E 163 Telomere Testing and Bio-electric Chemistry Darrell Misak ND RPh

Learn about bio electric spectrum health and how to measure it with blood, urine and saliva. We discuss his supplement and telemeres. Welcome Dr. Darrell Misak, ND RPh.

Bio-electric Spectrum of Health – Frequency and Vibration

As a pharmacist working at Duke in the oncology department, he always wondered why he couldn’t give IV vitamins that were shown to be helpful to these patients that could really use them.

Live and Dry Blood Analysis

A big focus is on blood quality. Is it healthy and carrying oxygen correctly or is degradation?
Size, ratio of white blood cells, destructive patterns, glutanation patterns etc.
Plus in depth urine analysis.
After analysis all these things Dr. Misak can say are you gaining or losing energy, inefficiency and what stressors are nutrients are needed to support this chemistry.

Where are the burdens of the body and support it to heal.

Liver can be seen as the nuclear factory of the body. It determines what is good and what needs to be eliminated. Can we generate energy or is it a burden?
Blood is the health and stress of the body, HLB analysis or oxidative stress test. Live blood carries nutrients.
Urine and saliva shows energy efficiency: liver stressed, sugar regulated etc
Urine pH that you can test at home can help you focus in on the foods you eat that are helpful and harmful for you specifically. He gives some basic numbers and ratios we should be concerned with around minute 15 or so.

What are his 5 Phases to Reclaim Your Health?

  • Clean up your environment: food
  • What are your stressors
  • Support that you need directly
  • Now you can detoxify and then heal… a process
  • Self awareness to recognize when you aren’t right


When telomeres shorten it creates the natural aging process.
Is there a way to stimulate telomerase?

Around minutes 22 he goes through the ingredients of his product “vitelometry”.

We discuss drug and herb interactions.

How do you find quality products, sources and combine it all and make the pills?
What’s the benefit of reformulating his product to serve the health needs of animals?

HighBrix farming aka remineralizing our soil – how does that benefit society?

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Books: CHOOSE! LIFE OR DEATH pdf Carey A. Reams

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E 163 Telomere Testing and Bio-electric Chemistry Darrell Misak ND RPh

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So we’re 163 telomere testing and bio electrochemistry. I’m your host. Dr. Justin trosclair in today. We’re off Daryl music perspective Journey 2017 and 18 podcast award-nominated host and best-selling author on Amazon as we get a behind the curtain look at all types of doctor and get Specialties. Let’s cheer a doctor’s perspective. Thanks for tuning in its October. I hope you’re prepared for the second wave. Or maybe it’s Halloween who is just go vote if you haven’t voted in America, it’s important before we jump in. Here’s a word from today’s sponsor, which is really cool. Because at the end you can get free medical terminology PDF in Spanish. Today’s episode is sponsored by a podcast that covered recently as you know, I’m learning new languages and I’m sure you have tried probably Spanish you might have found out too daunting or too boring. But if you do want to learn Spanish more effective and connect with your Spanish speaking patients and staff. You need to check out learn Spanish consults podcast every week the host Tama Mari brings you one step closer to floss by making language learning fun and effortless. Learn Spanish consults emerges you in Latino culture and teaches Spanish through music and conversation. Delete all those born robotic language learning apps page the ones and listen to authentic Spanish. You can use in conversations with real people subscribe to learn Spanish con salsa podcast, whatever you listen to podcasts and phone number. Show you can get a free guide to Spanish for medical professionals at Spanish consults, It’ll be in the show notes. That’s Spanish moss salsa.com to get a free guide to Spanish for medical professionals. All right. Thanks again. So today we’re going to discuss what is a bioelectric spectrum of Health. Our guests is a pharmacist and a naturopath and we’re going to dive into thoughts about live and dry blood analysis and urine and saliva testing and how that can be used to change your diet so that you can change your health from the inside. He also has a a project created called vital ometry. And if you use the code Justin can actually save 10% on an order and we’ll talk about things like the five phases to reclaim your health, what are telomeres and telomerase? What can we do about it? We want to keep those as healthy as possible and overall just you know, an interesting interview and I think you’re going to get something from it. So that’s awesome. If you didn’t know all the books that the guests have recommended all 163 episodes are more there was once a time when I had it on Amazon page and then Amazon did away with those types of pages and they came out with something new, but unfortunately, they didn’t get trash. So now anyway, it’s back you go to a doctor’s perspective. Net book list and you can see all the books that they recommended and this covers everything from mental health biomechanics marketing self-help even and lots of a relationship books as well. So definitely going to be a treasure Trove of things if you’re looking for something to read and of course, it’s an affiliate link. Secondly the one-sheets one page. If written concisely and in a pretty format so that you can appeal to a podcast host to a medical doctor or any kind of doctor that you for referrals to get how do you fit in an appeal to their dead body? Because that’s what they’re concerned about their audience their patients. So it’s written for the in that angle you can go to a doctor’s perspective one sheet and you can see the different testimonials that people have written about the one that I’ve done one guy booked a podcast and two Keynotes within 24 hours of emailing this to potential speaking gigs. So that’s exactly what for enough of that. Let’s jump in to Doctor music off. Of all the show notes and transcript can be found at a doctor’s perspective. Net / 163 write a review. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain. Live from Germany and Pittsburgh today on the show. We got a naturopath and a pharmacist. I know those two things kind of sound crazy together, but trust me you’re going to enjoy this show. Okay, and we’re going to talk about things like telomeres because it’s kind of a I don’t recall. It’s it’s just it’s kind of new sometimes there’s technology that’s out there and they can test it. And then what does that mean for your health? And what can we do about it? So I’m excited to learn more about that analytics versus chemical and biological testing all these kind of things that I don’t know a lot about to be quite honest. And so I’m excited to pick your brain doctor Darrell music. Thank you so much for being on the show. I appreciate it. It’s good to be here. I’m looking behind you and those don’t look like statins and antidepressants all over yourself off will say that it’s it’s my mixing area for all my herbs.

