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Alexandra Suozzo L.Ac talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Nuisances of acupuncture point selection, does not being Asian matter, can you only observe the body to find a point, why not just free needle, linguistic chatter, and the low down on herb importance. Alexandra Suozzo goes behind the curtain on e61.

The Mysteries of Acupuncture abound and we joke about that topic plus secrets and nuisances of point selection that never get revealed.

She discusses her first taste of acupuncture while in fashion school in New York and having a depression type experience. Acupuncture school is real work; it’s not massage but with needles. Plus not only do you learn the whole basics of medical school and other doctor based schools, but you have to learn a whole new thought process on treating the body (eastern style). After graduating and starting a practice within the last year at age 26, hear a perspective that is about as fresh as you can get.

Can you learn a skill of observing the body presentation and inserting a needle in the right spot or is it innate? She tells a great story about manipulating a needle and helping a shoulder pain, but it’s not quite what you think. How do emotions play a role in your manifestation of health?

Does being a ‘white girl’ doing acupuncture cause difficulty in getting new patients and building trust?

Why do American Acupuncturist use the tubes over the needles, instead of free needleling like China? Some states limit the herb part of an acupuncturist job description… why is that and does Alex prefer pills, compounding or teas?

What do you do when some of your friends aren’t there to share in your success anymore? What about when your friends can’t quite relate to the pressures of being a doctor and patient care and running a business?

Enjoy linguistics? We go into Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese.

What are the perks to being single, enjoying that and really exploring who you are prior to a serious relationship?

Huangdi Neijing

Between Heaven and Earth A Guide to Chinese Medicine

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AntiAging Center of Boca Raton FL is her curtain job

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Justin Trosclair 0:02
Episode 61 mysteries of acupuncture. Your host Dr. Justin trust Claire. Today, we’re Alexandru perspective.

George 2017 podcast Awards Nominated host, Dr. Justin trust,

as he gets a rare to see him look to the specialties,

all types of doctors and guess plus marketing, travel tips, struggles, goals and relationship advice. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

Hey, everybody, welcome back. I tell you what, it is a cold week here. The wife and I got out of a movie. I mean, it’s windy is chilly. Well, sure enough, feels like 34 degrees outside. Needless to say, we went home and did not stop for late night barbecue. At this point, you’re probably saying yourself, Justin, it’s still Chinese New Year. No, it finally finished. I hope everybody had a great time in America we sure did here. And all those first two weeks are crazy busy after that is just kind of more low key and everybody’s visiting friends and family that last time you were to go back to work. So that’s all wrapped up back to the real world. And speaking of the real world, we have a young acupuncture so with us today, young and freshly graduated. So different perspective today, which I think is good. You know, you always hear from the gurus and the people that have been in there for long you kind of forget about the struggle, especially you know, we have a we have a way of making fun of millennials these days. So it’s nice to get a perspective of a driven millennial. And so both we’ll talk about her past why she chose acupuncture. What she’s learned so far this past year, we go into a little bit of and quizzical fun near the end, and we discuss a little bit about why people do not freedom in America, and how important herbs are think you’re gonna enjoy the episode today. Also want to let you know, if you go to a doctor’s perspective, net slash resources, we’ve got the set for set still makes it is a new way to exercise. They also have really cool power bands is something that I used in Louisiana, they’re really really strong, you can get some really good stretching with it, you can get more mobility into your joints. If that’s something that interests you just head over to resources. If you click the link to help out the show, as well as a mentor box, you can get 15 minute interviews with the author of the actual book, and they’ll have like workbooks and different things like that. So it’s a way to consume books without actually having to read them. And it’s only seven bucks a month. Again, click through from the website, you’ll help support the show. Appreciate it. All the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash 61 as well hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from the University of China. Welcome back to a doctor’s perspective podcast today. We have an acupuncture physician, all the way from Boca Raton, Florida. Please put your hands together for Alexandra. SOS. Oh, hello. Hello. I get it right. Yeah, you’re good. Perfect the

Unknown 2:59
time. So in Italy, it’s pronounced like SWAT so but people here don’t do that. You know?

Justin Trosclair 3:07
It’s too much time with English and French and our Chinese I

Unknown 3:10
Yeah. Right.

Justin Trosclair 3:12
It’s all about a tongue in the lips, right? Yeah.

Unknown 3:15
More Chinese is especially with the Oh, yeah. It’s a very specific thing.

Justin Trosclair 3:22
yesterday that my wife was trying to tell me what a flower was. And I was like, Can you just spell it? And she spelled and I was like, Okay, now I know what you’re saying. Yeah,

Unknown 3:30
no, seriously, that’s what we had to study in school. We had to have eight weeks of Chinese language. So we got familiar with like the characters. Oh, yeah. Because when you’re learning herbs that you know what I mean, like everything. So yeah,

Justin Trosclair 3:45
exactly. If you heard Chris Tomlin and flower rose hips and you’re like, Yeah, I got at least know what those are. Yeah,

Unknown 3:51
exactly. Seriously. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 3:55
This be random. But I saw somebody acupressure point game. All kinds of crazy yesterday. Yeah. acupuncture needle. Copying on top 10 meters on the side with electricity. I was like, Whoa, this patient must have been?

Unknown 4:09
Is it in wild? What was the problem? What do you know what the problem was? modes?

Justin Trosclair 4:15
Oh, wow. Yeah. I don’t know why they chose to do all of that just because the other 20 disposes they didn’t do that for so maybe he had some exquisite muscle spasms in that one spot or something? Yeah,

Unknown 4:26
I mean, that’s the thing about acupuncture. It’s like, always a mystery. And that’s what keeps it exciting. You know what I mean? Like, there’s no set when you’re in school, they teach it to you in a way that you have to learn for board exams, basically, you know, what I mean? Like, they try to make it into a, like a fundamental. Yeah. And but actually, the practice of it is, so it’s like, magical, you know what I mean? And like, the real, the real Chinese guys were like, people that had the real knowledge of it, you know, what I mean? You like a needle technique? That stuff is really cool. You know? Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 5:05
I mean, I was, the more you learn that I see it here, I’ve been around with several different doctors, and, you know, there’s different like charts and books that I look at and everything. And you could just be simple protocol based that that at the, but if you really start feeling like tones of the pulse, look into the tongue, what’s your issues, all of a sudden, the roadmap is so cluttered, except like, how did you pick this one point, like, well, this one point will fix this, and everything else will cascade better you like, I know,

Unknown 5:36
when you want to ask them why they picked it. They like look at you and like laugh because it’s so easy for them. You know what I mean? It’s like, it’s so crazy. But

Justin Trosclair 5:46
what I’ve learned to in China is, when you’re good at something, you don’t really give all your secrets. Because exactly, no. show people and I’ll try to help them and like this, is it this is the Stop, stop

giving away everything. Make them come back at least.

Unknown 6:02
No, seriously, my school that I went to with the study acupuncture, it was Chinese run like, so you know, it was like an authentic experience. Right. And it was funny because we had teachers that they used to say, oh, you’ll find out like in the future, but they would like never tell us the answer. You know what I mean? Yeah. And it was like, Oh, it’s like, your future,

Justin Trosclair 6:25
not my future.

