E 76 Lies of Socialism, Don’t be duped. The Truth From Russian Born Ekaterina Bolshakova, Interior Designer

e76 a doctors perspective int design communism Ekaterina Bolshakova

Ekaterina Bolshakova talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Raised in Russia, learn firsthand how socialism can lead to disenchantment, alcoholism, corruption and why your Circle of Distribution is your most important asset. Nothing in life is truly free. Ekaterina Bolshakova is a kitchen specialized interior designer.

Born and raised to the age of 30 in Siberia Russia, Ekaterina Bolshakova, brings a unique perspective to the political landscape of handouts and entitlement programs, like free school and healthcare.

She was trained in Russia in Mathematics and came to USA with her husband (a programmer) and became an interior designer. No it’s not all throw pillows and wood grain cabinets… she is more interested in all the aesthetics and usability of a room from construction to the finished product.

Listen to her tips for a doctor office… it’s a delicate balance of ‘I am successful and a healing atmosphere without being pretentious”, color choices based on your type of patients, light bulb choices and more.

Let’s say everyone gets a job… where you end up could be not what you expected. Everyone might want to live in a Tulsa size city, but you might end up in rural North Dakota. Government supplies jobs based on a need not on what you want.

How does education play out once the government starts paying for it? What if you have a learning disability or just don’t learn as fast when you are younger? Competition is incredibly fierce when the government lets you go to school for free… only the best of the best make it.

When everyone gets paid the same amount for a certain job (with no way of earning more), what is the number one reason people get so frustrated and generally turn to alcohol? What do you do when you work hard but your coworkers slack off every day?

What is the “Circle of Distribution” and how is that one of the KEY Components to getting ahead in a communist country? Who Do You Know?

The machine has power against you- you can navigate but you can’t fight it.

How would you like to keep 4-7% of the salary you earn from working?

Why is it that the brightest citizens tend to leave these highly taxed countries?

You fundamental right is to get health, to get smarter, and to work to create value and be compensated for that.

She tells a moving story about milk at the grocery store that you don’t want to miss a little past mid way through the show.

Learn how she has “Moments of Happiness” throughout the day.

She Recommends Marie Forleo. B School Course.

The one thing she and her husband do that started for their kids and now gives them a new look on reading books.

She mentions a few traditional Russia dishes you must try.

www.kbDesign.org Based in Seattle and she specializes in Kitchen Design. Everything from moving a wall to improve foot traffic to cabinets, floors and everything in-between.

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/76 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

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Justin Trosclair 0:02
Episode 77 lines of socialism don’t we do I mean it was Dr. Justin shows claim today we heard the truth from Russian born, Catarina perspective

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Live from China and Seattle, Washington, we have a fantastic guest today. Well, we have so much going on these days with socialism and communism and and let’s break away from the American tradition and given in free education and all these kind of these thought patterns. Well, our guest actually grew up in Siberia, Russia, and then moved to America. So she’s gonna have a wonderful background story. So instead of just being a doctor, today, we’re actually going to be a little more political. So strap in, I think this should be a fun, fun episode. Her name is Katerina Porsche cover. Welcome to the show. Hi, Hey, that was actually funny. Oh, they need herself as well.

Unknown 3:51
So I think

Justin Trosclair 3:51
you’re uniquely qualified to discuss the dichotomy of these rich companies and these poor people from from your youth. And from now, so if you don’t mind, give us a little bit about your background and how you became who you are a designer as well, interior designer, you’re really good at that. Give us the lowdown on your your backstory.

Unknown 4:11
Oh, wait. That’s a long story. Short, the death I do in February, I always was interested in a process of

Unknown 4:23
violence wasn’t it didn’t blossom, we know that desire, because everyone leaves in a very standard environments, you kind of can predict what you will see because everything is small, and the distribution is very limited. Because in a plan society, when government knows what to give you, they kind of don’t give you a variety. And so I became a mathematician, and I have a master’s degree in applied math. But then I married and I had children, and we moved to America, because my husband is the software programmer. And here I didn’t have a right to work. I was on a special kind of visa, I can. But and I was an energetic. So I had an opportunity to go to college. And I received my second degree in interior design, and was very surprised that that perfect an actual is not all about pillows, and it’s it’s much more logic, it’s much more about the code, the economics, the clearances, how the house is operate, you know, and especially if you involved in commercial, so much more technical, and that technical team, combined with my with beauty, it just really worked with my mathematical brain. Just love that. And I walked that path since then,

