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E 105 Allen Sprinkle dds a doctors perspective tongue tie release
Dr. Allen Sprinkle, DDS talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast.

Tongue tie surgery, frenuloplasty,what is it, how can it cause headaches, forward head posture and poor sleep. Wetalk airway obstruction -how a dentist can help, why use mercury free fillings, root canal danger and DTR. Dr Allen Sprinkle DDS

What is TruDenta and why does he prefer the DTR (disclusion time reduction therapy) instead for bite disturbances?  Two techniques to help determine how you are biting, where is the pressure, how is the pressure transferred between each teeth  and then you can make dental recommendations based on the results.

DTR has true implications for TMD TMJ problems but yet only 2% of the dentist have this technology, why is that?

Can improper crown fittings create bite disturbances?

Posterior teeth have peripheral nerves and if they have too much friction when chewing it can create a hyperactive impulse that goes straight to the trigeminal nucleus instead of going to the spine first so you get even more tension and grinding.

Dr. Spinkle discusses in detail about the important of a baby sucking their thumb in helping shape the arch of the palate. Then he goes into how malformations of the palate arch can turn into breathing and airway obstructions.  V shaped palates, narrow nasal passages, mouth breathing, Eustachian tube blockages, ear infections, headaches and possible even personality changes.

If you have a tongue tie (frenulum) where you can’t lift your tongue very high or stick your tongue out past your front teeth, it can lead to even more issues. Our body adapts to not having clear air passage by giving shots of adrenaline and the body recognizes it needs more air so one of the side effects is forward head posture.

Dr. Spinkle specializes in releasing the tongue tie (frenotomy) via surgery. After a tongue tie release he sees patients have improved posture and patients report headaches and tension in their neck and pressure in their head almost immediately improve as well as one patient whose stuttering ceased.  He tells a few patient success stories with the tongue tie release procedure.

Tells several powerful stories that might even seem to good to be true about the results of a tongue tie release.

Reasons why chain smoking and nail biting might be an indication of a chronic partially obstructed airway.

Mouth breathing can lead to cavities, gum disease, clinching and grinding. This also leads to poor breathing habits.

Tongue tie surgery can be called: functional ankyloglossia, lingual frenuloplasty, frenotomy

Before you do the surgery, it is a good idea to do myofunctional therapist for tongue exercises from an expert, think special trained physical therapist.

Does he have to redo any surgeries, does scar tissue play a factor in long term results?  Headaches and muscle tension relief are two common results from the frenuloplasty (tongue tie surgery).

  • Listen about 32 minutes in and you can find out what to Look for in an exam to if a patient might have a tongue tie. Step by step exam as well as questions to ask.

Why did he decide to become a Mercury Free dentist? Mercury is the second most neuro toxic chemical to a human so why is it allowed in our teeth and does it leak out and cause damage to our body?

Here is story of working in a cesspool of old mercury, the effect it had on his personal life, and why he even left dentistry for nearly a decade.

Does mercury fillings fight with iodine in our thyroid?

What is the problem with root canals? Can it really trap bacteria and virus, turn them anaerobic and reek havoc on our gums and cause ill effects to our general health?

Root canal teeth are supposed to be clean on the inside, but he explains via a Dr Haley that a lab found the two most toxic chemicals were found in extracted teeth that had root canals.

If you can’t get a root canal, do you just extract the tooth, give a dental bridge or ceramic tooth implant?

He left dentistry for 8 years, pursed and made good money doing real estate, but he tells how that ultimately failed and how he got back into dentistry and what changed his mind about conventional dental practices… near the end of the episode.

His Clinic Site: www.Hareliefalternatives.com  and can be reached at 8179803957

Dr. Sprinkle is a Baylor Grad and is DTR trained. He offers specialized care for head and neck pain, TMJ and other chronic facial pain conditions. He also has training and certification in sleep medicine and obstructive sleep apnea.

Other Doctors Mentioned:

Bill Haynes orthodontist in Los Angeles deals with airway obstructions.

Dr. Soroush Zaghi, MD (ENT specialist, Otolaryngology) of the Breathe Institute https://www.thebreatheinstitute.com/

Dr. Boyd Haley root canal

BOOK: Tom Rinaldi  Red Bandana

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Episode 105 tongue tie surgery mercury free No. I’m your host Dr. Justin Charles Claire and today with Dr. Alex

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Justin Trosclair 0:17
perspective, to 2017 and 2018 podcast Awards Nominated as we get a behind the curtain look at all types of doctors and guests specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

Hey everybody, Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, whatever you celebrate. I hope you’re doing it fantastic with friends, family and loved ones. Did Santa pass, by the way, going to head back to America in five days going to hang out with my parents? My dad’s got a retirement party. It’s gonna be fun. Everybody wants to see the new baby, the new Asian Cajun, so we’ll be happy to show her off and all her cuteness. Alright, today’s show with an amazing dentist 74 years you he doesn’t plan to retire, we’re going to go through a whole bunch of his backstory, we’re going to find out why he became a Mercury free dentist. What’s the deal with root canals? How can they be toxic to the body, if at all. And the big part that we cover is about tongue tie surgery, you know the formula. We even go through a checklist if your car breaks physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologist, whatever you can learn during your exam, if they’re having headaches, if they’re not sleeping good of their mouth breather, you find out Okay, do this, this and this. So maybe you had this issue, maybe you should go see a dentist from the breathe institute that can do this surgery and potentially take care of this issue that you’re having a little caveat for this episode. He was using the microphone, but the sound quality still wasn’t that great. So just kind of bear with it. He said a lot of good information. He’s a fantastic storyteller. And fact, when we started recording, I don’t have my normal intro. We just were having our pre chat. And I was kind of talking about what we’re going to talk about. And he started answering it. And I was like, You know what, Dustin, let them talk. He’s already on a roll. He’s already given great information, no point stopping them and all this stuff. So it was kind of fun to just kind of rolled with it. That’s frankly, you did a great job. So tune in, I think you’re gonna love it. We also are going to have a guest later, mile functional therapy, he mentions it and there’s a whole class of specialists that do this. So that’ll be either next week or a couple weeks after that. All right, let’s learn about some friend yellow, pasty. All the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash 105 Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain

you got some really cool things that the tongue tie stuff i think is gonna be a great true dental I’m not sure what that is. But that’s why I got you on the show.