Unknown 6:26
Exactly. Exactly. Yeah,

Unknown 6:30
it’s so funny. There’s, it’s so it’s so interesting, but that’s what I really love about every day is literally a brand new learning experience. You know what I mean? Yes, everybody’s different. You know, like, how’d

Justin Trosclair 6:42
you get into this? Of all the things because you look like a an Italian white girl, and from Florida like Boca Raton, maybe? I mean, how’d you get into acupuncture this heavy?

Unknown 6:51
Well, that okay, that this will make you laugh. So I actually was in school. I went, Okay, I’m actually adopted from Ukraine. When I was Yeah, so, um, my family that adopted me, they’re Italian. Okay, they are from New York. So I used to so but then they moved down here. And I basically grew up down here, you know, growing up, I family up there. So I would visit, you know, in New York, New York and stuff, and I wanted to live there. I was always, I’m all like, I’m, I’m the type of person I feel like if I find something that I want to do, I can become good at it. You know what I mean? Because that I just focused on it. And I just go for it. So I wanted to do fashion. So I went to fashion school in New York. And I hated it. Like, yeah, and but that’s the thing. I didn’t know if I didn’t know what the problem was like, something hit me one day, I wasn’t depressed. I just felt like, I was living like an out of body experience. You know what I mean? Like, I felt like, I wasn’t living my life for myself. I felt like I was just like, living through motions. I was like, I would wake up I’d be like, is this what my life is going to be like? I don’t want to work in this industry. Yeah, so I’ve always been into health. And, um, I’ve never really been sick when I was younger. Okay, like, I never really had to go to the doctor, I was always kind of healthy. So I never had to rely on medications. So I knew that if I went to a Western doctor, he would have given me antidepressants, but I wasn’t depressed. You know what I mean? I couldn’t put my finger on it. That’s the thing. I was like, it was weird.

Unknown 8:34
I was you know, that’s where I started getting into more like, like, eating organic. I was exercising, like more. I thought, like I had, you know what I mean? I thought like, I had to get my body in that way. Didn’t work. So that’s when I was like, What the heck is going on? You know, it’s like, this is like, driving me crazy. And my friend, well, my ex boyfriends friend at the time. He told me, he was like, just try acupuncture. Because I go to acupuncture. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 9:03
why not?

Unknown 9:04
Thank you. Yeah. Don’t you think you have nothing to lose? So at the time, because I was a student, still, they have the student or they have the clinics like the schools in New York and stuff. And they have the student clinics. Since I had my school ID I could have gotten the treatment for like, $10 live. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So I was like, whatever, you know, I’m just going to go like, I have nothing to lose, like, just do it. Yeah. So I did it. And I can’t even tell you, it changed my life. Like the first time I went, I left the place. And I went to my friend’s house in Brooklyn. So it took me like 45 minutes like to get there. So that was like, after the treatment. And then I was hanging out with her. I was telling her about, I was like, I was like, I feel so good. Like, you know, I don’t know what they did. But like, I just feel good. Like, I feel like myself again. All of a sudden, I started getting like hot, like my head was getting hot. And this was in like, September. So it was still like not like it wasn’t cold outside. Like, you know what I mean? Like, it wasn’t like, Yeah.

Unknown 10:12
Right. So I started getting hot, and my forehead was high, I thought I was getting a fever. My friend was like, oh, maybe one of the like, the students or something was sick. And like, you know,

Justin Trosclair 10:25
the one your needle, Yeah,

Unknown 10:26
something like whatever, because there was nothing I could put my finger on. So then literally, so she’s like, just go like, lay on the couch or whatever. So I laid on the couch. And then all this, like mucus started coming out of my nose. And after that, I was like to myself again, and I was like, This is what I have to do. And I finished the school. You know, I finished like,

Unknown 10:51
I went to fit the Fashion Institute of Technology. So I had to finish that to get my credits so I could start the school.

Justin Trosclair 10:59
Fast. And then I technology. Yeah,

Unknown 11:02
no, that’s pretty wild now was definitely not for me. But it’s funny, because it’s like, with acupuncture, because I do have like that creative side. Because that’s the thing when I was growing up, I’ve always been interested in studying like the body, like I’ve always been interested, like, I love studying the body, right? But I didn’t want to go to school to be like a medical doctor, because I don’t want to push pills. And you know what I mean? Like, I want you to

Justin Trosclair 11:27
turn the chiropractor here,

Unknown 11:29

Justin Trosclair 11:30
Yes, no, I’m with you. Because I drew a lot as a kid, and I didn’t really want to do the medicine round, not that I’m against medicine or anything. I just

Unknown 11:40
I’m not. But there needs to be a balance. I think, especially like, that’s what’s happening now. Because there was such a

Unknown 11:49
disproportionate scale of, you know, like, the pharmaceuticals and stuff. Look what’s happening now. People are going more holistic, because they know them. I mean, yeah, and that’s the thing to look at all these other countries, you know, like India and stuff, like, look at, they don’t have the best of everything, of course, but look at their health care in the way of like how the people live long. You know what I mean? in there, they’re healthier in a certain type of way. Look at all these old Yogi guys, you know what I mean? Yeah.

Unknown 12:24
And then, you know, it’s like crazy. It’s just exciting, though. I feel very like this is an exciting time for like chiropractors and acupuncture is like, you know,

Justin Trosclair 12:36
nutrition is Dr. Pat’s. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown 12:38
And now it’s our turn.

Justin Trosclair 12:42
How much natural Pathak you know, fuzzy naturopathic I thinking vitamins and thinking herbs and things like that. When you go through the the doctoral program, or the physician program and acupuncture is half of it, needles and half of it, herbs and how to treat with the nasty T and everything. Yeah.

At once you boil everything, but

Unknown 13:04
No, honestly, that that’s the thing. I think a lot of people don’t understand that. Like acupuncture school is like real work. You know what I mean? I think people think that, like, when they’re going into it, it’s just gonna be like, like mythos. But with needle. Yeah. Yeah. Like, no, it’s like real. It’s like you’re becoming a doctor, you have to learn, you have to know Western anatomy. And then you have to learn a completely different system.

Unknown 13:36
And that’s where a lot of people kind of, not fail at it, but they, it doesn’t click with them. And that’s where I think they start going into a more standardized practice. You know what I mean? Because they can understand the actual like, system. So anyway, so yeah, so we have to do

Justin Trosclair 13:59
with the hot Nicole. Like foods. And

Unknown 14:03
it sounds so silly. Like, yeah,

Justin Trosclair 14:05
no, nothing goes, you’re going to get pimples and a nosebleed? Well, yeah,

Unknown 14:09
no, seriously. But I was talking to somebody the other day about that, about how, but when you learn that kind of system of the body with acupuncture, everything seems so much simpler. You know what I mean? Like it is more complicated in a way. But it’s simple. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 14:26
It’s generalizations like, global generalization of this and this, and you kind of piece it together. How does that happen? And then maybe like a month later, a couple weeks later, you come back? Or you better know. Okay, well, then we need to dive deeper and get a little bit more Western II and pinpoint the solution. Exactly. Yeah.

Unknown 14:47
So with school, we had to do herbal training to that was and taking the test for that the herbal board brutal.

Justin Trosclair 14:57
That’s like your smoke.