Justin Trosclair 6:02
when you say the mathematics plays a huge part in the interior design of what’s proportionate, you know, there’s they always say like the eyes through your nose to your forehead, there’s a certain proportion that makes people look prettier. And if it’s off the can tell and it’s supposed to have like three of this and I don’t it just seems like that would be a very complimentary profession when you look at is not just pillows and couches, it’s the where should you put the plugs how many plug should you have, like, I didn’t realize that that’s the stuff that you’re right, that

Unknown 6:32
the the electrical load, the climate supposed to work, their coats, electricity, their highest for sit in their support, the angles for your back support, there are certain distance that you could not afford for your chair to move us just so many things. And then if you move into color, kids do not see certain colors. elder people do not see certain colors, how to create an environment that they actually not only look beautiful for your eyes, but actually work for that eight. It’s just so much knowledge nowadays, and people do not realize and just it’s just so funny when you see a child actor was all done in the wheel. Barely there. So just like oh, yeah, I bet keeps up just

Justin Trosclair 7:31
there. They all got ADHD place. Yeah, board. Yeah, that’s true. Yes. Oh, man. Oh, since Well, since we have you on and this is a doctor, the doctor podcast? Have you worked in very many build outs for doctors offices? Is there like a color scheme that works? Well, or kind of a square or circular building networks? That seems to work? Well, and any comments, please,

Unknown 7:55
this we’re building it all better? period.

Unknown 7:59
It just I have a I was educated in finance way as well. So don’t don’t get me started. That’s a long topic. Yes, I let you ask doctors offices are tricky. Because you have to walk balance between saying that, hey, I am prosperous. I am a successful doctor, yet I’m trustworthy. So you are not as showcasing your wealth. But you, you are saying that the environment supposed to be warming up, it’s supposed to be friendly, not people with cool students sorrow, or pain or laws, they really don’t need you to be Stark, or they don’t need you to be better, or they don’t need you to be all gilded rich, they need that environment that is friendly and warm for them that and that supports the idea that data actually knows what they’re doing. And depends of what, what that I just recently completed an office full of my friends. Now, first of all, they saved my husband, and then I say their office. So they are they do a lot with people with brain problems. Sometime that’s an injury or post traumatic or something. And people who have a damaged brain tend to be very sensitive about their environment. And so there is a very, very in line, how do you work providing that cheerful and bright but not overly cheerful, and not overly bright offers for them to feel like they are taken care of. It’s really fun to work on it.

Justin Trosclair 9:53
If I had to be very creative in the type of lighting as well then, right?

Unknown 9:57
If you have budget

Justin Trosclair 10:01
there’s though I’d like the yellow color. There’s the white color, there’s kinda it’s flickers, there’s LEDs, Is there like a go to the gods more like 20?

Unknown 10:10
At least a very basic is that please make a light uniform. It just, you know, at least if you have those, those fluorescent or whatnot, just make sure that all the boats or the same color, and it just in that my pet peeve people do not realize how bad on some others and and then if you bother to choose colors, then it’s going to be old funny. And yes, it would be better to have a whiter light, you know, a little bit on a warm side, but not not, don’t go to the yellow old ambient light and LED. Good. Yeah, now nowadays, they are much better, there are much more choice instead of just glaring blue thing. But there’s no natural light music kill the sun. Exactly. So that’s true.

Justin Trosclair 11:03
I know my own clinic I had when you were talking about. So I was like, Okay, this looks really bad to have the white and the yellow. So it’s like, okay, we’re rearranging the bulbs, this room is going to be these bulbs, this room is going to be these bulbs. How do we make it work?