Unknown 2:49
True Dan is just a technique diagnosis and treatment for by disturbances but it’s felt like in a user causes customer your trade name and I will fit everything in the course stuff but there’s a naval

Unknown 3:11
procedure and sort of this all this pollution time in

Unknown 3:17
the to notice developed by Dr. Robert Kirstein us Adonis Boston it was in graduate school and the same came up how key scan

Unknown 3:32
scan was first developed outline for dentistry use those cones of nuclear missiles of all kinds of weird stuff at the idea the dress for here in the states and you see a doctor shoals know they got a thank you stand on it shows you the pressure of your feet blacks all develop

Unknown 3:55
but what piece can send mylar sheet that is shaped like the arch of your mouth and passion computer and put it in the patient’s mouth and have a close race the pressure between Pete every 311 thousandth of a second as they want to they’re most comfortable bike and unless you see where the pressures are right left front back with to hammered which teaser conclusion

Unknown 4:30
great piece of technology odd thing is if not all

Unknown 4:36
but yet less than 2% dentist in the states use it or have it it’s just crazy. And it’s mainly because I think a bunch of the tha gurus out there who’ve been lecturing for years this huge following that. They don’t like it because it kind of blows there you know it’s measurable it’s reproduce like that thank you costs it shows that what they’re doing

Justin Trosclair 5:04
it It sounds like it’d be like a braces type of thing. Like if you’ve got a really crazy bite or something you can get braces to fix everything or am I always on that?

Unknown 5:14

Unknown 5:18
I mean in some cases the bites are so terrific you did that do need to have braces

Unknown 5:24
make where you just go in and the bad bites are caused by us Dennis because of a crackle put in it’s too high or too low shifts about like which is the dynamics of the to chew and so that stress is

Unknown 5:43

Unknown 5:46
by that. So take a level that by a little structure on the crowd or maybe a little bit on to this because the thing about your teeth, especially hosting your teeth is that

Unknown 6:03
all those and free impulses we get through our skin you know from expropriate deception

Unknown 6:10
sensory nerves which I’ll touch the spine before it gets to your brain. weird thing about your post your teeth and their profile sensory nerve in the periodontal ligament to connect your deep in the boat and when you add too much text post to your teeth because I drag against each other with

Unknown 6:30
that create hyper reactive impulse that goes straight directed and go your spouse your branding go straight to the trigeminal motor move this muscle mass education and practicing touching ground even worth becomes this vicious cycle so what this competition is China is trying to or that component to erase that either taking that little bit of a crown or showing are mammals you’re using do it at the sickest

Unknown 7:03
using that to come into contact and

Unknown 7:08
really quite shredding but with this stuff with the well let me back up a second there’s a thing that we did

Unknown 7:18
they are the coupon products meaning based marijuana The Princess and they’re nervous system is so jacked up also their bike anything but

Unknown 7:32
you pretty much back to the difference in 1000 or eight della difference in the 10 that because our nervous system and so I’m hyper aware services by any small thing can just take him off Wow Yeah, what’s interesting get their

Unknown 7:52
concerts empathetic staff and they don’t even notice it anymore. So

Unknown 7:59
wrote us back to

Unknown 8:01
the feast because you know you start swallowing it sucking

Unknown 8:07
in that I’m this eventually forum face to excuse me, but I say she swallow and put it up in your path but they can’t get into like properly or can get there very well then you had to have barrel palette, pretty narrow heart because our our our alarm or spare parts you have different growth possible is because of the tongue that really the have a decent bite or not. And are you gonna have a nasal airway because if your heart apart is narrow because your palate hasn’t been able to get up there properly. That roof of your mouth is very pyramid shaped V shaped and what that does is it makes the floor of your nose very narrow see upgrade nicely. Probably a mouth breather and map breaker props for your infections because you breathe in through your mouth

Unknown 9:06
passed yet and you’re constantly real close to your station tubes little kids get here in Texas as as I grow up the stash two drops down to try

Unknown 9:20
the most proximal end of the station to get slower as you get older so you’re able to drive through your ears but as stations is kind of parallel to the horizon then train well well and so you get more problems with ear infections, things like that. And so the thing is that this

Unknown 9:46
is a chiropractor Denver Ellen murder of us ever new talent when you are practicing in Colorado really

Unknown 9:54
he always says this awesome census

Unknown 10:00
that Francis or jobs tell myself that

Unknown 10:05
can’t get up into your palate and the way I tell my patients. So low left hand and like a little duck bill for

Unknown 10:16
my son

Unknown 10:18
had this real

Unknown 10:21
young sit down and the floor of your mouth, it can get up That’s the longest your tongue tip of your tongue on your team back but if it’s stored in your palate that moves the back of your forward that open share away but if you’re on a sense that you’re willing to compromise

Unknown 10:45
in fact your stuff at a sock that

Unknown 10:51
jolt of adrenaline which will ensure respiratory system that helps you breathe so that’ll be great for you little audio comes before and posture basis to locate where can you bring your head full of your base state that they tell you to do the first thing would be somebody in charge on that filter

Unknown 11:19
see these people were trying to have their brain concept that’s what your body story and then when you do that you create

Unknown 11:32
your skull

Unknown 11:35

Unknown 11:40
building you know how you get your

Unknown 11:43
your arm everything your pen test relax because you got it back all your toys and everything else to keep to wait for fall and curl you know you got an extra

Unknown 11:57
bring your head forward everything in the front of your

Unknown 12:01
because everything in the back your head follow

Unknown 12:06
create shoes I had a lady and

Unknown 12:11
leisure or last week so she can see better

Unknown 12:19
understand that a lot of the stuff that I’ve been understand but if you’ve got all this fat jack to try and hold everything together now you’re releasing

Unknown 12:31
stuff of what opened down, they were they were I guess in that fashion affects the muscles and around I