Unknown 15:00
been through in my life so far? When I pass it, I wanted to scream like in the room where we had to take the test. It was so bad. And yeah, but that yeah, that’s the thing, too, I think, because it is so much work. A lot of people just get so discouraged with it.

Justin Trosclair 15:17
A lot of schools have a pretty high attrition rate. So that’s one of the ones when you’re looking at what school I want to go to for dentistry or a doctor or whatever. You have to look at that. Because then that tells you that either accepting people that shouldn’t be there to begin with. Are you really need to buckle down? Because this is no joke?

A lot of money going because I’m guessing you guys have had to get student loans and all that as well. It’s just as expensive every other school.

Unknown 15:40
You don’t know how many people started in the school and they would just quit like to trimesters out from it. I’m like, What are you doing? Like, I can pay you back? Yeah, it was crazy. That’s funny.

Justin Trosclair 15:55
So what would you consider your specialty right now?

Unknown 15:57
I’m just getting my degree business started. I graduated, I’m 26. I just turned 26. So I just graduated last year, and then I started my business within that year, this year. 2017. I’ve just been seeing people for everything. Like good. I

Justin Trosclair 16:16
mean, all that. Yeah,

Unknown 16:17
back pain. Issues like fertility, like different things. I that’s the thing I want to be as I mean, I’m not. I think as I get more into it, I’m going to probably have be more into a specialty of it. Right? But now because I’m just starting, I don’t really know what, yeah,

Justin Trosclair 16:36
you’re open to see whatever you can get. And then yeah, gravitate towards fertility or, you know, gut issues or whatever, in a couple years. And like I just as well love,

Unknown 16:46
ya know, and I think what helps me is, I’m, I go very intuitively over it was like, listen to this, this is crazy. So what intuitively mean like I can like feel people like I’m I’m an empath, and I can feel like people’s pains and stuff. So that helps me. So the other day, I was treating my patient and he has stomach problems. He had like a surgery and they put like a tube and him. But the way that they I think I don’t know what it was exactly, but the way I think they extracted it or something like it messed him up his back. So I treat him and it helped it’s been helping him feels good and stuff. But so the other day, I was just like walking around the body kind of I was like looking at him. And then I was like, I’m gonna put the needle in his ankle for I just felt that. So he was like, how did you know that? I was going to ask you can you put a needle in my ankle because my ankle was bothering me. And I was like, I can’t tell you how well but that’s the thing, because there’s one there’s one teacher I had in school. And he that’s how he did it. He said like, you can observe the body. You can find like different you can look at the body see, like the discoloration. And you could see where it is like deficient, different things like that. And he said, that’s where you put the noodles. Okay. And it’s very interesting. And that’s what I’m saying. There’s no light. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 18:17
there are people who don’t know anything about acupuncture. It’s, it sounds like who we and we and weird, but somehow they figure it out somehow they can feel your poles. And they just like, this is probably the system that we need to focus on you like, What are you talking about? But obviously, you guys have been doing this for a long time. And it’s taught, so I’m just gonna go with it and put my faith and trust in that doctor. You know,

Unknown 18:41
really? I’ve seen some crazy things get in school. Yeah. Amazing. And that’s why I’m just so like, I want acupuncture. I want it to be like, the next big thing in the United States. You know what I mean? Like with health, like, and there’s so much stuff coming out about it now, like so many studies? Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown 19:06
We’re really trying to suppress a lot of stuff.

Justin Trosclair 19:09
A lot of new and it’s hard to it was hard to quantify. And it’s not like a double blind placebo effect. It’s it’s, you know, chiropractic was the same way. Yeah, either get an adjustment or you don’t. And so they’re trying to always had trouble finding the fake adjustment that would actually for the patient so that they could actually have a good placebo. And it was kind of hard to do for a long time. Yeah. But where are you private practice right now? Are you working like a clinic?

Unknown 19:35
I’m a private practice. I’m working out of a an anti aging center. It’s anti aging center. Um, it’s not like Botox and things like that. My boss actually, it’s really cool. My boss, she helped create a technology. It’s an ultrasound machine, and it blasts fat cells under your eyes, and it gets absorbed and up out the fat. Oh, yeah. It’s very cool. And it helps build your natural college and it helps

Unknown 20:09
stimulate stimulate your metabolism naturally. So you burn fat better in your body. Um, it’s really cool. So she started her come. It’s so weird. We met like this time last year, and she was starting this place. She got the center in downtown Boca. And it’s like a two story building. And we’d like to yoga and we have like, a salt room upstairs. Like Asana, you know, things like that.

Justin Trosclair 20:40
room and everything.

Unknown 20:41
It’s so nice. Yeah, it’s very cool. So I’ve been working out of there. I have my I wrote in there and I write my room and work out of their quota help her with that, too.

Justin Trosclair 20:52
When we’re talking about where you acupuncture is different. It’s new for a lot of people. There’s typically misconceptions, especially if you’re me, somebody in the grocery store and, or just social media, whatever. What are some of the common misconceptions that you would like to lay the bed right now?

Unknown 21:07
One for sure. Is that, I think for me, especially because I am like a white girl. You know what I mean? Yeah, like a lot of people think I understand that. Like you, you would want to go to somebody that you believe has more knowledge of something. I understand that.

Justin Trosclair 21:26
The accent now. Yeah,

Unknown 21:28

Unknown 21:32
But, um, but I think that that’s one misconception. There’s a lot of new a new generation, I think of people in the United States of in their 20s and stuff that are into this movie. It’s not a movement, but it’s the truth. You know what I mean? It’s like this medicine works. That’s one thing that white girls can do it. Yeah. And, um, another misconception

Justin Trosclair 22:03
way, but it come to you.

Unknown 22:05
Why it’s gonna hurt. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 22:06
Oh, it’s gonna. It’s gonna hurt. I’m scared of needles. I don’t believe in it.

Unknown 22:12
Exactly. Okay, so yeah. So when people say it’s going to hurt, I mean, that. That’s really hard for me to tech kind of take seriously sometimes because the needles are so tiny. You know what I mean to her. So time me, I mean, and people go and get their blood drawn and all that stuff. And they get those needles in them don’t that’s like a complete I that’s what I say to them. I’m like, the needle, a hypodermic Dermot needle is nothing compared to an acupuncture needle. So and it feels good when you get needles, because your endorphins start going through your body. And it helps you relax.

Justin Trosclair 22:51
Do your users little tubes where you put the pressure then tap the thing? Or do you go free handle? And the United States we legally have Do you have to choose? Well, you have to have the tubes and make it so much easier because the pressure of the two takes away the the jolt of getting stabbed. Because here it’s just free hand. And I mean, it’s like, Oh, I’m so scared. I was an

Unknown 23:12
acupuncture school. That’s how it was to that know, the Chinese guys used to laugh at us, because we have we’re doing it with the tubes, who they’re like a real acupuncturist doesn’t use the tubes. And when they would be treating people, they would have to take them out because they were used to that. But I’ve been practicing trying to do that. And I’m getting better with that technique. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 23:34
you have to have that hand. No, you have to it’s a very, like, swift and fast. And you have to be precise. Yeah, they have you played one time they had a stack of tissue papers. Yeah, wrapped too tight. And they like I practice just to try to practice and I’ve been Oh my God, look at two inch needle. So I’ve been the needles like I’m glad that wasn’t an A person. And then I did the way that I here put it right here. The little spot by the elbow. Wow, it, put it in.

