E 163 Telomere Testing and Bio-electric Chemistry Darrell Misak ND RPh

Learn about bio electric spectrum health and how to measure it with blood, urine and saliva. We discuss his supplement and telemeres. Welcome Dr. Darrell Misak, ND RPh. Bio-electric Spectrum of Health – Frequency and Vibration As a pharmacist working at Duke in the oncology department, he always wondered why he couldn’t give IV vitamins…

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E 86 Pharmacist Consulting Firm and Mergers Dr Sylvia Perry PharmD

Ramifications of huge business and pharmaceutical mergers, pharmacist independent consulting, interdisciplinary cooperation, community involvement opportunities to grow your practice, and mentoring: all topics covered by Dr. Sylvia Perry PharmD. Dr Sylvia Perry is a Pharmacist trained at Xavier University in New Orleans since 2005. What made her change her mind from wanting to pursue pediatric…

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Episode 2 Dr. Courtney Pitre Small Town Pharmacist Big Time Growth

Episode 2 Dr. Courtney Pitre Small Town Pharmacist Big Time Growth In the second episode I have the privilege to interview Courtney Pitre, Doctor of Pharmacy.  She went to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for her biology major and chemistry minor before moving near the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee for pharmacy school. She discusses…

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