E 59: Genomics? What is the Role of Acupuncture and Naturopath in Cancer? Ralph Esposito ND

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Dr. Ralph Esposito, ND talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Nutrition, Herbs, Genomics, Acupuncture, Men’s Health – Urology, Cancer and Hormones, Research Driven- not your typical Doctor of Naturopath. He has written book chapters, done research and is Certified Functional Medicine . Dr Ralph Esposito ND

Dr. Esposito went to New York University in the premed track and realized that DO and MD don’t learn enough of the natural integrative medicine stuff which is what he wanted to really learn since 17 years old. He choose the road less traveled and pursued the Naturopathic Doctor program. While attending his Naturopathic Physician school, he opted to also got his Masters in Acupuncture.

How did he go from being so interested in hormone therapy to focusing more on urology and other men health topics? Of course he has come full circle and has found his way back to treating hormones.

Major classification: did you know there is a difference between Naturopathic Physician and Doctor of Naturopath?

We hear the term Functional Medicine thrown around and I really like his definition. More of an Organized evidence based approach to naturopathic medicine. Looking at the root cause of your issue so we aren’t just supplementing a natural remedy for a prescription based remedy.

Dr. Ralph does the history and the blood work to discover where the aberrations of function are in molecular pathways, biochemistry, pathophysiology, and anatomy.

Listen Up for the Top 3 Men’s Conditions he treats. Erectile Dysfunction, Low Testosterone, Prostate Issues. We dig into the prostate cancer aspect ( and breast cancer) since they are both largely hormonal.

Dr. Carey Jones is the medical director of DUTCH Labs- urinary hormone testing – is a great person to follow.

When looking at his acupuncture and herb degree, we discuss what and why are these types of doctors evaluating when feeling the pulse and looking at your tongue? Acupuncture can be used for prostate pain, erectile dysfunction and more symptoms.

If you ever seen or smelled MOXA burning on acupuncture needle… now you can find out what that is all about. Spoiler- but you will want the explanation- when you burn MOXA it changes the frequency of the needle to the wavelength and frequency of the cell, therefore it can …. Listen to here more. Also what is Golden Moxa and Rice Moxa?

How does genetics, Genomics, SNP (single neuropeptide polymorphism) play into his treatment protocols and determine what to recommend? MTHFR or COMT or epigenome gene mutation does not mean you will have XYZ disease… the science just is not yet there.

Go to conferences and meet new people, network because it is super important. People don’t like to be sold and the only thing you really can sell- is yourself.

Without giving it away, he has some lofty goals that correlate to his book chapter writing and research work.

Eat well, sleep well, meditate, self care daily and weekly.

Be intentional with your loved ones and set up time expectations. Also keep a gratitude journal at night + read it in the morning.

What is Dr Esposito’s Number1 nonnegotiable everyday? (near end of the show)

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Full Transcript of the Interview <strong> (probably has some grammatical errors)</strong>. Just Click to expand

Justin Trosclair 0:02
Episode 59 genomics what is the role of acupuncture and natural path and cancer? I’m your host, Dr. Justin Foursquare and today we’re not too rough Esposito perspective.

2017 podcast Awards Nominated host Dr. Justin Foursquare as he gets a rare to see him look into the specialties, all types of doctors and guess plus marketing travel tips, struggles, goals and relationship with but let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

Welcome back to week two of our acupuncture month today we have Dr. s bow, he is going to give us information about men’s health like prostate cancer, like low testosterone, what other conditions men get treatment for? What can they do for nutrition, botanical acupuncture, and what is genomics to begin with, not to mention, at the end of the episode, he has some really great advice on for students for keeping your love alive. And the one thing that you have to do every day non negotiable for him should have listened to the end of the show for a new commercial. Thank you again for all the positive comments and for the personal reviews that you have given. If you didn’t know all the books and different things that people reference in the show. You can find them on their show notes page, click that link it’ll take you directly to Amazon to where you can pick them up. It’s going to be a great month learned something new acupuncture, Eastern medicine TCM you know, they use some kind of strange or sometimes for most of us Western doctors, but there’s research back in it and there’s a long track record so stay tuned, learn something new implement what you can and heck maybe you just found yourself a new referral partner in your city the acupuncture is you doctors out there would prefer to help their patients and CEO in the most natural way possible. We got diodes like the Paleo autoimmune protocol specific carbohydrate diet and they’re designed to help heal the body. Well primal health and nutrition is paleo perfection grass fed beef collagen protein was designed with these diets in mind. So regardless of the diet that you decide to recommend products will comply comes in three flavors look is non GMO, no sugar added soy free, allergen free, gluten free, dairy free, plus the organic superfood blend, you can go to primal h in.com use the code primal doc as DLC at checkout so you can receive an extra 10% off all the channels can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash five nine. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Back live in China today we have a men’s health doctor of natural path specializing in nutrition and urology does some acupuncture as well. And genomics. Please welcome the show Dr. Ralph Esposito.

Unknown 2:35
Thanks for having me, man. It’s a pleasure to be here. I’m excited.

Justin Trosclair 2:40
Well, you recommended by a past guest she was just like, I got Susie was like, you gotta get this guy. Okay. Let me go on look.

Unknown 2:48
Yeah, her and I we speak quite often. And we’re always very on the same page. He does a different type of medicine, but it’s a very good connection there. And I love all her work.

Justin Trosclair 3:00
Yeah. So how did you always ask this question? natural path, that’s not the most common road to take to begin with? And then mins public health, pelvic health, how’d you pick all these things?

Unknown 3:14
Okay, so, you know, being a natural path is you’re taking the road less traveled. And when I first started getting into medicine, I kind of knew at like 17 years old that I wanted to get into nutrition and naturopathic medicine. But I just thought you went to medical school became a medical doctor. And you like you learned all of this natural, holistic, integrative functional medicine stuff. And then as I was spending my Yeah, right, like obviously that’s what everybody does. Right.

Unknown 3:45
So I my first my first few months at my undergrad I went to New York University and my first few months there there was always there’s always like the pre med right and again, I want to be a medical doctor. Yeah, I want to be a do yeah, Want to go this route, but most of them are empty and do and then why you I would say maybe like three to 400 people were in the pre med track just in my class just in my year. And everybody was like, what you want to be a naturopath like what is that? Is that like holistic? Like do and I’m like, no, not not like a do just a lot of different a lot of herbs and nutrition and holistic approaches. And nobody had any idea what it was. So number one, I already knew I was going against the grain. But it actually worked out really well. I genuinely wholeheartedly with my entire soul love naturopathic medicine, I love the medicine that I do. I don’t like the differentiating between like naturopath that job naturopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, medical doctors or allopathic medicine. I just think it’s it’s medicine. It’s, it’s it’s one. And now we just have different styles and different approaches and different modalities. But I think people kind of just cut try to make it separate, which it really shouldn’t be. I don’t think

