Episode 15: Win on the Purchase Not the Sell Dr Vincente Calderon Optometrist

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Dr. Vincente Calderon OD talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast


New Yorker, Dr. Vincente Calderon went to Puerto Rico for Optometry School and came out the other side bilingual. He explores his nationwide mobile eye care exam company, Aspire Health Solutions. They screen for all manners of eye disorders, especially in the elderly and are always looking to hire optometrists and support staff. Contact support@aspirehs.com and mention you heard about it from this podcast.


Dr. Vincente also how he went from 1 to now 4 brick and mortar optometry clinics..
Students: keep your personal overhead down. Don’t have Golden Handcuffs. He suggests buying used equipment because life is just easier when you aren’t paying a bank.

He and his brother had a podcast for a while called The OD Entrepreneur Podcast.

Dr. Calderon gives a nice hint about the best place to find staff… hint it has something to do with optician schools.
A realtor told him, You win when you BUY not when you sell. Very difficult to buy expensive and hope it gets more expensive.

If Dr. Vincente wasn’t busy enough with a new baby and all those businesses, he decided to develop an app based electronic records called Better Than Paper. It takes the forms you already use in your optometry or any other doctor and somehow converts them electronically. Be compliant without a bloated program that you only use 10% of. Better Than Paper should be available by the end of 2017. If you have any TeleDoc needs contact him about the My Retina Doc App. Both sites were difficult for me to find so just email him at vincente@aspirehs.com

If t were up to him he would work all the time so he learned how to schedule family time. Listen to find out why he mentioned Joel Olsten, a coconut man and a lobster guy.

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Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/15 here you can also find links to things mentioned, the Travel Tip and the interview transcription.

Travel Tip
Be wary of TukTuk and Taxi’s. Use the meter please.
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Justin Trosclair 0:01
Episode 15 when on the purchase, not the sale. I’m your host, Dr. Justin Foursquare. Today, we are Dr. Vincent a call the wrong perspective.

For doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant homeless, listen as your host, Dr. Justin trust Claire goes behind the curtain can interviews doctors and guess about real world trial

struggles, practical tips and entertainment On this episode, a doctor’s perspective.

Welcome back. Today’s guest is Dr. Vincent a. Now this is actually take two, because we did it earlier on. But there was like a corrupt file or you forgot to push record. Things like that happened. So we had to redo it. So you’ll notice this episode’s gonna have a different format. I took the high points the highlights of of what he said. And just kind of ask them that point and blink because the first interview was over an hour, and this one’s gonna be definitely shorter. Want to respect his time since it is part two. So a little bit different format, but you should enjoy it as a lot of still a lot of good information. I’m excited to have him on the show. He’s he has a lot to say. He doesn’t really cool businesses. Do you know what this month is for me? And all my colleague does anybody else who’s graduated from their doctor at school in circa 2007. This month means or this year, at least is your number. 1010 years serving the community going to continue with education helping people as much as possible. So congratulations, you made it this far and much success in the next 10 years. With that just saying I guess there’s a lot of doctors out there that need to start planning some 10 year reunion is still got time. It’s only April. Congrats to everybody. Keep up the good work. Show Notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash one five.

Welcome back to the show, Dr. Vincent a on the road. Well, we have a couple of similarities. We both started school on the same time. We wanted to do each other’s profession, but then switched. So I was into optometry, you’re going to do chiropractic, then things changed. And that’s about where it stops. I’m only kind of sorted by you’re definitely bilingual. How are you doing? What’s going on? Great.

Unknown 2:10
Happy to give us a second go around. You know, we had a pretty good conversation last time we were chatting. Yeah, what’s happened since then.

Unknown 2:19
Was that we chatted was like was like, early January, early January, I will change. I just had a baby when when you were when you Yeah, maybe 677 weeks now. So again, that was within like the first week. So that’s cool. Different personally. That’s cool. Different. But I like it. Yeah. But a freshly, you know, just kind of cracking away at that some, you know, some new cool clients hopefully coming on and then

Justin Trosclair 2:51
we’ll dive in. You got this great. I was blown away when you talked about it to be so hugely thinking in your business. He has a company called Aspire Health Solutions. It’s mobile I healthcare. And is nationwide. Give us a How did that come about? Why did you do it? And then just the timeline of it? What’s been going on?

