E 118 Kaiser Legend Jack Cochran MD Discusses Healer Leader Partner Book

Problems with EMR, hospitals not co-managing patients, patients choosing between health, work and bankruptcy, medical tourism, doctor satisfaction and Jack Cochran MD of Kaiser goes in depth with his new book Healer Leader Partner. Plastic surgeon (extra speciality in pediatrics) based in Denver for many years, Board of Directors for Kaiser Permanente for 8 years,…

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E 76 Lies of Socialism, Don’t be duped. The Truth From Russian Born Ekaterina Bolshakova, Interior Designer

Raised in Russia, learn firsthand how socialism can lead to disenchantment, alcoholism, corruption and why your Circle of Distribution is your most important asset. Nothing in life is truly free. Ekaterina Bolshakova is a kitchen specialized interior designer. Born and raised to the age of 30 in Siberia Russia, Ekaterina Bolshakova, brings a unique perspective…

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