Justin Trosclair 5:06
Yeah, be should be I’ll be a team. Exactly

Unknown 5:08
right. It’s all integrative. And then I started getting into Men’s Health and urology I was in I was at NYU and just researching natural paths in the area. And I was able to intern with a naturopath at NYU. He’s also an acupuncturist and he was into mental now even prior to that, I was like, Yeah, I want to really focus on hormones and, and because there was a dirt that was during the time of, of like, the steroid era and baseball. Okay, in America, where Sammy Sosa microcar, a rod, Roger Clemens, who allegedly not take steroids, right, all that area. And I was like, why can’t these guys just do it naturally, like there’s there’s tons of different ways to improve your body composition, and prove your testosterone without taking testosterone and HGH. Although I must say, like, you can’t really, there’s no way to naturally mimic testosterone, HGH injections. And then I started getting into it with this natural path. And he’s like, yeah, you want to go into urology? I’m like, No, I want to do endocrinology. He’s like, Yeah, but if you want to focus on the Men’s Health stuff, that’s mostly urology. He basically took me under his wing, Dr. Espinosa took me under his wing started doing research started following him with patients who started conducting research writing papers, writing book chapters, and it just one thing led to another and I just became infatuated with this field.

Justin Trosclair 6:26
Wow. And see, I don’t think many people think of all the pre writing books and research and things like that with a naturopathic. You know, they’re like Lulu and right. Here’s some oils and like, take some vitamin C or something like that. Like, there’s a lot to it. It’s just there’s a lot of people that sort of corrupt the name. Sure. I want to say, Yeah, I don’t know that. I think that’s a fair way to say it. Oh, yeah, I agree.

Unknown 6:51
I agree. Okay, there’s a lot of people in this field. So that’s the thing with naturopathic medicine is, you can become a naturopathic doctor, which there are some like online programs you can do, which are you become a doctor and a few months, maybe even a year and you are a doctor of natural medicine, and then you can become a naturopathic physician, where you go to school for four years, you get the clinical training, you take board exams, you take a licensing exam, you have to take all of these things in order to be recognized practitioner in, you know, in the state. Now, there are some states that don’t recognize the difference between a naturopathic physician and the regular naturopathic doctor or a doctor of naturopathic medicine. So there are some people who just kind of just get away with calling themselves a naturopath. And then people think that they’re the same. And then once they go out, and see one doctor who considers himself a naturopath, and then afterwards, you know, they’re like, wow, this guy actually knew nothing. And it makes me with that, right? It’s like, you need to do the physical exam, we need to run the right lab lab works. You need to do the whole gluten. Right. Well, Saturday.

Unknown 8:04
Right, exactly. So it definitely does give people you know, my field a little bit of a of a stigma. But I do think that so fallen into the field of Have you heard of functional medicine that enough? A lot of your listeners have listened to functional medicine.

Justin Trosclair 8:18
The next couple of episodes are the last couple episodes, people have talked about that. Yeah. And that was one thing I was gonna ask you about, like you’re actually about to get certified in 2018. So tell us about Yeah, that sounds like a big undertaking.

Unknown 8:29
Yeah. So it’s, it’s definitely a lot of work. So it’s the Institute for functional medicine, they have six modules plus a club, something called an AFM CP, which is basically, you know, they it’s like a five day course. And then you kind of do these other modules, and there’s like, one on hormones on immune on cardiovascular. So that took me It takes most people about three to five years. I started that while I was in school. So I think started that was in school. So maybe took me about two years to do that. Yeah. So I, I went gung ho. And while I was in school, I also did my acupuncture degree with my doctorate. So I put everything together. But But back to the question. So functional medicine is was invented or was designed by naturopathic physicians. And really what it is, it’s not just the medicine, evidence based science based naturopathic medicine, that is organized in a way that you can utilize specific tools and methods and maps, in order to help patients better it’s an organized form of naturopathic medicine, that has a lot of science and evidence based decisions behind it. So

Justin Trosclair 9:48
instead of taking a stat and an ACE inhibitor, and in right, I don’t know Metformin, you’re talking do X, Y, and Z national supplements and herbs and this and that, yeah,

Unknown 9:59
get the same results. Step one

Unknown 10:01
is always diet and lifestyle. Right. But so it’s some different from what I do. And like other, you know, there are a lot of people who say they practice content, integrative medicine, right? There’s a lot of, and they’ll say, Oh, well, instead of taking cholesterol medicine, take a statin drug or set of taking this diabetes drug, take cinnamon capsules, and really what you’re doing, you’re just substituting a natural pill for a pharmaceutical. But again, that’s still doesn’t answer the question as to why this is happening. Why did this begin? So my goal is to try to identify the underlying cause, try to figure out why they started in the first place, then you have to reverse engineer the pathology, and then get back to the actual cause of the issue. And and the field that I specialize in is mostly in hormones, and decrease in urology Men’s Health. The women that I see are mostly for hormonal issues. And you know, and the material says, PC EOS, yeah, diabetes, lot of that stuff.

Justin Trosclair 11:01
That’s pretty wild. Because I would think most people when they think hormones, I don’t know if natural path is even in their radar. Because you expect, well, I need some estrogen and progesterone cream. Right, right, you know, not supposed

Unknown 11:12
to be taken here. Right? Exactly. So again, you’re trying to, you’re trying to just supplement you’re trying to fill in what is missing? And that’s fine. If you need to fill in What’s missing? I’m okay with that. But why is even these for a little while? Right? Right? But but but why is it missing? And now, you know, and depending on the state that you’re in, you can describe it or you can, it really depends on what your what the laws allow, okay, where I practice, I’m not allowed to prescribe prescription medication, so I can’t do that. So I have to do everything kind of like bare bones, like, I really need to dig deep and look at the molecular pathways, look at the biochemistry, look at the pathophysiology, look at the anatomy and say, okay, what’s really going on here? Where is the aberration and function occurring? Then how do I implement that? Or how do I infiltrate that area and fix it? So it’s, you know, and the thing is, is I would say, and now, I’m maybe a little bit

Unknown 12:08
bias, but natural paths, especially those who really kind of Dr. Terry Jones, she’s the medical director of Dutch labs, a precision analytical, and they do a lot of urinary hormone testing. I follow her work all the time. And I’m just like, you know, natural is really understand all these biochemical pathways like, what happens that testosterone after its testosterone? After it’s the ht, what happens to after it, it’s estrogen, and all the metabolites? And what are the hormones or the enzymes that it’s so if I become obsessed with that, Justin, it’s just like, like, I want to, I just want to know everything and anything there is to know about it, because I just want to know all the intricacies of it, because then I can manipulate it and it will get better.

Justin Trosclair 12:53
Now as for flamingos, what are the top two or three conditions that you are seeing on a regular basis in men’s health

Unknown 13:00
in men’s health? Number one, erectile dysfunction, I would say hi,

Unknown 13:05
prostate cancer and low testosterone. Now, in those there are other issues that occur. So most of them have low testosterone, also have some type of metabolic syndrome or like diabetes, or hyper the per diem, your insulin resistance, men prostate cancer, they’re usually a little bit older. And, you know, I often say men with prostate cancer kind of see me too late. I would love to see them before they get the diagnosis. But I kind of helped them and you know, the great thing about prostate cancer is, most men will die with prostate cancer, not from prostate cancer. My goal is to make sure they don’t die from prostate cancer and prevent prostate cancer from actually changing their life. Yeah. So those are the three things that I see low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, or sexual dysfunction and prostate cancer. Top three for men’s health.