Unknown 3:11
Oh, so it happened in 2010. We mean, I go from the beginning of an optometrist

Unknown 3:19
say it’s also for the sake of our listeners, you know, so I’m optometrist by profession and started, kind of everyone else did where they go to school, you go and try to make as much money as humanly possible, work as much as you can to pay off your student loans, especially if you’re living in the US. So that’s exactly what I did. I worked my butt off for the first few years. And I was like, wow, I don’t see an end in sight. Like, it was like, it was like three years, where I was just kind of working like 678 weeks and, and, you know, make a lot of money, but but, you know, it gets pissed me off, and I want to go on vacation than zero dollar. So you know, of course, I was like, all right, well, that’s the entrepreneurial bug kind of, you know, I was like, I let me go out and try to make some, some money that doesn’t either make more money, or just money doesn’t require me to be there. And that was in 2008, like, 10? Yes, I go to level seven. So yes, like three years after I got out of decided to, like, try to hurt my own money with with insurances and stuff. And I kind of just stumbled on the mobile acre field, because it doesn’t take much overhead to start a mobile practice, you know, just, you know, a couple thousand dollars worth of equipment that you’re up and running, you know, so I was able to enable the old A lot of it. So for me, it was even use very low barrier to entry. And so because of that, we started working in I said, literally cold, called a couple of nursing homes and say, Hey, Eddie, and I need one basically, in the first one to actually, we are getting what they look like, can you come next week? I’m like, yeah, so I would also patients, and that’s what it’s that kind of the idea of seeing patients more believe candy came into my head because I was out there doing it.

Unknown 5:05
I within like a, you know that the universe has a way of giving you the things that you that you want that’s for you know, a few you, your listeners kind of believe that stuff. I mean, I do. But it just to me, it makes sense. And so for, for me, I wanted opportunity. And I was out there doing the opportunity and just being out there doing it. Right, opportunity. And so the opportunity came to see a bunch of diabetic patients in their house, and it was for a particular plant here in New York. And you’re literally said was like me when I was with either civil law was he like, No, no, between 10 and 15 patients a day, the only 100 and the whole nursing home. So you know, what, what is that it’s like, a six or seven visits, you know, before I tapped out, or I was, you know, before I ran out everybody to go see it

Unknown 6:02
causes follow ups and stuff like that. But

Unknown 6:06
so basically, what we did is we, you know, we got a call from this plan said, Hey, we have 1000 patients that need to be seen before the end of the year. And that was in like, October or next attempt. And I was like, wow, you know, I’m sitting here seeing like, 1015 pages a day. Like it’s a, it’s a big deal. And so it kind of gives me 1000 patients out of nowhere, like, oh, by the way, how would you want? I was like, why not? Like a 300? Like, meet up with them? They will, like died like holy crap. You know, so they do, you know, thousand pages point $300 $300,000,

Unknown 6:43
right. Yeah. And I was like, I won’t be making 120, you know, for a whole year working, you know, work for someone else. You know, it’s like this true? Can Can I seriously, like 300 grand from now till the end of the year, like in the last quarter of the year? Could I be 3d time to it most of these make throughout the course of the year? And yeah, and it sounds like, I need some help, you know, so I enlisted the help of my friends. And I said, Hey, I’ll pay you like 150% of what you’d be making a day, you know, so I think at the time was like 400, maybe 425 like the going rate for an od sounds like 600 bucks, you know, or 652 per day school, see these patients because a great way more money, right. And

Unknown 7:28
so that’s how we’ll get started at the end of that whole thing. You know, we didn’t see all thousand patients, because people died for a bunch of other logistical reasons. But, you know, at the end of the day, we ended either making, like, you know, an extra, like, 120 grand, and, you know, on top of what it rained all year long, you know, three months is amazing. That is amazing. Yeah. So I was like, this is kind of cool, you know, working mobile lead. And so I took that money and put it into a brick and mortar practice, which is where I kind of ran that mobile business out of, and why there was, you know, and we were building a regular traditional brick and mortar business. So. So, basically, that’s how Aspire Health Solutions was born. And, you know, lo Behold, I thought that was a one off as Okay, well, that’s cool. You know, there’s one thing that happened was that I’m never going to do this again, you know, like, but they were like, hey, we’ll do it again. Next year, I’m like, What? So then I was like, let me get some more people that want to do this, you know, so that’s how we kind of just started knocking down contracts, you know, be more sophisticated kind of understanding why they Why are they offering this to be in the first place, I need to understand the industry, you know, and then one contract led to another led to another for you know, it, after, like four or five years, I already had a brick and mortar practice that I that I was building all of that first year that I did it. And I figured that and then when he was in the last, like, put into a brick and mortar, that’s why that’s why we didn’t take out a loan because we had money.

