Episode 24: Jenny Li DC Creating a Niche Market in the Most Expensive City in the World


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Jenny Li, DC talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Dr. Jenny Li has experience in 3 countries, opened a clinic as a foreigner, carved out a niche, social media strategies and plunders, her body building passion, 5 year goals and how to get your own ideal clients and being unique to your competition.

Dr. Jenny Li attended Iowa State University then Palmer Chiropractic after spending her first 13 years in china and moving to America with her parents and becoming a citizen.

She did an eye opening mission trip in Peru with Liam Strobel. Spent a year in Hong Kong (not the greatest experience but a great political chiropractic organization) and a year at a huge clinic in Singapore. Only four professions can use the Term Doctor in Hong Kong and chiropractic is one of them. Singapore is a clean, safe and the most expensive city in the world. Dr. Li discusses the ups and downs of working as an associate in a foreign country. Describes her own journey in opening up a clinic in country not of her own as her first personally owned clinic, luckily they pretty much all speak English.

Dr. Jenny Li goes into detail about a couple gaffes that cost her a lot of money during those first 6 months and how she dug her way out. We spend ample time talking about creating a niche in your community, how to find your passion to get that niche, how to build your own brand, detailed social media strategies (including video), networking groups like bni.com, compares a restaurant referral to doctors office and more.

She goes into detail about how to carve your own pie of ideal clients instead of going after the crumbs. Who are your ideal customers, where do they hang out, how do you access information, show up where they hang out (physical and digital).

She and her husband (also works as a Chiropractor in the clinic) are both award winning aesthetic body builders. They are the in the process of being the official clinic of NABBA (National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association) and she was the first chiropractor to compete in WFF (World Fitness Federation). She talks about her 3 competitions in one year and her reasons to not use steroids. Also, what are common injuries to body builders and a good angel to appeal to those patients.

Why did she choose to focus on Dr. Jeff, her husband, as the Picture of the clinic. Learn her view on year long plans versus say a 12 visit plan. Would she recommend working abroad, starting out on your own directly upon graduation or work for someone else? Work on yourself and learn what you really want, how to be super authentic within yourself; shed that false self. Get your doctor skills on point.

She goes into detail about how to carve your own niche pie of ideal clients instead of going after the crumbs. Create your own pie.
Stay tuned to the end for her inspiring 5 year goals, views on the type of and how to hire a coach (doesn’t have to be a chiro coach) and the future of chiropractic.

Less injury and quicker recovery with chiropractic, spine in optimal condition.

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/24 here you can also find links to things mentioned, the Travel Tip and the interview transcription.

Sometimes it takes time for a patient to understand why they would come to a doctor without pain

People like flexibility and getting what they want


How are you different from all the other On Fire chiros, pt Od’s etc in your town

Look for a coach that has actually been where you want to go.

Be the lifestyle that you want to attract as patients. Practice what you preach: fat Doc, Smoking Doc

Her and her husbands clinic website Sgpainsolutions.com Instagram and Facebook: drjennylidc

Hootsuite or Buffer

Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich
Green books by BJ Palmer at Palmer Library

Travel Tip
ICEPEAK a finish sport outdoor clothing brand quick dry style

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Justin Trosclair 0:02
So 24 creating a niche in the most expensive city in the world. I’m your host, Dr. Justin trust Claire. And today we’re here Jenny Lee chiropractic perspective.

For doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant home life, listen, as your host, Dr.

Justin shows claim

goes behind the curtain and interviews, doctors and guess about real world triumph, drug, practical tips, and entertainment. On this episode of a doctor’s perspective.

I’ve got something special for everybody. Well, the first on the episode 25 Episode 25 will be a solo episode, my first one kind of talking about why I’m in the chiropractic China answering questions that other people have had. So if you still have any questions, just let me know. Justin at a doctor’s perspective. net is the email we’re also going to have new artwork starting Episode 25. But what’s exciting is from Episode 22 through 26, it’s a month worth of spotlight on women. We’re gonna have to psychologists, PhDs, we have a Doctor of Chiropractic working in one of the most expensive cities in the world, the most expensive actually, and also a wonderful multiple multi author and social media expert coach from Australia. So stay tuned. Episode 22 through 26 will be fun woman’s month. Let’s go.

We’ve got a long distance episode for you today. Dr. Jenny Lee works in Singapore. She has a fun accent one that I am intimately familiar with because she is Chinese American Niihau Lee is Sean Penn gushing Jin Donnie, I just said hello, it was nice to meet you for all those non Chinese speakers out there, which is probably not a 9.9% of the audience. But look, she is going to go into a lot of her backstory about working in different countries. She’s going to talk about building a clinic from scratch. How did she learn what she needed to be able to do that? How do you start a clinic and a whole nother country? And then of course, how do you build one? How do you grow in mistakes along the way, lost money. And then of course, building a niche carving a niche getting involved in that niche. So it’s a little bit longer episode than usual. But I’m excited because it’s jam packed full of information. And so I appreciate her her time and her openness on everything that she shares today. So let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

podcast. Here we go. Today we have a very special guest, Jenny Lee. She has a unique chiropractic story. She is working in Singapore. Thank you for being on the show.

Unknown 2:33
Thank you for having me, Justin. And yeah, finally get to meet you, in real person with no way be messaging back and forth. So yeah, it’s a good to be here. And thank you for inviting me on the show. Absolutely.

Justin Trosclair 2:46
You’re working in Singapore, you’re from America. Give us a little bit of your backstory, you can take take a few minutes for sure. And kind of where you been? What’s your journey and how did you end up working overseas?

Unknown 2:57
Yes, I am a Chinese American, but I was born in China. So I spent my first 13 years in China and I moved to Iowa with my parents you know when I was 13 years old. Now as you can see all the places in America why my parents must choose Iowa is that reason is beyond me. You know California sounds a lot nicer than Iowa. So So I moved to Iowa when I was 13 years old and going through school high school I went to Iowa State University then after that as a shortly to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa again, so doing that all you know more than half my life living Iowa I just feel that

Unknown 3:48
the the the my world I was too small for me, and I feel there’s much bigger war outside what I know. And the best way for me to explore that, you know, rather than being a tourist he’s to work abroad. And and that is always be back with my mind. Ever since I started in chiropractic school. I think chiropractic as a profession can give you that kind of leverage to work abroad, as long as there’s someone in a country or wherever that be needed a chiropractor. So I’ve been looking into that. So after I graduated, I moved to actually just close to graduation, I did a mission trip in Peru with Dr. Leo Chabot, the best mission trip over Yeah, so I went down there. At that time, my husband, Dr. Jeff who’s also a chiropractor was working with Dr. They are trouble I seek us. So I visit him down there see him practice of raw and the desert really, really got attractive to the idea of practicing in a foreign country and I did my first mission there, you know, totally on fire. I think being you know, I what I can do look at the possibility of what I can do with what I know. So then after that we’re looking for other opportunity to working abroad. So I went to Hong Kong when there for about a year.

Unknown 5:17
Not exactly what I have in mind that say, you know, like I was after years are working you you have some good experience have some really bad experience. And unfortunately, Hong Kong was really bad experience. I didn’t really I didn’t like the management how words and like, there’s really no passion with my colleague and most of my colleagues who kind of just like clock in clock out and just kind of go through the day and I didn’t really like that. The only good things about working Hong Kong is the associations Association has provided a lot of opportunity to do like continue education and meeting without a character pictures. So you know, I’m not constantly youthful in spite of negativity phone work. Yeah, so but again, it was experienced that I probably wouldn’t want to do it again.

Unknown 6:13
So I sent one yeah, I wouldn’t want to do um,

Justin Trosclair 6:17
are there on a car partners in

Unknown 6:19
when I was registered, I was 151 Yeah, so right now we probably doubled her last I guess we have your plus. So it’s definitely growing because chiropractic is his profession was regulated, I wasn’t recognized as one of the doctors can use the title doctors which is saying no, dentist, a GP, a medical doctor or Chinese traditional medical doctor. So only a chiropractor only these are for profession can use the title doctors.

Unknown 6:56
And there is a really well recognized. And I think the last time where they are they are working on how to get naked the public insurance to take on the chiropractic but you know is what recognizable questions very well regulated. The association body it’s a very well run, organize and focus on the you know, obviously improvement and professional professional anyway.

Unknown 7:24
So one year, there was enough. At that time, my husband I was talking about, maybe we should go home, you know, you know, one year about was interesting, but maybe it’s time to move on. But when I when we were in Hong Kong that one year, we’re discouraged has to travel quite a bit as much as we can without busy schedule. So we did visit Singapore before really liked it. Very nice, clean, safe country. And the biggest thing is a language is not an issue because everybody speak English. English is the official language in here. So that being said, we are we’re thinking like okay, since we’re already here, maybe we’ll just give it one more try. And that title hotel friends who is working in Singapore, are saying like, you know, our practices, his company is looking and you know, why don’t you give it a try? So I did

Unknown 8:25
got a job offer pretty quickly. So move down here work year with one of the biggest that carpet company here. carpeted first. Again, working with bigger Corporation, there’s always downsizing of you know, the bureaucracy and the management at high turnover. So I would in the staff or in the crowd, it was pretty much Yeah, everyone was pretty

Unknown 8:56
high turnover. Usually on average. Okay, associate will last about six to eight months, on average. Not Yeah. Because and their local or

Justin Trosclair 9:06
they’re like, well,

Unknown 9:08
mostly foreigners, because there is no chiropractic school equals here.