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There’s a little ripe machine right over here to the left. I have other I get a multi wave oscillator over here I get into some the Aspects of helping people understand a bioelectric concept that goes back to Tesla that if you need to understand the concepts of the universe, you have to think in in the terms of frequency and vibration. So I help people understand Health from a Quantum perspective as that weird for your profession as a pharmacy. Where you pharmacist first or naturopath first. Yeah. I was a pharmacist first. I went to West Virginia University and then I worked at Duke Medical Center as a clinical pharmacist and and and I basically saw that what you’re doing is, you know trying to do what’s most cost-effective and what drugs can try to help the person feel better doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re curing him of anything and I work with oncology cancer patients general medicine. I watched a lot of people died off I and I started asking questions. Why can’t we give these people who are biochemically breaking down nutrients IV vitamin C IV B vitamins and stuff that I knew that was available from a pharmacy prestige. The why is it not used clinically and and and it was just they gave me a run around it like well, there’s really no research and that was before I had my five kids and I went to pull research to say look here’s studied showing that these vitamins are beneficial in cancer States here studies showing vitamin C beneficial and they’re like, well that’s been refuted never saw anything refuting true research and and it just led me down this aspect of understanding how things work that I turned around and went to naturopathic school for four years became a naturopathic doctor at it what used to be called natural National College of naturopathic medicine now called National University of natural medicine out in Portland, Oregon and then I practiced compounding pharmacy while I was there to help me put myself through school. So I’m out. So I get a make, you know learning how to make all those natural hormones and how to combine The Best of Both Worlds and and then ended up back in Pittsburgh my wife grew age. But just over an hour away from here and so we raised our family here and I’ve always been one of these people of how the things work the more that I drove down. It just took led me down this Rabbit Hole, you know down to even the you know, the the thinking about Tesla and Einstein and and you know energy perspective of quantum I learned about dr. Kerry Packer games and the aspects of a an energy perspective of how to understand the human body. So I’ve written articles in naturopathic doctor News & Review and just trying to teach this aspect of understand how you can test and analyze somebody to know what do they need from a basic mineral basic vitamin standpoint? And then naturopathic Lee learning how to test people, you know food chemical sensitivities looking at people’s blood and looking at the help of the blood understand whether they’re carrying oxygen or showing signs of deficiencies. So I’ve done this real analogue Or perspective that helps break things down to what people need and then and what they don’t or what they need to get away from showing them a diet basic mineral approach and just watching miracles happen in reality is what I’ve learned in the process. Are you able to you take real blood? He’s like real blood test that other that other doctors could order perhaps and then you’re able to interpret them or or send off to a lab and like you use like some company that does everything if people are doing your blood is your blood will cannibalize every cell of the body to be as healthy as you can be your blood is your life. It’s wage brings the nutrients brings the oxygen to every cell and if your blood is already showing degradation something’s already breaking down. So when you’re looking at if your liver function tests or elevated the relevant cuz you have breakdown in the liver, you know what I mean? And so what I do is a single drop of blood and look at the live cells on a on a television screen under under a microscope. We blow it up. We look it’s called live birth. Microscopy and it’s educational. So we look at the size of the cells. We look at the ratio of your of your white blood cells. We look at whether you have destructive patterns, whether you have a gluten Nation patterns, whether you have activation of certain white blood cells the weather you have signs of deterioration in your blood and it gives me like a real-life picture of where you are but more importantly when I test people’s chemistry and their urine and saliva. I look at sugars pH. I look at conductivity the ability of energy to move from point A to point B, which gives me an idea of salt concentrations and thickness of body fluids. I look at cell debris. How well is your body getting rid of its waste I look at night traits which give us a nitrate-nitrogen give us an idea of protein building capacity for building healthy cells or ammonia nitrites are are urea waste that tell me whether the bodies in a destructive pattern and not digesting your birth.