Got an artery or have a


didn’t have a lot of experience. Free needling people.

Unknown 24:14
Oh my god, I can imagine.

Unknown 24:18
Because they think like, we’re so we’re timid little bit too. Yeah. No, seriously, they like laugh at the Americans because they’re like, you guys don’t know what pain. You know what I mean? Like any little thing.

Justin Trosclair 24:31
We laugh at the people that really hurt like when they’re really in pain, and they put the needle in the like.

just seemed like Oh, that was a tough one. Because sometimes it can hurt because you’re in a spot that hurts. Because we’re doing musculoskeletal pain. Like laughing in the background little bit. We’re like, well, well, not too loud.

Unknown 24:53
Oh my god, I’m sorry. So I was in when I was in acupuncture school. So the doctor that I told you, the one that he walks around the body and he says like the way you observe it, right? He’s amazing. He’s Chinese. He Do you know that any of the ancient books that they talk about? Do you like no, no, you don’t know that right with the dragons are like I keep saying like the aging. Have you ever heard of that? Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 25:16
I heard that. I don’t

Unknown 25:17
know. But what? Yeah, I don’t know much about it. But I mean, I heard of it. Right? Um, it’s basically like the foundation of how acupuncture works. Like, it’s just about like the systems. It’s like an ancient book. It was written I think 2000 years ago, or like three that maybe? No, I think it’s like 5000 years ago. So this teacher that I had, he is like one of the few people left that can read agent Chinese. He’s read all those books. So he like really understands, needs to start translating. You know what I mean? Yeah, I love learning from him. So I was in clinic one day with him. When, when we had clinic, I would always try to like, pair up with him for you know, thanks. So, um, we were okay. So this guy comes in. He was like, a big, he was like six one like an athlete like a gym guy. You know what I mean? Like tog Rafi. Yeah, like big muscles. Like whatever he comes in. He says that he’s been having like shoulder pain because he was working out or something. He had like an injury or something. I don’t know. The doctor so he’d be like, okay, so like, he was like a little. He’s like a little like Buddha. He reminds me of like a Buddha. Like, the way he like, just like laughs and like, he’s always happy, like laughing and you know, so he was like, okay, Alex, do you know, you know, the the measurements of the needles? The three the three chosen? Some? Whatever? Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 26:48
Oh, I was like, okay, needle, by the way. Yeah. That’s a long needle. Yeah.

Unknown 26:53
So he was like, Alex kept me a three, whatever inch need. Also, he, because a lot of people don’t understand the measurements. So you know what I mean, when we say that thing? Yeah. They don’t understand that. It’s a long needle. He was like, okay, we’re going to stick it right here. Right. See one area? Yeah, sick. You’re right there. And I was like, thinking like that long of a needle. You don’t need that was crazy. Yeah. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 27:20
The brainstem with that needle.

Unknown 27:22
So no, literally. So he was like, okay, so he puts it in. He’s like, okay, Alex, come over here and push it in. I was like, No, I’m gonna watch you do. I was like, yeah.

Unknown 27:38
So the guy like, you could see the guy was getting nervous, because he was like, where are you going to put that?

Unknown 27:48
So he, he took the needle, so he just pushes it all the way in? I’m not even kidding you. Like, it’s not gonna hit. He’s like, it’s not gonna head. He was manipulating it. He was telling the guy to move his shoulders and stuff. Within like, two minutes of manipulation, just like hand manipulation. The guy was like, my shoulder pains gone. Come on this crazy.

Justin Trosclair 28:14
And that’s like, that’s practically all the way through all this trouble to


The other way, though? It didn’t it didn’t pop through. That’s good.

Could you imagine?

I know exactly how many subjects liberals we go through? Yeah, then. And by the way, when she says manipulation, they kind of get twisted the needles a little bit. They kind of turn them and I don’t know, clockwise or counterclockwise. I guess there’s a dependent what you want to do? Yeah,

Unknown 28:40
that’s very specific thing to?

Unknown 28:43
It was crazy. Wow.

Justin Trosclair 28:45
Well, I worked. So there we go. Yes. So you are doing your own thing. So as far as marketing, are you having to do anything like that? Or does the owner take care of all of the marketing?

Unknown 28:57
Well, I’ve been getting a lot of clients from the center, like, when people are there, and I ended up talking to them, and you know, things like that. And word of mouth. So I’ve been kind of lucky so

Justin Trosclair 29:10
far. Do you have to convince them that they need to try acupuncture? Like you kinda have to give them a little educational sales pitch, or

Unknown 29:18
that’s the thing I really feel like people, like I remember when I started school, that was in 2014. And I would tell people, I’m going to school for acupuncture. And they’d be like, Oh, you know, like,

Unknown 29:34
Oh, yeah. So but now, when I’m like, I do acupuncture, they’re like, wow, they’re like, That’s so cool. Like, I want to try it. You know,

Justin Trosclair 29:45
there’s like a Mystique to it. Like, yeah, what do you do?

Unknown 29:48
Well, because, yeah, I mean, it’s, that’s we were also talking my teeth. That guy, the doctor that I would like to follow. He, we were in school one day, there was like an article that came out that said something about like, acupuncture isn’t as effective. You know what I mean? And it came out, this was like, a couple years ago, but so we were talking about them. Because you’ve had a lot of clients. So we were like, how, like, how do you tell people, you know, to try it or to do whatever he’s like, with acupuncture. He’s like, never worry about what they put in print. Or you know what I mean, like out there, he said, because it’s always going to be testimony, like people are going to tell people that Yeah. And that’s always the best.

Justin Trosclair 30:37
I think that’s the record. Do you do any kind of like pre post the recordings of testimonies to build your testimonial portfolio?

Unknown 30:44
I’m going to start actually doing that. I haven’t done it. It’s been really hectic getting my business just like started, you know what I mean? Right, right. And then by the end of the day, I get like, tired. I don’t just like, meditate. I do yoga.

Justin Trosclair 30:58
Click on my check out for now. Well, yeah, they wouldn’t have kind of challenges did you have started?

Unknown 31:03
First challenges? Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 31:05
when you first started a good just be paperwork bank loan, the money could just be, you know, any kind of topic. And well, I

Unknown 31:10
think the challenges, I think it’s just, honestly, a lot of my friends friends day, like kind of once I started getting all my stuff together, they kind of like bailed out on me, I think because of jealousy. And I don’t know if that’s happened to you, when you were getting your stuff going in your life? No, it’s just been you, they show you their true colors, like, they’re not as happy as you thought they would be for you. You know what I mean? Right? So it’s like to not have that kind of support system.

