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Chris Burfield talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Pet Peeves with marketers and clients, how to not discount and get high quality patients, best length of chiropractic video ads, why and how to interact with commenters, how he keeps a strong marriage PLUS he is a great story teller. Chris Burfield of VanBurf Media.

Sometimes you can get the best advice from a 2 time college fail out. That’s Chris Burfield but what was a disappointment at the time turned into him working as a chiropractic assistant. He excelled at getting new patients via screenings, outside talks, internal referral programs and marketing online that he eventually left that job to teach others how to market online successfully. Now that Facebook© is eating up everybodies dollars and he has been doing it for nearly 10 years, he created an ad agency VanBurf Media.

What are Chris’ Pet Peeves with Marketers AND What do we as Doctors need to Watch Out For?

What is a FB Group Lurker and why is that such a good idea?

Burfield tells great stories to explain a lot of his tips and tricks and what to watch out for in Facebook Marketing? Like- how does someone get a “balance” on ad spend?

What type of Scum keeps your money and doesn’t deliver what they promise?

Why does $19 exam, xray and adjustment packages on social media deals Drive VanBurf Media Up the Walls?

Edward Bernaise – listen to the story about this guy. Unbelievable the skills this guy had at creating nationwide propaganda. When you compete on price – it syphons all the profit out of an industry.

Don’t race to the bottom on price when online marketing. Create Value and position yourself as an expert and get results, that’s how you don’t get patients based on price alone.

If the Chiropractic Adjustment (or whatever your core service is) is your core treatment, then should that ever be discounted?

Video Chirorpactic Ads Campaign can be $0.01 cents per view and for $300 can get 30,000 impressions per month. Listen for all his MASSIVE tips to make videos that will be watched, your number called and emails given to get Real Paying Clients.

Should you interact with people who comment on your ads? Are canvas ads worth it? Chris Burfield actually Gives you a Script to help you interact meaningfully.

Lead Chiropractic ads filled out direct in Facebook or do need to send them to a Landing Page?

Youtube videos embedded or upload direct to FB? What’s the SweetSpot for video vs Live video according to Chris Burfield?

How to retarget an audience for chiropractic ads? More importantly, what do you use to get them into your office with the retarget based chiropractic ads?
Transcriptions… let FB do it for you (pros and cons) or pay rev.com 85% of Video on social media is viewed with NO SOUND.

He shares a touching story about his father and the power of physical therapy and the wariness of taking some medicines.

Secret to a happy marriage: They both let each other be who they are and constantly say I love you.

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Although Chris Burfield never became a Chiropractor himself, in 2003, he opened a Chiropractic office of his own with a business partner who was a Chiropractor. Within 7 years, Chris built that office into one of the most successful practices in the state of Texas through strategic marketing. In 2010, Chris sold his half of the practice to his business partner to pursue the next chapter in his life of teaching online marketing strategies. Chris rose to prominence in 2010 after establishing himself as one the foremost experts in marketing within the Chiropractic profession, and in 2015, established VanBurf Media, a Digital Marketing Agency that helps business owners and entrepreneurs generate more leads and sell more products and services. Chris (CEO) is currently the host of Propaganda Marketing Machine, an online show highlighting strategic marketing strategies that can catapult your business to the next level.

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/68 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the interview transcription.

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Justin Trosclair 0:02
Episode 68 been wise with your ad dollars

Unknown 0:05
Don’t be do by slick propaganda meals

Unknown 0:07
Dr. Justin Foursquare and today we are Chris Redfield perspective

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join 2017 podcast Awards Nominated host Dr. Justin trust

as he gets a rare to see look into the specialties, all types of doctors and guess plus marketing Travel Tips struggles, goals and relationship advice. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective

or you ready for a triple threat of video marketing tips tricks, Facebook marketing messenger we’re bringing it this week we’re bringing it for an entire month actually three are confirmed one is on the fence. Now it’ll be a physical therapist so hopefully that person will commit and they will follow the last episode but we got Chris Burghfield we got Chad Woolner and we got Shawn Andrews to are chiropractors ones loves chiropractic, but they are they have their own thing going. One really specializes in video one specializes with Click Funnels. And one it will teach you how to do your own ads so you don’t have to pay somebody especially with all these shady characters out there which will definitely talk about throughout the series. We got family men too. So the the second half of the interview is quite good on each person’s show. So get your ink pens out. You’re gonna want to take some notes, put that camera on selfie mode, fix your hair, get a cool background. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain with our social media video series.

Heads Up Bangkok was a great time we didn’t do a lot It was a very business oriented trip with finalize the work visa. And you know waiting in line a bunch but we got to eat a lot of good food. Got to learn a new Uber called grab half the time it was good half the time we have to wait so long we just cancelled and changed our plans. But that’s how it goes. Sometimes I think it was because the location was off and traffic was bad. But still, you know when you have a car that looks like it’s three minutes away and it’s taken 25 I’m sorry, we done. Definitely check out Thailand, Bangkok, Poquette all that area definitely should be on your bucket list prices are incredible switch like a, like 100 bucks, you can go on a boat. It’s like a private island. It’s crazy. Bangkok has all these different kinds of stores. You know, Facebook was kind of crazy. They showed a word of your friends been so like Oh, so pick the restaurant and pick the one of their gigantic shopping malls. It was like a discount shopping mall, which is really cool. So instead of having prodding Gucci and the gap and Abercrombie and Fitch and you know the standard stuff that you’d see in a mall, it was popular brands from across the world, but I built discounted. So it was kind of cool that you can still shop have a good time and not pay full price. All right on with the show. Today’s guest while not a doctor has been around the chiropractic profession for nearly a decade or more. His name is Chris Berman. He’s with van Berg media. He’s a little rough around the edges on his Facebook. And so what we’re going to talk about today is like pet peeves with marketers and with clients when we’re doing video and we’re doing things like Click Funnels, how do you not be the guy that’s going to charge $19. So how to not discount how to get higher quality patients. We’re going to go through some tutorials about video ads best link how and why you should interact with your comments. Plus, he’s a family man. So it’s fun to hear at the end, how he built his life to honor that if you never stick around to the end, definitely do it today. It’s all changed. All the show notes can be found a doctor’s perspective, net slash six eight has go hashtag behind the curtain

live from Japan. Well kinda we have an amazing guest. This guy has been doing media and advertising for for Chiropractors and other doctors for over 10 years is somebody that I heard about back in like 2007 when I just started chiropractic as like, who’s this guy who’s got like tattoos and not even a chiropractor. And eventually, he just kind of I guess made it to my spam folder because I didn’t pay for anything. And then he resurfaced in my life over the last year started following them again was like, let me get this guy on the podcast. He knows what he’s doing. He’s got to really take it on the chin type of

personality. So welcome to the show. Chris Burghfield. Hey,

Unknown 4:25
thanks, man. I appreciate being here. This is a this is exciting.

