Right. So it’s another tag on image tags. infographics actually have way more in depth research statistics that can get amplified. Because the goal is to position yourself as the expert no matter what website it is, which blog or service page landing page that you create, which content piece, video audio infographic images, you want depth, you want to be positioning yourself as the expert, because if you’re just putting out information to put it out, then you’re a generalist. But the more information that well researched well entailed with some resources and link backs and amplified messages from other sources, the better positioning you have right to then publish in in hopes that maybe someone else will amplify and share it and you know, retweet it or Whatever it may be, because ultimately, that’s what you want more links for every every piece

Justin Trosclair 16:03
that you have. Here’s a question. I just thought of this. If you’re a part of a bi group or a chamber of commerce, networking group, you know those, yes. Okay, that could be anywhere from 15 to 30 different people, maybe even more if you’re in a really good DNI group like 50. But anyway, everyone’s gonna have a web page. Is it cool? Like if you were to have like a trusted reference part on your webpage, and you just like, image, a URL like everybody in your group, so you have now you have 30 to 40 backlinks to a local community.

Unknown 16:33
So that used

Unknown 16:34
to be very useful. DNI resource page reference page, backlinks. But what Google is becoming more and more smart about their spiders, they know what’s going on. Their algorithm is it’s all about niches. And you need to be positioning yourself in your own niche. So that when there is an association that’s geared towards chiropractor or physio, you need that Article piece or a guest post written by some contributor or influencer, or you publish it yourself link back to your site. So the more specific niches it is related to your industry, the better of an impact it is than just a general sort of website. So a banking website, or you know, a gym website or restaurant website, linking back to you has a very small impact versus someone that has a nice specific to the Tyrell physio websites.

Justin Trosclair 17:32
So the only way that would really work is if you know and you’re trying to niche down on supplements or nutritional advice, intermittent fasting and you’re like, let’s go to the restaurants, we can put some recipes, we can discuss these different things, boom. Or if it’s, you know, whatever, just something like that. Like if you can relate the back pain to somebody else’s clinic like a dentist is talking about TMJ problems, you might write an article how chiropractic might help and then you backlink then maybe they could see a better correlation than just some you know, amazing Case salesperson put your name on their land page, like what

Unknown 18:02
does that have to do with it? Exactly. Exactly. Because anyone could do that. Right? Yeah. So what Google wants to do is make it harder and make it more genuine and authentic. Right? The the challenge about backlinks is, it’s, and I always related to real world, right. So how hard is it to get a referral or word of mouth kinda customer, right? You do a really good job, you amplify, you let them spread the word, right? Typically, then you may get some referral patients, right? new patients come in, very similar to the online digital world. It’s very hard to position yourself in order for you to then reach out or pitch, right, let people know that you’re an expert in this domain niche and they want a piece of article or something from you, right, because that’s what the strength of backlinks should be. Right versus anyone just buying it or being a part of BSI, right? Like Chamber of Commerce backlinks are pretty powerful just because they have a Business Community Association. That’s very strong, very high da. But if you look at like the big lie stuff,

Justin Trosclair 19:11
I’ve never came up in in their directory like, you know what I mean? It’s always all in these calm or one of those massive

Unknown 19:17

Justin Trosclair 19:18
Do your show up, down. Yeah. What’s your NPI number? Why does that on top, come on? But that’s what happens. And I know that’s what you’re talking about. Like, it’s good, but at the same time, it’s not ranking like it used to.

Unknown 19:29
Exactly. It’s the same thing as citations, right? You put yourself in all these different directories. And there’s good directories are good for your industry a niche, and there’s ones that are irrelevant. So why even put them in the irrelevant ones because it’s not even tied into your category? Right? So why even waste your time and resources going after them when you should just focus on building your clinic and practice really good and positioning yourself as the expert

Justin Trosclair 19:58
that brings up another interesting topic. That I might have that I think is interesting. When you’re buying spaces on Google, your advertising, Cologne, chiropractic might cost five or $6 a click. I mean, I’m just guessing. I don’t know, that’s pretty expensive. But if you niche down like you’re saying, you have landing pages specific for sciatica? Well, there’s gonna be a lot less searches for sciatica, chiropractic Cologne, but that’s what you should be targeting because you’ll be more likely to rank not just generic chiropractic, but an actual condition and that’ll cost that’ll save you money as well as rank better. Is that what I’m hearing as well?