Justin Trosclair 9:14
So was that like that in Hong Kong as well, where you just a lot of turnover and nobody really cared? I’m the doctors,

Unknown 9:21
at least for Hong Kong, they try to legally binding for a little longer.

Justin Trosclair 9:26
Yeah, exactly. Same here. Are they one of those clinics where they expect you to sell like these big, definitely? Big, big treatment plans? And that’s kind of how your based on yourself?

Unknown 9:36
Yes, we do. At that time when we joined, the contract was definitely a lot better than what is now I think, like a month ago, I just

Unknown 9:48
talked to someone which has joined cover first one, I’m looking at contracts at wow, this is really, really bad. Why would anyone work for this little, but I guess they’re people desperate for jobs, and that they really love their job not to, you know, get get a car park to work on that.

Justin Trosclair 10:04
Yeah, there was a local job here, somebody said, they show me a contract. And just a piece of it said like that they can negotiate your salary, kind of at any point. Which means if you don’t, if you’re not producing it, they’re not producing enough patients or whatever, they can drop your salary. I was like, yeah, I’m gonna

talk it was. You read the river. You’re a Westerner. So you have a little bit more power?

Unknown 10:30
And the have experience? Yeah, but um, yeah. So for the year, and then at that time, I know, for fact, I want to have my own practice in Singapore. So so but I don’t know anything about how to run a practice how to run a business, I never owned a business in my entire life. I don’t know, you know, how to work out the budget, everything, I have no idea. So what I did was, I look around, and I, luckily, I was quite fortunate, I was recruited to a much smaller practice, that is only one chiropractor, and the one secretary, and the pay wise, is definitely not fantastic. But what I, what I was able to negotiate with contract was in two years time, I neither I wanted to have the rights to buy into the company or, you know, become partners, or I take my patient base with me. Yeah, so they are, you know, okay with that. So, you know, we give you two years, we need, see how you doing and you if you know, if you are good, and me can negotiate the partnership, I wanna, but not as okay, but it’s better than three years, I was very, very fortunate to work with this chiropractor, her name, his name is Dr. Matthew Kramer, I’m still keep in contact with him. He had his own practice in Colorado for about five years. So then he moved to Singapore or from now and just really learned a lot about how to manage a practice from the roof on nothing. I you know, I learned how to pick up phone calls, you know, just all the basic all of the front desk duties all the way till you know how to be a chiropractor, how to recognize and care plans will be appropriate will be not be appropriate. I know that and in the meantime, I really kind of develop this my own character are practicing. And when I say that, yes, the doctor of Matt crane where he was, at that time when I was with him. He was the chiropractor for all of the CrossFit community and Singapore. Yeah. And I kind of learned how to build a brand for yourself. Like, you know, everybody, everybody who’s doing cross in Singapore for more than a year to know who Dr. Matt Craver Yes. And if they have, you know, sports injuries, or just want to perform better doing across a game, they know like, Okay, I need to get this chiropractor to take care of me to get better. So it’s a two year experience, I have to say was most valuable to me, although financially, you did not give me that feedback. But from the get go, I understand that is that the part I need to sacrifice, I think the experience of worth a lot more just them money. I’d rather know the skills rather than have that financial gain, whatever. So but

Justin Trosclair 13:38
it’s somebody might say, like a management company could have taught you some of these things, but not done management companies and getting the hands on day to day, like what you did especially like in a foreign country. Well, you might have had to learn that the hard way anyway, and maybe wouldn’t have made as much money in America during that same time frame. So you learned it.

Unknown 13:56
Yeah, pretty much use my company is the Resource Center and the money like have, you know, some marketing plan I wrote on, which is quite expensive, and did not get generate a return on that. I wanna know like, Okay, if I have my own would definitely not do that.

Unknown 14:11

Unknown 14:12
we got our newspaper ads, and we’re just like, terrible, like, and I said, That’s not for us. So we went back to the traditional which we literally can talk about like marketing hundred get to how to build your own brand. Now, yeah, yeah. So I’m doing two years out than and I said at that point, I was a quite confident that I can make on my own so I didn’t negotiate for a second contract. And I feel like I can I’m I’m able along with support to help with Dr. Jeff my husband and we can we can make it work. So that tours I think a three months before I know my contract we started looking for space does. It took me about one month to set up a practice so Wow, yeah, pretty efficient here. We’ve got our registrations get everything legalize and point and pass and all that. Yes, we are quite fortunate things goes really well. But when it comes to building up, get a space security the equipment yen or that? Yeah, usually about a month. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 15:17
So question with that. So for those who don’t know, Singapore is huge. I mean, it’s like New York City or Los Angeles, or downtown Boston, or that’s the environment of the entire city, lots of subways and buses, and just crazy, I’ve visited like Kuala Lumpur, and I knew a guy that was starting to clinic there. And I was like, how do you even begin, you know, it’s hard enough in like a small normal town like a suburb of Oklahoma to find a spot much less a 20 story building and you’re on for 15 like I’m guessing after two years, you kind of knew the neighborhood kind of that you wanted to be in and are you on a bottom floor you all know we

Unknown 15:54
are an office building and from my last practice with you know, with a small company I know for fact, as long as you are located either place there is a relatively easier to access what I mean by relative stop, you know, five minutes away from subway subway station, or maybe there is a bus stop two minutes or from you as long as their department space nearby you can make it anywhere in Singapore because I am the and and i know In fact, that’s a location was not a issues as long as you know how to market yourself, you will able to get it I mean, we we are if you’re looking outside of my office building was very old office building was built are probably 1970s or 80s. So this is very old. You know, the lead lived his audience that we The reason we we pick there is because number one is relatively easy access. You know that sound right to station nearby a lot of buses going by and there’s a parking space, there’s a nearby so our patients shouldn’t have issue if they dry. And the another key point where we’re located or itself is we are in this neighborhood. It’s kind of like upcoming spores. A hipster neighborhood. So yeah, so there’s a lot of yoga studio nearby CrossFit box enemies to do.

Unknown 17:27
gym and say, soon they’ll be the first Singaporean content bookstore going to set their headquarter just down the block. So yeah, so I mean, like found the neighborhood right now is he looking at it a little bit industrial, you know, there’s a truck nearby and then you have this, like, coffee shop, like really hipster college a scatter there. But you know, we see the potential in that, you know, the next three to five years, I can see the neighborhood clean, very vibrant, and more and more industrial company is moving out of that brotherhood. Yeah, you know, neither they are Sally losing business. Or they thinking you know, and then there’s a more industrial park building in a specific part of a town maybe they will be better over there. So yeah, its location really makes a very little difference when it comes to practice.

Justin Trosclair 18:22
Yeah, in Singapore set up kind of like China where there’s a block of all paint stores and kind of Yeah, he turned the corner and is all like plumbing stores? Yeah. Is it kind of like that in Singapore? Generally, a certain

Unknown 18:37
area? Is there an area you know, like this strategy? So for like, food, restaurants? Yeah. And then this stress is all for like bars. And this are stressing so for like, lighting? Yeah, in certain area. Area.

Justin Trosclair 18:51
That’s the worst if you get off on the wrong stop, and you’re in the light and airy and just like I just need some food you’re like, oh, man just be blocks before? Like, where did these people they find a way? That’s right. Yeah. Very interesting. Now, what role does your husband have in the clinic? versus Are you kind of the the head of the picture of the clinic and then adjust No,

Unknown 19:13

Unknown 19:13
I am more behind the scenes so and then this is a comes to when Jeff was practicing with other company I see this potentially have to be a face up a brand, unfortunately, his last two company and never utilize that what was going to say my I have no idea maybe because I haven’t why but I always see him with differently, but I know for fact, if I’m Marquis him brand Him, He will make the business successful. And that was one thing I’m glad I made. And he was so on board with that. So we basically, you know, market Jeff, as you know, the face of the company. And he also does competitions for boys bodybuilding, he actually won several awards, scores model category. And so when it comes to marketing is about about how you can make your message attractive enough to your demographic. And he just fits perfectly in that so we are just really putting our resources to market him and his it works really well. I mean, right now he is company it’s about two years old and his name is a well known within the bodybuilding and know either a pro amateur communities in everybody know what it is, people were calling to one you know, I want to specific see Dr. Jeff, because, you know, my trainer went to him or my my other athlete friends went to him. So yeah.

Justin Trosclair 20:52
And then do you do what your explicit.

Unknown 20:55
So I also see patients as well, because I’ve seen some female, we do have a significant amount of melee community, like in Singapore, so for them, son, other women are more comfortable with another female chiropractor. So I would take on that, but I am not really market myself that much. But even with that, you know, with brand, affiliation was our name what we have done. So we still have a quiet influx of new patients. So you know, that was enough to keep me busy. So when I would not in the practice, I usually will go through networking sessions to a share a stage with other business owner, look for collaborations develop of what we do next. marketing strategy will work what doesn’t work?

Justin Trosclair 21:50
Yeah. Question, uh, normally do when they’re more comfortable with you? Is that because of their religion?

Unknown 21:55
Maybe the culture is just their culture, culture wise, they they are more comfortable with a women. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 22:03
And I’m curious, because I know that’s what is where I’m at is having a foreign face, elevate the company like sadly.

Unknown 22:13
Sadly, it is, this is

Unknown 22:16
something we want to change, but and when it comes to market, you just really have to get what market was in order to survive. I mean, I have been experiencing that. Also my career as you can see, I’m definitely not white.

Justin Trosclair 22:31
You’re white by Chinese standards.