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Or you’re breaking down so I can turn around and look at the chemistry and say whether you’re gaining energy losing energy if there’s an inefficiency pattern and what nutrients or what stress or you could be doing that could be driving those patterns. Cuz if we have an ideal of what the chemistry efficiency supposed to be where each variable is away from an ideal. It points to be a deficiency or an excess so you can break Health down to deficiencies or excesses. So if you have an excess, which could be a toxin per se then if your body can’t handle that often it’s because it was probably some deficiency or some other excess that’s preventing your body from being able to be efficient. So I’m looking at Energy Efficiency on where the burdens are. Let’s remove the bumper like feed the body with what it needs and we watch the body self restore because that’s the whole principle of what naturopathic medicine teaches of the VIS medicatrix nature a the healing power of nature healings already. Side of you but if you’re consuming more energy than what you’re gaining than Something’s Gotta Give You know and you can even see DNA restore and repair, you know, go look up solfeggio frequency 528 Hertz and you’ll be like, oh my God, it’s been shown to improve how DNA can express itself, you know, so every everything is frequency and vibration. And what I’m trying to do is find the frequency ideal of your diet and say this is the way you need to eat and this is what you need to stay away from because these are negative energy foods are depleting you and this is how we purify that’s what your liver needs you gotta have calcium. You have to have iodine. You have to have Trace amount of iron you have to have vitamin A you have to have oxygen you have to have pure water, you know, so let’s give the body what it needs to energetically restore itself. And so so I teach these energy Concepts and how to measure yourself. I do YouTube shows on Doc me Sach m i s a k as my young Channel doc me see, I’ve got articles that are are there that you can learn about but I use you know, this Pharmacy and this naturopathic perspective and then wage and that’s where you were asking about telomeres and how the body anti ages and and and that’s where that product I started a company called vital ometry and we can talk about that. I mean there’s so many things that we could talk about. It’s just a matter of where do you think your audience would be most interested? Yeah, cuz we’re going to be a bunch of chiropractors and physical therapy people who you know Dennis so mostly professionals off. So when you’re doing all this blood work or we looking at like micronutrients things that we you know, the building blocks are we talking more of cuz naturopaths can look at all these different herbs and these right this this week either this route and this kind of stuff were just like, I don’t know. I didn’t go to Chinese medicine school to learn what all these things do. So, how do you what do you think I break it down to the essentials of what we are dead. Okay, Einstein says energy is the same thing as matter equals m c squared will energy as heat and electricity. Well, how do we generate heat and electricity are liver is basically like a nuclear power plant. So you you you take in food and that food gets broken down disintegrated absorbed into the bloodstream goes directly to the liver and deliver says, hey I can use you are waste product. So it’s deciding what the body can use from it. Can we generate energy from this or is it become a burden? You know, and so what you’re doing is you’re looking at the efficiency of the body zibibbo when we look at the blood. I’m looking at a picture of the health of the stress of the body by looking at live blood and dry blood patterns called hlb analysis. Also, some people call it off the dative stress test some people there’s various aspects of looking at dry blood analysis a live blood is telling me a picture of the overall ability of the body that blood the birth. Very the nutrients where it needs to be. It’s that urine and saliva. That’s telling me the most it’s telling me Energy Efficiency is deliver stressed in my bio strong enough is my is Thursday is my sugar regulation maximizing my available oxygen potential so that I can get oxygen where it’s needed to be is the efficiency as things running too fast or too slow to where I could pull new Trans out. So if I if I teach people how to basically test their urine and saliva and get an understanding any health practitioner can do this and I would encourage go to Doc me Sach look at the article that I wrote naturopathic doctor News & Review that explained bio electrochemistry and explain a case report where if you look at the chemistry, you know, if somebody’s going to have thyroid disorder, you know, if somebody’s going to be anemic, you know, if somebody is going to say have elevated liver function tests because the chemistry dictates what happens on a cellular level so I turn around and can log Help people understand a diet that’s appropriate and how to test if you measure your mph.

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You literally can determine what foods are best for you or when you’re eating foods that are bad for you because they your mph will die then your your brick. So your sugar level will Spike and like oh my God, this is horrible for me and I’m getting cell destruction. Does it vary on the person like this person might want to be more acidic in this person might need to be more alkaline. There’s a now there’s an ideal we call it the perfect equation. So at a bricks of one and half your pH is of 6.4 / 6.4 urine and saliva conductivity is a 124 and 1/2 ratio of it should be 6 and 1/2 and we have a healing range and then your cell debris should be roughly should be about 40000 particles. But when you’re healing you should have about four million particles and then you’re and we teach how to test this your nitrates should be 3/3, but when you’re healing should be like ten to twelve over about five at 7. So, yep. Cuz you need to build healthy protein while your body’s eliminating the waist and so we we call What’s called the healing ranges and there’s ranges where your Chemistry falls into that says what you need to eat what you need, you know and give an idea of when you’re deficient specific vitamins or nutrients to support the chemistry. So the idea is that you give the body the support. It needs not just try to fix it by taking more than a particular vitamin or nutrient. It’s not just about as a chiropractor, you know, we have a bunch of less-than-ideal people in our profession. Sometimes that are doing like is your Armstrong. Okay. Yeah. Well, here’s some pills and then you test it and we’re just like come on guys. I get validity to muscle testing but muscle testing is saying hey energetically this is causing your week with regards to see whether they’re thinking it or or speaking it out. You’re putting out vibrations in your testing a muscle response to it. That’s like Electro dermal testing eav, which is done quite often in Germany by a lot of law. Practitioners for finding measurable electrical imbalances and so muscle testing can turn around and say hey your week and this product actually strengthens you but it doesn’t tell why your week we’re at swear. I’m looking at the chemistry. I’m finding specific deficiencies and I’m looking at the blood. I’m looking for specific patterns. Analytically that you can’t deny where muscle testing subjective. I’m looking at I’m looking at object of data. I don’t like I don’t like the muscle testing stuff cuz it’s to rule out there and sometimes natural pathway. I was curious cuz cuz I’m not trying to you know step on toes. But you know, there’s a lot of naturopaths out there like take these essential oils and you’ll be good for everything and you’re like Maybe not maybe not or are you leave with the you know, three bags full of vitamins and you’re like, well, I need all of this stuff for how long right page sort of blood test for later. So from an analytical perspective, I’m trying to find so I came up with a concept of called five phases phase one clean up your environment. Pure are pure food pure wage. Electromagnetic field protection stopped eating the imbalance things that you know, stay away from genetically modified foods wash all your food to get all the residues off of them. You know what I mean? Just teach a basic aspect of clean up your environment phase two is get tested for what your specific stressers. Are. Are you toxic and metals are you toxic in in some type of environmental aspect? Are you eating foods timoti’s that are causing negative energy responses. Let’s clean up your stressors phase three is support not like take everything known to mankind that’s beneficial for your diagnosed disease wage. But what can I identify that specifically your body is showing need of that’s why I’m using a chemistry perspective because the chemistry dictates the energy which dictates what happens on a cellular response. So if I you clean up your environment lower your personal load give your body to support that it needs you raise your threshold and then your body finally is is generating more energy than what you’re consuming. So you’ve Actually start to detoxify your body is like why am I holding all this crap? So detoxification is part of a health process not just go to some spa and do colonics and sauna and may I ask I have all that stuff. I have a hyperbaric chamber. It’s good to support detoxification. But your healing is not just in detoxification. It’s by identifying what your personal stressors are giving your body what it needs and watching your body go through a process. I teach a process not a product, right and then phase five is self-awareness, you know, so when you start lowering your threshold to wear something hey something still going on. I’m recognizing that and I’m like, so how do I analytically determine what still going on with me? But let me tell you mind body medicine meditation prayer.