Unknown 8:59
And then we decided just kind of just keep growing and learning about the industry. And that’s when I learned about like government contracts and, and as a lot of money out there, you know, like that. Yeah, but didn’t realize it. So that’s kind of that was kind of the evolution of our business. And you know, that that kind of parlayed itself into we just always looking at what was next what was it what else was his big needed, you know, fulfill a need see a need and fill it, you know, and that’s exactly what we did we designed to software built a software that that, that let us be more efficient that helped us to get our information to our, to our clients better, you know, just just a need for these things. These things don’t just inherently exists on us to make it wants me to people pay you for it amazingly, you know. And so, you know,

Unknown 9:47
it was it was pretty cool. Hey, by the way, you show you got my recording a show, you can hear me okay.

Justin Trosclair 9:53
Yeah, I hear you. Great. Okay, cool. Through the red lights on this time.

Unknown 9:58
Sure. You know, so. So that’s kind of the evolution that the Lord is short of what, what started our kind of dive into this alternative, like, method of providing care in healthcare, you know, I like this so much better to because every every doctor that graduates goes out, it does. Okay, just go do the work of doctoring, you know, but I kind of stumbled upon a way to make myself a little bit more valuable. And hence make our work more viable and, and consequently, also get paid better for you know, and so because of that, that kind of opened up a bunch of opportunities. So we just like, you know, but so I started 20 2010

Unknown 10:44
with our first year doing it, we’re now in 2017. So going into where we just finished about six years ago, at the end of the year was like October September, we got that so that ended so in September October will be literally the the seventh you that we’ve been in this and regulations here. Thank you. So since then we’ve you know, because of that, that, that that opportunity, we’re now in three brick and mortars and one satellites are for brick and mortar practices. And and we have administrative office that like five because I think five rents you know

Justin Trosclair 11:24
it is for you nationwide right now.

Unknown 11:27
We asked we are we’re nationwide right now. Yeah, so we are our business work very cyclical. It’s

Unknown 11:35
it’s basically pulls the year are really busy. So the actually the end of the year

Unknown 11:43
is a pretty busy and having that happens every year No matter how much I try to tell them. Hey, listen, I my thinking was a little bit earlier. It’s like keeps poking a little more. You know, that’s my next my next plan is trying to get people to think what’s the more frequently so that we don’t have to worry about getting

Unknown 12:00
inundated with tools work at the end of the year. Sounds like it sounds like a great problem to have, but it’s still a problem. You know, because I got to find people to work and just a headache,

Justin Trosclair 12:09
which kind of makes sense they don’t realize that they all have the end of the year stuff we got to meet these regulations. And we haven’t forgotten about the eyes now we got to get them all these people done in the next four months

Unknown 12:19
Yeah, they’re working full time for the past let for the last like four months out of the year. I want to find that person that’s like that’s good enough for me like that just wants to make you know like not the full was a bit was making like 70 grand a year but only working three months like I can do that they know that they could just have them like the Disney does that like they have people that will just only work for them like every year consistently for like four months.

Justin Trosclair 12:42
So even when you hire people it’s more like a seasonal in essence it’s seasonal. So it’s not like someone’s working full time all the time for this

Unknown 12:49
exactly exactly

Justin Trosclair 12:50
I need to find so you always kind of looking to hire people should somebody contact you if they’re interested in what you’re talking about

Unknown 12:56
please do just support at a at a spire HS and put it in the subject line I appreciate it we anything anything that anyone that’s out there that that a better that’s of interest or or even at this point now somewhere that’s like a medical assistant they want to they want to work with us just send us an email let us know where you’re at and or if we’re in that area will definitely be interested in hiring, you’re picking you up. And if anyone’s listening that’s involved in in health care quality in the United States, like

Unknown 13:29
working with Medicare Advantage plans or more manage long term care plans for he just measures required measures and remembering to do their diabetic have i have i evaluations and other ways to expand it’s like different kind of valuations, by all means get in touch with me we’re doing for a long time now lower than most people. And so super excited to keep going and you know, I we actually have recovered a flying out tomorrow, the Technology Conference in Orlando right now called heads. So I’m actually flying tomorrow. So I could, you know, see what’s new technology?

Justin Trosclair 14:05
Yeah, touch on that we talked about to my retina doc app, and then better than paper. Right? Right. Explain that. Because I was blown away by the better than paper. I love my notes. Yeah, had to switch to electronic and you’re like, oh, I’ve combined both. And now it’s amazing. So please go into that. That is great.