Justin Trosclair 12:47
mean everything you just said is you know one thing after another so it was almost like as a kid they need to be sucking their thumb a little bit to save their mouth. And then the same time I was hearing if the tongue you know the best not shaped correctly and then like the tongue underneath is not as long as it should be then you have this cascade of issues that you could see through high school through college maybe they’re adults and they’re having problems and I saw on your website you know they’re looking all crooked and then that’s before and then after their chemistry you know they’re definitely straight and everything and like what are we selling here? Is this the dentist the chiropractor, a physical therapist like what does that but and everything you just explained them like Yeah, yeah that stuff makes sense. I could I’ve heard that before but in like you know chiropractic land and so that’s the blows my mind because we definitely need to be considering that possibly looking into these things because you know we can adjust all day but sometimes like wow what’s the root cause if that’s the way I don’t I don’t have to sell you on a 10 to 20 visit plan to get your curve back and all this kind of stuff when you can go down the street and potentially take care of that and then come see me that’s like fine tune the structural stuff in your neck and the muscles and everything so that it goes away faster well

Unknown 13:53
your muscles all day long. What muscles so hello and fight fight off a time Yeah, I mean I don’t know get a chance to watch my lecture that gives the American Academy of comprehensive integrated message back a

Unknown 14:12
story to try to

Unknown 14:15
open up their minds and little shock

Unknown 14:18
dearest friend district has a daughter was this great little advocate personable a lot of friends when she

Unknown 14:26
well she started stuttering and it got so bad that other people can find out her and she just asked ourselves our self esteem your father’s to go over $100,000 probably targets the helper he went to Europe to class hello there they couldn’t help her head that attaches 1415 years old she was just a nightmare so sneaky trick to make my so she can buy drugs cigarettes and was just

Unknown 14:56
no ma’am counseling Thank you

Unknown 15:01
kit because just now less fat

Unknown 15:05

Unknown 15:07
john were at a conference in Dallas and

Unknown 15:15
he is going to come over

Unknown 15:18
as he comes up study for our jobs head explode a total fraud so

Unknown 15:29
let me describe take your daughter she’ll tell me if I’m anywhere with all the bite your finger on the week she smokes non stop

Unknown 15:39

Unknown 15:41
promiscuous or risky lifestyle she pulls away

Unknown 15:46
cuz herself from the set and my friends job

Unknown 15:51
to match com but Albania your daughter could very well have that judge gotcha see how all those things why is pretty not she can read she came out of her way probably which is 11 or 12 years old or 12 year old

Unknown 16:10
tilted in were tortured tugs

Unknown 16:14
bad position to actually pass those teeth so it’s hard for the breeze well she second to cigarettes cured with ammonia to take a whack off of selling sauce make basically that helps open upper airway test can’t quit smoking that’s why she brings to our job board and that opened your airway to conserve

Unknown 16:41
in John’s eyes roll up the heck I

Unknown 16:46
cast we started

Unknown 16:49
we went to Tacoma Washington from once a month little over a year so almost two years knowing what every quarter or so just saw some amazing things we suck at

Unknown 17:01
wheelchair ms was very wealthy because in developer up there and once that Rob got this cast out of his mouth with these clients is that he made

Unknown 17:13
the wheelchair he bought Robson a building a coma and built him teaching facilities Robson just passed away about two three years and anyways, but he never ever talked about the freedom or the friend Tom being a problem and so we just all made these appliances very very difficult because you had to balance them so I had to do all these sentences thanks and then about for me but three three and a half years ago at a patient

Unknown 17:44
sat at my plants right and taking her teeth she held up a look down arrow oh my gosh is that I have all these people I’ve met all these

Unknown 18:00

Unknown 18:02
never saw it said a word about it. Nobody ever talks about this stuff you know do a little bit below or seek your own be for free love to try and release this ligament can see if it will help you and if it doesn’t make the upon but I’m free or anything from for you to be my guinea pig is Jesus Christ really but yeah

Unknown 18:31
the way I do it on newborns laser still lesser and it just shoot thrill come she turned pedestal as she said I bought into this sort of years it was instant and who would have

Unknown 18:44
just done it so I started looking more at a God thing patient comes in and the doctor next week and you may have seen her drop the website was photographed short hair

Unknown 18:58
she’s a professional Viola player she has been

Unknown 19:03
set yourself on a

Unknown 19:07
hyper cutting back and then plan a field not the best thing for you and read out of state

Unknown 19:18
page enough I can I can help her she had one so so before we do this let’s configure something we can measure it see if it changes yeah

Unknown 19:33
therapy every week so it just stands up here is the last but certainly a small niches to really work hard

Unknown 19:44
and they will she does that she can only get her head about six inches close to the one she’s got her is call for papers or brand for that behind wreckage

Unknown 19:58

Unknown 20:00
then do the procedure when I finished the procedure stands up the your head within one thing her

Unknown 20:07
she says that she just lost four inches occur

Unknown 20:11
god what they

Unknown 20:15
call this friend of mine it is static la who does a lot of ortho to help airway problems and saw how bill bill Hey great or

Unknown 20:28
what the heck am I see in here says anonymous is a some type of fashion Yes, you need to talk to soggy and I know what says doctors hockey’s here in LA is a Harvard Medical School grad end so facial surgeons fellowships and for all the stuff so I get a hold of this guy and he isn’t

Unknown 20:50
really excited to talk to me he found somebody doing this stuff so eventually got in that class so I can learn other than for the University of YouTube watching your surgery videos so why he sent me a link to some of his lectures where he showed the surgery procedure to call some functional friend yellow plastic or glass and all the patients or just so without about a year and a half ago I guess for this class myself and three other dentists out there from California and I’ve done up or sad surgery so far as men last week who I had about four months before both

Unknown 21:43
both Atlantic but his brother little all American small college West

Unknown 21:54
just strong

Unknown 21:57

Unknown 22:00
having trouble breathing checking began to never been able to have any damage our direct really good place but we can just find we must be the worst shape people on war in the world because we couldn’t run as far as long as the football pain that at that event. Yeah, so use caution about your truck

Unknown 22:25
is tough path or front teeth. But how can we do it now so what you need to go get some mild functional therapy with a personal trainer for your tongue they help you recognize those muscles that are position that are somewhat atrophy that yes for nine able to be used for on strengthening the muscles. So that the surgery maximum benefit of the extra. So he came back and I said you know you look so tight, we’ll probably have to do this twice. I’m gonna take part as now now. So I did this the first one that he was real this is the first time I preach about notes and you take

Unknown 23:09
your notes but when you’re telling a lie so flat and pulsate the soft palate and there’s a reflex there that causes you to produce more mucus and keep those blind and once you get your way from the soft

Unknown 23:24
painlessly help you open up your nasal passages and you can repeat and he did really well but wow realize that there’s more so I came in last week we forecast is probably the surgery I’ve ever made out my sprinkler start to get really tired

Unknown 23:48
but he was just he was feeling in the chair at one time and he goes oh my god the whole left side of my face my show back the Street East all the way down am I here?

