E 171 Foot Strength and Shoe Sales Colin Dombroski PhD

One shoe to rule them all? I think not and Dr. Colin Dombroski will break down why that is not the case and discusses his books on foot aliments and prevention. Canadian Certified Pedorthists – design and manufacturer of foot orthotics and the rehabilitation around that. While they can’t prescribe the orthotics like a podiatrist…

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E 71 Scientific Exploration of How Acupuncture Works, Olivier Roy Montreal Acupuncturist

Electrical pathways, nerve endings, functional connectivity in the brain and more is discussed with Olivier Roy, Acupuncturist. Find out how he uses laser acupuncture in the clinic, what else can be treated besides pain and how does he make his marriage great when they also work together. Starting at age 21 Olivier Roy from Montreal…

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