Unknown 14:22
So we part of like I was saying before is that we, you know, we basically every time we have something going on that, you know, there’s always gaps in what technology can do. And I like my notes too. I like being able to write stuff. It would of course, you know, it has its limitations. And so it’s like, look at the iPad, I was like, why don’t we just make this into like, paper, you know, so basically, it’s the same ideas like a regular folder that you have in your regular paper chart, that you would use it just the way you use a paper chart, like low tech, super low tech. But a base accomplishes the same thing as people the same ease as paper, you know, just papers really easy to use and an office, you know, you can do with frickin piece of loosely, you know, a lot of credit on it, you know, just takes longer, you know, but you’re right, the patient’s name on it, right what’s going on with by the soap don’t like Dudley, there’s no need for this complicated programs. So basically, that’s a way that we created for internal use, that would be hoping to be finished and be able to be commercially viable by the end of this year. But, uh, and then another one is my retina docs, which is the telemedicine platform that we use right now. So that one that was is out right now, my read the docs, you can download that the absolute, but you would need, you would need a to contact us so that we can activate you if you’re you know, using using the you want to use a platform for telemedicine, but as valuable, can’t do anything with it do talk to us, but it is available. And then the GOP or the better than paper rather, is that’s coming out for hopefully, end of the year. So that’s a whole different business received a software as a service that’s completely, you know, different, but see if like a marketing plan for all of that. Yeah, at this point is I have a we have a projection for what we want to do and how many people we should have on it to cover this expensive, you know, I understand why why software companies charge you know, please don’t charge that’s just that’s just a loss leader of fraud. Because, you know, people using your whatever you create you in any app or software, you create this using it for free, cost you money, you know, so you better figure out a way to monetize a quick because otherwise, you know, it just doling out money every month. So

Justin Trosclair 16:35
are you hoping it’s like a subscription per month or just like a

Unknown 16:39
flat fee would have the subscription? Because these charges the cost scored a recurring? So you know, if you really Yeah, you got to pay for hosting, you know, whole thing can be super expensive, especially people start uploading a bunch of images like like basically what this would be like, you know, it’s a bunch of PDF style thing that you annotate. It can be pretty big files for each person that’s using it. So we definitely would have to have a fee for using the software.

Justin Trosclair 17:06
So it actually would be instead of being saved on your own phone or your own computer or whatever it goes to like the cloud or something. Yeah,

Unknown 17:12
yeah, that’s kinda that there’s actually two parts of it that the the local storage one can be like, you know, you can do that for free, you know? And, but you’ll run out of space eventually. And then what do you do if you lose that iPad? You know, like, the not really something that most people are? Are would want to do? I would think so. The cloud up,

Unknown 17:33
yeah. interruption. You know,

Justin Trosclair 17:35
here we a lot of people use Facebook and everything and they store everything off your computer, right. And then in here, they use we chat. And the way they they’ve gone around that is they save everything on your phone. So if you’re a heavy, heavy picture video, your phone all of a sudden has like duplicates of everything you have, you know, like oh my gosh, how that 64 gigabytes get us on a phone you like WeChat? Darn you.

Unknown 18:00
Other thing for me,

Justin Trosclair 18:01
it’s a whole new world. I know, WhatsApp, I was like WhatsApp, WhatsApp, I don’t know any of this stuff.

So do you have any advice for students, just so that when they come out, hit the ground running and not really make this the most stupid mistakes, like overspending or all those type of things? Yeah,

Unknown 18:18
I mean, we talked about, like, not getting caught up in the golden handcuffs, you know, like the able to separate yourself because, you know, go make money for sure. But don’t, just because you’re making a bunch of money. Now, don’t all sudden, live this lifestyle that requires you to make all that money, you know, so, you know, easy to happen, right? You know, just because you can afford a $5,000 apartment in Midtown, or, you know, or, or like, you know, Tribeca or something like that in Manhattan, doesn’t mean you should necessarily go out and buy that in will live in that apartment. And now put yourself in this long term situation, where you got to live this, this lifestyle where you like to him and I just blew 60 grand, you know, in rent, you know, this year, alright, cool. So make sure you get a little of, you know, be live of the rest. Yeah, you can, if you can afford it, that doesn’t mean that you should pay it until you got your other stuff going on. And we got my personal thing is that if my, if I can’t get a what I would do is I want to create passive income, you know, and I put a live off of whatever my passive income Can, can can make me you know, that that’s, that that’s what I’m looking to create, you know, how much money can businesses make? It will have property how many of the property me and I want to live off of that, you know, so if it takes me longer, you know, fine, though I wouldn’t use I wouldn’t use all of my, my my active income to create passive income that makes sense.