Unknown 24:01
You said doc if you do that right stack we’re good it’s good over on that side is oh my gosh is just gone but he still had a couple other little pioneering second guest thank you want to do this bug the heck out of here this is way too deep in here for my pepper I did that he just asked to open they said the whole back of my head from the top of my cranium and on my way to my pelvis just flooded

Unknown 24:31
and relax he said I believe

Unknown 24:35
most remarkable seven years

Justin Trosclair 24:40
Wow. Okay, so a couple quick follow ups down this how how about the long term results you know once they healed life comes back to normal hopefully they’re doing like you said some of that tongue muscle training before and after

Unknown 24:55
that done I’ve only

Unknown 24:58
about three years I’ve had to redo a couple of cases not the primary containers so data at that developed some scar tissue just gone a spokesperson and maybe a little bit more

Unknown 25:14
I’m not a rookie but I’m pretty to rookie doing this stuff but there’s quite a few that even know support talking about so I have to check out there’s no charge whatsoever

Unknown 25:27
but yeah, they have seen the video of the set of the two year old physician and better fit the data migraines and that 24 hours and do her migraines but she still Oh yeah.

Unknown 25:43
And I learned about the lower lip man maybe relate the link back so and in order for postdocs great third magazine we added into the area you know thunderstorm and stuff and so we can tension down here your local a couple of these

Unknown 26:05
rooms and pensions and attention on my left side so listen to this I did are over there and it should on her left side was gone immediately but the weird thing was it tremendously prefer reactions to bear and the pressure changes I have no clue how in the world that works that she has the hell either doesn’t get to the barometric pressure change or she does it’s a headache

Unknown 26:34
with our friends or something like that she’s ever gotten her whole life this is weird but I talked to see about that that’s a backup a mandate relate to live when it comes from big Ferris works at your metabolism muscle if he says it flows from right below your key point your local let you see that you have from your lifting those rapid your lower front taken that was brought into that then next fashion that that are the facts around your head like a ski mask like about

Unknown 27:14
cervical spine so that’ll have it close or with her benefit

Justin Trosclair 27:21
so are you considered like an oddball dentist or like even playing in this realm

Unknown 27:29
for over 30 years with mercury

Justin Trosclair 27:33
mercury free as well

Unknown 27:37
fluoride I do acupuncture stuff

Unknown 27:41
stout types of patients a lot of cancer patients Lyme patients and that bill nationals to their diseases and some and good for years and have been ridiculed and then brought before the state board unfortunately state board because of the stuff that you use for me a bad

Unknown 28:03
person 30 years threat to the population the present state i don’t agree with your theory of practice that doesn’t make you again Dr. Are me wrong if you’re

Unknown 28:18
standing so they dismissed all charges were brought back boy yeah fight for stealing from me so yeah. A lot of girlfriends bills to some crazy but oddly enough the worm is turning to the same back Las Vegas two weeks ago 1000 attendees and a meeting between three organizations to their relatively new one that’s relatively or a candy from a campaign has made american college of alternative so like that, but this position, do

Unknown 29:04
that right bass, heavy metal toxicity, one of those other things and then the American Academy physiologic message is about five years. So on this academy, oral systemic health. And they were 1000 attendees and they were talking about root canal Hoxie city and Mercury explorer on my God, just

Unknown 29:28
from the end of my career, a better spouse or family but kind of more recognized, okay. For all these years, don’t socialize with

Unknown 29:43
those are my mind are so great to meet some of the past. Yes, so long answer to your question. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 29:52
Well, I almost had a dentist that, you know, kind of in your realm, and she was really nervous about, I guess, getting the radar too much or something. So the interview actually never happened. I just, you know, stop pursuing it. But it’s great to see that, you know, there are other dentists kind of doing this, because you’re what 7374 So, we had a season here, yo.

Yeah. Okay, so as a doctor, you know, chiropractor physical therapy, you know, we’re looking at a patient they got these symptoms, what is one or two steps that we can do to evaluate maybe the tongue to say, Oh, you should go see a dentist that does this because maybe this will help you like what are something that we can be you know, look for in an exam?

Unknown 30:37
Well, you know, the first thing, okay, is not what we’re looking at the looking glass, jaw issues, headaches, migraines, like back facial tissues, the things that I look for besides that are you know, questions about joking that I choke very often is hard for them to swap pills and capsules. Do they have your dream?

Unknown 31:04
That is because it their way closes that get this gigantic shop adrenaline. It just makes their mind can go wacky at a wife who never heard her ass prayer. Every morning, she woke up and she had this horrific nightmare. I used to thank God your father beat you like a bar, or something. I can’t remember what a weirdo but then rocks. That fact when he was talking to Don about the night terrors case, because of this adrenaline, she’s sleeping or airway become so compromised or closed, she’ll get a shot of adrenaline. Like these weird traipse, and they don’t have to be nightmares, nightmares, but just the real action dreams and wake up a lot or when they wake up in the morning. Like it’s three bear cubs a bit in a wrestling life. conflict. Yeah, we’re back and forth care of their bed because they’re trying to get better. But then you start to look at your openness while they can

Unknown 32:12
stretch or hurt themselves, but openness.

Unknown 32:15
And then you measure that distance between edges of their upper teeth to their lower teeth. And he have close, so flat, maybe between the upper 40s. And so they can perform when they close or upper

Unknown 32:35
level for case by three millimeters. And that’s a 43 millimeter opening.

Unknown 32:41
take their time,

Unknown 32:43
or upfront piece a little soft tissue

Unknown 32:48
and feel for that and try to open as wise again, don’t make contact

Unknown 32:55
and get for the ride of that can keep coming back then you measure this stuff.

Unknown 33:01
wanting one millimeters, we divide 21 43%.

Unknown 33:07
So they have a town called the fashion of the total right portion measurement. So that that was

Unknown 33:16
one of the Apache just have them, see if I can suck their tongue against their palate and make what we came

Unknown 33:28
out forms you can and that will that their measure that and that even less, a lot of times then the tip of the tongue to the size of a billy have stick their tongue out if there’s an invention in the tip of the tongue that kind of looks like a heart you know the partners that kind of case and or crack as a look at it. That’s a really tight for him. It’s a lift their tongue up in that front of his second lot. That’s a big issue.