Unknown 22:37
Yeah. So in the in this ever since that day one, I start practicing. I wonder why I always get in this comment, like, Oh, I think I’d be better with the white doctors and you know, maybe I’ll be better off the I would rather choose a male wide chiropractor. So there’s more than one there. So I think a female chiropractors, yes, they are years. I would say a difficulties.

Justin Trosclair 23:08
So even in Hong Kong you’re talking about

Unknown 23:09
definitely that’s that’s that’s a no brainer. Definitely with that. But one thing Hong Kong that works a little bit. Well, to address that issue years, we are able to run the shift. So if you come too bad, I am the only one available. So you do want to get you a self taken care of today, or you come back different time. So yeah, so in the future, as you can see, we’re hiring. So we’re trying to apply the same method is to not try to have to doctor in the same times like the color like Yeah, you got to see this person. Yo, you don’t have to wait. So up to you.

Justin Trosclair 23:48
So you’re what you’re saying your new doctor, like when you’re hiring someone else?

Unknown 23:51
Yeah. So

Justin Trosclair 23:53
yeah. So you’re saying you want to a female or you’re saying you’re going to get

Unknown 23:56
any doesn’t matter whatever was qualified to to the roll, man. Yeah, we are no specific gender going?

Justin Trosclair 24:07
Yeah, good. bosses, you’re saying you’re just saying that? If they want to see Dr. Jeff, he’s not available. So either good, who’s available?

Unknown 24:14
And you’re already spend your time to make your trip down here. So if I were you, I wouldn’t want to waste my time again. Yeah. Yeah,

Unknown 24:21
I hear this a lot.

Justin Trosclair 24:22
A lot of females have that issue is they have to prove themselves that they’re capable of taking care of it. But you’re like you work out to like, Did you win a competition?

Unknown 24:30
I last year, I did a sweet competition a year. Wow. It’s something I would never do it again. Probably once a year as a good someone for the first my competition obviously, I was my first one I didn’t really play as well. I can’t second last those eight of us into one category. But it was okay. I didn’t really expect it to win anything. I just wanted to go through the process fail and know where I failed, so I can do better next time. So for my second competition, I was able to it was more like local fitness competitions for bikini girls. And I was able to win a title. Not top five, but I was able to squeeze into top tab. Consider I was the second oldest contestant a month 35 girls.

Unknown 25:15
Yeah, well, I was

Unknown 25:18
definitely not imply of my physiology. You know, I not young and all my competitors are 2122 Saturdays or they have all this time to work out diet at 100 you know, run a business workout diet on that. So I was able to place been told I was quite happy with that, which gives me a much more confidence was my third competition of that year. So because I’ve gone through twice, you know, have gone through enough failure to know what didn’t work what work. So on my third competition, that was November last year.

Unknown 25:55
I in the beginning, overall, in my case, we’re over 30 I came to serve place. And I pretty much lost to the top you know the number one number two are very seasoned competitors. I mean, they’ve been doing this for five years. And I was and I’m really very happy. I was able to squeeze in top three. So

Justin Trosclair 26:20
yeah, what was one of the reasons you think your abs wanted to find enough or you didn’t know how to like

Unknown 26:25
Yeah, I was afflicted the exact way for the camera lean enough because as we getting older or metabolism is slower a little bit yeah. And and I was in will be lack of better word to say like a big enough like my shoulder was a broad enough. I need you to have a better like a bigger frame. Yeah, you wanted to have that Lee? Be a look. So those two things I needed to continue. Obviously, we’re taking time seems we’re not doing steroids or anything. We’re all natural. We don’t do any drugs to enhance yourself at all. Is it allowed you know way they do not. They never really chat they never saw if you want us, us family, that’s your choice. But you know, and it’s quite obvious when it comes to competition and you can definitely see who’s using who’s not. But I have to say the in the women’s category in bikini, I don’t think ladies are using it that much compared to the the free bodybuilding bodybuilding type. So better for my for the people who I lost two, I know for fact, their natural, so even they be natural for last

Unknown 27:37
four or five years already. And again, you know, it’s a cover over 30. So if you start this competition career, when you’re 25, you definitely look better as you age. So that’s the main sidetrack a bit is the difference between people who are using your husband shelf or not, is the old who are not using the enhancement is the older you get the butter you your luck, because your muscle maturity just keep building in the knob and you don’t lose an auto way as long as you keep dieting keep working out building up myself that bigger frames you actually look better and better as you age compared to someone who is enhanced once it stopped they lose everything was one of the injuries that you guys treat a lot based on being Yeah, CrossFit and bodybuilding special would feel quite a lot is actually a lot of athlete has a train very hard for for their physique. So they have to lift heavy so a lot of things we do have the so when a squat that live there is a significant amount of a back injury they can have or the past injury that was never addressed. And maybe they just, you know, brush it off and you know, try to keep going hopefully they will go away. But you know, I did. So the back injury, shoulder injuries are the most common things to treat it Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 28:59
We say front or like Becca shoulder,

Unknown 29:01

Justin Trosclair 29:03
Like the front, like, impinge on

Unknown 29:06
like orange emotions.

Justin Trosclair 29:08
Yeah. Well, that will do do a lot of soft tissue tools and adjusting.

Unknown 29:15
still quite a sublimation base. No way was to teach know, we’re not i’m not saying we are strict carpet 100% when definitely not straight hair about 100%. Because we are just a job with these. Right? That’s definitely the restaurant chiropractic. We do we have you know, Barbara closers we have authors stamps to help them with that. But one thing is I think we are different from the there’s also a question if an osteopath who are practicing in Singapore. So I think what we trying to communicate the message to our athletic is, you know, try to educate them is no chiropractic yet and can be a enhancement for you. Because imagine if you have a framework that is, you know, at its optimal level, it was, you know, in the ideal alignments, your performance, it would trainings will increase. So, when it comes to competitions, let’s say you’re competing in a month, you know, maybe June 18, that’s a competition it, then that’s all the time you got your neither Paul through or you delay for another for competition. And the most people don’t want to do that. So you’ve you have injury, doing that times, we’re talking about an average of a one to two weeks of break on your training. And when you’re competing for event time is not the luxuries you have. And when you are resting your competitor are working three times harder to beat you. So the message we’re trying to share with them Yes, you know, chiropractic can assure you that you will have less injury during your prep, not only that it was a regular chiropractic care you what you have training as well, because your spine is an optimal level. So that’s, I think that’s something we educate, or athlete or patients to understand that, you know, you if you want you competition or fitness career to have some sort of longevity, you must ensure your spine is at its best condition you possibly otherwise, you know, two three years you’re done, you know, there’s too much enjoy your bodies even you want you know, you can have money at time if you want, it’s not going to happen for you. Because you’ve structurally you’re damaged. And

Justin Trosclair 31:38
I know NASA, how do you portray that so the people that may or may not even care about they care about injuries because they hurt and then stops them. But then how do you relay that preventative? This will get you enhance is it you’d like to talk about research? Do you just kind of well this patient in this patient and this guy they all use it so it’s kind of like an ancillary worked for them so it should work for you or like how do you convince me to share

Unknown 32:03
with them some research but from my experience, they kind of just oh you know brush off or didn’t really care so much about

Unknown 32:14
I think in there the more realistic you know, I mean, like yes, we do how people who just like okay, I’m here just for the injuries and you know, get me better and then yes, we’ll get you a better and I will always leave that message behind with telling them hey, look, you know, consistency can give your results. Yeah, this will come back again. And

Justin Trosclair 32:35
because I know I don’t recognize a 10% difference but I guess if you know you and your husband might actually notice like yeah, I could put on 20 extra pounds on the bench press today and I’m like I would never know Yeah,

Unknown 32:47

Unknown 32:49
But I think you know along the way you definitely lose certain people who are definitely want different things they just will not cause injury and whatnot. But what do we see it right now since we started? Yes. We are noticing some of them are very very old patients who came you know, since we opened just were injured they started coming back. You know, they were like, yeah, I think I met you

Unknown 33:16
Yeah, so I mean, I know we don’t do a wholesale spread anything your practice I think that is so ethical. And I hate it I did that for my last two not with the the the small company by the big come in and they did we How can we cut our everything Everything is like scripted. Everything. Absolutely, absolutely hated. It was ridiculous. And it was on the call and I am and then you don’t retain the

Justin Trosclair 33:45
how many visits were you guys recommending? Or were they recommended? for like,

Unknown 33:51
three times a week, you know, for three months and two times will leave without the minds evaluations once a week for another six months? So yeah. Yeah, well,

Justin Trosclair 34:02
anybody I’ll do it now like a 10 to 12 visits or just kind of come is, you know,

Unknown 34:06
right now, we are part of the Singapore corporate associations. So we are followed associations the standard, which is the maximum recommend care is tall visit, that’s what am I doing? But what I learned, you know, found the two different type of practice, you know, why is WP hundred percent of the scrubbing to what I’m doing right now? Yes, people like flexibility they do. And then they like to get what they want. You know, some people may not think most of the people we have gone through this with who he either they finished one year, or they don’t finish one year, they just like disappeared. If you think that I could this is a too much restriction for me. I mean, like, yeah, I see the benefit, but I just I just don’t want to have 90 visit, you know, like suck Nah, not that even they have the main to purchase that. So in a way, saw the time to what’s what’s who waiting, let’s practice. Okay.