Justin Trosclair 31:44
They don’t know what when I started my own clinic, I was 25, I bought a clinic. And a couple years go by, and I’m talking to my staff. She’s mid 40s, late 40s, or whatever she was. And I was like, I had a lot of friends that are like, in their upper 30s, 50

a few people my age, you know, a lot of my own core of my own age. And I was like, Hey, what’s the deal? She’s like, Justin, you’re in a position that most 25 and six year olds aren’t in, they’re not stressed out from owning a clinic and patients like in marketing and like, you’re in a realm that these young kids have nothing about. They’re worried about six o’clock happy hour. Yeah. And you’re worried about, you know, yeah, all this overhead. It’s just like, you’re just in a different place. And so they’re not going to understand how to support you. Like someone who may have done that and been around for the last 20 years. Definitely. I was like, okay, so it just kind of gave me comfort to know, like, All right, I’m not alone. Yeah, in the hobbies, you like, what you’re feeling like, it’s not alone, you just have to create a new social circle.

Unknown 32:45
Exactly. That’s what it is. That’s what you just you’re finding yourself and along that some people aren’t going to like that. So you know, when you’re going down your journey, because Yeah, exactly. You’re in a different realm. You’re, you’re taking you found that passion in life, and a lot of people don’t find that because I think because they want to just be accepted that they

Justin Trosclair 33:07
just they’re happy with Yeah, nine to five and he did you happen to ever do a It sounds like you probably haven’t, but I could be an eye or a chamber group or do acupuncture is have their own big seminars every year and

Unknown 33:21
lots of rah rah rah, do we do type of stuff, huh? Yeah, we have. I’m part of the soma, which is the Florida State oriental medicine associate Association. They do like conferences yearly. They’re like the main ones that really tried to fight, not fight, but get acupuncture really more out there and try to get it more into legislature. Things like that. And then so yeah, we have conferences. It’s, it’s for the state of Florida. So the state of Florida, actually, in the United States actually has one of the best laws for accurate okay. Think New Mexico has the best, like practicing wise, like the rate, their scope of practice?

Justin Trosclair 34:06
What would you be? What would you be not denied access to do

Unknown 34:10
from New Mexico? Like

Justin Trosclair 34:11
what are like, if you weren’t in Florida? If you’re like Louisiana, like what could you not?

Unknown 34:16
Well, the I don’t know the specifics of every state, but Florida like okay, the reason why I didn’t want to stay in New York to go to school up there for acupuncture for Oriental Medicine, because they actually have a very good school up there. But it’s weird. They have weird laws with herbs. It was really weird. In Florida, it’s different. Florida I in New York, you have to be a medical doctor to inject like anything Florida I can do. It’s called a key point injection therapy. So I can inject like the 12 or some homeopathic remedies into like a one points. And that really helps treatments, cupping? I don’t I don’t know, you could do cupping in New York, but there’s something with the herbs

Justin Trosclair 35:01
that mostly like herbal. Yeah, you’re limited in

Unknown 35:05
the treatment. Yeah, that’s like a big part. You want to kind of be the thing about herbs is that you really want to stay on top of being around it. Same thing with acupuncture, but because I think a lot of people get discouraged, because it’s a lot of work with herbs, just to stand it as a medicine, you know, because a lot of them are very specific. You know, I’m sure you know, like about the conditions like you don’t use this herb for you know what I mean? There’s always like a diff of why you’re not going to use something. So I think a lot of people can keep all that straight to

Justin Trosclair 35:39
Yes. Oh my god study do do like pills, or is it all mostly like a compound? Get the roots and you Yeah, compounds? Or do you have to like boil them or what it is

Unknown 35:50
school, we had to do everything. So I’m familiar with, like how to do the compounds and things like that. But in my practice right now, I just do the pills. Okay, because it’s easier for inventory. And you know what I mean? I’m just getting started. And I don’t

Justin Trosclair 36:06
you don’t want to have a smell like a Chinese herbs, right? Yeah, man, you walk down the street and you like, herbs?

I got some stomach stuff. Sometimes. He recommended 23 things.

Unknown 36:20
Like to make a Yeah, yeah.

Justin Trosclair 36:22
Right. Oh, my gosh, we haven’t quite done it yet. So we just got back to China. So we’re waiting until January to like, do his remedy for myself. Do whatever he told the wife to do. Right? And we’ll see how it goes. And

Unknown 36:36
you have to make it for yourself. There’s a maker for Yeah, yeah, you have to make it for yourself. That’s

Justin Trosclair 36:40
Yeah, they don’t really do pills. It’s all like raw material. No, but

Unknown 36:44
that’s awesome. I I would rather do that. Because the team is actually really work. People. That’s one good thing to promote tease. Even though they’re discussing. They are miracles.

Justin Trosclair 36:57
My wife went climb 17 thousand feet mountain. And for like six weeks, she’s kept drinking. I wish I remember what it was now. But a certain team, she’s right here. I could probably just say Hey, girl, what, uh, what team? Are you drinking? But she would boil it and you drink it. And the idea was, you’d be more acclimated when you get up. Yeah. So it was doing something with her blood or whatever. her lungs? I’m not sure which is next. Where’s that really helped because he talked to somebody and that’s like, this is what you need to do. To make sure that you can handle and

Unknown 37:25
help though, right? Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 37:26
she made it like she didn’t get fluid on her lungs. And she was one of three or four that actually made

Unknown 37:32
that’s a good feeling.

Justin Trosclair 37:34
Tell these guys like bowed out. Yeah,

Unknown 37:36
I can imagine

Justin Trosclair 37:38
then, like float on the lungs to make you have to go down the mountain. Yeah.

Unknown 37:40
Well, that’s the thing. Yeah. Going up mountains. People don’t realize how the altitude affects you. Like, seriously big deal.

Justin Trosclair 37:49
It’s a big deal. Yeah. What do you see? Five years from now? You just start now, which I love. We’ve had a few guests that like where you’re at. And it’s a different viewpoint than the person that’s like, got this down. So five years from now, do you have any ambitions, your own clinic or writing a book? Or like, what’s what’s what’s in your world? Yeah.

Unknown 38:10
I want to educate people. If I could become a voice for acupuncture, you know, because I think that’s where I think that’s also a good thing on my end, though, because what we were saying about before how I’m a white girl, and a lot of that’s what could be

Justin Trosclair 38:27
a fashionista. Yeah.

Unknown 38:28
Right. But that’s also a good thing for me, because I can explain to people from the United States who speak English, I can explain to them acupuncture in a way that they’ll understand,

Justin Trosclair 38:41
right? Because we got to bridge If it sounds too Rui, Ma’am, I don’t know, I don’t like listening to say, right. But you can bring it down to a Western mindset you like, Oh, that’s what you’re talking about homeostasis. Exactly. Oh, that’s what you’re talking

Unknown 38:54
well. And that’s, that’s the way I try to explain acupuncture to people to I say, Our body is a computer. And I look at the points as like activation points, the hard drive or whatever you call it. You know what I mean? you’re tuning? I was waiting for the explanation. I’m ready. Like, tuning your tuning it.

Justin Trosclair 39:14
And they just a program in the computer. Yeah. And yeah,

Unknown 39:16
you’re making the system work better, because their child, and when people still like it can’t be proven and

Justin Trosclair 39:27
that it help.