Justin Trosclair 4:29
Oh man, appreciate it to tell us a little bit literally a backstory to want to take too much time on it a not a chiropractor, but you focus it on that and even do it for so long. So kind of the

Unknown 4:41
kind of give you my story in a nutshell, so filled out of college in 1996 and had to get a job. I ended up in a chiropractic office working as a chiropractic assistant in 1997, which was July of 97. And fell in love with chiropractic. I had a my quote unquote boss more I would refer to him as my mentor. Dr. James strong, was very passionate, and very purpose driven and really understood chiropractic philosophy we would spend after the clinic would close we would spend hours in the office afterwards just talking about Chiropractic and philosophy and taking this message to the world and how can we get it out there. And I became very, I fell in love with Chiropractic and in night in 2000. The year 2000. He goes, dude, you need to go to school to be a chiropractor. You gotta go back to college and be a chiropractor. We need chiropractors with your with your passion. So I said all right, well, where do I go? He said you go to Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas is the best college chiropractic college in the world. And he was a national grand. I said, All right, I’m going to Parker so like I had to do prerequisites. I packed everything I owned into my Ford Escort. And I drove 1200 miles. I even got my bed in the car, and I shut the mattress in there and drove 1200 miles with my bed crammed into a Ford Escort. Came to Dallas and went back to school and started doing prerequisites. And lo and behold, I filled out of college again. So I was like, You know what? I’m gonna, I’m going to be a chiropractic assistant the rest of my life like I love what I do. I’m totally cool with being a chiropractic assistant till the day I die. And so one of my jobs in the office was not just being a CA. But I did a lot of the marketing. I did the outside talks, I did the in office workshops, I did the Teacher Appreciation event, spinal screenings networked, any, you know, anything that you can think of I did our internal referral programs. And I got really good at generating new patients. Well, one of my roommates I had three roommates, they were all they’re all Parker. Eventually they all became Parker grads. One of them graduated and said Hey, man, I’m going to open an office I don’t know the first thing about like really driving new patients into a practice and want to see if you’d like to go into a 5050 partnership with me. You do the marketing and handle that side of it. I’ll do the doctor stuff will open an office together. How’s that sound? So I was like, holy crap, like you know, it’s this is like, I’m I’m not going to be a chiropractor. But this is like the next best thing I so we opened an office for $12,000 because we could not get a bank. Horrible credit, no assets. We had I had a $3,000 IRS refund check that year and some credit cards, he had some credit cards and we went to Big Lots and we purchased our front desk, our fold up chairs from Big Lots. I think we spent $60 on the desk and like $200 on a bunch of chairs that were pulled up chairs and bought some posters on eBay. Found the substation Are you substation for $2,000 bought that that was our diagnostic equipment. And and we opened an office seven years later, grown into a practice that was doing about three quarter of a million per year. And I started marketing online in 2006, started building a name for myself within the chiropractic profession, thanks to the Internet, and got to a point where I was really enjoying and loving what I was, you know, it’s helping other chiropractors market their business, and I told my business partner, hey, let’s do a buyout. So we did a buyout. And he purchased my half of the practice. And I went into teaching marketing at first full time to chiropractors. And now I have a company called van Burke media where we actually do the marketing for chiropractors. And that’s my story in a nutshell.

Unknown 8:49
Very good. Yes. Now,

Unknown 8:52

Justin Trosclair 8:52
you doing like Facebook ads? Google ads, Twitter?

Unknown 8:56
Yes, we probably have we focus on Facebook advertising. Yep. So when we when I first started doing it, I was kind of like, Hey, you know, we’ll do your blogging will be your social media posts, what are your email marketing will do like everything. But I really found my groove and niche within Facebook ads, and was generating a lot of new patients for offices doing that more so than anything else. So about a year and a half to two years ago, I decided like, All right, I’m just going to niche down into doing Facebook ads for chiropractors, and that’s what we do now.

Justin Trosclair 9:30
All right, I’m ready. This guy’s kind of opinionated. The one of the ways that pitched him Hey, come on the show is instead of just being like, Hey, what’s some cool tips on Facebook? You know, you there’s so many places that you can get that information. pet peeves, man, this, this is where we’re going to go at let’s get some opinionated. That’s helps them doctors not fall for because I don’t know, I don’t know what you charge. And hopefully you’re not like this person. But I mean, some Facebook marketing groups, and these guys are bragging, however, you got to go after those rich Dr. chiropractors, they could charge 3000 a month, man and right. We’ll give them 100 leads and you just pocket whatever’s left. And you know, it only cost like 200 bucks to get those leads. So you just pocket 2800 man plus your plus whatever your ad spend is and 20%. I’m like,

Unknown 10:16
am I

Justin Trosclair 10:16
kidding me, Nicholas? And like

Unknown 10:19
I sometimes like because I’m in those same type of groups, right? Like, here’s the thing, like, I’m what you call a lurker, right. So I’m in a bunch of these marketing groups, but I never post anything. I don’t comment I don’t like I just sit back and I watch to see what’s going on. And unfortunately, there are some real scumbags out there. And they are preying on the chiropractic profession. And like you said, I’ve seen those types of posts as well, right. As a matter of fact, a very good friend of mine here in Dallas actually fell victim to that. So he had hired this Facebook ad agency. And

Unknown 11:00
he was doing a dinner with the doc Facebook ad program. He’s like, dude, like, I hired this girl. And she’s doing ads for me. And man, we’re just not getting anybody out to the dinners. And I don’t know what’s going on because he’s like, I and he goes, I know that you’re doing the the dinner stuff. Now I want to see if maybe you could give it you know, take a crack at it and see what happens. So I said, Yeah, sure, Rick, man, let’s do it. So. So I ended up taking over the account. He told this girl, he said, Hey, you know, I got hired another guy, I’m gonna give him a chance at it since we’re not generating leads. So I get into his account, and he’s got a balance that’s due to Facebook have like 1500 bucks. And I’m like, Well, wait a minute, like, this isn’t? This isn’t right, you should have no balance with base. So I contact him because the way I do business man, like, I don’t like some agencies charge you a fee. And then they’ll say, okay, we’re going to this part of this includes the ad spend, right? And then they pay Facebook the ad spend. But what happened was she she did that? And but the way I do it is I actually attach your credit card to the account. So that Facebook is debating you directly. It’s not going threw me

Unknown 12:18
off your list.