Justin Trosclair 14:01
Yeah. When we’re talking prostate cancer, I thought that most people, they just remove it, and then they have to have chemo and then they’re good to go if they catch it early. So yeah, where do you Where do you fit in, in this puzzle?

Unknown 14:14
It’s such a hard question like, so, you know, for some cancers, it’s just like, okay, you remove it, and you’re good. Right? And you’re and you’re done. Right? prostate cancer is, is so controversial. Like, I don’t I don’t specialize. And I do see a lot of patients who have cancer, but I don’t, I can’t say you know, I see a ton of other cancers. I see a lot of pancreatic cancer at times. Breast cancer. So I see a lot of breast cancer and pancreatic prostate cancer because they’re also to hormone related conditions. Right?

Justin Trosclair 14:50
Yeah. Which is why you want to catch them early. Exactly.

Unknown 14:53
Exactly. Okay. So with prostate cancer, it can’t it’s not that simple, man. It really isn’t. Because, first number one, you have to look at their age. Okay, so if they’re above 7075, if I take out their prostate, they still going to die from the prostate cancer. But if they’re 45 Yeah, you might want to take out their prostate if they have prostate cancer because they got diagnosed so early or if they got diagnosed at 50.

Unknown 15:19
And then OK, so now do we remove it? Do we do cryotherapy so that we freeze it? Do we do? androgen deprivation? deprivation basically castrate men chemically, that’s if there’s a metastasis, it really depends on the stage. Wow, Gleason score. It hasn’t metastasize family history, genetics. It’s never it’s never like a simple one sentence answer. It’s like, Good, then, you know, right. It’s never that which makes my life

Unknown 15:51
makes my life a little bit harder, because you know, people want an answer. Alright, Doc, I have prostate cancer. What do I do

Justin Trosclair 15:57
that around? Nobody wants. I’m thinking for myself. I’m glad you did just have like a one. Just take this, right? Because then you’re like, ah, boy, I thought you just talked about all these tests that you were going to run but the way you’re answering it, I it makes me think, Okay, this doctor is going to take the time. What’s your history? What’s your lab tests? Right? Let’s attack this where we can because cancer is a scary word for most people. And you don’t want to have some simple answer like oh, that, you know, the do chemo, you don’t have to do right wrist surgery, just come see me and I’ll take care of it naturally, it’s like, well, there’s a whole lot going on there. Every person is

Unknown 16:32
different. And then if you take it out, the odds of it recurring are coming back or not zero. Men just didn’t know. I had one patient he told me he goes, I’m going to have my prostate removed. Prostate cancer, I have a Gleason seven. I was like, Okay, let’s, let’s look at this, right, because a Gleason seven. For your listeners, you score prostate cancer, on a scale of usually like five to 10. And I don’t know if some people are not even considering Gleason six, prostate cancer, right. But let’s say Gleason six as a prostate cancer, right? Get a score on a six to 10. Now, it would probably be hard to say like, if it’s an eight, you probably should remove it. Right? Right. But at a seven and a six, there’s a lot of greater. So I had a patient you ever seven? And said yeah, I’m gonna have my prostate removed and said, Okay, that’s fine. I’m okay with that. What you need to know is what’s going to happen after you have your prostate removed? Number one, you’re probably going to be in diapers for a little bit. Right? Might be 686 to 18 months before you actually finally get interaction if you get an erection.

Unknown 17:39
Yeah, you might have incontinence. So you could have basically difficulty holding your urine for significant amounts of time. You could possibly have pain, right? And he goes, surgery, right? Here’s what we’re going to remove it and then I’m good. I said, but but that doesn’t mean that it’s completely gone. Right? We don’t know that. It so he’s like it’s gone. And I don’t need to follow your protocol anymore. I said, No. You need to follow it even stronger, because I want to make sure it doesn’t come back. Because if it comes back, it’s coming back with a vengeance and can’t take that lightly. And you always have that in the back your mind. It’s like to get my PSA. He’s like, Well, my PSA is rising a little bit. I don’t know, my prostate removed, like where’s this PSA coming from? Then they have to do radiation and they basically like, okay, we’re going to be radiation on the whole pelvic area, you’ll know where the prostate cancer is. So So what are you gonna radio? We just radiate everything. Oh, okay. Sounds great. Cool. So it’s never, it’s never just like, that’s why I always help us never just talk, just tell me just what I have to do. I can’t tell you just what you have to do. But here’s a list of things that you should be doing.

Justin Trosclair 18:46
And in six months, we can re evaluate and see if it’s working.

Unknown 18:48
Exactly right. Exactly right. With my prostate cancer patients. I see them hopefully before surgery after surgery, three months, then six months, and then usually every year.

Justin Trosclair 18:58
Yeah, you have to be let’s talk about this. Yeah, you got to be on top of it. I’m gonna switch gears back on you a little bit. You got a doctor in acupuncture as well,

Unknown 19:06
masters. I have a master’s in acupuncture

Justin Trosclair 19:08
and masters masters. Okay. What do you do with that? Oh, I do.

Unknown 19:15
It’s Chinese medicine. So I have training in Chinese herbal medicine. Now I must say there are people who have who do another degree in Chinese herbal medicine on its own. So that is very much involved by be so intense. All Yeah, Chinese herbs. Like the bad boy of Chinese medicine. Like just hardcore stuff really works tremendously. Well.

Justin Trosclair 19:38
My wife and I were visiting one place, and the guy was like, Hey, I’ll evaluate you if you’d like. And it’s like, Okay, why not? I’m here. I’ve got you know, my gut biome is probably not great, right. And I walked out of there with a list of 23 things to make tea with. And the wife was very close to the same amount. And I was like, all it did was fill my pulse. Yeah, my mouth. It has some questions is like, yeah,

Unknown 20:01
yeah. So that’s exactly what I do. I check the pulse. I check your tongue? Because look, if you look at the tongue,

Unknown 20:10
your background is chiropractic. Right? Correct. So tell me another muscle in the entire body. That suspended in fluid 24. Seven. You can see

Justin Trosclair 20:22
your eyeballs maybe?

Unknown 20:24
Yeah, but you can’t even see those muscles, right? It’s only your your tongue is a look into the inside your whole body. And Chinese medicine, which has been around for two 3000 years, has only had Yeah, they they have they’ve realized like, Hey, you know this part of the tongue, this means this and that part of the song means that and then you look at the pulse. And then the pulse can give you an idea of different parts of the body that might be just functioning. And then you put a story together and you kind of fit the body or the pattern to the pathology. So I’m so with that I do acupuncture. That’s why I treat a lot of things like pelvic pain. This is where Dr. CG and I kind of correlate where, you know, she does a lot of physical therapy and I do physical therapy as well like pelvic massage and prostate massage. But I also do acupuncture for pelvic pain, do acupuncture for me, it’s basically any type of pain, but also like rectal dysfunction, helping men with incontinence, even women with incontinence, acupuncture really is, is multi modal in terms of how it can help pretty well.