Unknown 35:10
If you’re new project,

Unknown 35:13
I wouldn’t recommend it. Yeah, I would not recommend. Yeah, those

Justin Trosclair 35:17
are so popular. When I go to school. I think we’re probably around the same age. So I mean, it was one I was me, and maybe somebody else over like 1010 other clinics, you know, that were they were all doing some sort of the year long plans. And so it made it was almost like a niche, just offering people what they need. A year long commitment. I was like, Oh, that’s interesting niches I just kind of fell into.

Unknown 35:37

Unknown 35:38
I always wonder, how are they doing now? You know, like, my, my, the last part of the patients? clinics? Yeah.

Unknown 35:49
Yeah. Right. Because you are, I think if you’re expanding your business perspective, you’re kind of selling the future of money, right? You’re basically you’re using the future money and that you can go budget, well, you kind of run out of cash flow pretty quickly. You could spend too fast. You always gotta eat those. Yeah, you’re constantly constantly it’s like, you know, treadmills you have the content getting the new patients and they were,

Justin Trosclair 36:10
technically your money’s in as well. So the patient cancels, and you spent their money you got to find two grand, three grand, four grand, whatever it is, you charge to get

Unknown 36:18
exactly exactly what do you really want

Unknown 36:20
to respond to me and I, you know what, this is not worth my time. So I remember when of course do is with the carbon price they do WP oh my god the refund every month, there’s that go on to the fun, because I took over someone else’s practice. So the good doctor who are in that clinic, move out and have his own practice. So you know, obviously he took the majority of that and the whoever it was left behind, so I have to service the rest of the adjustments. And I’m getting refunds laughing right? And I remember that day, the

Unknown 36:54
mat Khan, who was the CEO, sit down with me like Jenny, you’re not good enough. Like the article I see and read by the How could you do that? That Glenn your money?

Unknown 37:04

Unknown 37:05
Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 37:09
You can let me go. And now Yeah,

Unknown 37:11

Unknown 37:14
Oh, sorry, Lord.

Unknown 37:16
This is crazy. Can you imagine like 4000 plan cash down halfway through the patients that are you know, I want to receive them back. So you know, it doesn’t in a cash flow sounds it doesn’t really make any sense. If you have one or two a year, you can’t afford that kind of loss. But you feel rely on the money to run your practice. I just think like that just a big time bomb you are building out for herself to explore one day, you know, what if something happened to practice and the patient extremely happy, and everybody wants to reflect and then yeah, you can sustain? Yeah, not

Justin Trosclair 37:53
my buddies in a clinic right now. I think they’re charging 80 to 100,000 RMB a year, which is about 1000. In the 1500 dollars a month. I was like, wow. And they pay I guess they pay up front, they obviously are serving the super rich over here is just like, Okay, well, you know,

I can’t say anything. I was just like, I’m surprised that people are paying it. But there are definitely marketing the foreign doctor and his expertise. And, you know, and all that kind of stuff. But

Unknown 38:20
I don’t know, I mean, like the information are so easy to have access in nowadays, right? Like, people can just yeah, so easy to fact check on you. And they realize like, Oh, so this is not how it’s supposed to be. Maybe like all consumers become smarter and smarter every day. So when you need it to kind of adapt evolve to, you know, don’t think your customer are pretty dope. They’re actually quite clever. Yeah, absolutely.

Justin Trosclair 38:50
Well, I’m curious, um, for kids, kids, for kids who are coming on a car for the school. For the new grads, what would you say? Should they look into to working overseas? At the time this thing comes out? You could have already have hired your next

Unknown 39:05
I herself.

Justin Trosclair 39:08
But I am curious, like, what kind of things are you looking for? would you suggest that new grads, go overseas, make money, save money, learn a new culture? What’s your opinion, I

Unknown 39:16
think you might class there’s only like, less than 10% of us practice abroad. So I think most of new grads, they’re not really looking into practice about who knows, you know, I’ve been out of school for some time now. So things have changed, maybe more people are looking. So I think for the majority of them are still looking to probably stay United States, Canada or wherever they from. I mean, right? For new grads, if you decide to not pack as a bra. Number one, I would do not recommend to open your own practice right away. And that’s something my father taught a hard lesson very hard lesson to me. Because when I was a graduate, I know you have this chiropractic firing you and he just came back from mission champion. Yeah, I can totally do this. No, I’m going to send 1000 a week La la la. Not gonna happen, most likely. And would your parents? I don’t know. Really. I mean, they are all working in the corporate world for quite some time. So they’re less risky takers. Um,

Justin Trosclair 40:22
but real quick, yeah. You’re overseas. I know, I have to have help from my American business. But do you have help? Or in America they tear tear of like, I don’t know, taxes or cars or any American responsibilities. Do you have helped with that? Or how do you

Unknown 40:38
like taxes?

Justin Trosclair 40:40
Yeah, like, I still have to pay taxes in America, you know, pay taxes or file for insurance or, you know, have a car Oh, I feel there’s just stuff that comes up in America that I can’t do. Okay. And so I have a helper. I mean, my mom helps me, but I’ll just curious if you guys have to have anything like that. Or if you’ve been able to structure your life and not necessarily have any

Unknown 40:58
merit, we pretty much we don’t have any assets in the states anymore. I mean, we we get rid of whatever what we have on we Yeah, we don’t have any assets. And I say well do have an accountant in Wisconsin published to you know, declare Texas whatever here. So most of our assets. Are you hearing Singapore? Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 41:18
Yeah. Okay. All right.

Unknown 41:20
Yeah. So okay, yeah. So, you know, my dad told me that I will invest in you unless you have at least two years of experience.

Unknown 41:30
So I said, Okay, fine. I’ll go around to get two years experience. And, you know, I only know us so piss off, like, how could you not believe you? Me? I like, so glad I didn’t. Because if I go on to build my own practice right away, I probably going to fail miserably. I mean, there’s so much I don’t know me. I really, really hope not the graduate out there thinking like, as long as I have this loving passion, attitudes I can to have success. This, I know, you’re not gonna work for you. I mean, there’s so many aspects of business that you need to learn

Justin Trosclair 42:09
the real world or slap in the face pretty quick. When you’re like, why don’t you believe in you? You like, because you’re a chiropractor? Wait, I’m often No, no,

Unknown 42:19
not an army there. My blah, blah, blah, blah.

Unknown 42:21
I mean, just

Unknown 42:22
if you for you know, what I say discourage any listeners out there, but do at least get this idea. If you are thinking yourself so awesome, amazing. Like, just have this fantastic x factor’s you’re not the only one. There is 100,000 over think just as unique or more unique menu and how that’s you that’s all going to be your competitors. What what will make you different than any rest of them? And and that’s the major issues be recognizing your practice right away. There is about 170 carpentry in Singapore, oh, 75 of them are practicing other 25 kind of change your career to something else? I don’t know whether I know. But although the competition is not as big as coming over to United States, but to think about like, How are you different from the other hundred and 50 130 chiropractor on this island, you know, some other have a much fancier office and you more convenient location, more fancy equipment. And what makes you so special, Mike, why I choose you have so many choice by you. So that’s why we said, let’s build a brand that is specific hailer to certain demographic. And if we’re looking at right now, 75 75%

Unknown 43:47
of patients are male found 24 to 36. And then that’s exactly the type of demographic we want it. And we specifically target to them. We create our own pie rather than to fighting content for the rest of the people.

Justin Trosclair 44:01
What do you do in the market

Unknown 44:03
a lot of things we do lots of social media marketing’s I did everything by myself, I used to have a social marketing company to help me but turns out, they are really, really terrible of deliver the service. So I just shocking, yes. And another thing I your business owner, if you want to engage any third party to help you anything, like at least understand what they can pop out, it was they cannot provide you and understand how the mechanism works. So that I get several, several, several, several, several calls. I seen other questions. And that’s why I realized this whole digital marketing, I really cannot trust anybody except myself. So I did. So I did all my marketing campaign by myself, I design a specific message to show them what it is. The good thing is to my next working community, I’m part of the business networking International. When I was started by Yeah, be nice. Yeah. Hey, you’re me and I go join. They are very, very resourceful. First person that mentioned that

Justin Trosclair 45:13
yet so far. And as well, I guess, oh, man, I was like the president for years, I did all kind of a B and I was like, core back. Yeah, my marketing strategy for

Unknown 45:22
you don’t have any business, our experience anything, you need to go for piano. So you might be in a group, we have a lot of very seasoned SME, small, medium, and enterprise business owners who have been in the only industry for 1020 years. So in Singapore, so you know,

Justin Trosclair 45:45
that they know the environment of Yeah,

Unknown 45:47
exactly. So you know, before I set up there, it’s ours, ours a long conversation of what can we make a work, you know, how can we make a better and that, and one of the media planned out who really, really helped me is her name is a Z, she has a branding consultant, she has her own company for last thing, 15 years. And she is basically the brain, the brain cause honor for one of the very well, well, no chain restaurant, you Singapore is right now, I think that they are generating they’re already left the company as well as $50 million total of the year. And she started up them to build up from a small small neighborhood food place to you know, $50 million in sales every year. And then I think that that time, she told me the journey of that company years, you know, what a vision they have, what kind of demographic of them had in then at that time, you know, I still have my own mind of how a car patch to work. So you know, as you see everybody, you know, to see it, the kids

Unknown 47:00
all the way to LA or just see

Unknown 47:02
everybody, you know, everybody is a customer. And she said that’s the biggest pitfall was you have everybody, you have nobody. So she was, so you

Justin Trosclair 47:12
actually had somebody help you do actually niche

Unknown 47:14
down? And she asked me some serious questions like, you know, like, Who are your ideal patient? Now, you know, where these people hang out? You know, like, how do you get access information, you know, showed up in where they hang out, you know, in the digital platform or, or physical platforms? And, you know, the narrow, or the more specific demographic is, the higher the conversations you will have, it’s not about the mass is not specific, it certainly Mr. How specific you can be with with it, it was a demo graph. And, yeah, that’s how we did it. And even the beginning, I have a lot of doubts, you know, like, yeah, I want to see everybody you know, I if I see everybody, my family will go up, I

Justin Trosclair 48:02
do have to turn away the people that are not

Unknown 48:06
actually, they are times we did turn away people who does not really fit into this. So basically just refer him to, you know, the chiropractor who, who sees everybody,

Unknown 48:18
and I

Unknown 48:18
given them the impression of the reason we can help you Is it because we are really good at doing this thing. This is our special. And if you wanted to treat whatever, you have better off somewhere else. And it’s hard in the beginning to you know, not when you’re just starting up and not able to take money from the customer. And because, you know, you you need it, you know, it’s really tough, you know, having this internal struggle, how was the principal? Where, what about reality, but, um, but I have to say, is really looking at the long term that the bigger picture is beyond two months from now, like what you have been?

