M 20 Excellence In One Thing and Contentment

a doctors perspective minisode 20 justin trosclair
Minisode 20 Excellence In One Thing and Contentment

Learn to have contentment with a low or high salary. Prepare yourself for the hurdles of rich people problems before you are rich. This includes creating a family mission statement to keep you on track and also honoring God in your work.

Episode 20 excellence in one thing and contentment, your host Dr. Justin Trosclair. And we’re back with another minisode for you.  going a couple of weeks ago, we went to a theme park Academy. And it’s another week school going on for kids. I’m telling you there was almost nobody there, we were able to jump on every good ride, no wait front of the line front row, if you want to get off, pause for a second and get right back on it. incredible experience. And I don’t know if you ever had that opportunity before. Once I’m in Denver, my buddy, he came into town, we targeted at a Broncos game. And then after we ate, we went over to Six Flags. And it was the same scenario. And we wrote so much in a row. We’re like, dude, maybe we need to take a break. Like I’m feeling a little woozy. You normally get woozy on these big coasters that spin you around, and barrel rolls and your feet are dangling and everything. Anyway, a lot of fun, I guess is the kid inside me.

Anyway, if you’d like what we’re doing here, you go to www.adoctorsperspective.net/reviews. It’ll take you directly to the app that you listen to this in. And you just read it overview, you can say, you know maybe how it’s affected your personal life, how it affected business, what you enjoy about it, the guests that have to be about the host, but it definitely does help. So appreciate it. Now, on to the show.

This is gonna be a summary of the storied brand, Episode 144. And he was interviewing one of the duck dynasty leaders. They’re like super popular. Remember them big beards hunting all the time with ducks. Anyway, the main lessons I got from it, where you got to be content with what you have. And they had a very humble beginning. So it’s a really good episode, like, you know, that’s the whole point, you get a summary, but go back and let’s do it, they start from nothing, and just started building and building.

And it’s not about just getting money, because you can be happy with a little you can be happy with a lot when you see these movie stars, killing themselves on drugs and all these different things. You know, I mean, you seem to have it all, like what’s the problem? So you know, a little bit of money, a lot of money, you can still be content with where you are in life? And what are you going to do with it? Like, if your goal is to make a lot of money? What are you gonna do with it? When you have it? You buy expensive things, and you have benevolent, do you help out your friends and family? So you know, what’s your goal? Think about that.

One thing, especially now that I have a kid is trying to think how can you raise your kids to be entrepreneurial, because it takes a special type of person, I’m wondering if we can cultivate that in our children. So when they’re growing up, they experienced the lemonade stand they experience, I don’t know, social media marketing, I don’t know exactly what you could teach him. But there are all these little things around the house, run a neighborhood, maybe they cut some grass, and they start saving their money to buy something that they want that they just expected you to buy.

The facilitating that working for those guys, they still haven’t like a pretty small town. It’s not like a big metropolitan area or anything. Maybe like 20,000 people in their part. So whenever I know you are and they know you’re the rich person, and you know, people are gonna be jealous and overcharge you for something simple. They’ll get your house repaired, or they just don’t like you because you’re the rich guy. So how are you going to deal with that with your family members and your close friends? Even haters, you know, online when that happens? So yeah, you know, how can you combat that before you get started?

Your family, that’s another one they’re talking about is big for them. What’s your family mission, and if you can align yourself with together as a mission when things get hard, you can go back to that so your family doesn’t get torn apart. You don’t lose yourself thinking you’re too big to deal. I’m going to have a lady in every city that I go tour it and my wife will never know what that she’s probably gonna find out. You’re gonna destroy yourself.

So you know, having a family mission, obviously could be that extreme. Or it could just be how you raise your kids, what kind of vacations you take, what do you do together? What do you do separately? So there’s definitely a, you know, from the podcast episodes I hear. It’s also important to have your own thing as well. Like, if you like racquetball, go play racquetball, you don’t always have to do it with a spouse, you know, and their last closing remarks, be good at selling one thing to start it off, be really good at that.

You know, if it’s chiropractic be really good at the adjustment, and then learn your rehab and things like that. Can you give it a whole practice just on adjusting the evidence-based side of me says you’d probably want to do some rehab and learn some that stuff just can be really good at one thing? And that can be anything depending on what your profession is I, doctor dentist, root canals been a good endo, you know, whatever.

And the last point, serve the Lord on our God and your work, whether you go to college or you just do a trade, whatever it is, honor the Lord in that. There’s a good verse. I don’t know what it’s called. That’s pretty much whatever you do, do for the Lord, whether that’s working or not. You can honor God in the work that you do. So that’s today’s episode. We just went #behindthecurtain.

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