Unknown 12:19
Yeah, and what she did was, so I said, Dude, you have a balance. He’s like, well, that’s that doesn’t sound right. Because I paid her the money. And he could I said, Well, she didn’t pay Facebook then. So I end up contacting this girl and she’s like, Okay, this is between me and you, but I really needed to get to this seminar and I used Dr. Rick’s money to get to this seminar and I was going to put it back in next month when he paid next month and and she’s gone through and she goes can we keep this between me and you? She’s like, would you give me alone to like, I’ll pay you back and I was like, No,

Justin Trosclair 13:00

Unknown 13:01
so I end up telling Rick what happened and she ended up making it right with Him which was which was good, but this is like this is the scum that’s out there you know and it’s like and

Unknown 13:13
I yeah, there’s a unfortunately there’s a lot of people out there looking to take advantage However, my biggest pet peeve are these $19 exam consultation x rays first adjustment let’s give them two massages with that as well. You know, give away the farm and base your marketing all on price. Like, there. There’s a I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Edward Bernays, but he was an American propagandists that he was hired during World War One to see

Unknown 13:47
what’s that was eat the banana guy. The bin? Is he Yes. There What? Yes. In the 1950s they did with the banana republic. Yes, he helped coordinate a

Unknown 14:00
what a clue?

Justin Trosclair 14:01
Yes. Yeah. He helped

Unknown 14:03
coordinate a coup. Yes. So bananas to sell better in America.

Unknown 14:10
And they were days like they’re in World War One. Americans did not want to go to war in World War One. Like, we wanted to stay out of that. Right. So for whatever reason, the government wanted to get involved in that war, probably because there’s money in war. Right. So they hired Bernays to manufacture the consent of the American people to demand that we go to war. So they started a propaganda campaign called making the world safe for democracy. So which we’re still fighting that battle today. Right. So um, but it was after Edward Bernays came out of World War One, a lot of big businesses and corporations saw what he did to, you know, persuade the American public into thinking a certain way. So big corporation started hiring this guy. And one of the things that he said that actually makes a lot of sense, he says that like basically, when you compete on price, all you do is create cutthroat competition to the point where it siphons all the profit out of an industry. And these $19 exam consultation, X ray first adjustment, give away the farm offers. It’s doing just that. And I’ll give you a classic example of it. I ran our Facebook ad because I was doing a webinar. And I was like in the ad, I mentioned how much I hate these types of ads, right, these $19 and there was a guy that came on there a chiropractor and said, somebody in my town is running that very ad right now. Another guy came in and commented right under him and I screen captured it so I could show it as proof to people. Another guy came in and said, I’ve got a guy in my town doing it for $7. And then a third guy came and said, I know you guys won’t believe me, but there’s a guy in my town doing all it for $1 $1

Unknown 16:02
exam consultation, x rays first adjustment massage like it’s it creates cutthroat competition. So your marketing should never be based on price. It should be based on creating value, and positioning yourself as an expert in the community so that people want to go to you, and nobody else, but not because you’re the cheapest person in town. But because you actually get results and you provide real value to the community.

Justin Trosclair 16:30
So that’s the thing that you’re paying for, which is interesting. We just complaining about people that overcharge and in not in pain, Facebook, right. And that’s what I’ve heard. By the way, I’ve heard that not just from you, but from several people. If you’re not paying for your own Facebook ads, you really don’t know if the person getting it is going to actually pay and then you’re still stuck with the bill.

Unknown 16:50
Yes, exactly.

Justin Trosclair 16:52
Yeah. But there is a point of people that would say, if I lower my exam, I get a screening, you know, you’re at a show. And some of these places like for 30 bucks, you get an exam, and we’re going to donate it to charity or something like that. And they say, look, let’s lower the cost of entry. Because people don’t know what chiropractic is, they might be nervous, this might be the first time that they’re like even willing to do it. So if you’re charging 100 bucks, it might be cost prohibitive, and they will know they’ll never actually stay on. So some people are like discount up front. But don’t discount every service you do thereafter,

Unknown 17:24
will see that’s Yeah, that’s the exact and I am not opposed to a discounted exam, right? So like, I’m not opposed to Hey, look, you know, come in for a consultation exam or consultation exam, even x rays. And it’s normally you know, 199, but you can come in for 59, or 49, or whatever you want to do. Right? Okay, what I’m opposed to, is giving away your care. Like, to me, the you know, and I know, you’ve got other health professionals on here, other than chiropractors, but like, you know, in the chiropractic profession to like, to me, the adjustment is the most sacred thing, right? That’s, that there should have the most value in your practice of everything you do delivering that adjustment and giving that adjustment away, I think sets you up for failure in the long run, where you become known as the guy who gives away care, right? So you start attracting certain types of people. And maybe you’re cool with that, if you’re cool with that, if you’re given away care, and hey, I adjust for the sake of adjusting and I love for the sake of loving sort of thing. And you want to put a box on your wall and tell people Hey, whatever you can afford drop in the box. That’s, that’s cool, like, if that’s what you want to do. But I think a lot of people get into, you know, obviously they didn’t they get into chiropractic, because they love helping people. But at the same time, it’s a business. And if you can’t keep your doors open, there’s nobody you’re going to be you can’t help anyone if your doors close. So you have to think about it in a you know, more and more smart way.

Justin Trosclair 19:01
Well in like you were saying is that’s how I kind of look at it as well, like you give away free adjustment, and then it becomes three. And then sometimes you have to be careful because the patient, I’ll give you two free because what I’m going to sell you on 35 on the back end. Yeah. And I was like, what’s what’s going I don’t really care for that myself. I’m not a fan of that style.

Unknown 19:20
Yeah, yeah, actually, I have a friend of mine from chiropractor from Canada, and he was subjected to this type of marketing. And he said at one point, the agency was working with him giving away his first two weeks of care, which were six adjustments for 19.