I was like, it’s not in the budget to replace like 100 bulbs, it was not in the budget. But we could rearrange the Baltimore like an hour. So yeah, it makes a difference. Well, let’s, let’s jump into this. We were talking about with the election that came through and everybody wants something free. And by golly, these Amazon’s and Starbucks and these Bank of America, they just takes so much money, and they should just give it back to everybody. So we can have free education and maybe a minimum salary for the entire country. But what I what I don’t think they realize is does everybody get a job? And maybe if you get a job, does that mean you’re going to get it where you want to? Like what do you potentially have to travel to some faraway city in the in the code? North Dakota, because they there’s a supply there, Hey, you got this job. But this is the only one that’s available. So you get to move them towards their North Dakota for the next 20 years. I mean, is that the kind of stuff that can happen? So

Unknown 12:10
that’s how it works, you know, in the plant society when involved heavily in distribution, because what what is the same, they said everyone has contributed by the talent, and Babylon returns goods by beneath so governments will decide what needs to do. And yes, I’m very grateful for my free education. And there was a free medical care as well. And the booklet, let me tell you, so therefore, there’s no freebies, non GAAP, when you are in the free education, society, government become really not interested in week lives that they support the strong and smart the, on the hearing the child with the problem through it, they got to be kind of and and they can, they will be some things to work on a much simpler job, because nobody gonna hold their hand, pulling them through the complete dedication. And there is a huge competition, it is free. But you have to compete with your peers to get to be institution. When you get there. You receive independent an institution, but sometimes Stiller education, I think my education was really nice. But then, and I was guaranteed a job placement. But what job placement means you are exactly right, Justin, is that whatever, is there a demand, then whatever you sense, and how to remain in a town you want that the totally different questions, you have to belong to a circle of distribution. That’s always a problem with socialism. So if you could not make difference in your salary, because everyone have a certain profession receives the same salary across the town, there is no way to earn more. So people start to become a party members, or they all they become

Unknown 14:24
corrupt corruption. And it’s not necessarily corrupt that with money, but we influence because I know the one you want detail you want a better sucks, I don’t know you with a limited distribution, you still is a human then and you want to live better, because everything is standard standard, then how to how to guarantee How about a doctor, you have to know somebody, and that is all above all socialistic life is about knowing somebody, if you could not make better money and buy a better flat or a car. Oh, thinking about cars had very few of them.

Unknown 15:18
Then you have to know somebody and corruption runs. After moving here for 10 years, I had a recurrent nightmares about being totally focused, you know, like, I flew with my kids to see my mom. And then I couldn’t return back because the government has said no, and there’s no way to, to stand up against it. There’s, it’s like every machine has power against you. And it’s not, you have to learn to navigate, but you could not find it. Yeah, steely, because if

Justin Trosclair 15:54
you find in those type of cultures, you could actually

Unknown 15:56
disappear for a while, if you find that there’s many interesting outcomes, you cannot even do that later. But because it’s all government control your career going to be helping or career of your spouse going to be halted or gonna be prohibited from ended that education or it you know, everything is controlled, and don’t forget, and it just it ski people such that way.

Justin Trosclair 16:27
Yeah. So it’s almost a good thing to be like a doctor perhaps because if you want good health care, everybody wants good health care, especially the big deals and every big corporation that you might, they want, you want your kids to go to their school, or to get into that job, and they want their health care to be the best that can be. So there’s a mutual relationship there. And even though both people salaries are pretty much stuck, all of a sudden, your kids going to school that you’re not really zone to be in, because you know somebody who can, yeah,

Unknown 16:58
it’s it’s good to belong to the circle of distribution period, whatever profession, it’s might be, you know, if you are a librarian, you don’t have much leverage. If you are,

Unknown 17:14
if you are a factory worker, a programmer, or anybody that just a small part of a big machine, you have no leverage, if you are a good doctor, if you are a good translator, if you are somebody good, then you still receive the same salary as the very, very mediocre doctor in your department who basically had doesn’t know anything, but still receive the very same salary, but people from the circle distribution will reach to you to take care of their mom, their child, somebody and you will have that ability to influence your life little bit like a better concert here in there, or unavailable light or whatnot. But it’s good to imagine the level of management that you have to care to navigate that

Justin Trosclair 18:12
it’s just, I mean, actually, I can’t believe that, you know, I’m where I live, and see some of this. But that is just wild, because you don’t think about I think I’ve ever had this utopian dream that everything is going to stay exactly the same as it is just but yeah, just we’re going to have all you can still have all the businesses you want, the governor is like, well, he started listening to some of the politician, it does sound like they’re always want a little bit more power a little bit more control over this control over that. And to me, they don’t run much very efficiently. So I really don’t really personally, I just don’t want to give them any more money. Because they don’t, they’re not very efficient to begin with. But in places like Russia, and Europe and all that don’t think pay double the amount of tax that we typically pay in America to cover all this free stuff.