Unknown 49:02
And I am glad I stick with the demographic divisions we have in the beginning, and I’m looking at right now, you know, like all the people who are coming in, you know, they are young athlete who wanted to, you know, explore competition kind of competing lifestyle, or people who are, you know, you know, early 30s, who want to continue with their fitness lifestyle, know, how do they were that and the most rewarding things we’re seeing right now is the parents bring their very competitive kids to see us, you know, job have this handful of kids who are on the National Water polo team swim teams, you know, who are, you know, they, their parents are spending time and money to bring them to be the next next Olympic on competitors. So on the main that’s, that’s the message I get is okay, my marketing was on point. Otherwise, that would not be able to copy this community

Justin Trosclair 50:02
do so if someone’s looking, you know, if I’m looking even for myself, when I go back to niche down like that, sometimes it’s hard like, we think about just treat headaches, or magistrate sciatica are like I’m an instrument, dual certified in that little, some chiropractors will probably do something. But that’s just that it’s a niche. And I’m just wondering what type of coach or maybe it’s a coach that we have to talk to, to really help us focus in so that we can really define what kind of person do we want? and have it like an outsider’s point of view so that they’re like, No, that’s too small, you got to go a little bit wider, or like, here’s where you can go and find these types of clients. Do you have any kind of, I’m guessing the culture, what would you? i?

Unknown 50:42
I think, okay, there’s a series of things I have done before, you know, I saw my practice. And I, I hope this is not quite, I will, I’ll make my point in there. Yes, I think you for any business owner, or you think about Own your business, working for someone else, whatever case will be is the whatever success of vision you want, you must start within yourself, which means you must be very authentic with yourself, like know, really, really authentically know, like, what you could add what you’re not good at, and what is stopping you and to pursue any type of goal. And so before we start our practice, I spend about good one year to kind of work on myself. So I did this whole self help. program called a landmark forum. I’m not sure with your heart about that. landmark forum. Yeah. And it turns out like, oh, there’s a quote handful chiropractic? Or do you really will have done that program as well. I mean, you you they have options just for one month, but I see myself through. So I dedicate one year to complete the entire curriculum, and it was the best investment I have ever done for myself. And through that I understand what kind of false image I created for myself. And I was able to authentically to target all my flaws rather than be judgmental tour. So I think that’s a pitfall we have it at least for women, we always constantly judging yourself and then that is a huge roadblock for you to progress beyond that point. So I did that. So for any of the business owner or whatever situation you’re being Yes, you have to really understand

Unknown 52:30
this, I think there’s an old Chinese saying is Know Your Enemy by know yourself better, right? So no enemy and of itself. And I was just so true. Um, so do

Justin Trosclair 52:41
you. Do you think real quick, when you working for somebody else, like most careers in the medical profession have like a residency and if you like you said like the first year you really don’t know what you’re doing. If you work for somebody else, even if you’re getting underpaid and can barely survive, you can look at it like that this is the time to find out from the other practice. I hate feet I don’t really want to do with feet ever again. I’m not going to advertise like plantar fasciitis treatment or if I have those patients I’m just push those away and you can start fine tuning who you are, what you’re passionate about. And learning from other people like this is a marketing plan that kind of works on somebody else’s dime. Yeah, instead of having to figure it out on your own. Yeah,

Unknown 53:17

Unknown 53:18
the pitfall with that is you always have this upper management to answer to right so whatever marketing plan you will have the role of the management has all let me take a look in that you know, like I don’t really have the budget for that and what can you do that so that’s definitely the restriction I had which is I totally hate it. Yeah, yeah, I mean it’s great What a great opportunity to practice I think if you have good skill it definitely can help you to succeed and practice because your product has to be good right you can’t sell a cheap products that you in order to have a long term customers your product your service must we’re good enough for them to continue to trust you. So that’s number one. So your skill must be there and then if you know through residency or working for someone else seeing a lot of patients but not necessarily getting compensated accordingly I mean that’s the sacrifice I think you are you need make an obviously in the type of you know we’re talking about new grads there’s you know millennials who want instant gratification have entitlement all of that like you still continue to have that kind of attitude The war is going to be a search for you mean like there is no such thing as easy ride everyone everyone I know including myself have to get done dirty and do all the hard work all the work that we somehow joke was my friend I said I am the company pretty watch because I do

Unknown 54:54
yeah, I haven’t covered um yeah really

Unknown 54:57
do all the work really there’s no other way around it and yeah, I don’t think there’s an easy way to succeed without you go into a lot lot of hardship challenge it fail and numerous times and still test if you have the position to succeed Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 55:16
what’s a failure that you had to overcome

Unknown 55:19
a lot of things things I have made with financial fellers such as you know I engage in a company could not deliver what they promise that’s a loss you in finance as well dealing with a certain government regulations we are actually initially have this office space of one around to but uh, due to the government regulations we have to give up the space that’s definitely money lies in time that Yeah, so and then all the things you don’t know until you get there is that all I did not know? That’s the thing I need to take care of. And nobody told me Yeah, that’s it so you

Justin Trosclair 55:57
know you got a penalty.

Unknown 55:58
Now I remember a flapper I mean very expensive lesson that I learned but

Justin Trosclair 56:02
yeah, yeah. And frankly especially when you’re you’ve worked for years saving money to start your own clinic and then just like you said, I only got this much money and I like the last half of it here and a quarter of it here you like okay, this is not the way I was expecting my budget

Unknown 56:17
go exactly

Justin Trosclair 56:17
it’s like a surprise and it happens anywhere is whether you’re in Singapore and America already. There’s always those little things that happened and you try something and then you fall on your face but

Unknown 56:26
yeah, you by the end of the day yes. I have a few friends who who just started their practice and and it’s not in some of the knowledge necessary chiropractic business leisurely I’m going to turn it oh my god never know you know, how difficult on your business today? Yes, it is really difficult but all you need to do is take it one day at a time and just keep your eyes on the horizon and make it through you know things will get better with time and don’t have such a tight budget because there’s so many variables now always have extra cash somewhere else just for emergency. I mean, for us the first six months in Pakistan was so difficult and the most difficult for three months which he is we were having hard times getting new patient yet and that time was gauge the third party you know digital marketing platform all my guys if I could so here we go yeah.

Unknown 57:23
Ages It was terrible and we’re looking at a bank account is I could be you know, running costs right if you don’t have enough to cover you’re losing money every day. So many sleepless nights so many things like what can we do? What can we do? And what I did it right away is you know the fire to company who did not help me anything and just you know what, I’m going to do everything by myself you know, I don’t know how to do digital marketing I don’t know how to use the social media to market I know someone do so I just oneness around to talk some friends who have a lot of success doing this like Okay, show me what you did. Like, tell me how you did it. So just sit down with them. They tend

Justin Trosclair 58:09
to use your downtime since you weren’t any way to actually

Unknown 58:12
actually yeah, I mean, that’s the mind six months. Yes, I we weren’t really seeing a lot of patients. But I wouldn’t say I have a downtime. So whenever I am not in office, I’m always awkward meeting to neither meeting HR phone companies who want to use our service or just meeting different people who are able to collaborate with us.

Justin Trosclair 58:36
Yeah, you have corporate contracts or anything.

Unknown 58:38
That’s why I was trying to get corporate contract. I know so hard, but I guess some handful patients on this so he’s an ironic company of 20 or 30 people I got one or two is okay, doesn’t matter. One or two is better than nothing, right? So you just have to

Unknown 58:55

Unknown 58:56
go around knocking on people’s doors like okay, this is what I do. Would you want to give it a try? That’s pretty much what we did. just constantly hustling knocking on doors taking rejections moving on to the next one.