Unknown 33:57
So those are the things that you’re looking for. One of the ways that you can measure take that measurements and divide the smaller distance by the larger distance. So that gives you a ratio. And if it’s 80% or more of which is more normal, they’re fine. And if they’re below 65 below have symptoms. Yeah, he made the A to somebody

Unknown 34:22
because they may have what’s called a posture your time. And what’s really interesting is I haven’t very good friend who’s a pediatrician kind of affirmative. He’s written a bunch of seminars and interested in and they didn’t do a lot of stuff into practice, because he’s got a traditional practice resented multiple partners. Anyway, a bunch of grief when I started doing places newborns because we don’t hear scissors scissors more than just clip that said that, you know, you’re not total friend of my you’re clipping is the mucosal attachment, you’re not clipping this stuff up coastal attachment most of the time, and you sure as heck not getting them to the boss, the boss, which is

Unknown 35:09
this, I’ve never heard of a poster. So I showed him aside these surgeries, because that’s amazing that nobody knows about that. As a society. We’ve all missed it for how many hundreds of thousands of years, and just now being aware of it. But it’s interesting, he said that I ever did his talk about three months ago. So it’s better. But yeah, it’s it’s something that medicine and industry has.

Unknown 35:44
Or have heard a day, saying it has a huge effect on the overall house. Yeah, but as if you’re happy and you’re more prone backstroke, you’re more prominent of all kinds of problems with mouth breathing, causing you to drive your mouth, more prone to cavities or more prominent gum disease, appropriate clenching and grinding because when you clench driving, what you’re trying to do is create some muscle bone in a vacuum verbatim open your airway. And when get in touch with their

Justin Trosclair 36:13
boss, it all comes back to breezy

Unknown 36:15
suspect to breathe. It really does. It’s, it’s what I supposed to have that water. And

Justin Trosclair 36:24
that’s really interesting, because some of the stuff that you’re talking about, I’m like, I don’t remember learning about some of this stuff. Or if I did you know it’s kind of one of those maybe you learned it but probably never tested on it. And I don’t know in the normal dental school is how much as some of these specific things that you’re referring to are learned very well. Pretty sure a pediatrician

Unknown 36:45
years ago, but the industry’s changed, but it changed a lot. And unfortunately there

Unknown 36:55
horrific neuroplasticity, Carson, root canals brothers do every year, they’re probably toxic and harmful.

Unknown 37:13
For the rest of your life.

Justin Trosclair 37:14
Let me do this the connections a little bit. We’ll see how it turns out. So I want to recap the What can you look forward to make sure that I got it right, and then it’ll have a real clear. And then when I asked you about some root canals, so the big takeaway, of course, they have the headaches, they had the TMJ problem tension they they’re not sleeping good. They’re gasping for air, maybe they have a night tremors. But for exam wise, if they open their mouth is 41 millimeters. Awesome. And then they put their tongue and the back of their front teeth.

Unknown 37:43
Yeah. But they’re touching. They’re not just trying to touch the back pain. And that touched that little right behind their upper front. So there are tons.

Unknown 37:53
Okay, so that’s

Justin Trosclair 37:56
okay, so you had the gum line and you’re opening it, and at that point, measure how far it is. And like you said, if you divide the small number of versus the top number, if it’s anything over at you pretty good. If it’s anything less between 7260 your life, you should go get a consultation there might be something going on and like if they can’t even stick their tongue out or if it has like a weird damp or like a heart shape or something you know, just it looks like it’s a stress piece of meat. It’s probably it’s probably from from something like that before we chat about root canal so I’m always kind of curious about that. Now there any organizations are websites that have people like you because obviously not everybody’s going to live in Dallas or Los Angeles, but they might be like, Hey, this is really resonated with me.

Unknown 38:40
Yeah, they go to a doctor.

Unknown 38:43
He is to America.

Unknown 38:49
They call the functional friend you’re planning to go to the pre care

Unknown 38:55
is food that mom they can see doctors I use em messenger, those are people that are taking courses in her surgery or their mouth therapists

Unknown 39:07
that are a lot of dentists debris. And what was the site one more time just to calm

Justin Trosclair 39:13
is debris Institute com. Okay. All right. Okay, so I’ve I’ve looked up a few times and you know, some chiropractors they’re really into this fringe stuff they’re like anti vaccines and all this stuff which I’m not that guy like didn’t mercury free dentistry off sort of fits into that same I guess cool conspiracy theory of medicine and one of the things was root canals that I never get a root canal it’s really bad and all this stuff but like it’s probably one of the most common procedures you see in a dentist office. So what’s what’s going on that was an alternative

Unknown 39:47
theory that is

Unknown 39:49
the second most toxic element on a chemical periodic table it’s a neurotoxin Dustin and his ass out of the most toxic have you put the theory is that you have mercury silver copper tendency to allow you the mercury is bound to the that metal and it definitely and that’s six and farms. It was 24 hours a day the rest of your life because they’ll take a 200 year for all that mercury and please add a villain and you inhale that Merck and is absorbed through your skin passes through your posts your mouth you inhale it you swallow it as stored and for here

Unknown 40:38
your liver your kidneys and your

Unknown 40:42
toxins It is

Justin Trosclair 40:46
so this is assuming because the or the dentist not doing a good job like binding it or covering it or even if you do it The point is that it’s still going to leak out

Unknown 40:54
the point is it is still going to leave it still every time you have a cup of coffee every time you have a hot meal every time you choose. clinching grind your teeth that friction mercury has a temperature above freezing for crying out loud so the new body temperature causes of the outcast 24 verse I think Allah Jerome mercury vapor tester they use them the submarines us where there’s mercury it switches that environments and I tell you and this to manage mercury vapor in the air and they use it to the test and some reach out he dropped

Unknown 41:35
out of school today evacuated to bring it asked what the average filling has more mercury and then a thermometer for God. So what’s interesting when mercury fillings out we have to take that residue

Unknown 41:52
hazardous campaign but it’s been a math to figure that out. Tell me how this a

Justin Trosclair 42:00
big deal to get those cavities out or does that mercury out of your mouth let me know got like hazmat suits on everywhere is I mean nobody wants that in the air.