Justin Trosclair 19:45
What’s your style? Do you like a residential duplexes commercial

Unknown 19:50
residential right now, but we’re looking at a commercial spot because we’re looking at buying a building for the Aspire visit right now and all those properties that will play with they were paying rent that that so I can consolidate three of them you know, by be nice by by buying one building which the red role and all that just makes sense to buy the building you know, so that that’s actually where we’re, we’re looking at doing it in you know, the next by August I hope

Justin Trosclair 20:19
Yeah, I think you told me you like to not have to finance anything is that going to be the plan for this or sometimes you just have to do it

Unknown 20:25
No, that’s actually the planet I mean, I just been lucky like that we would kind of backing down these big country and because I don’t have a really high cost of living I can do that. You know, like you know, like if I like we first did that that Aspire bill you know, like if I like if I started to live off of that hundred and 20 grand and I needed that money like I wouldn’t be able to just dump it into something else you know, and then all that money the better at government something else and so that is kind of my style. I don’t like the finance anything of course there’s this building without the finance part of it but it’s almost negligible because the because it’s less than I’m paying already so so yes, technically I am financing this building but I’m actually saving money because I’m paying more and rent now than I would be by financing part of this building but because we’re which is dumping a bunch of money into paying off you know, the the biggest chunk of it then the older is holding a note so what are you doing to a bank you know, just like writing a check you just you know, is it okay and just keep paying monthly for however long there’s only gonna be a four or five year lease now these finance because we’re putting up a bunch of money and that’s because we don’t i don’t you know, I drive a very driven Mini Cooper you know, like a video clip a country but you don’t really Google country with right you know 2017 but but it’s it’s not a you know kind of bizarre it you know and we could I afford What do I you know should should I know why the deal way past that he can’t get their money back once you spend it on that actually is just not a good investment. Yeah, look, I think it was a good investment even like the things that I all kinds of things led by like the closer I you know, like that, sure, it’s gonna, you know, having a baby I mean, you can splurge use version like a vacation stuff like that when you when you do when you want to spend you spend, which I think is good because it kind of gets that bug of me let me just kind of enjoy some of the money labor. I do that but I’m still stuck on celebrate it celebrate actually do all the time. You know, which is a you know, still makes me feel like Okay, cool. I can spend this thousand dollars I felt like it you know, I don’t have enough cringing overspending a grand, you know, but I don’t need to spend the grand on every week for you know, just just because, you know,

Justin Trosclair 22:45
yeah, that’s, that’s pretty smart. Yeah, for people. They’re just like, I spent all this money on trendy clothes. And all this is like, well, if you try to spend some save some money in the long term, by quality shirt, that’s classic. You can wear it for years and years and years. And your cost per uses way. So everything you said was really good. I remember last time you mentioned the real estate agent, I think was commercial, but he goes you only when when you buy not when you sell that butcher that

Unknown 23:12
Yeah, so what I was saying, good friend of mine, who was a pretty successful commercial real estate agent told me a long time ago, and I and I tried to implement it. It’s almost everything that I that. I do. That you when when you buy you know when when you sell you know you don’t you that’s where the money’s made, you know it actually buying smart. And I mean that that’s actually great idea to kind of pass over multiple industries, or multiple dealings are multiple situations. I tell you something right now that’s happening right now, I actually, I actually combining some retinal cameras, right. So I can take what parts of the back of the eye. And I’m getting these cameras for pretty much four or $5,000 to like, less than what it’s going for. So like those cameras, like those cameras are about nine grand, like, on this price, then you can probably get them for like 85 or 82 or something like that, if you you know, just haggle a little bit or catch a show special. And if you’re buying a bunch of little maybe to get it from like 72. And right now I’m able to get those cameras for like 28, you know? Yeah, so I’m like getting like 2800 or like, you know, it doesn’t happen often. It just, it just happened to the right place at the right time. And so I can either say, Man, but I got the thing, the cash, I gotta buy 30 of them. Right? Right. So 30 of these cameras at 20, it comes out to about 70 something I know, there is it came up to 78, grand, whatever, whatever the numbers were, however many cameras will need to remember. But $70,000 and I’m like, here’s a good alternative. Do I really want to part with $70,000? Right now? No, do I need it? Right? This second know, will I need them probably hit home. And at the worst I can. I can sell them for bag for 50% of what they’re going for and still make a profit. You know what I mean? It almost makes no sense in the world not to buy these cameras, however, I have to upload them 70 grand that I can buy these cameras with? And to I have to have the balls to buy them, you know, but it’s one of these things I get the answer responds, very calculated risk, and it’s not. You know, it’s not that risky. You know, mean? Could I don’t know, can my house burned down and then I can lose all 70 grand? Yeah, you know, but also can also with everything else, right? So it’s not a it’s just one of those things, you know, like it is it? This is happening right now. Like literally, like, that number actually just went from 24 to 78. I was I was going to be able to buy the 50 for the day recalculating the numbers, and we’re like, no. 78 and I’m like, Ah, you know, because it was it wasn’t it

Justin Trosclair 25:50
wasn’t $2,000 extra guys,

Unknown 25:53
it was 70,000. So 54,000 City those $24,000 extra, you know,

Justin Trosclair 25:58
yeah, exactly. That’s a big enough.