Justin Trosclair 59:09
Say was it just like cold calling? Or did you kind of position Hey patient you’re happy with us Where do you work maybe we can bring you guys some food and have a presentation or was it just like

Unknown 59:20
someone Lakota knocking we went around the studios the gym around that highway thought to fill it with the gym was the best you know option and so, we went down around which that did not generate turn right away only later on and so you know just playing a CS literally anywhere you can. So we went around all the gyms who all the fitness centers, I have a quite a lot of contact scenes are being here. So I dig all my old contact from there and we that we have to say people who are will be called right now called social media influencers so they have quite a following. So we get them in you know, like film them how to how what adjustments like show the public what adjustments like we actually created this whole series of you know what to expect on adjustments and what’s what is a chiropractic adjustment so we post on social media, we we use the Facebook marketing on that, and everything just really exploded from that point on because there’s that recent now was backing and up 2013 Okay,

Justin Trosclair 1:00:33
cuz I saw that you’re videotaping something in Singapore have a Facebook so I was just curious if that was

Unknown 1:00:39
we’ve been doing this for for two years now. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, so this is part of strategy. I mean, you have to think in a mind of your customer right? Like, let’s say today your friend told you like they went to this Japanese restaurant and I said the word on there was wonderful. Yes, you get heard this place for your friend. But you know what, I want to check out what it’s like so you want to that Japanese website if they have a website most of them don’t so they’re losing out in that you wonder website see what they look like okay, you know you like the ladies you like what is located it’s not too far from you. You’re like the prize most rational have a prize. And it’s like okay, I want to see what other people say about me right okay now when do Facebook if that restaurant has a Facebook then you want to reach go you see the readings you know most of people like it occasionally you will have this you know high minutes people give you a one star which is expected in a nice okay it’s nice people taking a picture of it then you’ll go to the Instagram of that you’ve the restaurant has the Instagram you want to disagree and you see what they behind the scenes like now not only your friend recommend I know you’re 100% convinced I need to go there this Friday was my wife with my family because I think like I like it so that’s what I mean by you have the to you as a whatever business you are in your chiropractic or non carpeted whatever reason you You are b2c business to customer kind of relation you literally need to be everywhere, everywhere website Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google pause you for people to use a Google Plus everywhere so they see you everywhere the credibility of you increases and then that’s I think one of the key success to our practice that helped us to grow tremendously the year and a half years we make the effort to be literally everywhere

Justin Trosclair 1:02:40
are you putting the same you know if you post to Instagram you can put it on Facebook you can put it on Twitter Do you do a lot of the same stuff and every platform or do you have to like fine tune it for obviously Instagram anymore pictures versus Facebook but snapchats more video Instagram now does video Facebook does video so it’s like the one thing everywhere customize

Unknown 1:03:00
everything I have app which is I run everything by myself I have an app called the hood which is can I help you to manage all these platform now? I think that was quite what was it good. I’ll show you Hootsuite whether the story I thought that

Justin Trosclair 1:03:19
maybe got bought out or use buffer

Unknown 1:03:21
as well too. So you can like schedule posts yeah so sorry I have some people like to infamous outside the house okay where’s buffer can work obviously like a video if it’s a one minute you can cross cross post of Facebook and Instagram and obviously pictures you will have more because it is the one you can actually actually can check the impressions like you know which one has more I went up so you can actually see what type of image or videos they find that more interesting to engage in that and then as you know Santa social influence on there are would call kind of been sending you know a see very almost soft porn to gain more viewers and as much you can definitely be a follower of likes on that and you’re definitely not getting the right demographic to to follow you so try not to get something so you can get click or like you know have some created content you know always come up with new things you can always share a post for someone else I should I do share quite a post from Cairo sushi some people will you know complaining about Oh, why you make it so stupid. No is not really interesting is now for chiropractors I can to get it like they’re talking to specific demographic obviously you cannot you don’t think it’s going to be

Unknown 1:04:57
up to your level but it’s not for you for specific demographic. And I think their needs are very interesting. My floor like that. So you know you can share if you don’t know anything, I cannot come up with new thing all the time. Just share from someone else and afford a Facebook wise

Justin Trosclair 1:05:16
you can repost on Instagram like those apps where you can repost where I’ve, I’ve taken a Basset hounds, so I’ll take people’s basset hound photos sometime put it on my own Instagram, you’re gonna, you know, 10% the other people. And you’re like, it’s better than, like you said is better than a sexy woman with Yeah, you might get some likes, but who who’s like,

Unknown 1:05:37
Oh, God. So that’s definitely, you know, like,

Unknown 1:05:39
really understand what your viewers want from, you know, from, from this whole experience by one. I mean, they for us, obviously, majority or patients are coming from either referral, internet or social media, these three are the ones main channel of new patient will come in. And, you know, we do have about 10% of patients who come in from Instagram. And I disagree, and I didn’t, you know, I didn’t put any money in there. I just pose almost every day, and as much as we can. And we get people from that. I mean, just like, you know, if you post once a day, how much time? does it really take? Maybe 15 minutes? And let’s have 15 minutes every day generating about, you know, three to five patients.

Justin Trosclair 1:06:30
Yeah, a month. And that’s in the beginning before, you know doing after that it doesn’t say Yeah,

Unknown 1:06:34
exactly. I mean, like,

Justin Trosclair 1:06:36
yeah, you know, I was listening to a social media podcast the other day, and they were saying, pretty sure it’s Twitter, it doesn’t matter when you post these days is just that, once you post it gets into an algorithm. And so it’ll display it when it wants to. It’s no longer time generated, like you posted at five o’clock, it’s eight o’clock, they’ll never see it, they just sort of shuffling around and show it to people will never do for like, it’s most appropriate. So that’s a that’s kind of an eye opener for me that it’s not so time since anymore. Exactly. Exactly.

Unknown 1:07:07
I mean, if you’re Yeah, you’re targeting like a local audience. I think Instagram still have to follow that time sensitivity and whatnot. But yeah, by the Facebook algorithm, it’s about you know, how interesting your content years, obviously, the more engaged you are, the more likely go push up, I knew was saying, you know, a lot of people were saying the live video give you more fee. So we we also doing live videos as much as we can, with our busy schedule. But you know, I think all these platforms, most of them are free. And even you want it to, you know, put some money into social media is so reasonable. You know, what do you think is a good amount per day? I think about $20 a day, at least.

Justin Trosclair 1:07:55
Yeah. Do you prefer promoting live videos? pictures are blog posts?

Unknown 1:08:00
Oh, I would say you have to have a little bit of everything. Like every month, we have one or two video running it at we have at least one informative blog post. We have one.

Unknown 1:08:15
The promoting the page, just let people see the page. And yeah, you just have to let

Justin Trosclair 1:08:21
God lead magnets know the magnets on your website or something like that.

Unknown 1:08:25
Yeah. So basically for my website, yes, I get my my very trusted friend who runs SEO company to did website everything for us. So when he started taking over it was last year, March. So on Google organic search, we’re on the seventh page, which is seven page. Yeah. So you know, yeah, that’s non existent. Yeah. Is it considered money? So he work on my website about six months. Right now we are in number one, we even beat our own social website.

Unknown 1:09:04
So we actually beat them. So we’re in the morning. So that definitely give you a lot of what’s your Singaporean solution.com?

Unknown 1:09:14
Yeah, you can take it up for your if you go to my Instagram official is the ground. And you see my handle the website? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, so you can check it out. And I think that’s a few things summit chiropractor in Singapore or your United States are definitely overlooked. They don’t think having a website or properly run a website is very important. You know, it’s like you’re have a shop in a shopping mall by you don’t have any sighing or banner or anything.

Justin Trosclair 1:09:49
It’s like an internet business card.

Unknown 1:09:51
And people do fact check on you. All the time. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 1:09:56
Yeah, Google yourself, you’ll be shot and hit yes. Just if you’re getting Yes.

Unknown 1:10:00
So make sure you have that. And the once you have, you know, you have this kind of like, establishment in all these platforms, right? Google, Facebook, social or Instagram, Snapchat and all that you’ve helped you have establish that foundation is so much easier for you to look for potential business partner to work with you. So what happened is bow year or close to a year into that. So we start to you know, working closely with a national amateur bodybuilder, Association, Singapore, other thing, which is a year year and a half ago associated to a very young, the only dips your competition in Singapore and, you know, at that time, we understand the association can go bar with the right, right people, and luckily, they were running by the right people. So we just continue to work with them, you know, given them athlete special, this kind of service that in tribal we do a lot of them that tire like you know, trainers, they have their own clients, they are competing, so they can have get more clients. Because, you know, they look really good. So, you know, walking advertisement one themselves? Yeah, we did initially the return is definitely not they’re considered amount of work, money, sponsorship, everything will put it in, is it definitely

Unknown 1:11:29
is definitely not there. But you know, is that investment that had the risk in there. So that’s a year ago now. The Nava, Singapore, the national average we’re ready to do Association. years, pretty much is going to be establishing his his his association or everywhere in China, everyone. Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Korea, you know, Cambodia, Laos on that. So they are have a really big question plan to roll off. And, you know, we are last year towards the end of last year, we are recognized as the head of the medical community without associations. Yeah. Yeah. So I think if you have the mind of millennials, you know, that instant gratification, that entitlement, like, I spent so much money at time to organization, I expected this, this this this, but the key factor, I think people are overlooking for years. What kind of pass that can you be for your potential working partners? I think that that’s the one thing that the president of the association see us me, he was a very cautious person, because obviously, the organization needs to be run at

Unknown 1:12:50
a high ethical level, you know, you have to have integrity ease with you. So he was a very cautious bow to have what kind of people to be his committees, and lucky, yes, to all these collaborations, he sees us literally a small, small company, that is pretty much nobody at that time, and was able to trusting eyes or service and able to let us join the team and to grow with them.

Justin Trosclair 1:13:20
Curious, what’s the plan for the next five?

Unknown 1:13:23
OK, so the plan for next five years years.