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There’s you know mind over matter is huge. So finding finding your sense of peace and awareness is so you apply that approach dead. While you’re analytically testing the urine the saliva anybody can do this out of their home anybody and if you learn to understand the basics, which I’m taking people for free because everybody should know this I want to equip you to be healthy. And then when you start testing and you start learning what these variables mean by being away from the ideal, it tells you I’m eating the wrong Foods. My liver is depleted. What what typically is needed. I teach you what typically is needed. Yes, you can use herbs. You can use nutrients you can use Homeopathy, but what you can do is measure off your response to these do these things. So what seemingly might be really good. Hey go get some IV vitamin C in a Myers cocktail, right, but what if I can measure and show you that that’s bad for you by showing your Chemistry can handle it. That’s what I’m doing and I’m making that available to anybody. So what when we talk about telomeres, you know, I turn around and and took this approach dead. And I learned about in 2009. If you go look the Nobel Prize in medicine was won by these three physiologists at discovered the enzyme telomerase cuz telomeres have been studied for about you know, over twenty plus years and they show that it’s telomeres shorten on the end of our DNA and natural aging process comes and telomeres are dictating cell turnover and dictating how your body is is giving that begin a blueprint for building healthy cells. And so if telomeres shorten you age and so in 2009 these three physiologist discovered that if you can stimulate the enzyme tulong race that you anti-age that you’re telling your stay long and that therefore they aged they had these mice that were prematurely aged about ninety years of age kidney failure cataracts arthritic complaints gray their brains where they showed senile dementia and they they stimulated this end time and all of a sudden they went back to dark hair their arthritis one away. Atarax cleared up their kidney failure went away and their brains grew 25% totally reverse age these mice and so if you went so I turned around in 2014 learn about this. I’m like, oh my God, how do you stimulate telomerase activity? So I did this Google mesh thing and looked at about 200 abstracts and found that there’s all these natural substances because that would stimulate to amaris activity milk thistle stimulates telomerase activity green tea and ellagic acid those those polyphenols and antioxidants stimulant simulate selamat activity Ginko stimulates telomerase activity. So I found these herbs that stimulates alarm erase activity, but I came about it from instead of creating this antioxidant basic multivitamin because there’s been these basic nutrients that have been shown that helped alarm race activity and I formulated a product that I call Vital ometry and if you go to that dark nice, I like you’ll see links to bite alarm tree we ship a game. A wide but I came about it from a standpoint from an herbal standpoint of these herbs that showed to R Maurice activity with the twist of this bioelectric nature, right? So I put herbs in their Los Angeles as the most has been shown to have the most telomere affecting and two of the constituents of astragalus called psychlos straggling all and astragalus all Australian side for strike a set IV. These have been shown to specifically enhanced alarm race activity and certain products have been shown out there on that nature and then I turned around and said, okay milk thistle stimulates and supports deliver to process things has Salam recent activity sign a memoriam is this Yang tonic? It’s sexual Vitality Yang tonic in Chinese medicine off strong telomerase activity, but it gives you energy without making you feel like you’re this and it increases sexual Vitality. It’s known as a sexual Vitality you thought of a lecture in Chinese medicine wage? Greg and green tea polyphenols Resveratrol, I put Elderberry Anika’s Resveratrol stimulates telomerase activity, but also you’re enhancing immune response plus the antioxidant activity Ginko because telomerase activity and those might screw their brains 25% Ginko not only has Salon race activity but enhances circulation to the brain I pull her slain in their purse Lane has been shown not only have 2 alarm reflectivity, but also personally is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. What does that feed your brain and every cell of your body off the ability of the cell membranes at being able to good healthy fats to move nutrients in and out of the cell and then the other things I added were because of the that bring electric concept Trace Amounts of calcium phosphate called Min call Cuz calcium is needed for all electrical activity in the body is governed by calciums ability to allow off.