Justin Trosclair 21:29
I love it. It’s amazing what they can do this though.

Unknown 21:31
Yeah. And I have people ask me like, so what’s on the needles? And I’m like, What do you mean? What’s on the needles? Like, what type of medicine sharp tip?

Unknown 21:39
It’s an ego. It’s metal. But what medicine is on there and like

Unknown 21:44
nothing, so why do I get better? I’m like, All right. So

Unknown 21:49
there was a chicken and the day, right so yeah, it’s definitely a big story. Long story to get into. But it’s this stuff is amazing. It really is.

Justin Trosclair 21:59
You know, that just made me think of some you know, Moxie Am I call it something different where they see I’m not supposed to work, but they run the herbs on top. I look at that. And I say okay, I’m not sure that the burning of the herb is doing much unless you’re inhaling it. And that’s supposed to help but it definitely is creating heat. Yeah, he’s going into the needle. The needle is now wherever that’s that is getting stimulated with heat. But I want that is interesting. They don’t have like a mixture of herbs melted down or boiled, dip the needle and then stab. They don’t do that. And when you said I was like, that seems like that would be a nice

thing that they could have tried. Or maybe they did try. They’re like, yeah, that didn’t do anything except cause infections, perhaps I don’t know where that

Unknown 22:42
it’s funny that you mentioned the marks are so Mark smells, right. Yeah, it smells like a cigar. And it’s it’s very stringent.

Justin Trosclair 22:52
The whole first floor smells like when we use it. Oh, yeah.

Unknown 22:54
Oh, yeah. Exactly. Exactly. When you walk into an office like yeah, they’re doing mock. So one of my instructors in school this guy was this guy’s a genius. His name is Dr. Steven jackets. He’s graduated Harvard. And then he went on and has like several doctorates and one in China one in the US. It’s guys like the wizard, right? And I told him I said, Why does mock so work? Like he’s like, Yeah, do these points and then add more to it? And I’m like, why maka sake because it’s warming. And I’m like, okay, so But really, like, tell me exactly what’s going on? He goes, Well, we suspect theoretically, that actually, when you burn marks out on the needle, when you burn something, it changes its energy. Now I’m not talking about like, I feel your energy like chemistry, like, you know, like, you know, there’s

Justin Trosclair 23:45
literally physic physically, it actually changes in a microscope.

Unknown 23:48
Yeah, it physically changes that the the frequency of the the boxer can change the frequency, the frequency at which the needle is stimulated, right? That energy from the from the Moxie, because when you heat, like, for example, if you try to burn, some things will burn at a higher temperature or lower temperature than others. Right? Right. So what he said was, is when you like this marks on fire on the needle, it changes the frequency of the needle to that, which is equal to the, the wavelength and the frequency of the human cell. So interest, if the cell is hyper functioning, and you you like this box that it can bring it down. And then if those cells is hypo functioning, which is oftentimes the case, you like the mocks, and the needle can help bring up and excite the energy in that area, to bring into that proper wavelength to allow proper energy flow.

Justin Trosclair 24:43
Every time I see them use it here is generally they had fluid on the knee for some reason. And then sometimes if they’ve had a stroke, they got a bunch of spots on their face. And I guess they’re trying like though, I guess that’s when they’ll burn it up. But generally, I see it when the have like our throat like arthritis and a little bit of fluid on the needle based on MRI. And that’s when I see him use it as Yeah,

Unknown 25:05
yeah. And it works. I don’t use it. Right. So there’s different types of matzah. The type of model that I use is called New rice mock So, which is literally the size so when you do mops, you put it on the needle, and it’s the size of maybe like a dice, right? Like a like a Yeah, it is the one that I use. I actually it’s called golden locks, it’s it’s much more pure. It’s 100%. masa, masa, there’s different grades, I use a more pure grade, and I roll it up to the size of a rice, a grain of rice. That’s right. Okay, rice, matzah. And then I place it on the skin with a little bit of usually like Tiger Balm or some type of protected, we laid on the skin. And then I liked that mock. So with an incentive, like incense, right. And it burns at such a low level and so subtle, but it actually can create a stimulation, you’re getting a direct impact of that heat on the acupuncture point. But you don’t have to use a needle and it doesn’t smell.

Justin Trosclair 26:08
Oh, that’s nice. Yeah. Yeah. So that’s what I’ve seen. Awesome. They they’ve done it with a piece of ginger. Yep, you can burn on top of the ginger. Ginger, you could do salt. Oh, you didn’t do so?

Unknown 26:19
Yeah, you can put it on top of salt. There’s a ton of different methods.

Justin Trosclair 26:22
Yeah, all kinds of different methods. You know, that’s the truth. Every. That’s what I you know, I wrote something about this one time. And it’s it’s, you didn’t get your windows changed in your house. And you can get a really, really crappy job. Or you could have the expert come in. And where do you live? What kind of humidity? Is it facing the sun? Let’s use these materials. One cost you a green and one cost you 10 grand a window? Right? There’s some complicated factors in there. And acupuncture is just runs the gamut.

Unknown 26:49
Oh, yeah. Medicine in general. Right. Yeah. It’s just, there’s so many different options, which I often tell my patients, they’re like, well, what are you going to do it? Look, my toolbox is events. So that’s a good thing. Good thing, because I very rarely run out of something to do. A bad thing is because I have a lot of things to choose from

Justin Trosclair 27:10
that is can be crippling?

Unknown 27:12
So I have to like I have to be very precise. And what I do is a lot of lab work that I do. I do a lot of genomics. So try to see what the genetic background might be. There’s a bunch of different things that I have to look at us never again, it’s never just one thing, take a

Justin Trosclair 27:27
minute or two. I don’t even know what really genomics is. So if I don’t know this, probably a lot of people have no idea what that is just kind of give us the brief. What does that