Unknown 1:13:27
So what we want to do is, as you get know, or or, or companies called a Singapore pain solutions, it’s kind of a Singapore brand health care service provider. So what we want to do is, we will want it to have a least another four more clinic in Singapore, then we are going to move on into franchise so basically taking that Singapore brand to other surrounding countries like Cambodia, Miramar, Vietnam, years by then Indonesia, allow us back here and then definitely donation again. Yeah, so that’s all

Justin Trosclair 1:14:06
when you’re talking on these other countries, the fees, the fees will be definitely lower, I would think but is that true or not true? Maybe like if you’re in Siem Reap Cambodia, their average incomes and be a lot different than say Singapore, is that that change? marketing strategies? Or like how? Yeah,

Unknown 1:14:23
I mean, the key is going to this country Yes, you definitely have a very, very little competitions because there’s very few car packet in there and it’s number one, definitely you want to adjust to what is relevant relevant to the to the demographic there. But the good thing is, you know, is the global economy is going forward, and people are getting more money in their pocket and they had 20 years ago, and obviously the need for certain lifestyles will be changed. And I think chiropractic has a lot potential in that way from you know, business perspective you can definitely incorporate the part of the lifestyle you want if you want you know a certain lifestyle

Justin Trosclair 1:15:10
Yeah, I want to retire in America which means I have to make enough money wherever I live to fund that retirement later on. Is that a possibility when you’re working in places like Vietnam or blouse Can you make enough money to sort of not only survive in you know not not just survive but thrive in that country but have enough for retirement? wherever it is that you want to live?

Unknown 1:15:31
Yes, I think so. Because I also depends on you know, what kind of retirement why you feel one yard and $2 million mansions you to practice right so depends on what kind of standard yes but the thing like the president way try to set up as a profession in Yang Asia yet, we’re not wanting to let the or peer the other chiropractors to understand car particular not only you can be rewarding, you have the condition or professions can be very rewarding, but some kind of financial means and we start to see more practice although it is very small number but you know, it come in micro Cosmos off everything else, you know, we have seal young patients who are new, complete and whatnot and then they are kind of on this career path up show going to physio, or should I go into chiropractic, and then they see what we do. And I said you know what chiropractic although is not at this point, we’re not part of the public health care tagging structure yet, although is not you know, public health care, but I see that as a way to earn aren’t as a decent living than a physio and and that’s the goal we want to set for the people who are either either professional thinking going to profession, they don’t see it in the way like, well, at least I you know, I can make my daily life by having my you know, passion and do that by not necessarily have that financial freedom to achieve or to travel to whatever, you know, go you want and so we wanted to set into you in a way that people see chiropractic is a rewarding career not only just you know, for your passion and whatnot, as a financial rewarding career as well. So I think yeah, that is Yeah, one of the pitfall the chiropractic United States are having this I don’t think most of them see it as a financial rewarding career. Which is very, very sad and is a

Justin Trosclair 1:17:44
baby struggling doctors out there.

Unknown 1:17:46
Exactly. And

Justin Trosclair 1:17:48
that’s why there’s programs out there

Unknown 1:17:51
are they really that helpful that comes with of my next questions? Or you know, I have gone through two coaching programs when I was working with that and I believe like I don’t think that you’re really helpful at all and then they’re really number one the management companies now you may hear so how do they know what I’m going to be my database you know upon someone going so long in Boston area sitting your little office they How do you know how do you know what I’m dealing with in the country of 5.5 million people and the next people in the next thing people are working on is driverless car as smart homes. Are we are so as part of a head of times and if you need coach, go ahead,

Unknown 1:18:33
but either the

Unknown 1:18:34
the for the coach doesn’t have already had the visions. You want to see yourself in 1020 years, I don’t think you should really engage a meltdown. Because they just you know, lack of button was too strict quits on that. You know, you do the only from one office, you being that one office for last 20 years. I mean, I don’t really care how many patient you see your vision is the one office how you’re going to coach someone who has mission of 100 off it’s your mind is not human. Yeah. And there’s

Justin Trosclair 1:19:03
definitely coaches that you have to a lot more homework to and you’re in to find the coach that has the experience with multiple clinics and trying to find what you need to learn from and then you have to fire him and get the next person because now you’ve surpassed your coach. Yeah,

Unknown 1:19:18
exactly. You know, exactly. Or, you know, find someone so called a coach, not necessary coaching your own industries, maybe there’s a lot of coaching out there who are coaching CEO and, you know, much higher management levels, perhaps have someone looking to from different perspective. I mean, I have a group of people behind me whenever I have a new idea, I always run by that. But uh, none of them are chiropractic. They basically already succeed in their own industry for many years, we have seen ugly have seen a good so they, you know, whatever improvement expansions was next step, I always ask them, Hey, what do you think? And when they really can give you a lot of good perspective. So for coaching wise, I don’t think you have really have to stick? Yeah, really need to stick with someone who isn’t within the chiropractic profession.

Justin Trosclair 1:20:09
Yeah, I agree with you. I mean, that makes it even more of a daunting task to find someone but you start asking other people especially for like, they said, you’re going to be nine, who do you use? What do you use, and you’ll start opening up and again, you got to something that’s worth paying an outside cider to evaluate your clinic, because they can incorporate this works for these types of clinics or this type of business. How can we convert it so that it works for you and your health care

Unknown 1:20:35
profession? Exactly, exactly. Exactly. And then I think some of the car park or a bit cynical towards what they know and they have a very strong emotional attachment with what they know. So but the war is so different right now you need or fight and try to keep your own traditions a die with your traditions, or evolve and adapt make a better one for yourself. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 1:21:02
and that is a definitely a choice that you switch gears just a little bit as far as good books, apps or things like that. What can you recommend for people if they’re trying to I guess improve self help anything like that you have any kind of advice for people

Unknown 1:21:18
the books white I remember during that time you know, obviously I read thinking Grow Rich couple times. I think that gives me a good foundation with that. And recently I just kind of go back to the Green Book it’s really surprising because I just want to go back to the true philosophy and see what I missed you know if you really believe your brand as a believer product you know you really need to know the product very well. So right now I’m going back to Greenberg to see the for there anything I missed I can use what kind of message can I communicate? So pop wise I you know llama forum if anyone asked me I would definitely hundred percent recommend you to take on that and as it is so much easier for you to do attend a landmark forum United States compared to oversee for me I had to wait for four months for my for my seminar to occur. So you know, United States is every other month or you know, you think in a major city is literally every Tuesday weekend. So you know really take advantage of that. Another thing of skill I would say I learned years you know have diversities with the people you hang out with know before when I first come here and only people he always with it other chiropractors and after a while I just realized we are complaining about the same thing we want the same thing and then that’s it, there’s nothing wanted it. And and I just really kind of like shrinking your visions, because you hang out with the same point. So hang out with different people you know, if you know someone who is very successful in certain feel, even you had absolutely no relations with you go ahead, you know, talk to them business is the business market is in the market is it the same for you is no no much different in somewhat with someone else with different industrial background. And it really just hang out with people who really, really haven’t made it know, who had a company has, you know, five or $10 million turnover, or, you know, someone who really, really, really made it, you know, ask them how they get their buy them lunch, get them to coffee or something. And the key things is is really rewarding to see your friends is growing. And, uh, you know, you can be like them as well. I mean, how few friend when I started my practice, they are just kind of in the beginning of the tech startups. And, you know, I was there when he was struggling to try to get funding and you know, kind of get client by his products. And I was there. And I see, you know, he started which is one man show right now is to 20. And last time I did a company evaluations, he’s taught us about $12 million

Unknown 1:24:04
in value that’s in short period of sweetheart three years. And then you know, that, you know, like, see your friends able to make it you know, you can make it as well. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 1:24:14
they have the same struggles as we do. It looks a little different. But reality is the same thing. You got a product, you’re trying to advertise it, you got to get eyes on it, they gotta want it. Yeah. And then you got to

Unknown 1:24:24
fail. Exactly. And at that time, he he knows you know, like maybe this is where I get my inspiration of always you’re thinking outside the box and he knows Singapore is such a smart market. So he actually spent a lot of time going to Vienna, Vienna, Cambodia. Now me Mr. Try to sell his product. And and I think I do get that inspiration from them understanding, you know, Singapore is such a small pond. And we needed to expand to two places have more people. So yeah,

Justin Trosclair 1:24:55
but 5.5 million, most people would say you could probably have four clinics in just different the city because there’s so many

Unknown 1:25:02
citizens, you can but what’s the joy in that to make your brand of international brand rather than a local brand? Right?

Justin Trosclair 1:25:10

different regulations.

Unknown 1:25:13
I mean, you just I mean, that’s another thing that a llama for have a told me is like, I think most of time we really under mine or solve we’re really don’t give herself the credits, what is credited do and I think you know, going off in a Chinese family and you’re kind of always have a lot of expectations, even you achieve that expectations are they are more explanation on top of that, you know, you’ll never get an appraisal reward of achievements already done. And, you know, through the forums, you know, you are able to kind of rewarding yourself with a small milestones and understand, if I can make this happen in three to six months, I can make this happen in five to 10 years, my vision will become reality. And it just matter of time. Oh I need to do is be patient, be persistent. And keep doing the work. And I will get there. Everything is just a matter of time. Wow, good. Sophie, I keep telling myself every day.

Justin Trosclair 1:26:15
Almost wanted to wrap up right there. But I’ll just ask this question. So you experienced 13 years in China? You went to school there, then you had kind of Junior High High School in America. Wonder, what’s the difference? What have you noticed is? Do you remember the differences? It was more intense in China? Or what?

Unknown 1:26:32
Um, I think my creativity really blossomed when I was in as in estates. Yeah. Okay. I always at that time, in high school, I was actually on my way to go to Chicago Art Institute, because I just love color photography joining and, and that part was never explored when I was in China. But obviously, I do not go to school because, you know, my parents told me starving artist jobs, I went to science instead.