00:25:14 – 00:30:14

Transfer of other minerals inside the cell so Trace amount of calcium and then lemon lemon not only has lemon not only has a antioxidant activity which has been shown no official for telomeres but lemon also is an ionic in nature. So it disperses like, you know, you remember that commercial Dawn takes grease out of your way that cationic grease clumping one off of Dawn and ionic surfactant. Boom chemist chemically, it disperses. That’s what lemon does it dispersed. So I formulated this product and because of my compounding pharmacy, you’d literally down here make capsules. I started taking myself. I’m like, oh my god. Do I really feel this way? So I started asking my clients. Hey, you want to take something there? Like you want me to be an experiment doctor me sick. I’m like, that’s up to you and everybody I gave like, oh my God, can I have more of this stuff increased alertness increased energy, you know, like I don’t need I don’t need to take my nap. I feel like my brain’s working again, you know, so that was the phone number. First thing we noted in the meantime, we’ve had case reports of people saying I’ve got we’ve got our sex life back in our seventies. My hair’s growing in dark. My my thyroid condition is is is fixing itself off but we can’t make any claims. You know, all we’re doing is giving a product that functionally supports the whole of how the body works with herbs that have anti-ageing science behind them of bombers activity, but we can’t claim that it does that because we live in the United States and my product is literally been put on a blacklist for advertising with Google Facebook and YouTube because they say that it’s experimental medical product and who gives YouTube and Google the right to make that decision and not rsga is my question. So I can’t advertise my product because they’ve classified it as such where as in the meantime. I have at least a 65% reorder rate, but because people are being off. Oh my God, this is amazing on how they feel so that’s where we are. So okay, I think being a pharmacist would help you cuz you can see like the chemical structures and you you know, you gotta doctorate in that crazy stuff. So when you combine all these things, how do you know they play nice with each other? How do we know that? They don’t block each other out or become some toxic mutant sludge? Well, it’s funny you say that because I used to do lectures on drug nutrient herbal interactions must research, right? There’s not a lot going on like oh if you take this this happens, you’ll have people who throw out those concerns with certain herbs having to suck metabolites that can affect or like Saint Johns Wart will stimulate that cytochrome p450 so which is a primary antioxidant nature in all your sales. And if you’re taking drugs that get metabolize that way if you stimulate that enzyme that drugs going to get eaten up quicker. So you’ll lower the effectiveness of that drug, right? There’s not a lot of so basically it’s okay for us to mix drugs and know that these interactions Let’s go together as long as you’re being monitored, but who how dare you consider taking herbs that can have multi right fax, you know, but in general how many times have you ever heard of somebody having an issue on any herb? Well true how many deaths occur per year from herbal overdose. I’ve never heard of any of these things are studied though. Right? Like if you actually go into the research and be all right or selling marriage know milks ethnic. This is telling me right we learned about that. You can go like even like even on on vital La matriz website. There’s a link to external research that shows where these girls have been studied to have telomerase activity yet alone its effect on you know on the liver and protective effects of a liver and stuff like that with milk this or stimulating circulation and there’s a lot of research on various herbs, but you’ll find that they don’t use that research from a medical perspective, right? You don’t see it come together to say. Hey except in Germany. They have a German Commission on them. Autographs that shows the safety and effectiveness of certain herbal products and being used and there’s very little interaction data. So what you’re looking for is that because Ginko actually need as a little bit of platelet inhibitory activity probably a little bit less than like an aspirin if somebody were taking milk or taking Warfarin or taking Eliquis, which is a Thursday blood thinner or something like that the potential for taking something that could thin your blood says. Hey, could I bleed more readily right from a medical perspective? They’re just say, oh my God stay away from it, but it’s okay for you to take a baby aspirin every day cuz we know that interactions. Okay, whereas Ginko garlic fish oils kokuten all of those can inhibit a little bit of platelet activity, but not necessarily where it’s going to cause bleeding but it’s something that if you’re taking it you should be aware that hey if I’m taking something at the ends my blood and I add something that has a little bit of Ginkgo which in reality you could take up to a gym.