Unknown 27:36
so when I say genomics, people think oh, genetics. Right? So you’re a geneticist? No, I’m not a geneticist. And there are people who go to medical school to specialize in genetics, and they get their fellowship and residency in genetics. And those are people that you’re a genetic counselor, right? So pregnant women, they go to see a genetic counselor, those people their work is exceptional. They really know it like the back of their hand. What I’m studying is genomics. genomics is different genomics is. So like, for example, if somebody has a genetic mutation, let’s say like Down syndrome, or sickle cell, that’s genetic, that’s one thing, one mutation, one type of change in your DNA that causes this very profound or obvious genetic presentation, right. So sickle cell or your cells are not circular where or Down syndrome where changes? Yeah, appearance and brain function, right? What I’m talking about something called genomics were basically this is how different genetics different genes, we call them, snips SNP, we’re stands for single nucleotide polymorphous isms, those are the things that are different in many people that don’t completely change the function of the gene. But change it to a point where made function less or better, or, or completely differently, then is it as it would other ways and this also takes into consideration epigenetics? So epigenetics is how the environment impacts your genes. Now, genomics also as part of this field, where we try to look at what is the communication between multiple different genes and the proteins that those genes make? Why is it that some people, you know, they, like, for example, myself, I’ll never have a six pack, like, it’s just it’s, I’ve come to the conclusion that that’ll never happen. Mostly, mostly because, you know, I have a genetic predisposition to being overweight, and then lifestyle factors. So maybe there’s something in my genetics, that although I never have like diabetes, or anything like that, there’s some type of way that I utilize sugar differently. So that’s what I try to get down to at a more precise approach. Now, I will say that this form of this this area of science is just now becoming

Unknown 30:00
apparent and how we can use this medicinal Lee. But we are far away from being able to say you have this gene, this is that disease at you’ll have anybody who tells you, you have an empty hf or or a co mt, or, you know, any type of other gene mutation, and says that you have this disease. I would, I would be cautious and listening to them further.

Justin Trosclair 30:23
Okay. I’ll be sure to tell my wife that as the reason why I always have belly fat, because I have mpg no issue, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Well, that’s good enough for me. That’s right. I just a little squishy baby to sleep.

She don’t care.

All right, we’re going to completely switch gears because we want to make sure we respect your time and I’ve got to ask these questions because your natural path you are private practice.

Unknown 30:51
Yes. Yep. I’m in private practice, you’re going to have an I also do I also do. I also do research, then I also am a professor, adjunct professor. So I teach us okay.

Unknown 31:05

Justin Trosclair 31:06
All right. Well, let’s let’s we’re gonna hammer in on, I normally ask about if if somebody is struggling as an as a naturopathic physician, if maybe they’re new in school, you have any tips for them? And then I like to bridge that into the my favorite one of my favorite questions is, what marketing are you doing so that people actually know who you are? Okay, and get patients?

Unknown 31:30
Sure. So to answer, the first question is what shouldn’t be a doctor that I think doctors do now, while they’re in school. Number one is network with as many people as possible, go to every event that you can connect with people try to learn from them be a sponge, do not think you know, everything, but be confident, which is different, be humble. Most of this field is is kind of who you know, because a lot of people are smart. But you really you want to get with the people who are smart to kind of have personal skills, and you build personal skills despite meeting other people. So go to the go to these conferences, you know, instead of you know, a conference. Wow, Dr. s bow that cost me 234 hundred dollars. 100 bucks. Okay, so putting your budget, make it a point to do that. See if your school will pay for you to go to a conference? Because it’s an educational type of thing. do those things drug

Justin Trosclair 32:27
and alcohol for a month for that? Exactly.

Unknown 32:29
Exactly. Exactly. You know, don’t buy an extra pair of sneakers this month or that month, right? So go to these conferences and network with people. One thing that I would say has, you know, one thing that I’ve noticed that I’ve done, and I think nobody else has done in my, my cohort is I email everybody.

Unknown 32:50
I’ve emailed like, I read a great letter on article on CNN, I emailed that author, and I say, Hey, I really liked your paper. I’m gonna like I emailed I think I was like, I wasn’t even in med school yet. And I emailed this, this doctor who wrote a paper on in on CNN, about integrative medicine, and I said, Hey, yo, you know, I’m not really sure if I should go into naturopathic, I go into medical doctor should be a dietitian. And she’s like, do you want to do not dramatic medicine? If so, do what you love? And you know the answer people answer people want to help. And I even encourage your listeners, like, if you have a question, you want to ask me, I respond to emails, I respond to messages on on Instagram, and Facebook. So email as many people as you can, which then falls into the second part is marketing. What do you do for marketing? Nobody wants to be sold, right? You don’t want to be a salesman. When you go to the dealer, I don’t go to the guy who says, Hey, I’m going to sell you this car, I go to the guy who says, This is why you need to buy this car, right? So don’t tell people that they need to buy something, don’t sell them something, make them want to buy something. And the only thing that you have to sell is yourself. So be genuine, give out good information, give out quality information, don’t try to make every post that you do on Facebook, or Instagram or Twitter and attempt to sell something that’s not, that’s not what really is going to get you people is right, you want to be genuine and people appreciate genuine, they also appreciate quality. So, you know, a lot of people think, oh, man, I don’t want to, I’m going to give the people free information. Like, if you look at my blog, I tell you tons of ways to improve your health. And like, Well, why are you doing that you’re giving that away for free. Because the type of medicine that I do is personalized, I’m going to give them a general view. But they if they really want like precision analytical approaches, then they’re going to they’re going to come see you, they’re going to want more help from you because they look at you as an expert. So that that would be my marketing advice.

Justin Trosclair 34:58
And this is important, because how many times we look at just something simple as omega. So I don’t mean, there’s so many styles, there’s so much of this, there’s super concentrated, there’s how much should I take blah, blah, blah, right? Well, if you have a doc like yourself is like, Look, you can go on Web MD or you can check on my website. Here’s a couple of big brands I recommend. Here’s a couple of doses I recommend. If you like what I’m doing, you’re going to trust me with something as simple as omega site with a with a higher calling a bigger health issue. Exactly. Right. Exactly. Right. You can always turn it all into a book one day to study course you like I’ve got all this information for years. I can just I repackage it, right?

Unknown 35:37
Yeah, yeah, I’ve actually had a few people somebody one of my patients told me on on this week and other you should, you should write a book.

Justin Trosclair 35:43
And I was like, okay, so much other things to do.

Unknown 35:47
There’s a lot, I’m actually editing and co authoring a few other chapters now in a textbook, and I’m like, that takes time and effort. And it It definitely is a lot of work. So do it when I’m ready seemed meticulous to Oh, yes. I

Justin Trosclair 36:05
throw together some cat’s claw. bourbon nine. Here we go. Yeah.

Unknown 36:09
Dr. Johnson, I am. I’m obsessive. I if I I, it’s kind of bad. It’s like, okay, so I want to I want to know why this molecule cause that. I’m going to go deep into it. And I will, sometimes I will sleep over it. I don’t lose sleep, but I don’t go to bed at a reasonable time because of it. So

Justin Trosclair 36:29
it’s called passion,

Unknown 36:31
passion obsession. It’s in the same category. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 36:35
Yeah, I love it. What do you see yourself doing in five or 10 years?