Unknown 19:39
I was like, Paul, that’s crazy. Like,

Unknown 19:43
yeah, he goes, I figured it out there figured it out pretty quick when nobody can put it, you know, it’s like they came for the free care. And but uh, yeah, you know, it’s, I’m, you know, I, I do discounted offers on my stuff as well, you know, it means, hey, I’ve got a, I think it’s okay to do that kind of stuff. Like, even if you wanted to give away your adjustment, right included in your $19 exam or whatever I think doing something like that a couple of times a year for a small window of time is ok. But the problem is when you’re doing it month after month, after month after month, then you do we really do value what you do

Justin Trosclair 20:21
well, what kind of clients you’re going to get, I think if you did that for like 90 days, you’d find out pretty quick like man, I’m really frustrated, nobody’s coming in, like they should they they as soon as they have a just a little bit of pain relief. They’re out the door, because then now they’re paying 50 bucks at visit when they were paying 19 for like all this service. Right? It’s going to hinder your growth long term, that’s for sure.

Unknown 20:43
Yeah, yeah, it’s always best to position always best to position yourself as an expert. And the cool thing is, with the Facebook ad platform, we have the ability now to reach 10s of thousands of people every single month in our community for really pennies on the dollar, like you can run what’s called a funnel, Facebook video ad campaign. And video ads are, I mean, you can get them for about a penny of view. So you know, you’ve got $300 to spend on an ad campaign for the entire month, that’s just 10 bucks a day, you know, the price of two Starbucks coffees right 10 bucks a day, you can get in front of 30,000 people in your community. And what I suggest people do is they actually make content that genuinely tries to help people with problems that they’re dealing with. So for example, if you wanted to attract patients into your practice, who are dealing with issues like sciatica and low back pain, what I would do is I would make a series of three videos, that give some tips and advice to people suffering with those issues on how they can get relief. Now we know that this isn’t going to cure them, but it builds trust with them. So one video, maybe Hey, look, you know, if you’ve got, you know, burning, pain running down your leg and, you know, severe back pain, like here’s a great sleeping position for you to be in, right and you should you demonstrate that like get a pillow and get on, you know, a better a table and show them that sleeping position. You know, talk to them about their morning commute. Because if you’ve got, you know, sciatic pain, and you have to go to work every day, and you have to sit in traffic for 45 minutes, that can be really, really uncomfortable for somebody. So if you say, hey, look, here’s something you can do to help get you a little relief while you’re going to work. Take a towel, roll it up, create a lumbar support, you know, maybe like put something under the leg to help elevate it a little bit. I don’t know, you know, whatever that tip may be, and then run those ads to people in the community. And it may be the number one position, the number one sleeping position for are the number one sleeping position to get the instant psychotic relief, right. So if I’m screwing on the newsfeed and I don’t have sciatica, I’m not really going to pay attention to that video. But if I have sciatica, and I’m like, well, what’s this? Well, let me see. And all of a sudden, I watched that video and I’m like, Hey, you know, this is helpful. I think I’m going to try this tonight. And then I go, and I try that and I wake up the next morning and I feel a little bit better. All of a sudden, in my mind, I’m like, wow, this this guy, or this, this woman is like God, like thank you for that video. And then the next day, they see something else from you in their newsfeed showing them another like, here’s a stretch that you can do for sciatic relief. It’s like, Well, you know, now I’m starting to build a relationship with you. And you have a phone number on your on your on your video ad and you say, Hey, you know, you’ve got sciatica, call me or send them over to a landing page and let them you know, request an appointment. But I will say this man, like in the last six months or so

Unknown 23:52
I’m seeing more and more people calling the office directly from Facebook ads, versus actually filling out form and putting a name, email, phone number and requesting appointment. So it used to be when I did ads, I would just put the form on the page. Okay, let’s generate the lead, you know, and have a follow up. Now what I’m doing is I’ve got the form, but right above the forum, I’ve got a clickable link for the phone number. So the phone numbers on the landing page, all they have to do is tap it and then a little window pops up and says you know, basically if you want to dial out, and then it just dial because if people are having an issue and they’re in pain, sometimes they’re just like, Look, I want to talk to somebody right now I don’t want to fill out a form for like I talked to somebody so um, so I would recommend that you know, people listening to this that on know your website or your landing page, or however you’re doing it like you have a phone number that they can just tap and call out directly from their phone. Wow. So

Justin Trosclair 24:49
you’re talking about the the conversion when you’re because there’s so many options. So that’s the actual conversion part on the Facebook one where like, you have to give an email, but it’s still linked towards the video is just what they click it, it opens up in the options.

Unknown 25:03
Yeah, exactly. So the see the video on the newsfeed initially, right, and then you have or they can click and then they click and they you know, maybe a button that says learn more, and then they click and then they go over to a landing page. And there’s the offer.

Justin Trosclair 25:16
Okay, okay. So it’s still taking them off of Facebook, if they’re interested

Unknown 25:20
in actually has these things now, which they’ve been around for a while. But they’re called a Facebook lead ads. Yeah. So they can click it. And they even go on Facebook, a little form pops open right inside Facebook, and it automatically populates their name and email. And if they have their phone number attached to their Facebook account, that will actually populate the phone number right in there too. But it’ll automatically populate name and email and then all they have to do is fill out their phone number potentially and boom, you’ve got the

Justin Trosclair 25:50
rumor has it that Facebook definitely wants you to not believe so Yes, that’s true. Does it make it cheaper to have that what we just talked about? Or like a candidate add something? Yeah, ever seen the canvas Ed that I’ve clicked on? Where it just takes over my screen? I’ve never seen it. So are people using it? And does it make sense?