00:30:14 – 00:35:00

All of these to get a maximum dose of Ginkgo, right? And so you’ll turn around and you just gotta be aware from a pharmacy perspective watch out for this. If you’re bruising more readily decrease your your supplement that can possibly that can increase that potential for bruising or check your blood levels of your INR or whatever and see if you need to reduce medication makes sense. It’s interesting. I think when your episode comes out it’ll be after this other guy who actually had a a multi-level marketing which I didn’t realized that whenever we were when I walk but he starts my mother but it was also like telomeres and things like that and there was a blue green algae but not really an allergy sign out or something. Wonderful. Yeah. Yeah blue green algae is a good whole food product depending Klamath Lake in Oregon. They used to collect it there and there was a product I used to use called e3live. It’s they they do and they birth Is it and it’s around 2012 or 13? It was considered like the superfood with all these great. It’s a wonderful nutritional product, you know, but again, you know, even I’m being the doctor that I am I’m not telling you take my product and it’s going to fix everything, you know, I but my thing is is it sucks. There’s a process and I want people to learn the process of here. Are you teaching it? Like like the record store you pay 199 or five ninety-nine or whatever or is it just through YouTube? That’s that’s coming down the pike. Actually. I’m finishing up a book right now. It’s called restorative Health by the numbers and it’s like it basically is letting people know something that exists that people are not aware. Yeah, cuz people here Thursday might say home. I’m curious. I want to know more information, but obviously I can’t go to Pittsburgh. What do I do? They may want to reach out to. Talk it out. I do consult all over the world people. Just you need to learn how to test your own name. Mystery and if you send me your Chemistry values your numbers, I’ll tell you what to take that’s not based upon height your weight your age. You can adjust all that all as long as you know, what sucks chemistry as their height their weight their age kind of what they do and you and then you have them check basically. Usually your your bricks and your your mph and you learn your patterns. May I eat? What are these what happens to these values and you get yourself into a healthy pattern by learning what to change you can see so many disorders. I watch people’s thoughts. It’s correct. I watch autoimmune conditions, correct. I’ve seen cancers go away. You know, I’ve you know, but I can’t sit here and claim that I’m treating any of that cuz I’m not what I’m doing is supporting a process just naturally occur. If you remove the obstacles securing you give the body what it needs might be its two complete different topics. So we’ll see which one you want answer one. If you’re banned from advertising all this stuff what they are you doing to month. It and into I’ve looked at before with Justin things people should have and you know any kind of cool, you know, you create your own vitamin mix and you can label it and maybe you put it on Amazon, you know and all that stuff, but then I was like, you know, you look around I was like, okay, there’s certain websites where they compile all this stuff and you just tell them what you want how much you need but then there’s no really wait of I guess fact check. Where did this come from? Is this organic? Is it was that the is it any good? What’s the standard of quality quality started going? Okay right company here to the company here and I’m like well wait, so at the buy this from Germany this from China this from America get him all shipped to one place and then have some pills & Company and I was like, okay, this is a bit much. So what was your process if you don’t mind talking about cuz I’m sure you’re not sitting here in your lab making a hundred pills. Well, first off is is finding quality sources, you know when I did everything is finding a quality source. And then once you find a quality Source when you find a company, that’ll put it together for you. You tell them your source is in what Stanford? You’re having you know organic or at least wildcrafted and non-GMO or whatever, you know, so and my the limit is on advertising and how do I advertise is? I advertise like this is going out on doing YouTube shows because even my YouTube shows are censored, you know, I can’t send out YouTube doesn’t allow me to notify. My people that I’m going on the air. I do a Chicago every Saturday morning at 10:00 Eastern Standard Time and I teach people for free and I have people from all over the world who will click in but it’s limited information. So people don’t get their notifications people go and share my channel and the links don’t work. What what’s going on? What are you promoting that so band just naturopathic medicine how to be healthy.

00:35:00 – 00:40:08

I’m promoting A system that you can do at home and you can restore your health and and and not that I’m going to make any money from it. If you buy your own equipment and you start testing yourself and you look at what I’m teaching, you know, like I had a guy who bought Equipment he tested himself for about four months before he finally set up a consult and then the amount of time that he was testing himself and doing what I taught him on the internet. He had lost over thirty pounds his arthritic complaints away and discount went away, but he still was having energy fluctuations cuz he still wasn’t taking exactly what he needed. He gotten a consult with me. We started looking at how to tweak what he was doing and where he was fully fill figuring out and the meantime, you know, he he got better from all these chronic issues cholesterol came down the normal all that stuff just by understanding the principles of watching his own chemistry and learning how to take care of himself. So I’m teaching a way that anybody can be healthy. So YouTube has like some I guess some guidelines and just to say if you talk about this or say these types of things you get you get what they call Shadow Banning. Okay, so you chose topics that will get you shadowbanned. Okay, and I guess if you just Google how to you know that phrase and YouTube on Google that you probably figure out like, okay. I need to stay away from these topics otherwise wage And so my chance my channel shadowbanned. So I have people who turn around and sign up to become a part of my channel, but they never get notifications that I’m live or on and I don’t know why even if even if you choose yeah, so it doesn’t it doesn’t matter I believe in a God is in control and everything’s done on timing. So my I’m going to come out with a book and that’s going to explain it and also, you know, one of the things that happened with my product. I had a a thirteen year old purebred lab and she started her getting cataracts arthritic complaints losing bladder control all these just getting you know, just a little bit of scene with dementia from a dog standpoint. And so we were about ready to put her down. But before we did I turned around and I mixed my product and I mixed it with some protein, you know college to help with her joints and stuff and started sprinkling it on her food and within a week all of a sudden she’s wanting to play again. She lived to be over 15 years of age by taking my product where I just mix it. Take it home. Sprinkle it over her food. And so now we’re in the product if we formulated a pet product because there’s no cuz I can at least advertise a pet. Hey, you know what people love their pets they will replace the dog ACL but they won’t take care of their back pain and I’ll tell you exactly so now I’m coming out with a pet care of a pet product for based on telomere activity and anti-aging, you know, you know turn back the clock and so and so every animal every dog that we’ve given to has been like amazing results ability to walk upstairs up and down stairs again. We have dogs acting like puppies again. I had a 15,000 border collie that thought that she could start chasing cars again, you know, so so, so we’re going to turn around and and come out with the pet product. My goal is to be able to support and aspect of creating Retreat centers where people can come find restorative Health. We can teach them how to test and you’re asking you know, you are you teaching 199 and doing classes Thursday? A goal is to create enough cash flow to where I can free myself up instead of running a practice run another business running a nonprofit and actually being able to go into teaching to where I could equip other people to take care of the business perspective and then I can turn around and start teaching these other people so I can equip people like yourself these basic techniques and how you can understand and make an incredible impact on people’s Health. That might be one way to do it too. Because if you set up a webpage that has the kajabi, you know, clickfunnels or something like that. You can have one entire course where who just video on video to video Thursday to pay some monthly membership or a one time lifetime fee and then they can then you could probably advertise because you’re not actually promoting a product you’re providing the system and then usually you could probably get away with maybe a little bit more but thoughts of legwork. So on dark meat, people can sign up for both an email notification and the sign up to get you know to join my YouTube channel, but I always ask if you give us a song No, then we can contact you. If you don’t give us an email YouTube does not allow us to contact you. Have you ever looked at vemo? Yeah, but the thing is is it’s such a it’s such a growing thing. It’s YouTube and Google control and Facebook literally control our our social media. So they’re the ones everybody else has like oh, why are you going to that these things are fine. They were you know summer the population is clueless and they’re like, yeah cool, you know, so they don’t realize that what they’re getting is censored information that they’re getting a dialogue that been approved by the people who control are you know, the money in the world if you really think it about it, how about you but I like I don’t save my past viewing history on YouTube. I’m hoping somehow that affects my the algorithm cuz you know, you watch em, not bad, but just the video that you’re just interested in all of a sudden like I don’t want to know more that was just a one-time thing YouTube.