Unknown 36:38
Oh, my God, wow. She’s you know, life changes all the time. A lot of people become a naturopath or become a doctor and say, I just want to practice that my whole life. That’s amazing. I do want to practice my whole life, because I do like seeing people change. And I don’t think I’ll ever retire ever. But I wanted to something more. I want to progress and advanced medicine to a point where when I’m gone, things are still moving along. And I think the way to do that is to bridge the gap between integrative and holistic, or bridge the gap between conventional and holistic or integrative medicine. So I would love to work in major medical institutions, that’s one of my goals is to work in a big hospital or work in a big group that has an influence on improving people’s lives. I’m making people feel better on making people live longer. And so you know, I’m not about people just, you know, I want to live until 100 know, I want to live, if I live till 95 I’d rather listen to 95 exceptional, then let’s do 100 suffering. So yeah, in five to 10 years, I would love to be a part of a major institution that’s actually making these changes. I also believe that it takes a village, right. So you know, I’d say it takes a village to care for a child, I think it takes a village to not only help a patient, but help our health culture. So that’s what I would like to do and I think have the most influence in a major medical institution. I’m doing a little bit of that at NYU. And hopefully that continues to progress and, and then the opportunities that do come along, you know, I have, I have the obsession to make this the right thing for the future. So that’s, that’s where I hope it goes.

Justin Trosclair 38:19
Have you ever thought about I don’t think of any of these, this type of question before, but if you have this much training, yeah. Have you ever thought about just becoming like a general practitioner, like, quote, real medical doctor, and then now you’ve got medicine on your plate, you got all of this stuff together. And then you could actually have your own clinic and people that barrier to see you will be completely gone. And you just blow up the the integrative health circle because you just do mastered

Unknown 38:43
both. So so be a jack of all trades, do it all myself, right?

Justin Trosclair 38:47
Because you have nothing to stop you.

Unknown 38:49
You know, I have had a lot of people tell me like you should just go back to medical school and become a medical doctor. That way you have all of the training.

Unknown 38:57
That’s another seven, eight years. Yeah, it’s a big, it’s a big commitment. It’s a lot of money. And not only that, I just don’t know if I would enjoy it. I don’t know if I wouldn’t enjoy, you know, doing surgery all the time, or being with somebody for 15 minutes and saying, All right, I gotta fix in 15 minutes, you know, coming from a an area where I treat people and my visits are 45 to 90 minutes. That’s, that’s a hard, hard thing to do. But also there are people in this field who are medical doctors that can do it better than I can. Right. So but but I always tell people, this may be a little bit egotistical, but I’m confident you can’t out nd me like you can’t out do like if I’m obsessive over a particular area. Sure, we can have conversations, but I’m going to do my best to be hyper focused in that area.

Unknown 39:55
And but there are other people who are exceptional, like exceptional condition, exceptional diagnosticians, exceptional research analyst, like, that’s what you do best. I want you to do that best. But together, if if the best of both of us and we can present only so much, you can know that that’s

Justin Trosclair 40:13
when you’re focused, too.

Unknown 40:14
Yeah, very focused. You’re not trying,

Justin Trosclair 40:16
you’re not talking about treating everything. So I mean, I’m sure you look at a lot more things that we talked about today. But you’re focused on the so if you spend 80% of your time researching this, you’re going to know more than the average, right? MD natural path in this area, because you care so much, right?

Unknown 40:32
I have people come to me all the time. You know, naturopathic medical doctors, like, Hey, I got this guy, he doesn’t want surgery, what should we do? I’m like, Okay, well, here’s 10 questions answered these questions, and then we could decide. So I’m very, very meticulous about what I do and very precise to like, I just want to know everything before I make a decision. Sometimes I don’t have everything. I’m like, Okay, well, this is what we have to do with what we have. Yeah, but But yeah, you know, I have had that question before and it’s infinitely crossed my mind. But I,

Justin Trosclair 41:02
you know, you may find that the the medical protocols don’t allow you, like your medical both may contradict your naturopathic oath. And all of a sudden, you’re like, I want to recommend this, but like, I leave legally, I can’t do it anymore. Right. Because of right. superseded? Yeah, possible. I

Unknown 41:18
don’t I have seen some medical doctors kind of like step away from the integrative approach, because they were getting a little bit of oppression from their colleagues and such. So

Justin Trosclair 41:28
if you don’t recommend this, you could get sued if they have a bad outcome. Yeah. Well, you’re a medical doctor, you’re supposed to do this, prescribe this and you’re like, Yeah, well, I didn’t write well, now. Yeah.

Unknown 41:39
Well, you know, in in in Seattle, Washington, and Vermont and Arizona, not our paths have an Oregon. That’s, that’s have a very broad scope, where they’re basically prescribing doing minor surgery, doing IV like, Oh, yeah, they’re doing the whole shebang. Wow.

Unknown 41:58
You know, I’m here on the East Coast, in Connecticut, in New York, where we’re very limited and what we can do so it really depends on where you are. So if I really wanted to do that, now you just go to Vermont, you can move.

Unknown 42:08
But that’s

Unknown 42:08
not that far up. No, Vermont, New Hampshire. I live in Seattle for a year. I I love that. I love New York. Like, yeah, it’s like, I don’t know, I just it just it’s in my blood. You know, it’s just like, I want to be here and just makes me happy.

Unknown 42:24
There we go.

Unknown 42:27
Do what makes you happy? What makes you happy? All right, we’re

Justin Trosclair 42:30
gonna switch gears to the more personal side of the interview. All right, go vacation. We all love it. We all tend to think we don’t take enough of it. Is there a way to take me?

Unknown 42:39
Is there a way to take more vacations? I think vacation is a type of self care, right? It’s a way to step away and take care of yourself. I think people take vacation because like, oh, man, I’m stressed out for my whole, you know, year, I need to get away. And I say, Well, if you take care of yourself on a daily, weekly basis that you may not need, take so many vacations. So what does that include? Sleep well, eat well do stress reduction, go meditate, go exercise. Those are things that help you live longer, and live happier. But you know, you do need vacation and that and that is a healthy thing to do. But instead of taking you know, one long, 10 week, 10 day vacation, maybe like multiple three to four day vacation might be a little bit better, and might be even a little bit cheaper, too. But yeah, we need to we need to take care of ourselves. So I definitely agree with that. Are

Justin Trosclair 43:34
you able to schedule yourself off? Do you have trouble taking time away? Because financial reasons. And there’s all these patients to see, you know,

Unknown 43:43
I can if I want to take time off, but I actually enjoy what I do. You know, it’s like it’s it’s an enjoyable thing for me. So, taking time off to go on vacation. I it’s hard for me because I’d be like, wow, I still want to read I still wanted like, I’ll get a thought like if I’m on a ship. And I get a thought like a man. I really, really wonder what the research says on this. And like, I’m just going to drive myself nuts trying to figure it out. So I I definitely do take vacations, but I enjoy what I do. So it’s really not like a necessity for me. But I do I do take vacations. I’m actually going to be going to Italy this summer as well. So I have family there and I go there. Usually every other year every year. Good.

Justin Trosclair 44:23
Okay. Any hobbies, volunteering? Anything that you do besides this that makes you happy?

Unknown 44:31
Yeah, I love cooking. Okay, I love cooking. And I love fitness. So I love exercising. It’s been really cold here in New York. 910 degrees Fahrenheit. So I have

Unknown 44:47
saw your face. Not fun. But I like I went running the other day and the weather. Like I enjoy that if you’re like, you’re not you’re running outside in this weather like no, I actually, that feels good. Like when you come inside and you breathe, like

Unknown 45:01
feel awesome, because you’re in London.

