E 134 EMR Considerations Josh Nation of Chiro8000

If you’re tired of hefty upfront costs, massive customization mandated, and monthly recurring fees for your EMR or EHR (electronic medical /health records) then tune in to this episode with Josh Nation of Chiro8000 to learn what’s needed in software. It should be noted that Forte Holdings (Chiro8000) is not only for chiropractors but they…

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E 82: What’s Hurting The Optometry Profession, Drs John Ormandos Scott Colonna OD

In an optometry clinic, what position is best to hire? Perks to not working in a big box store, online sales, focus on growth, Rx for kids, and how to motivate your children to be productive adults. Drs John Ormandos and Scott Colonna OD of Uppercut. How and why did Dr’s Ornado and Colonna pivot…

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Episode 15: Win on the Purchase Not the Sell Dr Vincente Calderon Optometrist

  New Yorker, Dr. Vincente Calderon went to Puerto Rico for Optometry School and came out the other side bilingual. He explores his nationwide mobile eye care exam company, Aspire Health Solutions. They screen for all manners of eye disorders, especially in the elderly and are always looking to hire optometrists and support staff. Contact…

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