00:40:08 – 00:45:13

Please remove it from my history so bad. I don’t know off. I’m just trying to do something that’s good to help people and then let you know and hopefully if we if I equip others then that can start a chain reaction that we can actually have an impact of off of help on this world in order to really change the health of this world. You gotta go to agriculture. You gotta change the quality of the food and make people aware of Frank and you know, Frank and farming verse is remineralize farming. We got to remineralize our soils so that our foods are providing the minerals of what we need and and it’s called. Hi Brix High bricks farming hybrid farming at people look into that. I think that they can learn a lot out of guess that same other one. I just edited his episode. So it’s fresh in my mind. He is advocating a carnivore diet. Have you heard of that before I have and I’m not advocating that at all, you know, there there is some attributes that where we need protein, but most people are not breaking down their proteins appropriately and I can measure and show you how you are by when I run off. Garnet saliva, testing. I mean you need vegetables and fruit. Oh my God. Yeah. Yeah. I mean look at it. If you look at the blue zones, you know, those people are living on glacial Waters that are actually seemed to still but going through volcanic rock shows are getting trace minerals colloidal minerals through a purified water source, and they’re eating massively root vegetable based diet high amounts of sweet potatoes and meat is a delicacy when they finally kill something. They’re you know, they’re eating very small amounts of meat and protein. They’re getting most of their nutrients through but I’m not you know, I’m not sitting here saying no no vegetarian either, you know, I I do see some benefit out for me, but it depends I’m telling you metabolically. I can measure your metabolic activity by looking at your chemistry and then a dictates. Hey, you need a little bit of more protein with your meals start with a vegetable-based 15 and some people need complex coat proteins gets our chemistry is moving so fast that that slows the chemistry down form. So I try to help people understanding from an aspect of speed vs and metabolic regular table. Victor Longo, he has the fast mimicking diet and the pro loan. I don’t know if you’ve heard about that, but you know, he studied a bunch of centurions and you know, all that kind of stuff and a lot of it was just very little neat lots of vegetables full amount of carbs and you know starches and things your water. It’s huge. Yeah. Well, you know it just all that cool stuff, you know, that’s kind of what I like prescribed to I don’t necessarily follow it but I am like Yeah, So basically I mean if you go to a doctor who’s a hundred pounds overweight, you gotta ask where you’re getting your medical advice from. Yeah. So I mean I still I play ball with my kids and whatever and you know, I’m I feel great, you know, you know, you should you should be healthy. Yeah, you know and so I I have no quarrels sharing my age and people are like, well, you’re fifty-two. I’m like, yeah, and I you know, I go to church or something like that and you look at most people who are your age and basketball belly and and they’re they’re storing that visceral adipose, which is hormone only active fat because they’re eating foods that are off. Only active in that or inappropriate in their body can’t process it. And and so you have these men going through Andro pause and got these women going through menopause and and they’re all blaming it on their hormones which in turn around I explain it’s a chemistry imbalance is what it is, you know, and so if you really start understanding the principles of what I teach and you just start applying the basics it changes people’s lives. You know, how long the questions you ask you got a few more minutes. Yeah. Okay. Sorry. Thanks one. Do you have any other books that you are podcast that you would recommend one that I want if people really want to understand there’s a book out there and it’s a PDF form online for free called Jews life-or-death. It was my doctor Carey Reams r e a m s back in the 1970s and dr. Reams explain the concepts of Raymer biological theory of ionization. And if you want to get a basic understanding of how you chemistry dictates everything Reams explained Health mathematically s so you’ll find online that there is Jose. Pdf version if you type choose life or death PDF, you’ll find it. You can download it. Otherwise it’s hard to find cuz it’s no longer in print and you’ll find paperbacks that used to cost $5 people trying to sell them for $300 because it’s such a rare book. So one person posted it in a PDF form online but choose life or death as a great book for giving you an understanding of the energy perspective of what we are and how he explained Health mathematically and when you do it’ll make sense of like, oh my God and what I’ve done is turned around and take a concept with Reams taught and try to put in a practical nature of how you can do it this close and what we’re doing if you go to my YouTube channel, you know, doc me SEC. C m i s a k you will see the song thumb nails of how I turn around and I’m working with the person who helps me do the the videos her name’s Annie and and she’s doing these graphic pictures of putting in putting down.