Unknown 26:00
Yeah, you know, but it still makes sense. You know, and that’s that. Yeah. And at first, I was like, No, right? Well, you know, keep your cameras. But now I’m thinking about it. And and this is me being you know, like, Is it still a good deal, yet still a great deal, it’s still a great deal, they should still buy these cameras, but it hurts a little bit more 7078 grand versus the 54 grand, it hurts a little bit more to buy them at 78. You know, I mean, how we would love to

Justin Trosclair 26:27
get your Rolodex is probably big enough to sell 10 and you’re like, barely paying anything for these things. Now pretty much, you know, pretty much I mean, it’s so it’s like, I could hold on to it and see what happens in. But I definitely want to definitely want to go forward, I have to talk them today. And we already gave them the hard, hard nosed stands, I’m not buying them, just to see if they change their mind, you know, but now I’m just kind of reconsidering and there’s still a good deal. Even I 78. Again, well, let’s switch gears, we’re gonna we’re just going to cover you know, and I want to respect your time, just through the personal stuff. One of them is scheduling, how do you find time to wife, your daughter and all that?

Unknown 27:05
Yeah. Yeah. So we talked about that. And then, you know, what are the things I remember? I said that as a new schedule. Me personally, I schedule that the the personal time, you know, like, just like a schedule a meeting or schedule, anything, you know, I go, I’m done at this hour. Because I have, you know, my little sister’s play, you know, like, thankfully, whatever, you know, my wife’s cooking dinner, so I want to make sure I’m over time like, and then that way it gets put into our, our actual office calendar. And then I can you know that it’s not a job, and now accountable not only to myself and have other people that may be accountable for Hey, you have the same to go to, you know, so that’s, that’s important. It’s important to me to be able to do that so I can bounce my home and work because I’ll just work forever if it if it wasn’t because it wasn’t because I have someone saying, Hey, give me to come home. You know, that’s how it was two for four years before I was married before I had a child at home. You know, I mean, it was just like, if I come home to 123 in the morning, it was okay because just you just me you know

Unknown 28:16
and it’s one is my my brother’s my partner and my brother’s the same exact way. I remember literally checking the cameras from like, my phone, you know, the office, it was like two o’clock in the morning. And he was there like, figuring something out in the office and, you know, two o’clock in the morning by himself and make the dark you know, like one light on and he’s figured out a little guy working. You know, I don’t think I hope asleep if I don’t get this done. Yeah, maybe it was probably one of the things he was like guys want to learn this and he just was there. We are officially closed like seven or so. 637. So he was there for like seven hours after close. Just Wow. tinkering with something, you know, you know, and he’s the guy that you had your own podcast with for a while. Yeah, yeah, so we that little podcast, I don’t even like 20 something episodes, which is like 20 something weeks. And it was cool. I enjoyed doing it. Just a lot of work, man. Again, kudos to a lot of work a

Unknown 29:11
lot of frickin work man. And I just could follow you got some more profitable adventures in your

Unknown 29:15
life. Name of ego.

Unknown 29:17
It’s not always about being profitable, either. I gave me I enjoyed it, you know, it was it was fun to do. And we get you know, profits come after enjoying yourself for a long time and doing what you like, you know, and just kind of committing to something and that the prophets will come You know, but you know, what you’re doing is cool because your, your, your voice that talks to different people and puts people out there and

Unknown 29:40
you know, you’ll you’ll develop your that that that fan base or that always wants to hear this kind of stuff. And only hear me talking about something I don’t know. But

Justin Trosclair 29:49
you have things to share.

Unknown 29:51
Everyone is under the

Unknown 29:54
Rico right? Right.