Unknown 26:08
Yeah, you know, I don’t use Canvas ads that much all what I can say is that you should test right so it always comes down to testing. So I’ve got some markets where those lead ads those lead forms that populate within Facebook work extremely well. And then I’ve got other markets where they don’t work that well so actually drive people off site over to a landing page. And it’s so weird man like Market to Market like you would hope everything would just be uniform. But it’s not like markets are different people are different like you know people in New York and New Jersey You know, there are a lot more skeptical of things right so so it’s harder to generate leads there you have to have a spirit you have to be very direct with your messaging like no fluff, no BS just like you know, hey, it’s Dr. Joe call me

Unknown 27:01
I’m joking a little bit but like, but it’s it differs from more from market the market, so you just have to test. Okay, but but I do have I work. So I have a Facebook ad rep that I work with directly, right? So because of the volume that we do with with our clients and stuff, we have an ad rep that’s assigned to us and I did ask him about that I said so what’s the deal with like the lead ads display Facebook prefer that you use those over landing page? And he said Yeah, we do. It’s um, you know, it’s a Facebook product, therefore we want people we don’t want people really leaving Facebook. So you know, in

Justin Trosclair 27:39
just like embedding YouTube videos versus uploaded directly to YouTube to face back,

Unknown 27:46
you know that

Justin Trosclair 27:47
I tried to you know, a new book came out so I was trying to put already uploaded to YouTube I was like, Oh, it’s such a big file is will be easier. Man. face. It was like, YouTube video, blah. I was like, I know you was like, I was like, dang it.

Lesson learned on that one. Put it back. Hey, do you happen to have a wee little tips? I’ve noticed, man, it’s tough to get people to get past the three to 10 second mark sometimes maybe I’m just boring and it’s not interesting. But the goal a 92nd to a six minute video. FM be tough sometimes to get people to finish it. If you feel like you have that much information. Is there a length of time that we should aim for like sub 30? Or what?

Unknown 28:29
Yeah, so. So the sweet spot for Facebook videos is 60 to 90 seconds guy. That’s the sweet spot. And there was a there’s a company group called buzz Sumo. And they actually did a study I think it was like something like 100 million videos that they did this study on and they found that like the sweet spot for a Facebook video is 60 to 90 seconds. The sweet spot for a Facebook Live video is 19 minutes it which blew my mind. I know right? I was just like, like what, like at the last time I wasn’t that much

Unknown 29:09
sitting here like but I guess people do another thing too and I’ll get back to the the the time stuff is another thing to remember is that 85% of all Facebook videos and Instagram videos for that matter are watched with no sound. So like when you’re running a Facebook video ad as a as an actual ad campaign. You want to put captions on it. So this blew my mind as well because like, I listened to every video with sound, but I asked my wife when I read this study, I was like, whoa, I’m like 85% of Facebook videos are watching with no sound. I’m like, That can’t be right. She’s like, I don’t watch any videos with sound. I was like, really, she’s like, yeah, she’s like, I just, I just read or I just look at the video, sometimes I can just tell what they’re doing from the video. And but I watch everything with sound. So it really but but that’s something to keep in mind. So always use cap. With your video, one of the places you could go to get captions, is there’s a website called rev r EV calm, and you can submit your videos there and they’ll caption it for $1 a minute. So if you have a 62nd video that you want caption, they’ll do it for $1 you know, so if you got a six minute video at six minutes, go ahead

Justin Trosclair 30:20
now get this, I posted a video yesterday. It’s 48 seconds, I’m describing Hey, get for free chapters of the book. Okay. And that was at lunchtime. I went. When I got back after work. I was checking to see how my ad spin was going. And it by who’s clicking and whatnot. And it told me Hey, dude, your video captions are finished. Do you want to save them to your video? I said, Yeah, cuz I heard your stats.

I was just rolling the dice and said, Oh, I’ll just throw some money away. I’m not spending but like a few bucks. It’s it did the captions for me for free, which I don’t know, it seemed good enough. It look good enough. Okay, well,

Unknown 30:59
here’s the thing with that, right. So they do do so they do have where Facebook will generate the captions for you. Right. However, you always want to double check it because they’re not necessarily very good at spelling, or actually structuring the sentences properly. So if you’re just felt like it was good enough, then hey, I was good enough. But a lot of times, like, for example, I’m looking

Unknown 31:23

Unknown 31:24
yeah, they’ll just like they’ll like they’ll take the word doctor spell the whole word out, you know what I mean? versus just doing like a Dr. Which isn’t a big deal. But a lot of times they’ll miss spell your name. Yeah, which isn’t good, right? You don’t want that happening? What’s wrong, there’s a guy can’t type the kids

Justin Trosclair 31:43

Unknown 31:44
But yeah, they will do it. And you can actually there’s a, there’s a function in there where if they caption it for you, you can go back in and edit it

Justin Trosclair 31:51

Unknown 31:52
so so I usually go to rev just because they’re so it’s only a buck right a minute. And it’s like, and they’re extremely accurate. I’ve never had to like really, you know, mess with it. But as far as like the timing on the video, 60 to 90 seconds, right. But one of the things you can do is you can build custom audiences off of people actually watching your video and this and I recommend the 50% mark points. So if you have a video, that is 60 seconds in length, you can tell Facebook, anybody that watches at least 30 seconds of this video or more, grab them and put them into a custom audience. And those are people that are actually engaging, because Facebook counts of view on your video is anybody that watches your video for at least three seconds. So you could have 10,000 views and 9500 of them were three second views, right. So those people are not interested, but the 500 that are left over from that. And they watched at least half your video or 75% of it or watch the whole thing. That’s your audience. And you can actually build an what’s called a custom audience of people engaging with the video, and significantly, and then you can remarket or re target those people with additional content or offers to come into your office, maybe show them some patient testimonials. Maybe take them on a tour of your office, you could do a video where you do like a mini report of findings and you show them what a normal healthy neck looks like on an X ray, and somebody who has no curvature and show how that could actually be a cause of migraine headaches. And so there’s a lot of things you can do with that audience

Justin Trosclair 33:32
then, when we’re targeting. There’s so many you know, you can put low back pain, arthritis, Foundation, diabetes, you could anybody, but we’re talking about local clinic. So whether it’s physical therapy, chiropractic, whoever’s listening to can use this, we’re geo targeting, I think is probably the probably the most number one thing we’re looking at is your radius of pool. Right? And depending on the size town, that might be all the targeting you need to do, because there’s only so many people in the town to begin with.