00:45:14 – 00:50:03

I’m trying to teach as a global concept into a picture to make it so makes sense to people that’s important and so nobody’s ever done that and so that’s where we’re trying to get forward and and just to help people in that regard. Okay, last final question. I always ask this being business owners. It’s difficult to take vacation. How do we do that? And as a follow-up if you’re married or whatever, how do you keep the love alive? So you don’t end up divorced and all that jazz lunch is a choice of in regards to it’s a sacrifice love never fails and love is something that you have to give as well and when you give it’s it’s going to come back to life, right and then as far as how do you take a business and yeah, you’re going to take a chunk of income loss, you know every day that I’m not here, you know, so if your own business, you know, when you go on vacation have these super sales so you can sell a bunch of products that want to take advantage of you know, and and I do services so we discount services that I don’t have to be here. So wage. People come in and and do the services for discounted rates and just get them in the door and sell them product at a discounted rate. So you can take a just you know, not as much of a hit but they’ve got to turn around and say what’s it worth, you know, you have to have that balance and making money is important. But at the same time that aspects of vacation is equally if not more important so you can take time and recharge and and re-evaluate and know where you’re coming from. So you gotta find that balance in that self-awareness aspect of who you are because if you just put everything in the work, you’re never you’re you’re going to you’re going to go back one day and say, you know, I wish I saw the Northern Lights. Yeah. I wish I went to Ireland or I wish I went to Iceland and and saw the, you know, the incredible aspects of you know, what how how just there’s so many places, you know, and so you if you don’t take that step and and you just put value and making money from day-to-day then you know, and and yep. And it’s hard when you’re not making enough if you’re struggling and one month is great. The next month is not so great is really hard because you know, you can’t do it. But if you have a steady income and you’re like yeah, you know sharing same change in a jar and say hey, oh my God, if I get that jar Phil, it’s $2,000 That’s My Bae. Yeah, it’s my money to go on vacation. And and you know, you take as long as your business can float itself, you know, then you’re going to do okay. We always have specials when I go away. That’s perfect. The music. I really appreciate your time. We’ve already got your YouTube. It’ll be in the show notes link. I thank you again. You know I could turn around and you know you go by doctor’s perspective or do you just go by Justin? What are you go by I mean, my name is Justin, but the shows the doctor’s perspective. Okay. So what we can do is we can do if any money goes to vital ometry and you know, do doc me Sach or whatever. Let’s say they let’s make it Justin make it easy. So if anybody uses a discount code Justin Justin, I’ll give him 10% off. And that way I know that they watched your show. They can try my product try vital on the tree out at a discount and we do ship all over the world. So sometimes it’s better to if you’re outside the country you buy a large or larger amount because you’re paying is crappy international shipping fees, you know, but but if they use the discount code Justin will give them 10% off so they can try the product and I just thought you for listening again. They can see either at vital ometry, They can find it or if they go to Doc me see, there’s a link there and when they go to the purchase, they can use a discount code just in and enjoy the product, but otherwise, thank you. I had a great time and I hope it was educational for anybody very generous. Thanks again. Another great interview has ended while you’re on your phone click that review button right up a nice review for me five stars. If you could as everyone has an industry it’ll help other people to find us when we have enough rankings not to mention. I’ll mention you and your review on an upcoming episode. If you follow me at all on Instagram, you know, you only get one link page I use a link tree and so it’s a doctor’s perspective. Net links with an S. And that’s going to give you everything you need to know the top episodes of 2017 and 2018 the Podiatry series Dennis acupuncture series holiday 2017 Financial series how to write a review how to support the show like buying a cup of coffee getting Swag Like t-shirts. The today’s choice is tomorrow’s health book. That’s the blueprints for Better Health exercise picking food correctly and financial and then of course bundle packs, which can get you the no needle acupuncture wage. 40 common conditions including the electric acupuncture pin had a great deal.

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The resources page has some of the products that I like. It’s a affiliate style. So if you buy something from them, I get a piece of that just like on the show notes Pages if you buy a book from clicking that link I get a small piece of that as well. So I really appreciate that things like Screencast-O-Matic purevpn missing letter J Lab speakers provolone Edge or hot grips. Once again, if you do need any coaching on how to improve from your blood work drop weight and a pro loan diet fasting diet 5-day plan. Let me know as well as if you just need some coaching whether it’s Health whether it’s marketing whether you need some practice growth Etc reach out Facebook just intro wage r m c c of course at a doctor’s perspective. Net on the top, right you got all the social media icons that you can imagine. Click your favorite and reach out. Thank you so much for tuning in. Please tell a friend pass it off. You can go to. Net / it’s just that easy. It’ll open up right in your app. And don’t forget. I appreciate you listen, critically think and integrate see you on the minisodes on Thursdays and Saturdays. Hope you’re enjoying those. I’m definitely having fun summarizing these podcasts and less than 10 minutes for you. You get the Nuggets without having to waste your time. Have a great week off. There’s nothing says George Bush signs. She gave birth. and God

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