Unknown 20:32
Exactly. So not only from ads, ads are the easiest way. Like if you want to see how our campaigns gonna run, throw money at ads, right? Before you really focus on a long term strategy. Right? So say Facebook, Google Ads Instagram or LinkedIn or whatever, right? You put together a campaign, wondering like seeing if there’s offers that you can pitch because really ads are you’re pushing people at a an offer. In hopes that they will use you versus someone else, right? And you’re pushing versus someone else being in control. And with SEO people are more inclined to do their own due diligence and research and have multiple touch points, right? versus an ad where they’re at the top. Yes. But people are much more savvy today, users are much more savvy, right. And they typically don’t click on the ads, more so than that map and below the map. And that’s why it’s so powerful for SEO to position yourself as that expert for those different conditions and treatments that you offer versus just a generic term. And, you know, chiropractic or chiropractor

Justin Trosclair 21:42
Hmm, what can we do or where can we go for things like like, like things similar web is one of those for web ranking site speed page audits, how you rank in SEO compared to your competition, you know, you put your webpage and you look at it and you put somebody else’s in there that you know is advertising ours. is beating you on, you know, Google or Bing and you’re like, crap, what are they doing? How are they beating me all the time? Like, what are some sites are even in your own? If that’s what you do, where we can just sort of get a feel for how we are doing and where should we do better?

Unknown 22:12
Yeah, so there’s a lot of tools for a lot of different purposes, right. Google has a lot of tools themselves. They’re free, like the site speed one. Google Search Console is great for making sure that everything submitted properly. And then of course, for backlinks, there’s tools to see how your backlink is doing compared to your competitors. But overall, on page artists, there’s a lot of free ones as well, right. The thing about these tools and understanding this whole SEO industry is as a business owner, you’re already busy, busy, trying to perfect your art of knowing what works and what you want to be known for. SEO is a whole industry on its own, just like chiropractors, Proctor’s physiotherapists. dentists, MDS, you name it, right? So people go to school for many years to really refine that art in trade, right? And yes, there’s tools and software for it. But even if you subscribe, and you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to monitor all this, who’s actually going to implement and do this your to the site, right? Even if you have a team or yourself doing it, because you’re strong in the tech world, it’s like, how do you incorporate this information? And what does it really mean for you? Because even if you rank well, for certain terms, does it really drive you the right type of clients that you’re intending? Right? And this is where SEO agencies either get it or they don’t get it? Right. I’m more like, I deal with a lot of business owners and I get to the point because honestly, all they care about is sales revenue and profitability. Like what’s my return on investment right now if I’m spending $1,000, I need $5,000 because I have tons of overhead have all these expenses? And yes, I need margin.

Unknown 24:03
Yeah, you better prepare.

Unknown 24:04
Right? A good ROI. So this is why I mean like, as much as there’s tons of tools like I use href, Moz, sem rush, and then tons of like keyword research tools, tons of content tools. I mean, with all the software and tools, as a chiropractor or physiotherapist, or any health professional, it’s like doing an audit for a chiropractor, right? You don’t know until you actually been doing it for so long. And you have to figure out like, what are we comparing with? What is your optimal health? It’s like, even though you are running good as a website, is it generating new traffic or who are we comparing it with isn’t your main competitors, or who cares about who they are, figure out what you want to be known for right and position yourself and that’s why I keep talking about like becoming an expert in your own domain and figuring The data so that you don’t have to worry about anything else, right? Like, just focus on what you’re good at work with someone that is really good at that. Because then you could make more money, focusing on what you love, and letting other people who are really good at what they do deliver on those results. Yep.