Unknown 29:58
I love that they have for years. Great. And I remember hearing a story it was like the guy there’s a guy that sells coconuts on the beach. And the way the story goes like this business guy comes and he’s there with his family and he’s got three weeks at the beach and he’s chillin he’s excited because he feel he he works hard and use that money and staying at the one of the nicest hotels and the you know on the beach and you know just buying whatever it is just enjoying his his nice three week long vacation and then it comes to the guy sell the coconuts and and they start chatting and he says yeah, you know, I’m on a vacation I got you know, all this time you know, two three weeks I’m just going to just do nothing about lacks great you know, and he’s trying to tell the guy that you know, he was a good charismatic guy on the beach selling is coconuts and he said what you’re saying like maybe you should come to the states well even though it’s Portugal same states but you know there’s a couple of the mainland and you know I can you know give you a good job bubble blah he was like why would I want to do that? He’s like he’s like so you can you know make some money you know, you can go vacations like this the coke of the guy who sells the coconut looks around he’s like how many weeks you here for again he’s like three weeks he’s like I’m here by the two weeks every every day this is my life you know I love this leg you know he’s on vacation all the time you know so guys have to learn from you know learn from the guy so I’m coconut to the b2b is about what you want you know what do you what are you looking for right so yeah, like I got to live with like

Justin Trosclair 31:31
coconut man still got his bills paid

Unknown 31:32
coconut minutes he doesn’t he doesn’t want for much he doesn’t need much and so he doesn’t have to you know slave over you know working sells enough coconuts to get up early sales coconuts by mid days got some beers with his friends by we got a couple of ladies on the side and he’s you know he’s a

Justin Trosclair 31:51
living the dream

Unknown 31:53
is live live the dream you know what does he have to worry about? You know living in paradise as long as you what your needs are met your good absolutely he gets again as be needs met by like noon because that doesn’t have much needs around the coconuts today.

Unknown 32:12
Actually, I actually saw some bands I mean this is story but but uh I actually didn’t meet some added that in Jamaica guy they they go out there like five six o’clock in the morning the harpoon some lobster and then they they bring they bring them up to two right on the beach and they’ve got this lady is just got a big old part is burning them you know such as like a you want to live there. And then he shows to me is like already moving. Moving or whatever. Like sure we’re back you know after because the butter on it whatever season they use the cracks open right there. What do you like beat side lobster? This guy like yeah, we get there. Five o’clock in the morning. He’s He’s ranting runs out by Lou. He’s done like I will you do now? wait till tomorrow. For breakfast? Yeah, yeah, seriously, it was pretty awesome.

Justin Trosclair 33:00
Grill. Wow. didn’t mention the story. You were talking about, you know your relationship with your wife and making sure that stays good. And how to separate work and family time. And you mentioned Joel Osteen. Do remember that story?

Unknown 33:13
Yeah. Joel Osteen. Yeah, sure that we’re the

Unknown 33:17
story. This was Josie none of these stories remind me is I just looked at a good listener. So Joel’s the untold story about a guy who would come home. And before he would walk into his, his house, his wife would always see him go up to the tree and their property. And he look like he’s like, you know, like, like, yelling at the tree and like, getting his frustrations out on the tree. And, and, you know, in Come in, and he’s just, you know, he look like he’s angry. Why was that the dream when he comes as it perfectly fine, you know, like, he’s happy to see, you know, hugs and kisses all around smiles in a and what he was doing was that he would let out all his frustrations, anger, whatever he had from the day, and he would then just be at peace in his whole, you know, like, then bring that baggage with him. It’s something to be said for that kind of mentality that you can choose to be whatever kind of personality you want to be, you know, it just chose not to bring it into his house. So he made a physical, you know, reminder, by, by, you know, using that tree to kind of harbor any ill feelings towards the day, whatever good, whatever bad stuff might have happened or frustrations might have been frustrating. So that when he came home, he didn’t have to kind of just unleash that you just couldn’t be happy. You know, I try to do that as much as possible. And I think I put do pretty good job at it. Not that I have a tree I just, you know, I just put I just love it. You know, it’s a mental thing, right? I mean, you don’t have to have a tree either. But, you know, like, if you can just know I will, that was day but not going to change is being home. So let me let me just kind of switch on it off my my frustrations which and just, you know, pick it back up tomorrow is not going anywhere, you know, so that that’s a good story ever hear from the job from Joel’s team is about living like a, you know, a balanced life. Not not a you know, not having too many highs and many lows, you know, we all met those people that are like roller coasters, you know? Which, which Justin they’re going to get today. You know, like, which, you know, which personhood again? Yeah, seriously. But

Unknown 35:31
yeah, that’s that that’s that sorry. It was a good story. It’s a good good moral good.

Justin Trosclair 35:36
Cuz I mean, it seems like a lot of a lot of times you’ll find yourself treating your family kind of worse than you would have stranger like the strangers shouldn’t get more respect in your wife. Oh, absolutely.