Unknown 19:00
Double is another statement, you know, there’s no things in the world, right? Everything costs money. So you have indication, you know, I received, I don’t know how to code it depend. So P i will repeat for to go to school, once I get there and had good grades, so But well, and for the free hospitalization at purple, free everything. It’s not like God given every, every supposed to put the, you know, the equipment, the brand to the light, the garbage, everything costs money. So if you take a look at how much an average middle class American receives, to their receive to their pocket, out of what they earn, you know, it is see, somebody has a junior designer, and they paid them 45 dollars per hour. And they build them for $90 per hour. So and that 45 is what the person receives. And then they pay taxes and everything so but basically out of what they work out of the bill of $90, they receive at least third, at least 30% they receive to their pocket. So in the Soviet Union, in the Soviet Union, you received four to 7027. To pay for that, it would be four to seven. And this is it’s not a joke. This is why people drink so heavily it just because when they’re young, and they are energetic, and they want change, and they have so much ideas, they see that indication, and they go and go and pedal. And then they realize that the person, you know, in that same department doesn’t pedal and the person in the department went across the hallway doesn’t settle as well, and still receive those salaries. They just barely learned how to navigate the meeting and how to look smart, or how to do a report. So it looks decent, and they make 10 10th

Unknown 21:19
of what you do, but they receive the same salary people become disheartened. Why would they contribute further, if there is no point, you could not guaranteed better education to your kids, you could not have a better education. You know, you could put a little bit you know, safe here and there. And but I you know, I mean, largely you are, you are doomed to have the mediocre life, no matter how bright and as you are, you know, it’s not about money only because it’s Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about a better life me in a bigger car, it means that you don’t have freedom of choosing nothing, it just people, especially men become they start to drink just because what you know, they could not make it one of the other they do not make a difference. You know, we are more entangled with a household and children and everything. And this is why my generation and generations previously had such a huge drinking problem. Because you know, when you’re young, you don’t see it, when you starting to work, that becomes obvious. And people steal, and people are at the corruption, it just, you just I don’t know, I don’t know how to explain for people to believe me it just to pay for that education for that medical care. It’s just you have to, you have rob your citizens.

Justin Trosclair 22:52
And I think we’ve all seen it, where you’re the one who ends up doing the work for us now for a school project, there’s a team of four of you, one or two people end up doing more work than everybody else. But everybody gets the same agreed. And if you don’t know how to kiss, but well, then the person who actually didn’t do much work will be like, Oh, look at everything that I did. And they already like you. So obviously that person gets the razor gets the promotion. And you’re like, Are you kidding me? The worst person, you know, yeah, he was the most sociable. And whatever that society values is, is they can be good at that and then keep promoting

Unknown 23:27
human nature and

Unknown 23:30
human nature got amplified in the socialistic environment, because you have to be you have to have a kind of your moral standards supposed to be demystified, for you to succeed there, you have to your moral compass supposed to be a little bit lower to navigate. And, and if you are navigating successfully, I bet that either you’re very talented and very demand, or us do little things, or you are corrupt as hell.

Justin Trosclair 24:05
I heard I don’t know how true this is, per se. But you know, a lot of college kids here, you know, they’re definitely the only opinion that is good is like the liberal opinion. And then once they actually get into the real world and have to like, make money, and they realize how much goes to the government for taxes, and for this tax and property tax and all this stuff. All of a sudden they start thinking, yeah, I don’t know how much I like this whole, giving away everything that I like to keep it maybe that’s not something I already aligned on in the financial, maybe socially, I’m okay with still being that way, but not the financial part. And so then they have a crossroads like, well, what how do I wrestle with that? You know, it,

Unknown 24:42
you know, it’s always there’s no freebies, and there is always why, you know, before you say that you want free distribution, or you want that person to give more money, just say why or so there has to be a reason like the bad guys, presumably, right. But like an Amazon some, they become an so few rich, but they give, they give heavily they contribute to society, it just that society tries to move them heavier. And and

Justin Trosclair 25:16
that was about Okay, let me reset you up for a good question on this one. So when we look at like, if America was going to go this way, would the government own? Would the government be able to come in and take over Amazon and Best Buy and Walmart? Or would they still be privately you know, privately held per se, and then the government would just like tax them like crazy to where they might have like, Look, you can no longer make more than 10% profit, everything else go back into the government? Is that what they would do? And like you said, they want to milk Amazon right now there’s a big fight in Seattle, they want to tax them more, because there’s a thing. There’s like a housing shortage. And so this is how they are going to pay for some of the building? What’s your view on that? And some of the common questions that just it’s depends on a model.