Justin Trosclair 25:19
When I do my own Google website, I see errors. Oh, I don’t know how to fix that. You know, I’m like, What am I supposed to do? Go on Fiverr and be like, here have access to everything and fix it for $5? Somebody in, you know, the Philippines or something? Or do you? Are you able to fix these? You know, if you go on Google and you type everything in, you’re like, man, your site is dragging. That’s a 15 second load time. Are you able to fix some of these issues?

Unknown 25:44
Yeah. So with our agency, how I started this company was really, I worked at Yellow Pages for five years before I started this company in 2013. As you know, Yellow Pages was a printed directory, trying to transition to digital with a directory, but Google kinda dominate and took over. Because they kind of replaced what Yellow Pages did very well, right? When someone’s searching, it’s keywords categories, and then the white page, which is the branded search. So when I came into this, it’s more of a relationship play that I started, because I knew business owners were just not inclined to this whole digital space, right? Not every business owner savvy enough to understand what is how do I fix this back end, Meta Tags description to on page site speed, code, schema sitemap, all these back end stuff, right? versus All I want to do is focus on what I do and love and I’ll hire someone to do it.

Justin Trosclair 26:44
Because if you’re doing that, well in business, you should be able to afford to at least pay somebody to get this done because you don’t need to be the expert in it. Just pay

Unknown 26:50
somebody you have. Exactly. And I always refer to like any sort of trade, right? You’re gonna use a roofer. You’re not gonna hire a hand Man to do roofing

Justin Trosclair 27:01
UK, UK. But what

Unknown 27:05
exactly right? So it’s the same thing we specialize in SEO and I kind of refined the process over the years. So I’ve been using working in with this agency for seven years, I started this agency, and I really focus on a lot of pillars like content pillar, link, pillar, technical pillar, and then development like an SEO pillar, right? There’s a lot of different sub pillars within that, yeah, and last off, where a lot of operational stuff that needs to be talking to each other. And even one person cannot do what a team of 2030 people can do, right? So if you look at yourself and say, Look, I just All I care about is more patients and I want to help, you know, scale my business, I want to grow with new customers, but my type of clients, I know who they are, and these are no, this is why I’m looking for so Then you go and find a good relationship with someone that you can trust, because you’re going to give access to everything, right with an SEO company. And you got to know who they are, what their background is, and someone that you respect as an expert, right?

Justin Trosclair 28:17
Yeah, don’t crash my site if I don’t like your work, and I want to fire you.

Unknown 28:21
Exactly. So it’s it’s a relationship plate, right. And it’s a long term strategy, not like ads, where you can play around with different ads, different mediums like social media or Google ads and have different landing pages and play around with creatives and contents. That is more offers, right? If your product play, it makes sense, right? But if you are trying to grow your business and you’ve been running a business for a couple years, and you kind of know what you want to be known for, position yourself and this is a Keeble SEO position yourself for the long term. 510 20 years down the road. So then you are getting a ton of inbound leads with the type of clients that you really want to go after. Because everything is alignment from content to media, to all the amplification on every single site that you have and own right? It’s consistency as

Justin Trosclair 29:14
well. How do you find a company that’s bad? Or what are we looking for in a bad company? And we should you know, pitfalls to look out for when you’re hiring an SEO company. When I

Unknown 29:24
started this company, I made a lot of mistakes. Because I didn’t know how to really position myself. I knew there was a need and demand for a better ROI for my old clients at the Yellow Pages, right. So they reached out and basically said, I want to move away from Yellow Pages because I was spending a lot of money. I was getting less return on investment. And I know this Google thing is where a lot of people are spending a lot more time and I want to be found there. So that’s where I knew there was a need and I I felt that need, right? So when you look at offering the product or service as an SEO agency, I never promise anything. Because Google has too many factors, right? All I can tell people is I’m going to follow their best practices. And what I’ve done with my track record and my references and you can call and reach out to any of my existing old clients is to the best I feel would be to partner with a company like a business and amplify their message to make them become more visible on search, right, with an SEO agency is to rank for certain keywords variations, but those keywords are direct correlation to what you want to be known for as a specialist, right. So when you work with someone that actually can refine that message, and help you position yourself as an expert in your niche Then you least you are in alignment with the same goals. Right? And it may take time because I’ve seen depending on which market you’re in which keywords you’re going after. I’ve seen clients rank in a couple months. And I’ve seen clients rank in a couple years, depending on the market. Right, right. So you have to be honest about that. And I tell people, and they always say, how long will it take?