Unknown 39:28
Exactly. That’s what I say to people to with acupuncture, it’s a very personalized treatment. So when you go to a Western doctor, he’s gonna, if you have a headache, he’s gonna prescribe to x y&z pill, because that’s what they know, with acupuncture, you come in, you have a discussion, they talk about emotions, because your emotions, people don’t want to admit it, but they have a lot to do with your health. Stress is like the number one killer. So they talk about your emotions, and then they talk about your medical history, they talk about what you’re there for. Because sometimes, like what we just said, like, your emotions can be causing your pain, physically, what you think is like, Oh, I just have back pain, or just have a shoulder pain or neck pain could actually be coming from something that’s going on inside of you that you need to work on to. So that’s the cool part of the two because it’s all it’s that that’s the true meaning of holistic, you know, you can’t really separate everything you need to be, you need to have that complete. That completeness. That’s why people I think, in the United State, well, not just in the United States, but there’s like a separate nice, I think people feel separated from from each other or from their bodies. I think a lot of people get to a point and they’re like, well, this is this is it, you know, like this is going to be my life, you know, 30 years? Yeah, yeah.

Unknown 40:57
But and that’s the thing to people expect to get sick. You know,

Unknown 41:01
there are certain things like obviously, like, God forbid, you’re, you know, you don’t get in the car accident or something like that. But like health,

Justin Trosclair 41:09
you don’t have to get diabetes, and that

Unknown 41:11
itself is a choice. And you choose to what you eat, you choose, you know, different things, and you choose your mentality. And that

Justin Trosclair 41:24
will mean that a lot of people, we’re taping this right before Christmas, right? There’s people that get depressed right now, because of they lost a lot of fun, maybe during the season or whatever. They don’t want to feel depressed and all the time to just sneaks up on you know, why don’t I feel right? And then you start thinking about like, Oh, yeah, and they might get headaches or like tension and you like maybe, you know, like said maybe you should do something about talk about and maybe get some acupuncture while you’re processing this information, and it might just, you know, it, she might just get fixed and it just goes away.

Unknown 41:54
Well, that’s a big thing that I have the people my clients coming in for now, like their problem is stress. Because it’s all the craziness of the holidays, you know, it’s people really get into it like they get really hyped up. Well,

Justin Trosclair 42:06
you ready to switch gears to the little more personal side of the interviewer just starting out, you sound like you work for somebody else. So I’m curious about this. Are you able to take vacation? And if not, how can you take more

Unknown 42:17
this year, I actually haven’t taken a vacation. I got right after I graduated school, I met that woman. It was literally a week after I graduated school. And you want to hear something funny too. So I told you I’m adopted from Ukraine, right? My actual name like I don’t my birth name is different. My parents that adopted me change my name. So it was a week after I graduated the school. And she told me Earth my friend called me and said that there’s going to be like a holistic networking event at this place, like on this day or whatever. Go nice. So it was really weird. I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know like, what it was for. I went with my friend. As soon as we walked in, I saw the woman who I guess was the owner. I didn’t know who I was there to me. You know what I mean? I know what was going, right. So she comes up to me, she’s like, do you want to work for me? I’m like, What do you? I was like, What do you do? So we started talking. And she had a little bit of an accent. So I was like, worrying from and she’s like, Oh, I’m from Russia. And I was like, oh, what part? Oh, actually, I’m from Ukraine. And we’re from the same city. And her name, because her name is it. Her name is Nina. But that’s not her real name either. That’s like her nickname. Her real name is the same name that was given to me when I was warm. And we like so from that moment. Like we just like became like a force. You know what I mean? Like, team. And like, I helped her get this place going. So that’s been my year, like, we were getting the center going and getting my stuff going. And so that’s funny, because it’s like, there are days when I really wanted to be on vacation. But this year was so fulfilling to me. So it’s like, that’s okay, right.

Justin Trosclair 44:08
I don’t need to go on vacation. I’m already excited about I don’t have to escape life right now. I’m

Unknown 44:13
going to I live in Boca. So I live in like paradise. So I can’t complain. I know. I seriously can’t complain. I wake up. I’m like, oh my god. Like, I couldn’t live in New York. That’s why I didn’t want to be there. Because I didn’t like the weather. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 44:27
What have you learned the language that we all could have secret conversations? Yeah, yeah.

I’m curious. What, so you can speak, you can speak they’re like, well, I,

Unknown 44:40
I know certain things like I know, it’s hard to explain because she goes in between like Ukrainian, Russian. But

Justin Trosclair 44:50
that’s why I didn’t say it the actual language. So that wasn’t sure when a dialect of

Unknown 44:54
training actually is like a completely different language.

Justin Trosclair 44:57
Completely different one.

Unknown 45:00
That’s what’s weird, because it’s like, I’ve actually have a good ear for languages. I’m good. It takes me a little bit of time to to speak it. I mean, I’m not fluent in really a lot. But I’m very good at listening. And I could pick it up easily. So when you listen to Ukrainian, at first you think it sounds like Russian, but then you start to actually look, listen. And you’re like, wow, that’s actually like very different. Now, it’s very interesting.

Justin Trosclair 45:30
It’s kind of like here to ethnic groups and ethnic groups. It sounds like Chinese, but then they don’t have a clue what they’re saying. If you only you only speak Mandarin, you like I don’t know what you’re saying. Our

Unknown 45:39
teacher said. He said that. In all the different provinces? It’s a completely different language. Yeah. But that’s why they have Mandarin though. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 45:48
it’s a unifying language. But in reality, most people are bilingual. And by their standards to us that like, you’re still speaking Chinese, like, no, this is Mandarin. And this is Shanghai ease. This is our village. So they might know two or three Chinese languages. And they can kind of go back and forth. And not all the words of similar like, sometimes it’s just like a little bit different. And other times you like, Where did you? Where did you even come up with this word?

It’s really, in blood blows my mind sometimes, like, I’ll give you an example to flip over is pink Tom, from rely

Unknown 46:25
on my head.

Unknown 46:29
So was it anyway? And that’s okay. For people who are listening. If people think that when people speak Chinese, if they sound angry, they don’t. It’s just, they’re just loud. It’s loud. But it’s the way that you have to pronounce the words, you have to have those reflections. It’s a very specific way. And that’s why it comes off sometimes that they sound maybe like, I just because I know, I’m like why are they so aggressive when they speak? Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 46:57
can you just say she has she has like, no, it’s Yeah, yeah. Okay, let me don’t you just sound like you’re, you’re like a muffler and everything we had,

Unknown 47:07
what am I my classmates? Because my class specifically we had a I was the night and weekend schedule. So my class specifically, we only had like, seven people in the class for the the all the time, though, we only had one guy in our class. And he was so come, he was so funny. He used to do the impressions of all the Chinese people but like, perfectly. So

Unknown 47:37
we did. He did it in front of one of the Chinese teachers needed it. Oh.

Justin Trosclair 47:45
you mocking me is not funny? You sure? Because we thought

Oh, yes. That’s good. I tried to do that we have this talent show. And I thought it’d be a good idea to Yeah, and collaborative school. And I thought it’d be fun to like, makes one of the teachers, you know, it’s kind of mock them a little bit. And, you know, I ran it by my buddies are like, man, great idea. It’s like, you know, if you were like, Steve Harvey, or, you know, whatever, you maybe that’d be funny, but you’re not. And you’re

Unknown 48:17
that guy we were like, because he was, he was like a good speaker. So at our graduation, we had to have like, two of our classmates make like a little saying, like, do a speech or whatever.