Unknown 34:00
Yeah, well, exactly. And here’s what I have found. So there are occasions where I’ll go in and I’ll set up like an ad to target people, you know, like the diabetes Foundation, or type two diabetes or something of that sort, right? There are occasions that I do stuff like that. But what I have found is that there are people in your community that may not have a specific problem that you’re going after, but they know people who have that problem. So if I’m running an ad on migraine headaches, I see it all the time, like tons of people will come in and actually tag their friends in that at what and say, Mary, you need to see this right. And then Mary will come in and say Hey, thanks for sharing this with me, Janie, I’ll take a look at it, right. So even though they may not be you know, marrying my or, you know, Janie may not be your ideal audience she knows Mary who is. So a lot of times like I don’t get too specific on, you know, going after trying to target in on certain conditions like thyroid or migraines. Like, I’ll run that ad and like you said, like geo targeted. And then people will start to share and start to tag people that they know have those problems. And then the biggest thing with that man is engagement. So I have a guy that I’m working with in Florida right now. And he’s running an ad for people with vertigo. And he did this great video giving three tips on how to, you know, get relief from vertigo. And there were a bunch of people that came in and tagged their friends. And when I looked at his ad with him yesterday, I said, Hey, like I noticed, man, you’re not you’re not communicating back to these people. So let me give you a little tip. So married, just tagged Janie, right and said, Hey, Jamie, you need to see this. So Jamie probably has vertigo. So first thing you want to do is you want to go in there and you want to acknowledge married. And thank her for spreading the message. So here’s what’s your right. Hey, Mary, this is Dr. Alon. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this message with your friend Janie, or sharing this post with your friend Janie. It’s because of people like you that we’ve been able to help so many people in our community heal from vertigo. So I just want you to know that I appreciate you. So we’ve acknowledged married for being a warrior, right for like actually stepping up and sharing the message. And then what I’ll do is I’ll go in, and we’ll go in and now words now will address Janie, hey, Jamie, this is Dr. Alon, I just wanted you to know or I saw that your friend Mary tagged you in this post, I wanted you to know if you have any questions whatsoever about vertigo and what we can do to help that you can either private message me through our Facebook page, or you can call the office directly and ask for me and then you just give them the phone number like right there on the post. So and what that does is is it allows people that are now future people seeing the ad that there’s actually a real person behind it chat actually talking to you, right? So it, it gives your ad so much more credibility. And it shows that you’re you’re genuinely there to help people, right. So this is one of the biggest mistakes I see people making with their ads is they don’t engage with the people. They may be wait for somebody to leave a comment. And then they’ll go in and they’ll maybe comment back. But if they’re tagging their friends, like you’ll see I see ads all the time. And we’re like tons of people are tagged in it. Zero response to those people, those people need to be thanked

Justin Trosclair 37:36
for doing that. We’re going to increase the engagement, which is going to make your costs lower, and you’re really missing the idea because if you engage boom, like he just said, here’s my phone number PME. That’s money in your pocket. Is it right

Unknown 37:48
to call you exactly Hmm.

Justin Trosclair 37:51
as well. What you gave some good advice. I’m looking at some of these questions I have. And I’m like, checkmark, checkmark me What?

And I appreciate it because you’re given all the information and you’re not holding back. It just shows you like van birth media is going to take care of you if you use I did have a question. Since you mostly a chiropractic. Are you against rehab doctors and mixers? Are you just one of those adjust only rah rah people?

Unknown 38:18
Oh Ha, no, I’m not like a I’m not like a hardcore straight as you will. Right. So like, I do believe that in a chiropractic office. And again, I know you’ve got physical therapist and stuff listening to this. But in a chiropractic office, I believe that the adjustment should be the principal focus of your office. But with that being said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do nutrition, you can’t do rehab, and you can’t do you know, teach people about exercise and all these other things, right. But I do like, where I kind of like, I guess draw the line a little bit on chiropractic, really, these you know, these chiropractors that want to prescribe medicine, or want to like a medical doctor. I don’t really jive with that very much. So like I’ve had people that have reached out to me that were very medically based. And I’m it’s just, you know, I politely declined to work with them because of that, because I just, it’s just not part of my philosophy on health. You know, so, you know, for physical therapists, it’s like, you know, I, it’s all people, people need rehab. And Father, a few years ago actually had an adverse drug reaction to the point where he lost control of his bowels. He was paralyzed on the entire right side of his body, his right arm and his right leg paralyzed, his face was drooping. We weren’t sure thought maybe at first maybe had a stroke or something like that. But ended up he was taking a new medication, he had 14 of the 75 side effects listed on the medication. Anyway, long story short, they did surgery on him on his on his cervical spine. So they said said that’s what was causing all these issues. And out that’s wasn’t what was really causing it. But he had this surgery and my father had to learn to walk again. And thank God for physical therapists, because they worked miracles with my dad. After he started healing, he eventually went back to a chiropractor and started getting adjusted. But it was the physical therapist that taught my dad how to walk again. And the reason why my dad can actually get around today he’s regained function. I’d say probably 80% function of his right leg and arm, his foot still drags on the ground. his toes curl under on his right foot, but he’s walking. Yeah, it’s because of physical therapy that, that he’s able to so I’m a big fan of that big, big proponent of it.

Justin Trosclair 40:46
Yeah, boy. That’s a powerful story right there.

Unknown 40:50
Yeah, it was a scary topic for us, man. No.

Unknown 40:55
Problem a job. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 40:58
Well, you know, not to beat a beat this song, but no, every every side effect that they mentioned on the TV channel, somebody had, yeah, someone dies. Somebody lost their vision, like all of those things somebody had, that’s why they had to report it, but

Unknown 41:11
by that and report Exactly.

Justin Trosclair 41:13
And it’s not a good screening for these things. You just have to hope that you’re not the one.

Unknown 41:17
Yep. Yeah, I agree.

Justin Trosclair 41:19
Well, let’s switch gears just for a minute. For a few minutes. A personal side. I like these questions. People tend to respond nicely with them and makes you more of a human being. You do a lot of talks, you travel official vacations, you have an online company, so you pretty much could always be on your computer. So how are you able to like just unplug, recharge and take time off?

Unknown 41:40
Yeah, um, you know, I take a few vacations a year, we’re big beach people. So we usually go to the beach. So we went to the went to Cancun. In December, my wife and I was in Puerto Rico and April last year, I was in the Bahamas. You know, I do that, right. So I can just unplug. But I love the smoke cigars, man. Yeah. So. So that’s how I, that’s how I actually start my day. So I get up. And you know how people have a morning ritual. And they go, and they meditate and read their Bible or something like that, like, I go sit out back and I smoke a cigar for an hour.