Unknown 42:07

Unknown 42:09
But this in your mouth and you absorb and at 24 but

Unknown 42:15

Unknown 42:18
well i’ll tell you one other thing. If you go on my website there’s a there’s a big

Unknown 42:24
sisters are talking to him. And the one on the left has had grandma seizures for about 15 years and the seizures with last

Unknown 42:36
night they affects other people issues would last for weeks to a month or more listener job than yours because seizures. See me

Unknown 42:48
out on one of these weirdos and something dentally that’s affecting well. They can easy ology off a lot and she’s eaten up with mercury structures that are on a Mercury detox stop seeds ratifiers along with the mercury and you know at pride liquid season and about two or three days or something and so there’s another video or

Unknown 43:14
electrical engineer and she had a quick

Unknown 43:19
discussion the mercury from

Unknown 43:24
math and

Justin Trosclair 43:30
they also have like mental 60 entire and they’re not remembering quite things like they used to

Unknown 43:37
tell you a story. They want to bore you but as I bought a dental in 1976 town in East Texas and the practice have been started back in the late 40s the original Denis little building a tree retreat center and this is unfortunately here hello family reveal my car recommend this bought it he practices are for a while and he sold it and bought it from him So that to me and I can 76 and I moved to my family and I became over we’re not became incredibly depressed became

Unknown 44:19
connected collaborative. Wanda been a huge part in my marriage. And

Unknown 44:26
I haven’t have polemics mail four and five and 90 and what they did the surgery they told me that I’d ever be able to practice again she says I hate this stuff anyway I want to get out of this business. So my practice for us to attract the soccer we modeled the building she can tell it because it was be updated in some areas so we put up puddles three an inch in diameter in the treatment rooms for over the years you know we used to smirk or make mountain tell us what sort of bottle and click this little thing and it dropped the mercury and pestle order so mix it up ourselves and pull it out and what’s called a squeeze squeeze mercury

Unknown 45:16
the mercury stuff that gets built off and on I haven’t been to call the EPA with the mercury vapor

Unknown 45:24
was accepted think of God to someone where you are in Christ yes

Unknown 45:30
industry for a while and kind of regain my sanity but that’s that’s what perfect can

Unknown 45:36
pull in there.

Unknown 45:39
I’m working in a Mercury cesspools but

Unknown 45:45
what can I tell you

Unknown 45:49
have a root canal

Justin Trosclair 45:52
well how about this? Okay, luckily for me knock on wood. I’ve never had a cavity I got I’m good. So

Unknown 45:59
you’re awesome. Well,

Justin Trosclair 46:01
and I don’t know my mom doesn’t have good teeth and my grandma didn’t need it so I don’t know I must have my dad’s he went to the dentist like I think the joke is he go once every 10 years or something like that and he still wouldn’t have a cavity or like you’d have one cavity or something like that in the Dennis was just like well yeah worse patient ever but I’m just I’m glad your teeth are okay. But anyway it’s a very common procedure if you’re not going to have it like what are some of the the downfalls why would Why would you be against it and then if you can’t have that and you quote or candidate what would you do instead?

Unknown 46:32
Okay well in my career

Unknown 46:36
and I was convinced their potential for damage Dietrich cling heart onto you ever heard of Dr clean heart horses from Germany with a PhD and nervous system and start studying him and 90 but the real problem with analysis the fact if you punch in the hole rabbit Yeah, this cut out of this month and if he poured it into that and it sets up is that going to eat that spans from absorbing water now because of the forests and twos is like a spot that material on enamels called the average smaller has about three miles of what are called a note to the little microscopic tunnels that go from the nerve chamber to the outside of to in the pocket

Unknown 47:30
for the transfer of fluids in and out of that to help nourish set to keep it up the live and when you do a root canal you just got a big hole in the center of them but you don’t do squat for all that so the canals and so you get viruses and bacteria all kinds of credit there and a lot of the most of the time there’s some aerobic bacteria that gets into the two from the case when you get home get rid of all of those but you know everything

Unknown 48:04
from black of Boston’s mutate to interrupt and the toxins from an anaerobic

Unknown 48:10
sure you but what the there’s a Dr. Boyd Haley, the University Kentucky’s Professor Emeritus in the packing

Unknown 48:21
up the test all of the sanity of labeling technology or therapy labeling

Unknown 48:29
what he was doing with this test permit the toxicity or toxic certain substances against the seven most important enzymes in the human body that these toxic substances

Unknown 48:46
and so he did all kinds of chemicals and different things that he would dilute to almost homeopath diluted and measure them yes he said

Unknown 48:57
Dr. Half just kind of others alternative dentistry or biological dentistry for whatever you want to call it kept sending

Unknown 49:08
these extracted root canal teeth because he wanted to test for practice you know if

Unknown 49:14
they’re sterile you know they’ve had cleaned all that

Unknown 49:19
out our guns wouldn’t get more and more extra finally after hated tired of him again sensitive to more eat the test and found

Unknown 49:31
lapses and student system or something like that just run this through the tests and get this guy just

Unknown 49:39
get him off actually that do it again kid comes back and

Unknown 49:45
I said yes to most toxic substances we’ve ever had an elaborate five this piece get produced style ethers and methyl mercury which are incredibly toxic and carcinogenic

Justin Trosclair 49:58
are like they contain the two so they don’t leak out though oh now

Unknown 50:01
that’s what it is that

Unknown 50:05
after down a root canal on the two so basically the tissue in your body

Unknown 50:12
that you think is safe and hunky dory was system is strong maybe you can write it but there are people whose immune systems because of our if we live in an electromagnetic fall asleep bombarded with you know internet and Wi Fi now we’re going to have five even worse for for what it can do to us as human beings and never lifted this right and you know we’re an electrical energetic was a monk or severe affected by all this stuff even though

Unknown 50:45
as it were affected by that element that you had a diet for everything needs got round up a glass sugar water and so our system are under constantly then you add on top of it now

Unknown 51:06
that along with the mercury mercury has structure this almost identical to die at that so what happens when you have a Mercury film you have which is one of the most reactive element

Unknown 51:21
that has or structure that love

Unknown 51:27
mercury and the fluoride for the go they go right to your house today laugh at your thyroid over because you know the boy is the one of the map so many obese people