Justin Trosclair 45:03
today. That’s why

Unknown 45:07
or that slow, slow payment. But I’d love to cook. And that. In fact, while I was in my view in my undergrad, I had to take cooking courses as part of my curriculum. So I have a bachelor’s in nutrition from NYU. And we have a cooking courses. And those are the most favorite courses of mine. Like I even talked to my roommates about Am I going I remember we did this. We may fish oil cookies. And it was just it was just awesome. So I love cooking. And one day I would like to go back to call in every school. Not like the Culinary Institute of America, but like a, like a low low key. Maybe like a I don’t know, maybe two three month program. We’re just like, we’re going to teach you how to cook. I know how to cook. I love to cook, but I want to be I want to make things look pretty. And

Justin Trosclair 45:51
there’s certain like sauces that like That’s all it is. My goodness. It seems so scary. This 300 a night.

Unknown 45:59
Yeah, amazing. So I love talking.

Justin Trosclair 46:02
Yeah, as far as a home work life balance, it sounds like you’ve kind of already got that. Any secrets or tips to help people who are really struggling with they just they’re on work all the time, or they just their families are struggling?

Unknown 46:16
Yeah. So I would tell people is to put me first, a lot of people put their spouse first. And this may sound cruel, but they put their kids first. And I often and I see this a lot with mothers or mothers or even single dads, they put their kids first and they put their spouse first. They put their parents first, right? And then just like no, you need to put you first because they rely on you. And without you they crumble. So if we’re all self sufficient, it makes it easier for everybody. Now I understand kids are different, they do rely on you. And obviously you have the responsibility as a parent to help them. But I think I think putting yourself first can allow that whole stress as fact of life to be a little bit better. So go to the gym, right go to the gym, or, or spend the time to prep a meal rather than just stopping at KFC on the way home or McDonald’s on the way home. Those are the things that can make a big difference in your day to day life after like, if you ask your mom, but if the moms kind of really stressed out, maybe it’s time to get to get a babysitter for like the evening. And you go out with your friends, or you go do whatever it is that you do.

Justin Trosclair 47:28
by yourself. I get a virus I don’t know, get a hotel that night with your husband, or whatever. And yeah, just get a break from the kids and recharge.

Unknown 47:36
Right? Just one night. Exactly right. And I and I think people don’t do enough of that. But even so like, you know, grandparents love their kids love their grandkids. So you’re, you know, you’re they’re doing them if they’re doing you a favor, and you’re doing them a favor. So just take care of yourself first, figure out how you can do that. Cook yourself, get enough sleep, I’ll sleep when I’m dead, if we will it look bottom line, if we evolved over millennia to change the foods that we eat and our lifestyle, right? and adapt to different environments. The one thing that has never changed asleep, we’ve always needed sleep. If we could have survived on less sleep, we wouldn’t evolve the way to do that. But we have it. So I think you know, sleep is also super important. You need to get those 78 hours.

Justin Trosclair 48:26
I mean, it varies per person. But you’re right. I sound a lot better when I do the seven to the eight for sure. Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Unknown 48:34
Yeah. Oh, yeah, absolutely.

Justin Trosclair 48:36
That’s significant others, any ways to keep the love alive and feel connected. So we don’t end up divorced and bitter.

Unknown 48:45
Yeah. And that’s another thing that I know, you’re right, I see this a lot. And my profession is that a lot of people are, they’re putting their profession first. You know, they’re getting home late at night at 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock, and they’re not seeing their spouse or their posts, posting events, like, one thing I would say is if you you need to make appointments with yourself and make appointments with your partner. So if you’re saying we’re going to have dinner, Thursday, at home, right, like, we’re gonna have dinner together Thursday night, then you making a, a, an effort to be home at that time to get dinner at that time, you’re going to take time for yourself to go get a massage, you make that and that allows your relationship to work better. So always put your yourself first your partner first work is important work is super important. But also you need to find a partner who actually understands that. So I see this in a lot of men, a lot of my patients are CEOs and very, very high demand work type of people where they have to be at work often and they have to work at home.

Unknown 49:52
And that’s fine. But you need to you need to set the expectations with your partner. Because if you don’t set those expectations, they’re going to set the extra patients and they expect you to be home six o’clock every night for dinner. And if that’s not realistic, then that’s a miscommunication. So always be open, set the expectations. I sound like a a a marriage counselor.

Justin Trosclair 50:16
But it’s true that if you live your whole life you were I get home at six, then you got a new job. new job means longer hours of a sudden, your kids your wife or just like a partner. What’s going on here, you never home anymore. You like Well, the thing is changing that conversation. And I like what you said, because I don’t haven’t heard this too often. Maybe Maybe you can treat that dinner that scheduled every Tuesday night as important as that client that you would have never skipped out on laugh or just treated that important. I know at least once a week like it’s Tuesday at seven o’clock is date night. And then get in the way.

Unknown 50:48
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. It’s like, you know, I see a lot of times like, Wednesday night, six o’clock, Little Johnny has basketball practice or a basketball game, I got to be there yet, don’t miss that. Yo, he might hit a three pointer, or you might hit a home run. And you don’t want to miss that. And then that creates this, this great rapport with your kids. And just

Justin Trosclair 51:08
yeah, you start missing a lot of stick to my costs. You have your wealth.

Unknown 51:11
Yeah. Right. Exactly. Exactly.

Unknown 51:17
All right.

Justin Trosclair 51:18
You sound like someone’s gonna have a great answer this morning or lesser team, they get you grounded for the rest of

Unknown 51:24
the day. So my morning routine is to always have time to either have a coffee or tea in the morning, my whole life, actually, most of my younger life. And in college, I was always rushing out the door. And then I realized that if I just woke up half hour earlier, didn’t have to rush, had time to relax, have a tea or have a coffee, drink coffee in the morning, and just let it settle. And then just think about the day I usually I write a gratitude thing every night. So every night I’ll write something down that I’m grateful for. And I read it in the morning. And that reminds me to set the day right to you know, be ready for a good day. Because when we don’t remember the things that we’re grateful for, we kind of just skip out and kind of forget about the the eventful things in our lives that actually matter. So I write something and I’m grateful for every night. In the morning, I’ll read it and then I’ll spend time in the morning, usually an hour before I have to leave the house. Just just spending time with my thoughts. no TV, no TV, maybe reading the paper. I do use my cell phone, but it’s mostly to just read stuff and catch up on the day. But it’s just to set myself right. If I don’t do that. My day is ruined. Oh, one other thing. I can’t forget. Always do your bed. Okay. Do your bed with your bed in the morning. It just it? I don’t know. I just need it organizes your life. It’s sets up your day. It’s like okay, I did my bed. I accomplished one thing. Now I can move on to the next x accomplish. And how hard is it your bed?