Justin Trosclair 31:24
Right now, that was my question. How long should I expect to pay you?

Unknown 31:29
How long does it take? And is this an ongoing basis? Or is it a one time basis? And I always tell people like SEO, since I started seven years ago, and this industry has been around for 1020, probably 20 years, Google has changed our algorithm on a daily basis to keep refining on trying to provide the best user experience so that they will continue getting ads. You know, people business owners continue spending money for for on Google right? Right. So If their purpose is to drive the best users experience like match that business with the users are actually seeking the ball. And you are trying to position yourself as an expert or authoritative figure. We’re gonna continually always have work. Like there’s always going to be work and tweaking and changing the message and always adapting to the shifts of what Google’s looking for. Right? So it is an ongoing basis. But it’s also to position yourself as the expert, right? Because you never know what your competitors are doing, either.

Justin Trosclair 32:37
Is there ever a point where I don’t know like, I’ve got five articles that are what 500 to 1000 words, we should ask that question, like what’s a good length of a blog article, but let’s just say 500 words. I’ve got six killer articles on each condition that I want to or each type of sub specialty that I want, like my niche. Alright, you’ve helped me with that. We’ve got that taken care. Have, these are evergreen articles and videos and all this kind of stuff? At what point do we say, Hey, man, you’ve done your job, I think I think we’re good. Or maybe we need to hire some more that does more like ad management now, because everything else on my end is great. So I guess there’s that question. And then can you set it up to where like, Look, I’m gonna pay you for three months of work, fix my, fix my website, make it awesome. And then and that’s all I want from you. I’ll handle it from here. It just I just too much work to do, and I’m not going to do it. Is that a option that you provide? Or how’s that play out?

Unknown 33:32
Yeah, with SEO, it’s more of an ongoing basis. Because if you think about what you just talked about, it’s like a one time fix. Right? And yes, you’re ranking at that time after three months, or six months or whatever. But what happens afterwards? Because what’s going to happen is Google is constantly updating the algorithm, and there’s competition.

Unknown 33:55
So people do drop.

Unknown 33:56
Yes, if you say I could

Justin Trosclair 33:58
pay you $4,000 Get an awesome over the next three or four months. And this time next year, I’ll be like, Where’s God’s not any good, I lost my ranking. And it’s like, well, because you didn’t do anything over the last last eight months, like it takes exactly.

Unknown 34:11
But it’s because you’re always trying to position yourself as the expert, right. And if you’re constantly optimizing, there’s someone else that’s gonna overtake you, because they are optimizing or they’re hiring another agent,

Justin Trosclair 34:24
you have to have fresh content, just like you need to have fresh reviews every month.

Unknown 34:28
It’s not just a fresh it’s like the ongoing basis of backlinks and understanding refining the content because skyscrapers you need to put out the best content, depth wise, not just evergreen, and don’t focus on length, focus on quality, depth, well research, there’s no number, I would say focus on what you feel would be known as this is going to make an impact. And the longer more depth the better. So thin content I would stop. really avoid because it’s You’re the user yourself. And it’s only one or two paragraphs. And it doesn’t really get to the point, right? versus someone that actually put in the time and spent hours writing, you know, two or 3000 words. And it’s a couple pages and they really go into real detail. Who are you going to work with?

Justin Trosclair 35:20
Yeah, even if they don’t read it.

Unknown 35:22
Yeah. Someone that actually put in the time and effort to really put that together or someone that kind of just did an overview.