Unknown 42:21
And I just like sit, I just relax. I just listened to music. And I just kind of unplug that way for before I start my day just to get ready for it. And then I usually end my evening very similar. So I smoked two cigars a day, which I talked to a chiropractor friend of mine. And he said, He’s actually a really well known chiropractor. I won’t mention his name here, just in case but he said, Man, he goes, you know, Native Americans smoked tobacco, Chris. And he goes, it’s not the it’s not the tobacco that kills you. It’s all the chemicals they put in cigarettes that kill you. So he’s like, keep smoking my friend.

Justin Trosclair 43:01
That’s hilarious. So like,

Unknown 43:03
but uh, but yeah, so like, you know, I am I in one that way. And but I’m a hustler, man, like I, you know, I work all the time. I start my mornings, usually every morning by at 7am is when I get up and start my day, but I don’t usually go to bed till about 132 o’clock every night. Okay, so I get, you know, four to five hours. And but like, I’m just up, you know, and I need that time to kind of be stress a little bit.

Justin Trosclair 43:31
How are you getting those photos of viewers black and white and just the smoke just the years of hard to do know, that I can’t have from you

Unknown 43:41
know, you can have that secret sauce, right, so. So there’s an app that I use called Colour Pop. And if for those of you listening to this right now, if you want to see what Dr. Justin is talking about, go to my Instagram account, which is cigar propaganda. So if you go there, you can see what he’s talking about. And what I do is there’s an app called color pop, and you can load your photo into it, and it will make it all black and white. And then there’s like you put your finger on the area of the picture that you want to turn color. And then you just kind of like outline that area a little bit with your finger. It’s pretty simple to do. And then what it does is like I do all these black and white photos, but I’ll make the cigar colorful, so that it put that color pop on Ramage. Right. So I recommend people do that, because it makes your account unique on Instagram. And so you could do that. Like if you have whether you’re a physical therapist or a chiropractor, you could take a picture of you know, something in your office, maybe some people getting adjusted or getting treated. And the whole picture can be black and white. But you can take like your finger and make the table color or make the person in like a whole black and white photo, but the person isn’t coming. It’s pretty cool. You could hotline, your hand and import a smoke sign after you get that cervical adjustment.

Unknown 45:11

Justin Trosclair 45:13
Snap see it. So I sometimes have to heal my pictures, as they call it. I’m like, I don’t like that weird thing. And then I just like you said and then it just fixes it. So it’s the same thing. But Colour Pop. Wow, my mind. Yeah. And then another app that I use, because you can take a still image and make it look

Unknown 45:30
active. Oh. So I use a another app called wearable. And it’s spelled w e r ble. And I had an image, I put up some of them on my Instagram account my cigar account. So I’ve got two accounts, ones van birth underscore media. The other one is cigar propaganda. But I took a photo of cigar. And with wearable they give you like these little I get there. It’s like clip art, but it’s very moving clip art. So they had like these little smokestacks that I could put on the image. And the whole image was still and there was smoke coming up out of the cigar. So because it was real cool. So if you go to wearable and download that app, you can add some animation to still images and make them look really cool.

Justin Trosclair 46:20
That is pretty cool. Well, I don’t have to ask the last question then.

Hey, you have a spouse of significant other right?

Unknown 46:29
Yes, I sure do.

Justin Trosclair 46:30
Okay, how do you keep your love alive and feel connected? You know,

Unknown 46:33
I get this question quite a bit. Just because I work from home. And I’m and we actually we work from home and we homeschool our daughter, right? So it’s the three of us like 24 seven. And some people are like, how do you do that? You know, my wife, first of all, I mean, she’s my best friend. Like all the people I know. And I’ve got some really, really great friend, my wife is my absolute best friend. And the cool thing about my wife is that even though we do do date nights and stuff, and we go out and stuff, she’s totally content, just being home, cuddling on the couch and watching a movie, right? So I don’t have she’s not high maintenance by any means at all. I literally tell my wife, and she’s the same way with me and I and I am not kidding when I say this, we tell each other that we love her love each other. No less than 50 times a day. It’s just comes natural. It’s not like I’m counting like, Okay, I gotta tell her I love her this many times, right? It’s just like, constantly throughout the day, it’s just like, I love you. Hey, I just want to know, I love you, you know, go up, give her a hug. I love you. I love you booty bear, you know, things like that. So, you know, it’s just constantly showing affection and sharing or how much I’ll ever now we’ve got our I mean, we’ve had our moments you know, everybody does it start where you get into a fight. It doesn’t happen often. Luckily, because my wife can be a real bear when she gets I get I’m afraid of her when she gets.

Unknown 48:00
But she doesn’t get that mad that often. You know what I mean? Like, I think maybe we have maybe three fights a year, right? It’s like, and it’s usually over something stupid, that I said, like not thinking things through before I opened my mouth sort of thing, you know? But, but yeah, man, it’s just, you know, just reminding each other how much we love each other and really being content with just being around each other and not having to be like, well, you don’t take me out or you don’t do this with me and done. You know, it’s like we’re always focusing on the good stuff about each other. And instead of focusing on and that’s the other thing too, man. Like, she lets me be me. She doesn’t try to change me. She doesn’t say well, you shouldn’t act like that. Or you shouldn’t say those things, right? She just lets me be me. And she like if I want to come back here into my office, and I want to do some work. She doesn’t like complain and say, Oh, well, you know, you never spend any time with me. And I just let her be her. And it works really, really well.

Justin Trosclair 49:01
I mean, that’s that’s great advice. That’s kind of the wife I bought a I bought.

Unknown 49:07
The wife I bought by

Justin Trosclair 49:11
that’s a scary common because she has Chinese I did not buy my wife.

know she, she’s kind of very similar. She’s low maintenance. He’s not bothered. That was the word by me working normally. You know what,

Unknown 49:24
man? I’ll tell you. I don’t know, maybe it’s the Asian culture because my wife is actually half Vietnamese. Okay, that has something to do with it. And a man I didn’t know.

Justin Trosclair 49:36
But it’s true if you allow me to do what I need to do and allow her to do how she wants to do because we work together to and she’s my translator. So it’s like 24 seven. Yeah, so it just works out well and some great advice. Good to hear and appreciate the honesty on that one. And if you’re ready to get the last question, favorite books, blogs or podcasts that you secretly love and ones that should definitely everybody should check out

Unknown 50:01
books podcasts that I secretly love. Well, I’ll tell you I’m not a huge reader of books right but i do listen to audio

Unknown 50:11
still counts.