Unknown 1:27:09
But that creativity is always been part of me. And he, I mean, yes, obviously, I did not become the next, you know, artists to have our exhibitions and whatnot. But the creativity, he’s really trying to send it in the other ways know, he kind of helped me to see things from different perspective.

Justin Trosclair 1:27:32
Yeah, you know, my buddy, that was her side, hustle, she, she’s raising kids, and I wish she paints, she’s actually selling pieces of work. And I’m kind of like you, I’ve always been involved with color and graphics and trying to enjoy that stuff. And so for me, like the podcast, doing some of these Instagram stuff is very fulfilling, because I actually enjoy creating and being creative with, with different pictures, different things. Yeah. And this is the way to use what you’re good at what you in a way in a profession that could maybe make more money in the long in the immediate future as well as in the in the future.

Unknown 1:28:04
Yeah. I mean, like, sometimes I do think they know what will what of my life will be if I do go into pursue like art and design and whatnot. I’m thinking like, maybe it’s better if I use this talent for something else can generate the more you know, if you’re, if you’re a person who just you know, oh my God, I hate color I hate you know, taking pictures I hate you know, this, make everything or balance, which is my husband, he just like to take whatever a pitcher that is a post.

Unknown 1:28:37
But no,

Unknown 1:28:40
that does not break enjoy, you know, actually bring him more stress than that. But if you’re a person who are really into that, you know, you do, I guess you don’t really need it to be artists to be a full time to explore your talents. But you know, use your talent in other ways. You know, it’s advantage you have compared to here’s

Justin Trosclair 1:29:00
what you have to figure out what you are passionate and good at. Because you can tailor a market, even a marketing mark, you know, when you’re marketing, if you’re better with words than videos and all this stuff, there’s people out there just like you did, you know, and you just got to find out, okay, how do I tap into that? And it could be through Facebook, you know, where you’re targeting Time magazine subscribers,

versus National Geographic or something like that, to where you can pitch it. Yeah, you know exactly what you’re looking for. And then that way, it’ll appeal to exactly,

Unknown 1:29:29
exactly, face. Yeah. So you know, like, if you were in school, you have started a hobby, not necessarily necessarily resonate with what you do, you know, don’t think that hobby or skill or interest is a waste of time. Definitely some time it can definitely help you to into are the things I mean, the very good example with Jeff is you know, like an exercise fitness is always be his passion. You know, he always like that he he always been doing that since college, but I know nobody really like guiding hand tell him like, Hey, you can use this to come by with Chiropractic and see what he can blossom into. And nobody really made that connection as much as he one with a piece of first two previous job and getting the the directors don’t see the potential of that. Well sucks to be them because I was able to see that and we merge those two together and ran him and look at where he is right now.

Justin Trosclair 1:30:29
Yeah, yeah, I did that with fencing. You know, like yes, we’re fighting. Yeah, but I moved someplace that there’s not a big community there but I still went because I enjoyed it even though I didn’t really bring patients yet. It’s like said it’s that long term. This is what you enjoy doing you do it eventually the referrals will come and yeah, you know that regardless of Exactly,

Unknown 1:30:48
exactly. And another point you can bring into being like being embraces a fitness style, yes. You know, sometimes we see a chiropractor who is totally over way probably never step foot into the practice, you know, like eating Donald’s would belong tendon or Antonio patients. Oh, yeah, you lose a couple pounds maybe? What kind of credibility that I come from? It’s like I think you need to lose a few pounds.

Justin Trosclair 1:31:15
So yeah, the doctor in our area is smoking. Yeah, he’s smoking and I felt like am I am I in the 1950s so we’re going to have a conversation shoot soon because it’s been in the last month this guy just start smoking in the hospital in a room thinking it up my wife saw like gotta take an allergy pill to combat it. I’m just like, this isn’t exactly exactly and

Unknown 1:31:37
then then that really separate you from your competitors you know, like you’ve you’ve if to chiropractors they both say like they can help you with a sports injury one is totally overweight. Clearly you can see in other ways that you know like you know who you’re going to go to obviously the fit ones right because he got that person who probably understand what you have gone through compare someone who never step in gym and that’s another thing so profession really need to work on is you know we’re constantly talking about obesity over use a drug in America people are you know, getting all this crazy diaper on a one on obviously not everyone’s fit not even minority of them. But the chiropractor I’m not really representing dead lifestyle this fitness health healthy lifestyle they preach every day. I mean, did you think it doesn’t make you a hypocrite and you’re just there to sell something that you don’t even practice me really doesn’t give you any against st credits for that and and and i’m not saying like for all the characters we needed to you know, get into the fitness niche and whatnot no no that and and you needed to find a way that word really works best for you. And I remember I tried to explore the pediatric eyebrow no kids maybe pregnant woman I’d be honest we absolutely hated it was kids with terrible jobs and as much as I tried I tried to be patient and try to be whatever I can and sometimes when I see the age of three really okay great you know that was never been my passion for that and I just I

Justin Trosclair 1:33:23
retire I cry and and

Unknown 1:33:26
and and one day I am going to be a mother so this is going to be interesting maybe reference back to me watching

Justin Trosclair 1:33:33
I heard it once once they’re yours you care more and you’re more compassionate

Unknown 1:33:38
I hope yeah i really really good so so it’s it you know if pediatric kids is your passion use that no immediate use that make you make make it your brand like make it what represent you know like how are you raising your kids you know, how are you raising your family like you know I said raising

Justin Trosclair 1:34:02
a pediatric base tables

Unknown 1:34:04
Yeah exactly. You know beat I kid friendly and everything just bring yourself into that target of pregnant mom or mom to be in that one which is a one of my friends who just started his practice practice here and she is a specific date targeting pregnant mom new babies and that is a fantastic it’s a is growing so fast. And you know nowadays women are having multiple hats you know, they need to get birthing year to get back to work and to take care of the family you know, imagine how much stress they’re going through you know by doing an adjustment just can make the part of a life easier and then you know, why not? And the women not days have more educated and then ever before so you given options and just again by creating a little pies they creating own brand and find what you’re passionate about and really kind of collide that together with your chiropractic profession and and stop fighting crumbs with the rest of them. I mean, be creative, creative workflow critique own pie or creating your own kingdom. You’re wrong. Don’t you think? That’s more empowering than fighting with the rest of the your peers?

Justin Trosclair 1:35:23
Yeah, exactly. Very good. How can people can contact you

Unknown 1:35:27
later was that we’re everywhere. So you can be Facebook?

Unknown 1:35:33
Jenny, Jenny Lee DC You Can I have my own blog? I can send you the link later on. And I am on Instagram Dr. Jenny Lee. I snapped fat gentlemen. So you know on LinkedIn as well so you should not have a difficult time finding me so

Justin Trosclair 1:35:56
yeah, very good. I also have Chad has been Yeah, what you got everything’s the Junior League. So you can definitely get in Singapore. Singapore Singapore pain solutions probably has all your social media

Unknown 1:36:11
Yeah, you’re able to see life as a link in there as well. Yeah, don’t worry you can always find me I know always open to questions and if you are a new grads who is looking for will be the next thing to do and you’ve this long conversation long hop has did not learn anything about that at least learn something such as you know the market is the market doesn’t matter you are pretty not pretty rich not rich young or whatever it is. You’ll treat everyone to say it is what asset of what can you bring to the table make your different not skin of a color for the background? Well how much money you

Justin Trosclair 1:36:50
know this has been great thank you. You brought a lot I think you really brought a lot information so I think it’s gonna be overwhelming for some people were there so much they they can pull from this be motivated and take into their clinics and actually create a marketing plan if they haven’t even done that yet. So I really want to thank you so much for your generosity with your time all this openness that you did a really a really appreciate it. And I think that the the audience All right, thank

Unknown 1:37:15
you very much. I love to be here and hopefully someone can find value, you know, conversations we have.

Justin Trosclair 1:37:25
Dr. Lee, I am so impressed with where you’ve been and where you’re going big visions to chart out opening clinics in other countries, countries that you don’t speak the language. And there’s lots of roadblocks that are going to be in the way and you’re just like let’s do it. Let’s find a way so that’s amazing. Hopefully you found a doc for your own clinic and just continued success with the video marketing and social media marketing and networking and all the avenues that you’re doing. Enjoy following you on Facebook. And I hope it gives a lot of people especially students are those maybe looking for a career change if they’re not doing this? Well in practice that you can practice outside of America. Be safe, make some money and enjoy learning a new culture at the same time. All the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective. NET slash to for travel tips coming up next.

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traveled to when you’re traveling. I like at times to wear clothes that are versatile. I went to Beijing and Shanghai a little while ago. And instead of packing two different types of jackets, I use the brand called ice peak. They’re finished. And it’s a waterproof wind proof. It was yellow actually was yellow, purple and green. Much like my local will be next week. And it’s got like this market girl vibe. So my point is that there’s plenty of active wear that you could actually dress up like depending on the type of pants you get. That could be quick dry when prove all this type of stuff. Same thing for like shirts. I know some of the sporting good stores, they have the kind that has the big events in the back. Now I’m not a big fan of those. But just to say if you’re going to place that’s going to be rainy. There’s clothes available that you can purchase that looks good dries quick and it’s very lightweight and tax real tight. Again, I speak just a brand I never heard of our like their clothes, and it’s not even a paid sponsorship. There’ll be a link in the show notes.

We just want hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, share it on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guests. A sincere thank you in advance. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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