Unknown 26:04
socialism could be tackled differently, we kind of had a hardcore one when everything was government government owned, we didn’t have no, no private businesses. And as you know, Russia pulled out of that model. So there are plenty of, of people now want involved in the different sizes and different businesses.

Justin Trosclair 26:31
So that was just a horrible way to do it, like the government owns things is just really, really bad. And they figured that out and said, Okay, okay. Not that it’s that they figured it

Unknown 26:39
out, it just fell apart. Because it is that model works the best when you have a war, because then everything is centralized. And you can centrally distribute the food, the goods, the Venetian, from the entire country, you can build roads and make your distribution effective. But once there’s no war, then it’s a little bit more complex. And it’s kind of hard to do and easy to steal. People. The Soviet Union was stolen. Basically, it was redistributed to a pockets of the, of the party leaders and their families. It’s just the whole country went bankrupt. Because of that. And, and again, you know, it’s like, an unlimited power once you are there. Boy, I don’t want to be there personally. But there are people who do and, but in the northern countries, in Europe, they have a different model. They still have businesses, but it’s heavily controlled, but the idea is the same, they are taxed very heavily, and bright people leave, if you will tell me that, you know, there’s a beautiful society, up north in the Europe, I will tell you that I know at least five people left because they they want better, they don’t want to give up 70% in taxes and then pay for flattened for for foods.

Justin Trosclair 28:14
So literally, if you can leave your like, I’m capable of living and starting a business and doing the same thing somewhere else that actually I can make. I said, I can keep 70% of the profit. Well, why in the world I stayed like, I can just go home and visit from

Unknown 28:29
the you can leave, you will leave. So I will if America, God forbid, will move to that direction,

Unknown 28:36
I will leave.

Unknown 28:39
And I hope young people who want to see their power to fruit you know, so if if they are if they’re smart, if they are talented, if the artistic in that there is no reason to suffer. Oh, and by the way about artists, everyone’s supposed to work in it in the Soviet Union, right. So if you are an artist, you are a forced to work. There is no such a professional. There was very few government sponsored

Unknown 29:12
artists who is only so many murals that

Unknown 29:14
you can do a good Stalin Porter, or whatever, you know. But if you are expressionless, if you are in a flower isn’t if you are in some other weird word of the expression of your feelings or our vision, you’re out of luck, you would be you know, how we forced to work as the janitor or whatever. Because otherwise you’re gonna go to jail. So, you know, so there’s no freebies? Absolutely none. Wow.

Justin Trosclair 29:48
And I think this has been good. I’m not a political genius, or anything that you can obviously tell that everyone, but it’s just a good, I think what we were talking about is the far end of where it can go where it can lead to, because I think they’re, you know, people have an idea that health is a fundamental right, okay. I mean, I don’t, I don’t oppose that. But at the same time, I’m like, you have to pay for it, somehow, everybody is going to have to take a pay cut in taxes, or they’re going to go after huge companies and try to take it from them. But then they just pass that back on to you and higher prices,

Unknown 30:21
know you, your fundamental right is to get better, to get smarter, and to work providing value of sorts, and be compensated for that. If your value is miserable, that’s going to be a salary, if your value is huge, or in demand, that’s going to be a better salary. That is your fundamental right, there is no fundamental right to the suckling. You know, it just,

Justin Trosclair 30:49
you know, and something I’ve learned here is when you’re

Unknown 30:53
15, and 16,

Justin Trosclair 30:55
you know, there’s people that were like, I’m too cool for school, let’s get drunk, let’s just go play sports. And they don’t really mature and educational part until later. And they’re like, Oh, yeah, let me actually do something and like, try, well, guess what you’re done. In most societies, like you played around when you’re 16. Cool. You can scrub toilets for the rest of your life, because the person who cared is the one that’s going to go on to be the lawyers and the government officials and all those types of people. There’s no going back to school when you’re like 23 or 25. Like, let me get a degree now, no, good luck. I don’t mean somebody there. You know,

Unknown 31:32
it’s not written in stone. It wasn’t bad. It was extremely rare. So there, there was such a thing as an older student, but they were weirdness. So if we had a bunch of 18 year old, had a 24 year in the class, that meant that maybe they they had a mental problem, or maybe they were in the army, and then the something else, but it really is a very rare occasion. And if you finished one degree, there’s almost no way to switch let later in life, just because you are busy making your 7% of your worth to feed your family, you could not just drop it and go back for free education, interest. And there was such a way as having an evening education or in education by mail, but it’s never was in demand by employers as well. So because of the quality of it was subpar.