Unknown 48:28
We told him, he said he was going to do it. And we were like, okay, so you have to do the impressions of all the teachers at graduation. He was, he was like, Okay, I’m going to do it. Then like a week before. He’s like, I don’t think that’s a good idea. It’s like, I’m probably not going to get my diploma. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 48:48
They can invite me back and I’ll do Comedy Hour, but like right now, that’s probably just, that’s just really funny.

is good. We have friends to right now. Yes. Yeah,

Unknown 48:56
that’s like the nice thing too, when you go to school, when you go to school for something, it’s like very specific, you know, like Chiropractic and acupuncture, you meet the people that have the same interest of that. And after

Justin Trosclair 49:11
that your family for four years.

Unknown 49:13
And but that’s really cool, too. Because no, most people don’t have those interests. You know what I mean? I mean, you talk to them about when you want to talk to people about things like this. Yeah. Exactly. glazed over

Justin Trosclair 49:25
quick. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that’s some of the relationships that I’ve kept up for the years is making those phone calls to your buddies, getting involved with different groups, talking shop, making sure that you, you know, not only on the cutting edge of research and practice, but just Hey, what are you doing? how’s this going? How are you talking to patients, they’re not sticking with care, like they’re supposed to? What’s the problem? And then they’re like, Well, here’s some tips. And here’s some tricks to kind of talk through it and kind of help. And that’s part of it, too. But a lot of times, you know, patients need it and you like they need Yes, it’s my patients only come in three or four times, like they’re really only getting half of what they need, they might feel better, but they’re not yet or better. And if you can’t communicate to that somebody, oh, soon as pains gone, that’s why they came in. But then there’s more than just like what acupuncture is more than just got a headache. Like, I can do more than that. We can actually do this plus this and this all on the same. If you Well, what’s the beat? What’s the pulse of dating at 26? Or 27? In the year 2017, 2018?

Any advice for those the Aussies. And for the youngins Alice schools.

Unknown 50:32
Honestly, I’m single, and I’m like, loving life not like going Honestly, I don’t even want to really date because I’m like, just focusing on myself so much. And I’m really taking time to like love myself. And like really love myself, you know what I mean? Not just the cystic way. That’s huge. But like, know, people don’t

Justin Trosclair 50:56
even know what they want to get married. And they’re like, Oh, I found myself.

Unknown 50:59
girls my age. The reasons why they want to get married. And I’m like, No, like, like, What? What? Have a Baby

Justin Trosclair 51:06
financial? And that’s,

Unknown 51:09
I’m just like, but yeah, so I’m really learning to just like love myself. And it feels good. I just feel happy and content.

Justin Trosclair 51:15
They said that will make a better marriage one day if you go down that route, because you know who you are, you know, looking to be complete with the other person you like, I’m glad we went out to you just haven’t a complimentary really well. So that’s why we

Unknown 51:27
Yeah, definitely.

Unknown 51:30
I think everybody should, like I know some so many girls, I have actually always preferred. I’m like always been like a loner kind of, I would rather spend my time like reading book then going out with people that I don’t really want to be with. I first I feel like when I was younger that I used to feel weird. Like I was like, why? Like, why don’t like Why don’t I want to be like a part of the group. You know what I mean? And now it’s like, excited because everybody else. Like, that’s why because like, I’m like completely different. I found more. But I found I had to build that relationship with myself to trust myself. And like to trust my like, I know what I’m, you know what I mean? Like people say like, Listen to your intuition. It’s true

Justin Trosclair 52:18
will depend on associated school, you add and all that kind of stuff. There could be a lot more pressure to go out, hang out with people always doing stuff in the loners are left, they’re like, well, I just kind of want to read a book you like but I I’m like a weirdo now. So I’m forced to go and do this. And then you finally discover that there’s a whole group of people, like, I can go out, but I want to come home energized and just be me time is what’s going to get me excited and focus then ready to work.

Unknown 52:44
Sometimes because I could like just looking for like lectures on different things on YouTube and stuff. That will be like four hours long. And I’ll just have it on in like the background sometimes. You know what I mean? Like, that kind of stuff like relaxes me in a weird way. But

Justin Trosclair 53:00
when I get off with this, I’m going to buy this program that’s really on discount price right now. I can’t even use it for like, at least a year because we don’t do that here. But I’m like, it’s such a great price. And the knowledge is going to be like evergreen, like I’m just going to jump on it and get it while the getting’s good before it like quadruples in price of like, I don’t even care i’m just do it. Yeah, that much money. And I’m going to learn it. And that excited.

Unknown 53:21
I love it. I think we need to promote more learning. People not saying that people don’t learn. I’m not saying that. I just mean,

Justin Trosclair 53:30
it’s not cool. Yeah, for a lot of people.

Unknown 53:32
I don’t know if I get headaches. I really

Justin Trosclair 53:36
the real acupuncturist of Boca Raton. Know,

Unknown 53:39
I was telling my boss that we should have had a reality show at our company because like just the people that we’ve encountered, you know what I mean? Like so many characters. It’s like, so funny.

Justin Trosclair 53:51
Can you handle all the sometimes certain professions attract the strange people out there? Do you experience that? Yeah,

Unknown 54:00
no, I mean, like, but that’s the thing. I, I think also, I just gotten to a point where I look at life as like, just entertainment and a way kind of sometimes you know what I mean? Like, you can’t really? Yeah, like everything. I’m not perfect. Trust me. I’m not like super wealthy. I’m just like, getting my business going. You know what I mean? I have to pay bills, I have to do everything to right. And it’s stressful. like to have your own company itself. Because there’s no guarantee of anything. You’re going into it

Justin Trosclair 54:35
with your faith. This month is good next, like, glad I didn’t.

Unknown 54:40
But that’s the sacrifice. And yeah,

Unknown 54:45
I think so. I’m happy. That’s, that’s where I’m so fulfilled to like, that’s why I go on vacation for me to share. I was like, I’m like building my business. What you said when you were like 25 or 26 to? Yeah, it’s a crazy feeling. You’ll

Justin Trosclair 55:01
have to go home thing it sometimes, like a put a 12 hours. Let me get a man on keep doing it. Yeah, I know. Yeah.

So good. In wrapping this interview up here, any favorite books, blogs or podcasts that you just love? And the other people should definitely check out?

Unknown 55:20
There’s a lot of books, I was reading a lot. Um, gosh, that’s like very hard for me to answer wants to maybe look into reading about acupuncture, not acupuncture itself, just like, the idea of the concepts of how it was founded on. Um, it’s called between heaven and earth. And it talks about it’s very, like meditative to, it talks about like, just like how we’re all connected to each other. And as a whole, like, as a society if because that’s a that’s something to people, what I’m saying, you know, we need to learn, like I’m learning to love myself, it’s hard work to really put in that work into love yourself, like really love yourself, because everybody has faults, nobody’s perfect. We all have our issues. So to actually get to that point where you feel like you really accept yourself, a lot of people I feel like don’t do that, then they kind of wonder why they’re getting treated a certain way or why certain things are happening to them. And it’s because it’s all energy. If you don’t put in the work to love yourself, you others can’t love you. And then

Justin Trosclair 56:37
right you don’t even know what you’re looking for to get low and

Unknown 56:39
then as a system as we’re all connected to each other it’s like a network of people it’s like the body the same thing we’re all connected to each other. If you don’t like yourself, then that’s going to send out the energy to other people that not that like you don’t like yourself if you hate yourself but anger or frustration you know what I mean? Things like that air if you’re frustrated with yourself perpetually over things that are things trigger you really don’t know why you don’t deal with it. Like why don’t always trigger about this you

Justin Trosclair 57:11
like maybe I should figure that out

Unknown 57:13
and but that that’s what keeps when you actually just start to when you start to see people like that, you know, the sayings and stuff like if you see how people treat you as like a reflection of them, not you then you just like learn to love people and I think that that itself heals you know it’s going to heal and that’s

Justin Trosclair 57:34
what this books kind of goes into all that kind of stuff.