Unknown 35:45
That is that’s what it was just I was just talking to my brother about that. You know, because you know, everyone has has that kind of I wouldn’t those those kind of people you know, like made me just because I know you better you can treat me like garbage as they go on to treat me like a stranger. Could you treat them really nice, beautiful.

Unknown 36:05
Yeah, actually the 20 the you say that because I was actually just came up in my household but not too long ago. Because, you know, my my father is a great guy. But once in a while, you know, they’ll have that tendency, you know, cheese everybody amazing. Once in a while. He’s like, a little bit ly wiping wiping route to me. You know, like, you know, the Snickers again? Yeah, exactly, exactly. They’re angry or something.

Justin Trosclair 36:33
Well, to wrap up. Do you have any any books or podcasts that you just really like, and you want to share with the audience today?

Unknown 36:43
This is Dr. perspective. Yeah, that’s like,

Justin Trosclair 36:47
you heard about that. Number one on everybody’s playlist. I think

Unknown 36:50
that he is amazing. I

Unknown 36:53
was like that. I listened to a lot of TED Talks. I listen to a lot of TED Talks. I listened to some things that are completely different than the business that kind of that I just liked what he thinks. Malcolm Gladwell just came up with you know what it is nothing Gladwell.

Justin Trosclair 37:12
Yeah revisionist history. Exactly. That that one Yeah, yeah, exactly. I think was really good. Yeah,

Unknown 37:16
I love it. I enjoyed that podcast like it would be comes back is only like 13 episodes well produced. It was awesome. So that’s what I was listening to. I mean, there’s so many awesome podcast Yeah, for sure. Hey, listen to the wall. Something that a guilty pleasure and this is a guy named Larry Pepe is about he talks about about MMA mixed martial arts. I like that kind of stuff. And so he he just talk radio and he’s a cool guy. Cool podcast, so I listened to that. Me pro MMA radio cool but the business mind me I really like just kind of keep your classic TED talks and can think of anything right now. Because I kind of go up and down and podcaster uses sometimes I get a little to take a break you know so I’ve been a brief

Justin Trosclair 38:02
Yeah, you got to do all this doing all these the other one there like I’m like to cover like oh my gosh, so then you download like seven Yeah, you know what am I gonna have time for this is like I gotta exercise a lot to get all these done.

Alright, man, we have anything you want to leave us with? How they could they contact you for sure. Yeah,

Unknown 38:20
and even contact me you had my first name is Vincent wouldn’t be at the end of the IMC at that Aspire HS calm spell solutions on Twitter. Instagram. Yeah, please do things by Instagram or even if they are actually just that the data is actually not a snapchat Blackboard now so just that Dr. Rooney see or doctor in NYC however you want to say that the VC at a at a

Unknown 38:53
snapchat as my big one now. But a look it up. I should be easy to find. I hope I am anyway. Yeah. I’m actually just getting my website we’ve done deal. It’s funny. Like, my my Aspire site. I’m getting it done in in somehow I get spammed like some kind of weird like virus or something on my website. Now every time you go to it, like a porn site comes up like what?

Unknown 39:16
Come on,

Unknown 39:18
arm it redirects is such a bad thing. Because I hope I get that and get that fixed right away. I just know, it’s been like that, like the last two days ago. No.

Unknown 39:27
But as far as anything last, you know, you know, that’s the way to get in touch with me, you know, anyone who wants to know more about the quality industry in the healthcare field, you know, feel free to reach out to me, you know, just say that you have me on justice podcast, I think the most important thing is keep doing things that you like to do. And, you know, try not to say no, don’t overspend, hitting, be, you know, fiscally conservative, I think it’s important in the month, a month, a bunch of other stuff that we’ve talked about, but it was great. It was a great kind of you coming back around here to chat and again, I’d love to you know, see how you doing, you know, reach out to keep in touch and we’ll go from there.

Justin Trosclair 40:07
Absolutely, man. Appreciate your time number two, yeah, and many blessings and 2017

Unknown 40:11
Yeah, they don’t do congratulations on all the other hardware he did is since we last talked and I’ll be looking forward to hearing the rest of these interviews I

Justin Trosclair 40:22
Well, I’m excited the business that he created just really want to focus into the future and encourages me when people have such a big dream. It makes me think, you know, I can do more than what I’m doing, especially when we’re like the same age. Hope that encourages you as well to think big. also really like the idea of the electronic records. I know I love mine, my my paper charts and when I switched over, you know, there’s lots of clicking, so I’m looking forward to that. Definitely sign up on his email and get notified when that thing comes out. Thank you again, show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash one five. trouble coming up next.

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We just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your options life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, sharing on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guest. sincere thank you in advance. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire

Unknown 44:15
giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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