Justin Trosclair 35:28
Okay, before we jump into the personal side of the interview, because that’s right. We always love to ask these questions. Is there a good story that you have like a testimonial where you rocked it for for a client and they, you know, because at all unless there’s just a point, click, you know, Spotify is a doctor’s office, you can get the phone to ring but it’s up to me to convert whatever word you want to use for doctors offices, patient comes in, they still have to come in a few times. You still have to make your money back and it’s up to the doctor to get that done, but I’m any good testimonials over like, this is the power of what I can do for clients.

Unknown 36:04
Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of my existing clients get really good ROI, right? So, you know, reducing their ad spend and able to really focus on their type of clients that they want to go after. And really amp that up, right. So scale that way. So I mean, I, I don’t want to say anything about my company, but you can always check out the references right? And, and call people call actual businesses to double check, right, because end of the day, anyone could put anything on their own website testimonials, but it’s the third party review sites that actually go into depth and you can actually see if they’re lying or not, right, and that’s where the power is. Focus on trying to get third party reviews. Don’t put it on your own website because anyone can make up what reviews on there and just run a really good business right because people can they know if you’re honest or not I and if you’re in it for the right reasons or not, right, and just be fair, I’m a genuine, authentic someone, person, business owner, but unreal, right? And I’ll let people know like, I don’t want to work with someone that is not the same sort of core values as myself, right? And that’s okay. You can walk away from it. Right? As much as someone interviews me to work with me. I interviewed them to see if they’re a sound business or not.

Justin Trosclair 37:27
And 160 podcast episode, let me tell you, that’s a commitment. I mean, I don’t care if it’s once a week or once a day like that is a powerful commitment to a craft into a specialty that you want to give to the community for free for the most part. Exactly. I mean, that’s that speaks volumes, in my opinion as well. What’s the webpage what how can people reach out to you anyway,

Unknown 37:47
so my company is called www dot local SEO search.ca. We’re based in Toronto, Canada, but we service pretty much every every Market around the world, right? English speaking

Justin Trosclair 38:03
English speaking.

Unknown 38:05

Justin Trosclair 38:07
Before we in the interview, let’s let’s ask the questions that I just love to know. We’d like to take vacation sometimes it’s hard to get away you’re a business owner we want to stay married typically for married You know? So how do we take vacation? How do we keep the love alive in our relationships? Which what’s your wisdom for us today?

Unknown 38:26
I always put it in my calendar and personal is always first. So date night to vacations to family time goes in my calendar and business will come afterwards. meetings will always come afterwards. And I have to take care of what is the most important thing in my life, which are the people that really pushed me to become who I am right

Justin Trosclair 38:50
and is there any way to make a better work life home life balance, you put scheduling you know, but golly, it’s it’s still difficult because you know, you got so much work to do. You got to manage all these employees. Is there any other tips for that?

Unknown 39:03
Yeah, so what I’ve done over the years is have managers manage, right? So things that you don’t like doing, you should hire for, and focus on what you really enjoy doing, right? And therefore your your time, cost, opportunity cost, much more valuable, doing things that you love, and the ones that things that you don’t like, like accounting or things like operations or whatever it is dealing with people HR, hire people for it, let others do it. Just like any business, you want to scale, focus on all the positives and let other people who are great at what they do and their art, let them focus on it so that you can devote more time on what your passions are

Justin Trosclair 39:47
very good. Any books, podcasts or anything like that, that we should we should know about?

Unknown 39:53
I focus a lot in the SEO world. So again, there’s a lot of marketing, I would say. So it’s Seth Godin Gary Vee books as well. As you know, for me, I follow Neil Patel. I follow religiously. I follow all these SEO people but I also am in the end right. So, with all the software’s like h Rouse sem rush Moz like all these industries stuff like search engine, land search and world, all of them are related to SEO but overall I also have very strong passion in health. Right, so the last six months, I’ve been learning every single diet from vegetarianism to keto, to you know, paleo, to carnivore, you name it, right just so that what would be good fit for myself, right? So just educate yourself if you have an interest, learn about it, and then figure out if it’s suitable for you and your, your yourself. Your family is if it’s a good lifestyle choice or not.

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