Unknown 50:12
Yes still counts cool. So I am as far as books go some of my I don’t I do not. I don’t like novels. Like I don’t like reading like fiction and stuff like that. I’m more business type of stuff. So Robert Cialdini wrote a book called pre suasion, which is excellent book and pre suasion, right? Is pre suasion. Yes. So, okay, so the other book is a book written by a guy named Jonah Berger. And it’s called invisible influence. So the types of books that I secretly like to read are things that are dealing with human psychology, human behavior, what makes people do the things that they do, right, what makes people respond in certain ways, like I like to be able to.

Unknown 51:00
When I’m in marketing, I like to be able to predict the type of reactions that people are going to have. So I like to read those types of books, right. Some podcasts that I listened to and that I recommend are one called perpetual traffic. And it is put on by three people. Keith Krantz, Mollie Pittman, and I do not remember the name of the third guy. But digital marketer, there’s a guy named Ryan dice who actually started that podcast and and those three are the ones that actually headed up but it’s called perpetual traffic. And then the other podcasts that I really enjoy listening to, is a Tim Ferriss, the Tim Ferriss show. So Tim’s always got some really great stuff as well. So those are a couple that I listened to. One that I recommend is a pulled up here on my phone real quick. And I just started listening to this one here not too long ago. Go. It’s another marketing podcast, heart, soul, and hustle. So it’s by a guy named Zack sparkler. And it gives some really, really great marketing advice, and then also social media marketing with Michael Stelzer. So that’s podcast. Yeah, if you listen to that one, yeah. stuff in there.

Justin Trosclair 52:21
Whenever I listened to that one, I’m always having to posit it, go to my notes.

Unknown 52:27
I use,

Justin Trosclair 52:27
I use one note, or like notes to see later it’s just

That’s awesome. Hey, do you are you Click Funnels back in person? Or do you use somebody else for all this Facebook?

Unknown 52:41
I use? I use Click Funnels. Okay,

Justin Trosclair 52:44
start. I clear that up real quick. Well, it is time to drop your URL and contact information and how can people get more from you download free things and then eventually give you some money.

Unknown 52:55

Unknown 52:57
So a couple things you can do. And one if you go to my my website, which is van birth media, it’s VA n bu rF media.com. If you go over there and you wait like three seconds, you’re going to see a little pop up appear. And I have a Facebook a free Facebook marketing course that you can get for free and it will be delivered directly into your Facebook Messenger. So all the lessons get taught through Facebook Messenger and it is spread out over a few days, right so you’ll get a new message from me for like maybe I think like four or five days in a row. And it’ll walk you through like marketing on Facebook, really cool. Facebook Messenger bots, maybe that that’s the time for another podcast. But those are some really cool ways to market your brand as well. So if you go to van Berg media, com or you can go there and get that free Facebook ad course and have it delivered to your Facebook Messenger. The other thing that I would recommend that people do is if you can go to Facebook, and you just search propaganda marketing machine, you’ll find my closed group and you can request access to that it’s free to join and I post a lot of marketing free marketing tips and advice inside that group videos PDFs. Yeah, I mean you name it like I talked about it in that group. You know, as far as like PDFs things you can download and and utilize in your business. But lots of lots of great videos on marketing as well.

Unknown 54:33

Justin Trosclair 54:34
Well, that was an amazing hour. I really appreciate your time holding nothing back. And I think it’ll be a really entertaining and think the guests going to enjoy it. I really hope that people will join your Facebook group if they aren’t, aren’t already a part of it. And you’ll see some new emails pop up into your

Unknown 54:52
sponsor, so

Unknown 54:53
right. All right. Like I guess that Thanks for having me. I’m in this was fun. And you’re great host.

Justin Trosclair 55:03
People ask a good bit. How do you monetize a podcast? Well, if you have a big enough audience, you can just get advertisers and they just pay you a fee. Other times you get a little creative like with affiliates, so you recommend a product and you get commission but hopefully you actually enjoy the product that you’re recommending. And in this case I do so a doctor’s perspective net slash resources. You have all this stuff like blueberry for the hosting that’s why I use set for set they’ve got these wild steel mesas while I don’t use that they do have these power bands and they’re great for stretching and mobilizing joints that definitely locked up mentor box, get a book listen to it by the author summarizing the book but also things that they learned since they wrote it as well as a workbook to help you out. We got primal doc as a coupon code for primal health, bone broth, it’s paleo auto immune diet based you got no sugar, no soy, no, no allergies, no gluten, no dairy things at 10% off with the promo code. You got Russell Brunson and Click Funnels if you ever wanted.com secrets are experts secrets, if you click that link and get the book at a good price as what has helped me out and the only that Amazon anything that the guests recommend, if you see a hot link, a blue link in the show notes if you click those, and by one of the books are under the products, I’ll give a piece of that. And I appreciate it. We’ve got new t shirts, we got a Louisiana theme. It’s my home state, some kind of fond of it. We gotta make limit, eliminate t shirt and of course some chiropractic shirts that are tongue in cheek, but hopefully you guys like them and gals. Also, if you’re into lessons learned in China, my first book exercises stretches help with numbness, budgeting, all that type of thing. You can try four chapters free, a doctor’s perspective, net slash chapters, also acupuncture if you like know needle acupuncture, if you like that idea, if you always wanted to try it, but you don’t have one nearby or you just don’t have two hours a day to go, no commuting and getting the treatment everything is something you do at your house 30 minutes for a little over a week ending see results now a doctor’s perspective net slash in a protocol as in needless acupuncture. So in a protocol, you get four chapters for free these complete with the words and the pictures and how to do it how when you should do it, all those types of questions, anxiety, insomnia, back pain, headaches. So check that out, you’ll be forwarded to a page with a video and are going to do is put your email in. And if you don’t like the upsell, after that, just scroll to the bottom, click know and then you’ll get the next page towards you can actually download them. Also, if you looked at doing an acupuncture pen, it’s kind of like a 10s unit you will use for your muscles. But it’s been modified for stimulating acupuncture points off of a nine volt battery in go to a doctor’s perspective. NET slash Ethan and you can buy that on the website as well. Thank you all so much for checking out all these resources. And if you have any questions, please let me know. Rank us five stars leave a review greatly appreciate it. As always, if you have any special guests that you would love to hear or a series that you would like reach out on the top right of the website, have all the social media icons, just click the one that your favorite and connect.

We just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, sharing on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guests. A sincere thank you in advance. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire

Unknown 58:36
giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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