Unknown 57:37
Yes, exactly. And it’s a good Jessica

Justin Trosclair 57:41
ready last question. You ready for this one? We’ve got a cell phone addiction I don’t know if it made it out to Boca Raton or not but Amy favorite apps besides like Instagram and social media have that you love to use business our pleasure?

Unknown 57:57
Honestly, like I said I’m a weird person. So I try not to go on my phone that much

Justin Trosclair 58:03


Unknown 58:06
Yeah, Instagram Facebook. I don’t know i i i really am like, I think a healer like I want to work on the body. So technology sometimes for me is like a headache su

Justin Trosclair 58:20
Yeah, we’ll have a very productive there’s a productivity app that they use and it just changes your world.

Unknown 58:25
Because I’m like, I’m like I understand it’s not that I don’t understand it it’s just like I never got that oh my god I have to like do this I have to do this you know what I mean? Like

Justin Trosclair 58:37
understandable not everybody yeah your age I was expecting something so that is a okay it’s a good thing not to have that many apps and that much

Unknown 58:46
Oh my god. Like there were times when I want to delete like Facebook and stuff but I can’t because of my business.

Justin Trosclair 58:53
Just put up business stuff on use buffer something put it out for a week and this don’t even touch it for like one week. come back the next week. Wow. A lot of likes this week. Sweet. Yeah, let me respond.

I know Facebook has like a I guess you can get a badge if you respond fast enough. Because my business page always says you suck


across the world I can’t respond in 15 minutes or less.

Unknown 59:22
I’m so sorry. Like on Facebook, you can’t mark you can’t say weight loss like in the business. Like if you’re like putting an ad out or something you can say like helps with weight like you physically can’t say weight loss. Yeah, you can’t put headache input.

Justin Trosclair 59:39
Well, it makes you self conscious about yourself. I was trying to do nerve of these nerve stretches that you can download. And if you have numbness in your hands or legs, these stretches are shown to help with that that’s what therefore do not wrestle stretches their nerve stretches. And so I’m putting things like the hands feel frozen like you can in the in the snow. You got this pain in the numbness and you wanted to go away. You like that was kicking out because it’s making you feel like you have an issue. You got sciatica, you’ve got numbness, you’ve got a You got a problem. And so then you have to change it. I was afraid to get in block because I like I don’t know, three or four ads in a row got denied. That’s like, but my last 20 We’re good. Please come on Facebook. Don’t Don’t block me. I’m just learning. Very conditioned, specific advertising in that part is tricky, especially with all you’re doing. You know, can you put acupuncture for your irritable bowel syndrome? Can’t get pregnant? Try acupuncture. Like,

Unknown 1:00:36
especially with acupuncture, you can’t say it will heal you

Justin Trosclair 1:00:41
will besides that part besides the legal part of it anyway? Have you tried acupuncture?

That one day one day

Unknown 1:00:48
where it’s going to be easy for us?

Justin Trosclair 1:00:52
Please dreamin Have you seen a nutritional product line? I got all kinds of stuff like a nutritional product. Yeah, all the vitamins. You know, you can have adrenal support. And on the bottom FDA, the statement has not been cleared, blah, blah, blah. This isn’t Lipitor, you can’t say that you can do anything you like you have any studies are like on niacin, and how it helps with like cholesterol and different things, but can’t say it, can’t write it, you will get in trouble. Like those phones. Well, where can people contact you and reach you and find out more about everything. So

Unknown 1:01:26
my company is called acupuncture by Alex, my and that’s the Facebook page, you can go on acupuncture by Alex and that’s my Instagram. Um, I’ve been working on a website. It’s really crazy. Because a lot of people aren’t very reliable. So they know nothing bad. It’s just like people, they don’t follow through with anything. And then you know what I mean? It’s like all this work. Yeah. Yeah. Why you have to work on.

Justin Trosclair 1:02:00
I really am like a ninja. The

Unknown 1:02:04

Justin Trosclair 1:02:04
because I learned I made myself a learned like, the first three months of 2017 my wife was like, could you please come to bed in the morning?

Unknown 1:02:16
for that long my eyes go crazy. They physically like I’m like, your eyes. Don’t go crazy.

Justin Trosclair 1:02:21
Kind of me. No, no, I got the little I wear glasses. So I’ll put those

those filters on it. That’s my

man up. Yeah, you can buy some, they get some really cool.

And they’re literally meant to

the blog rate computer, fuzz lights, yeah, whatever that stuff is. out. I mean, I’m really helping out a lot of people by not even having a good word. To describe the glasses. It’s kinda like a polarized lens with blue or yellow. And you put those on if you know you can do a lot of computer work, whether you wear glasses or not, and then it won’t make you have that high fatigue.

Unknown 1:02:58
Just FYI for it.

Justin Trosclair 1:03:00
Bob has these issues. I know about it.

Unknown 1:03:03
But like want that my eyes I can’t. I can’t look at the screen for that long. I get like, prophesied. I seriously I started to go like

Justin Trosclair 1:03:14
it’s weird. Maybe the bigger screen the screen

Unknown 1:03:15
that I Well, that’s the thing, I don’t really go into computer

Justin Trosclair 1:03:18
at home. That’s either near her there, you’re having some computer, some website is your website

Unknown 1:03:25
that’ll be dragging the new year. It’s gonna be acupuncture by Alex calm, okay. The center I’m working out of is called the anti aging center Boca. So we’re also working on that new website to we have a website for my other bosses business. But I’m going to have a link in that website as well. One day, soon.

Justin Trosclair 1:03:45
So it’ll just be your own thing. And then just kind of show that you’re in the center. Find out more information about all that she does. Because the one that you may leave that center. And you’re going to want to still be Alex. Yeah. Acupuncture by Alex. Yeah, that’s cool that she’s letting you do that or not letting you but that is not like a conflict of interest and all that. Oh,

Unknown 1:04:02
she that’s cool. That’s what I love about her. She, like she first of all loves acupuncture. And it’s worked for her to, and she just wants to support me, you know what I mean? Like she wants to do good. And I can’t. It’s just so good. I feel like when you start to really when we’re saying you know like loving yourself when you really do start to love yourself. People say like vibrations like you’re aligning yourself into what you’re supposed to be going for. And if you listen to that, then you’re going to like magic. It’s like crazy things happen can happen for you.

Justin Trosclair 1:04:36
So thank you so much for taking the time being on the show, bringing so much value.

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