Unknown 32:41
And it takes a long time, but so that so if you really wanted to. There were ways but for example, when I was receiving my second degree here, we had, you know, I thought I’m all right, I was 30. So I was kind of a little bit nervous. And but there were a woman was 46. And then I in this intersected with the lady who was 62. And she, I don’t know how successful she was after that, but she felt she needed it. And she went ahead with it. And it’s beautiful. You can learn freaks, any age, you can make something out of your life, you can change, you can pee, but you can choose not to work and be or you can work your butts off and have a considerable life. It just it’s all in your hands. And that’s beautiful, it be better and and your life would be better for you and for your kids. And you will decide for better I’m not talking about Ferraris. I’m talking about better food better rest.

Justin Trosclair 33:49
That’s so funny. We have to clarify that because food you don’t need five varieties of carrots, but we have it you know it we just take that for granted like which I want organic grass fed on antibiotic free like

Unknown 34:07
some places does not even an option it’s you want some beef you want there’s no quality beef, beef

Unknown 34:13
you like

Justin Trosclair 34:14
this cow was starving.

Unknown 34:16
Yeah, the new was delivered to three times a week when the distribution worked right and distribution worked. The store was a kilometer and a half away the the music was delivered in the hours when my mom was at work. So I was on to purchase new products. So and I was you know, anywhere from eight to 14 twice a week going to that store picking up those bottles and carrying them back. But then the crisis stuck. And when I was so when distribution fails, then it was a starvation situation. So when when when I will was walking to the bus to to the to the bus station, early morning. And I saw huge line of women that were lining up prior store to open in hopes that they will get a carton of milk. I was just like, Oh my God, thank God I don’t have kids. Because when distribution fails, it just droplets to there. But then remember the circle of distribution then the sales persons and their mothers and their doctors and their teachers and everybody will be Kevin that bottle of milk, put them aside for them to stop by later on. Because and those who don’t belong here, the circle of distribution would be fighting the boar and not for the new Galaxy phone. But for the bottle of milk. It’s right.

Justin Trosclair 35:54
Well, if you look at like a hurricane when a hurricane passes through Florida, it’s pretty quick. They’ve had some you know, the couple years ago, trucks get in people like didn’t have food, you just didn’t have food because there was no trucks like it’s very quick to run a food the distribution center that we have is amazing. And when soon as it gets shut down, it doesn’t take long for a store to run out of the essentials right

Unknown 36:16
but here there was so many so many people was a goodwill or people who wanted money and the builders moved to Florida to participate in a building prop up and make some money and people were bringing food and make money maybe it’s it seems because maybe to use it to make money on somebody sort of but at least they’re there was distribution, but government is big and their riches limited. So the crucial towns like towns that produce aluminum or uranium or something they would be distributed better, they would be supplied better and the towns that don’t have crucial manufacturing thing is and then they will deceive wars distribution. It’s and probably Soviet Union model was a just a horrific one. But I’m telling you the whole idea is wrong just because it’s going to be the same thing. You’re going to be dictated how to teach your children how to teach your children how it just like this

Justin Trosclair 37:24
is crazy. Well, let’s let’s switch gears and I want to keep you forever on this call and I really appreciate your time. I always love asking this question because you have a business you gotta you’re successful, your husband’s successful. Do you have like a morning routine or like a lunch routine that sets you up for the rest of the

Unknown 37:41
day? You can? I’m all in the routine some current than them, they kind of give me happiness. Hello, but I’m trying to catch the glimpse of happiness here in there. Yeah, I like to do a very quick not not Berta some workout, and then I like my much not burdensome workout. I do not do you know, 530 petitions of crunches or something, I just do a 15 minutes 30 minute workout to wake up to to make sure that all my muscles work in to make sure that all my joints kind of flexed. And then I

Unknown 38:23
then I go to have my cup of much love much. Love much. And you know, hour later I will have a nice breakfast and I like as a designer, I’m visual. So I kind of arrange my, my avocado toast as mundane as it sounds.