Unknown 51:41
yeah so you get that wipes out the higher than you’ve got mercury

Unknown 51:49
anyway and then there’s the fun thing that you should be learning you’re over there is that every tooth is on a diff acupuncture

Unknown 52:00
your front 40s lower front 40 for example or on an acupuncture meridians to reproductive organs your bladder kidney ovaries prostate

Justin Trosclair 52:12
all that stuff and

Unknown 52:15
pay that 20 years ago had a gap right his wife and to see me with chronic rectal bleeding going to I’m at the top of the

Unknown 52:27
wrong doc

Unknown 52:27
yes yeah and Why fear

Unknown 52:34
about how you can affect your your body and when such such and such medical so the Mayo Clinic

Unknown 52:45
Cleveland Clinic Cleveland Clinic up there that says like the internal medicine mecca of the world they scoped my wife’s

Unknown 52:54
they can’t find anything every time she has about this is painful bloody mess in the band between they say it’s all emotional so how long is that for nine years

Unknown 53:07
we’re just looking for some answers can speak to some related so I guess it could have ever heard of a check and say okay for Peace

Unknown 53:18
and blessings has root canal and her up right front tooth the most perfectly done porcelain matches the other two perfectly which is the hardest thing in dentistry but I must test and that test here it

Unknown 53:34
is I’m trying to go in there so I just have her touch her in retail beacon and a half or cut your tailbone and not touch her

Unknown 53:47
definitely a connection can make a diagnosis just on a muscle X ray looks good I don’t see anything wrong with that I would suggest you go see somebody else that would even say such a compromise the idea but don’t tell them what I found us I’m not let him is that

Unknown 54:09
he uses electro acupuncture recording for

Unknown 54:14
testing for they they test the energy off aka Bonnie points on your fingers toes and stuff but the same thing you know I didn’t talk to him and she asked me to take now which is great for me

Unknown 54:30
to have said or URL and anyway we took it out rattle bleeding stopped that night as compact over 200 patients to me Oh my goodness.

Justin Trosclair 54:42
So what do you do if you don’t get it if you need a root canal you got an issue. You just yank the tooth and put an implant or a bridge or what happens?

Unknown 54:56
implant instead of NAMM plan, implant just asked

Unknown 55:02
Allah EMF and we’re bombarded with every day and that affects your acupuncture energy. I think the ceramic campaign

Unknown 55:11
toxicity been used to Europe for over 30 years bit in real time and but not every district how they’re using

Unknown 55:25
ceramic going to have an implant

Unknown 55:28
patients choice and I try to get all the pros and cons of everything implants

Justin Trosclair 55:31
aren’t cheap

Unknown 55:32
and start body No they’re not. But neither is correct.

Justin Trosclair 55:39
Like a little rectal bleeding that ruined your day tell you well, this has been an eye opening episode.

It definitely is a different vibe. really enjoying this because this is all kind of you know, questions that people have I think I have it’s good to see someone like in your path and your stage of your career has been willing to explore new options and things like that. Do you have any advice for the younger crowd whether they’re out of school for five years or maybe in school any takeaways for them or things that they should look for while they started their career even if they’re in the middle of their career and they want to change or

Unknown 56:14
be patient and yourself I mean I got out of this for eight years after I had my backside dress or I would dig a ditch before our drill again I hated it so that’s what it did to me what it did have a family got force real estate business and immediately outside some gas and building apartments two classes I was by helping negotiate put the streets sewers

Unknown 56:44
are all day long I loved it

Unknown 56:47
and I did that for seven years and I made a small children and and you’re right I lost the before

Unknown 56:56
have to be on a partnership with the gas on a building that part specter had done a very good job man and it had

Unknown 57:07
this was on the front page of the paper every day is 1988 88

Unknown 57:14

Unknown 57:16
gone bankrupt then I had to take care of family and kids college to my marriage was on the ropes were getting ready to get divorced and and but I had kids about make them take them as best I could it’s totally

Unknown 57:31
awesome it in Dallas and the

Unknown 57:35
invented a piece of equipment those going to save the world from page needed to spend all this time on takeovers practice Just give me

Unknown 57:48
eight years

Unknown 57:52
and you know I came up eventually decided to do it and it really was my crime but the history of change quite a bit by that time they were

Unknown 58:03
saying before but it wasn’t that hard to adapt to it but

Unknown 58:07
I had a lady come in office that totally changed my life my practice it’s true as a psychotherapist and I had no idea of creating a safe

Unknown 58:17

Unknown 58:21
that pain TMJ by that time I’ve gotten really interested in

Unknown 58:26
it and I’ve been studying with Kinect travail

Unknown 58:29
to you ladies point that term career point some are fast Yeah. Or Ma Ma factional trigger points and stuff Bibles on average in text with some anyway I was fortunate with her so this lady

Unknown 58:45
therapy over in the past is right down the street there’s this shows you what Solomon okay

Unknown 58:53
go there to get on a table and her hands on her my head point but I didn’t I want to stoke the system the

Unknown 59:05
papers like sheep and see you know karate Columbia

Unknown 59:10
that would wake up it should have ran

Unknown 59:13
back after about an hour she popped me on feeds told me to wake up but but did you do your hips we may send your hips your trash they’re

Unknown 59:22
done to him as a had in the hip hurts can see

Unknown 59:27
how they feel gosh that’s amazing I hit some hurt at all

Unknown 59:34
So did you do today so I just ran the Houston technical marathon to read all kinds of course my hand I hit a theater kill it or they were had to learn about us going through a divorce me is it helps us get some I paste the next two weeks after the floor to the pleasure so it’s a two weeks down there are cranial cervical their patients and they introduced made a lot of stuff but

Unknown 1:00:03
it changed my life and I’ve been on this frame

Unknown 1:00:09
it is the most rewarding I can tell you how blessed I feel that I got back into dentistry and so those guys that are out there searching you know you’ve got to find your niche and when you do go work on what you love you never go to work I have no intention of retiring of what I do is from the door can keep my mind halfway decent run you know mumble room track practice logs people want to see you know totally blessed I got back into it and this stuff because there’s no greater you know this there’s no graders station that helping someone get out of I mean you just feel like the hands on right through you do

Unknown 1:00:56
witness to the small yeah sometimes are big

Unknown 1:01:00
Wow. There

Justin Trosclair 1:01:03
it was. Well as we get so used to it that it just becomes like common place like yeah, I know they got better. Oh that one patient didn’t get better or if they don’t reply your spine you’re like, Well wait, you’re supposed to you’re supposed to get better like I just assume you’re going to get better like that’s my assumption. Yeah, you kind of forget like what you’re doing you know how amazing it is. That’s good to be reminded we appreciate that before we go Do you happen to have any favorite books or I don’t know if you podcast these days or read much but any anything that we should definitely to

Unknown 1:01:35
my wife and I just sold our farm and move agenda for work to downsize grandkids I’m a book a hot car can go pass Barnes and Noble after a couple hundred bucks Yeah, I mean, I read all the time I don’t read fiction.

