E 59: Genomics? What is the Role of Acupuncture and Naturopath in Cancer? Ralph Esposito ND

Nutrition, Herbs, Genomics, Acupuncture, Men’s Health – Urology, Cancer and Hormones, Research Driven- not your typical Doctor of Naturopath. He has written book chapters, done research and is Certified Functional Medicine . Dr Ralph Esposito ND Dr. Esposito went to New York University in the premed track and realized that DO and MD don’t learn…

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Episode 22: Advocate VS Rehabilitation- What’s the Line with Counseling Sex Offenders, Forensic Psychologist Dr. Shiloh Catanese

Dr. Shiloh Catanese is a licensed Forensic Psychologist specializing in sex offender crimes, aka sort of a real life Sweets from Bones, with a Doctorate from Alliant International University in Los Angeles. Her career has taken several paths. From her aspirations for FBI (which she qualified for) to training and facilitating students pursuing her same…

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