Unknown 38:45
And an egg and bacon pretty and kind of I tried to have a stick to a certain schedule and try to have pleasure pleasures so I can I know what pleasure some to me. Even walking my dogs and look of them clean. Just like that was a moment of happiness. So kinda

Justin Trosclair 39:06
like that. Or that word, a moment of happiness when

Unknown 39:09
my Keith calls you know, when my kids call that that really nice to they don’t call off on but yeah, once a week.

Justin Trosclair 39:19
I learned that from a furniture in chiropractic school. He is like every Sunday I call my family. I call my grandma, I kind of thought about that. And I started implementing that in my my life. And that was amazing. I call my grandma. She’s like, Hey, what’s going on? I was like, nothing. Just wanted to call and talk like okay, so we were just talking a little bit about work or whatever she would just listen to you know, she doesn’t have much going on just like I didn’t watch the soap operas and eat and London shouldn’t really contribute a 10th of the conversation but she really really appreciate that it

Unknown 39:49
That’s true. Yeah, that’s just the local execution that you can make in a happy moments of your mom. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 39:57
I always my mom would always call me or text me later she’s like know you just call grim know, cuz she always calls me whenever she goes off the phone with gas who call me

that’s always fun. Did you happen to have a favorite book podcast iPhone app that you secretly love and one that you would highly recommend other people boy,

Unknown 40:19
I don’t know. I’m not really techie. So I listened to podcasts, but I do not tend Oh, I love metaphorical that woman. She She has be school program and Murray folio. See, she’s amazing. That woman is a model or sees an engine C and C so nice. And so fun. I do love Murray folio, that would be for podcast thing. She She has her own TV kind of thing going on. And the B school is amazing. I highly recommend that she young my business this out of nowhere. Because it’s hard to think in those terms. When you grew up and

Justin Trosclair 41:06
say, Oh, she’s the she’s Yeah, he’s school,

I had a guest or to talk about she has some amazing class for getting your avatar or something.

Unknown 41:19
It’s a week long or not, that’s not week long. It’s a, I think it’s a six lessons, everyone is a kind of, I think it’s like a five, six week program. It has homework, it has beautiful material, and Avatar and everything, it’s just in the first lessons, she goes deep, and see provide an amazing, amazing Bali for that 2000. That’s your B school boards. So that’s what what I love to recommend. And I listened to a number of design podcast and about books, I just love to read and we read aloud. So if you guys planning to keep your kids with two languages, which I would highly recommend, because there’s no pain, no point not to it’s such an advantage, I would, I would recommend to start early to read aloud. So we are read aloud without kids. And we kind of turned, we took turns, and now kids are gone, we still have that habits. We it’s really nice when I do something kind of mechanical, you know, Polish in my kitchen design or something and my husband treats me or he does something and it it’s very nice, I have to warn you, you you will become a much more critical to the to the word then then you were eating as if you didn’t quietly because when you pronounce sentences, you start to kind of Oh my god, that was beautiful. Or like, I could not read some books because the language is lousy. I don’t care how popular it is it just like

Justin Trosclair 43:06
okay, I have to ask them is his native English and yours is

Unknown 43:10
no pressure, we put

Unknown 43:13
it in Russia. And he got invited because he is a programmer have a very high level. So she got invited worked for government first and then then we moved to a to a private business with him. And now we both us.

Justin Trosclair 43:30
Okay, when you’re raising the kid, you know, my wife speaks Chinese, I speak English. She has an accent, and I butchered so our plan. This is our plan. She speaks Chinese mostly to the kids. I’ll speak English, you know, and we’ll read books in each other’s language. That’s our plan. I don’t know. That’s a good plan. But that’s kind of

Unknown 43:50
I think it’s a wonderful plan. Also would say that I saw so many famous that gave up language for no reason. And they just like how could I enforce it? If if we are working and keep speaks English all the time. Anyway. Kids love rules. And if you say that only Chinese is Mama, and only interest is that or only such language at home. no exception. You know, maybe when your guests come in, you could not put guest

Justin Trosclair 44:26
right, but they eat better learn. I’ve got to learn Chinese i’m

Unknown 44:31

Unknown 44:34
i think it’s a good thing to do. But probably your life would be a little bit more colorful there.