Justin Trosclair 53:02
Okay, so it’s not about that. That nice feeling like in a hotel when you have this nice? No, she there’s just you finally accomplish something. They one minute one. Exactly.

Unknown 53:13
Yeah. Because in order to be more productive, is you set a list of things and when I tell people is like instead of procrastinating, do something that’s easy first. Once you do that easy thing, the other things become easier. So what’s easier than doing that? That’s an accomplishment for some people. So I never leave the house without the reagan

Justin Trosclair 53:33
ever. I don’t want mommy’s noisemakers just we just throw the cover over and she’s like, that’s fine. It’s better than what it was before, but at least it’s covered.

Unknown 53:42
drives me nuts. People like Well, I’m going to come home anyway and just go to bed. I’m like, killing and killing. Hilarious.

Justin Trosclair 53:50
Yeah. Last question. Yeah. We’re talking books, blogs, podcasts and phone apps to as well. What would you recommend for people to look at

Unknown 54:00
Gary video? podcast,

Justin Trosclair 54:02
Gary Vee. I love him.

Unknown 54:05
Gary Vee. He is the modern day Tony Robbins. He is just like, I connect with him because his parents are immigrants and my parents emigrated to Yeah, yep. He’s I think he was from Jersey or New York.

Justin Trosclair 54:20
Maybe it was. I guess I get the two confused. You might have been across the river ism.

Unknown 54:24
Yeah, pretty close. Big difference. But Gary Vee I love Gary Vee. very motivational, very real. One thing that I like that he says like you have to eat. He doesn’t say this word. He’s a little bit more vulgarity be like you need to eat crap in order to be successful later on and, and patients, right. So a lot of people are in there, you know, millennials, and even though young 30s are just like, I want to be successful now. And you know, I fall into that category too. Like, I want to be successful now. But patients will come and you just work hard. set the tone now. In 1015 years, it’ll pay off but don’t expect those things to pay off if you’re not going to work hard now. So Gary Vee podcast and I also see him on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter. And he’s just he’s everywhere. I love him. He’s got it. Yeah, he’s putting him everywhere. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. He’s awesome. Okay, well, listen, um, any books? Any books? Oh, I love the Four Hour Body by 10 dinners.

Unknown 55:25
That’s a great book. Most of the because it’s kind of like in biohacking. And I like that whole aspect. So that’s a great book that I would recommend people to read.

Unknown 55:36
It’s really good because it’s a little things that he experimented on to to figure out, what’s the best way to go about certain things. And it’s very practical, and it’s really easy. So

Justin Trosclair 55:45
I wouldn’t do like the image in your phone for news and things. Any fun apps that you gravitate towards? Oh, man, you know, I, I try to stay away from a lot of the

Unknown 55:57
different, you know, these new trends, apps and stuff. I usually just stick to like the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. But one app that I do use pretty often is My Fitness Pal, which is a calorie tracker. Um, it’s it’s weird, because like, I’m very consistent with my diet. I’m very meticulous with what I eat. But I kind of write it down. And it makes me more aware and cognizant of what I’m actually meeting. That way I’m not overeating. Or, you know, when I know something. Yeah, my stomach was feeling crappy today. I wonder why. I can kind of go back and say, Oh, yeah, cuz you had Did you know that? Yeah. You have like the eggnog or something

Justin Trosclair 56:37
like that app a lot. Because it is, I mean, everything from Applebee’s to what a steam? Yeah, steamed rice would be. I mean, that’s pretty awesome.

Unknown 56:44
Yeah, yeah, exactly. It’s, it’s pretty, it’s pretty effective and useful. So that’s what I would recommend.

Justin Trosclair 56:49
Well, how do we people get in touch with you? what’s what’s the best way to reach out so

Unknown 56:52
you can find them my website, which is Dr. T OC, to our Expo. com. And then that’s the same handle from my Instagram. It’s at Dr. dot s. Bo, it’s all spelled out DLC. Tr e s p O, same thing on Twitter, Dr. Expo and then the same thing on Facebook dr as well. So you can find me there you can message me their email me there. I do answer emails. So please feel free to reach out. You know, it’s just I love this stuff. So don’t hesitate to reach out. Hey, Dr. as well. I love what you said, I hear what you said, or whatever it is, you know, I want to hear from you guys. So that’s what you really brought it today you explained in my head about all the things that natural breath can do and everything else that you talked about. So I really appreciate you being on in, in helping out. Oh, my pleasure. You know, it’s a lot of people don’t really like what they do. And I generally love what I do. So this is not even a task for me. This is like hey, let’s go to the bar and talk about this stuff. So this is just a lot for me. Thanks for having me, and I appreciate you you’re listening, and also your listeners as well.

Justin Trosclair 57:55
Everybody, hope you enjoyed this week’s episode want to make you aware of a couple of things a doctor patient perspective.net we got a few things to talk about. We’ve got some free handouts for nerve pain, numbness in the arms and legs and also a 12 exercises. If you experienced back pain and want your core stronger the experience of neck and shoulder tightness and pain, these are free to download. Okay, it’s under Resources. Also under the Resources tab is my new book, Neil is acupuncture self treatment guide for 40 common conditions stop the hurting with no needles or meds, your roadmap to self treat your condition painlessly. We’re talking things like anxiety, insomnia, neck pain, back pain, possibly some knee issues, stomach issues, tired arm and leg pain, even little bit of sinuses, to take all those types of things. This book really is for those they’re busy, they don’t have time to draw to an office, spend an hour and go back to work. Alright, so allow this book allows you to do it from the from your house, it’s also the person that maybe doesn’t have an acupuncture is within like a 90 minute drive just to go see one. So that’s pretty inconvenient. It’s also for the person who is afraid of needles. So there’s alternatives to that method that we showed you in the book. And lastly, for the person who’s like, I really can’t afford as much care as I need. So this is the way invest in a book. And now you’re able to do it at your house with pictures with words and even videos, things that I’ve learned from working in China, Western references, Eastern references and practical experience. So check it out. I think you’re gonna like it. The first book today’s choices tomorrow’s health, again is version 2.0. We got everything from what is chiropractic, what is pain, some exercises and stretches lots of lessons learned from my time in China like portion control, is it okay to feel hunger secret recipe Heck, and I love talking about it. I haven’t got a whole section on finances like budgeting creating a budget how to scale back if you overspend, which is a huge problem for most people. So I’ll cover that it’s got some really good reviews. So hopefully you will take a look at that you can get it as a PDF for free Are you can pay for it in different areas. Lastly, of course, we’ve got chiropractic tongue in cheek t shirts about being a mixer, you do rehab you do adjustments you think adjustments really a powerful thing, but you also believe that you need to do muscle work and those types of things. We get pretty cool shirts, mixers, and we got some cool making lemonade out of lemons t shirts under the Resources tab as well. Well As always, wherever you listen to the show, if you rank it five stars that would be awesome. And of course on the top right of the website there’s all the social media icons pick your flavor follow me interact and I interact back You got any suggestions? Email me Have a good week.

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