M 72 Video Creation Ideas and Restricted Content

How to discover what videos to shoot for your own patients. Why embed them on your site with log in restrictions? Again, just want to thank you for choosing an end to these short minisodes today. It’s about content creation for videos, that kind of alluded to this at the end of a, the last…

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E 141 Dental Membership and Cialdini Certified Christopher Phelps DMD

Dental membership practice details to implement, top 3 Cialdini influencer methods detailed (like me, consistency, commitment), coaching and marketing secrets by Dr. Christopher Phelps DMD. Influence is important and requires a team approach. Dr. Chris is the only dentist with the Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT) distinction. What’s great about this method is that he…

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E81 Telemedicine, Concierge Practice and Medical Tourism Dr. Adel Eldin MD

Have you heard of telemedicine and medical tourism? Dr. Adel Eldin MD has been pioneering this model in Florida for the past 8 years and is ready to discuss it plus worldwide distribution. Dr. Adel ELdin MD is fluent in English and Arabic, has been published several times about urokinase and cardiac issues and studied…

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