Unknown 1:01:54
For whatever reason I love tomorrow

Unknown 1:02:00
I just think it’s ever happened this you watch some videos my wife what do you what? I’m watching this woodworker doing the most amazing things with the sand to

Unknown 1:02:13
go to hear

Unknown 1:02:15
No, I just I just finished a wonderful movie. We cry like a baby read a book by Tom Renault a couple of bad data and I can recommend that how you managed in a couple of days so she made this a little bit book you can finish like flowers. Just think about

Justin Trosclair 1:02:40
Amazon search and get that get a synopsis on that one. Well, Dr. Alan sprinkle live from China and Dallas today well

Unknown 1:02:50
Okay, my practices

Unknown 1:02:54
that are Texas dance Jerry world and the Dallas Cowboys football state.

Justin Trosclair 1:02:58
Oh yeah, yeah. Beautiful boys as saints the other day so sad.

Unknown 1:03:02
Yeah. cowboys and

Unknown 1:03:07
unfortunately I grew up in Dallas Cowboys and I was in high school. I first arrived on the scene and I was in Japan initially because I got there the Cowboys Texans moved to Kansas City became the cheese or saying

Unknown 1:03:23
oh gosh to the Trump era north star player that started the same now years ago paddle with

Unknown 1:03:32
the saints and the gentleman that owns the science test away Tom Benson how you should live in San Antonio years ago the bits and family little bit good up the saints so excited for

Unknown 1:03:48
chapter franchise turned around and won the Super Bowl so it’s real against

Unknown 1:03:53
the Dallas

Justin Trosclair 1:03:55
Yeah, no kidding. Well, I really appreciate you being on what is your website

Unknown 1:04:01
a website is the worst name the website

Unknown 1:04:05
but it’s a relief alternatives and it stands for headache really far. Just a bunch of video has just changed the format is still probably

Unknown 1:04:23
directions that people would like to look at there’s a lot of videos on there from patients and it talks about some of the things that we do

Justin Trosclair 1:04:32
yeah ah a relief alternatives. com it’ll be in the show notes y’all

Unknown 1:04:37
questions they would like to call and talk to me my cell phone is that 179803957 we did talk to you just reference this podcast with just I’m happy to give you my thoughts and opinion on something if you live in a city somewhere inside or outside dashboard very strong. Right there closer to that they can help you find that I have patients that come out of the world and

Unknown 1:05:07
the practice and not right now. So the last Sunday for people to come to me. I’m happy to help any way I can say well, I want to go out of this world so

Justin Trosclair 1:05:25
Well, that wraps up another episode or remind everybody that we have some great affiliate links available if you’re into interim assisted soft tissue manipulation, we’ve got the edge tool and we got the hot grips, sage about 10% also with the edge you’ve got the like blood pressure cuff restrictions system you got the G sweet inexpensive Mr. In case you talk to him cash practice. If you want to know what hosting us for podcasting, blueberry, pure VPN, it’s one of those ones I use to help keep my payments secure as well as access the internet more safely. You’ve got the primal paleo grass fed protein bone broth style save 10% on that no sugar, allergy free, gluten free, dairy free all those types of things mentor box get taught by the author, we got set preset for those floss bands that you may have heard about on one of the episodes really like those in the Amazon products that you might want to click the link in the show notes pages. And of course, I got my own electric acupuncture pin to go with the needle acupuncture book on time, you know have a bundle set, bringing them all together for a great price. also have the free downloads at a doctor’s perspective, net slash blueprints. And more lately I’ve been doing is substituting a fifth one like I’ve done a knee and depend on the guest, I might do a different type. So check back there. So all those resources can be found a doctor’s perspective, net slash resources. There’s also t shirts at.net slash t shirts, put up some new designs from time to time like making lemons out of lemonade, shrimp po boy plus all the Chiropractic and podcast swag that you could want. If you have any ideas for guests, please send an email Justin at a doctor’s perspective. NET I’d love to hear who you think would be good our profession that you may not have heard yet. If you can send me review that’s dot net slash subscribe Apple, Google stitcher Android devices you just click that button it’ll take exactly that a page you need to you can write a review hopefully a five star review. I said it does help for other people to discover what we’re doing here. And we’ve got over 100 episodes is gonna be like our third year super excited. We’re going a little mini series like we’ve been doing, which has been fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed them as well that’s that’s the feedback I’ve gotten. And one thing I haven’t really talked about too much is the doctor’s perspective. NET slash support page. If you were about to host a cup of coffee, go for it if you want to pledge a little higher fee there’s buttons for that doesn’t even monthly recurring for those who feel like wow, this is like the cheapest mentor coach program I’ve ever seen because you interview so many different kinds of doctors and and I’ve been able to implement things that I’ve heard and it works but monthly recurring payments, which also you can get you my books for free t shirts for free. The first book, you know that deals with health and exercise, getting on a diet, getting your financial health in order as well. Things will learn in China, you know that books is available as well. One thing that I don’t have I don’t have like a full blown page about coaching and things but there’s a little button there. I’ve had people request Hey, doctors and non doctors asking me can I do more than just answer a couple of questions or could you be my coach for a little while and I say yeah, we can do that. So something I haven’t really advertised but as something that I can do and do whether it’s marketing strategies for new patient growth, those types of topics if you’re interested just email me Justin at a doctor’s perspective. NET as always, listen, critically think and implement Have a great week.

We just went hashtag behind the curtain. I hope you will listen and integrate with some of these guests have said by all means please share across your social media rather review and you go to the show notes page. You can find all the references for today’s guest. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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