Justin Trosclair 44:40
Talk about Hey, last question. For those of us who are adventurous eaters. Is there something that we should eat in Russia something that you miss a comfort food that we should all try? Whether it’s a dessert or a breakfast food or a meter anything?

Unknown 44:55
And there’s nothing you cannot get here? Because a week? Okay, very good. So, when I grew up there were not a lot of processed foods. So you cook a lot. And there’s Bush, of course and Blimey. So they are probably familiar but bush is a soup beat and vegetables and but you have to you have to try it from the good cook because everything is supposed to be sublime. The the meat supposed to be good. And blue nice boots with with curvier.

Unknown 45:36

Unknown 45:37
you know, when when there was a scarcity of everything during the holidays during the new year, there were some rare products that could be could surface on the shelves of these stores. So you know, and because of the scarcity, and its kind of the historical Russian luxury food, right. So yeah, we still get cover once a year, but not. And I don’t like it that much now, but I liked it before, probably because it was a luxury item. Yeah. And other than that the food is really similar. The deserts are infinitely better. American America, trying to over sugar things all the time. I don’t get model fasting made of I don’t know what, petroleum I have no idea. But

Unknown 46:31
it’s all made from scratch. It’s just better. Yeah, I have to bake when I missed that. Because there’s no way to find something that would be nourishing, and not overly sweet in desserts. But yeah,

Justin Trosclair 46:45
my wife, half the sugar are more than half the sugar and one of my mom’s recipes. And you could tell there was a difference because of that. But like if you just switched all the pies at that point in that style. After a day of that pie, you wouldn’t realize it was having sugar as like, my goodness, what is wrong with these recipes? Like they really think in these this much sugar than

Unknown 47:09
sugar. And if you half of that place, then you start to taste banking or cherry or across the floor.

Unknown 47:21
Oh, that’s what that tastes like. I don’t like cherries

Unknown 47:23
at all now.

Justin Trosclair 47:25
Yeah, when you take a fruit that’s supposed to be like sour ends up being sweet, you’re like, this doesn’t make much sense. What did we do here? That’s weird. Well, how can people get in contact with you, especially if they’re interested in hiring you for internal interior design work or anything?

Unknown 47:42
I my company name is Kay be design, you know, continuing the book cover design, but it also could be perceived as kitchen bath design. I am in Seattle, and I would love to to help. I didn’t tell you but I kind of specialized some kitchens, I just ended up there I do the entire designs and I do commercial but kitchens. My main stream just because probably of my mathematical background, once you start to make them it’s a challenge and I love it and people appreciate and kind of give my name so I do a lot of kitchens.

Justin Trosclair 48:26
That’s like what like islands and lazy Susan’s on the inside of cabinets and all that type of stuff. Yes,

Unknown 48:32
but more like got the old one and design the new with the nice traffic that you don’t have to walk around that stupid insula or have a nice nice focal point. You know, bring it to this century have materials up to your expectation of maintenance. You know, everybody’s different somebody everyone loves the marble but not every one ready to maintain it you know so but

Justin Trosclair 49:05
let’s see if it looks correct. I just want to

Unknown 49:09
like livability necessity for storage and traffic and keep

Unknown 49:17
all different for from person to person. There’s no reason to leave in standard environments right so I’m all for personalization that the league and then soviet union with 30 years

Justin Trosclair 49:28
well, you know, every house is different. And then you got every house is different among with every couple is different, the possibilities are endless. So like it’s got to be very rewarding. And I love it.

Unknown 49:39
I love it. People are most interesting creatures. It’s very entertaining. And,

Unknown 49:45
and I love it. I love to learn his taste and her taste. And when they think they they are close to divorce, you kind of provide them a decision and just like, Oh, it’s kind of work for both of us.

Justin Trosclair 50:01
Yeah, absolutely. compromise. Very cool. Kevin, thank you so much for being on the show. I hope some people will get in contact with you. And just thank you so much for your insight. And it just bring it today.

Unknown 50:15
And for me it was a an important thing to do to because I kind of wanted to get it off my chest. People do not realize what it is perfect home, give you enough give you my phone.

Justin Trosclair 50:30
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