M 78 Ergonomic Desk Measurements

a doctors perspective minisode 78 justin trosclair

Time to get concrete numbers about computers, screens and chair distances to see if you have good ergonomics to help reduce low back pain occurrences.

Ergonomics factor that cause low back pain

  • Less than 6 hours sitting is ok but over 6 hours is not great.
  • 20 inches chair to monitor screen
  • front of knee to table 2-3 inches
  • 25 age or older and 50% of day in a computer desk or more
  • distance 50-70cm is good. over 70 or under 50 is bad
  • height of PC to table 10cm is good
  • keyboard and mouse 15cm, don’t over stretch
  • 23in table to chair, less than that is not as good
  • episode 338 of Evidence Based Chiropractor for the full details

Main measurements to impress companies with your ergonomic assessment: working posture, screen to keyboard, distance to chair, height of computer… do it wrong and it can cause low back pain.

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Dr. Justin Trosclair, D.C., an expert in Chiropractic Care, has been focusing on back and neck pain relief for over 12 years and has delivered treatment to more than 6000 patients. With advanced training in treating disc derangement conditions, you can count on him to keep up to date with the latest research in physical medicine for spinal pain. He has 5 years of hospital experience in China, is currently working in Germany, and had a private practice in Colorado for 6 years. Dr. Trosclair hosts a doctor to doctor interview podcast called ‘A Doctor’s Perspective‘ with over 220 episodes. During his free time he wrote 3 books. Today’s Choices Tomorrow’s Health (rebooting health in 4 categories), a Do-It- Yourself acupressure book for 40 common conditions called Needle-less Acupuncture, and a step by step guide to look like a local for Chinese dinner culture called Chinese Business Dinner Culture. If you have kids, you may be interested in his 6 series tri-lingual animal coloring book series (english, spanish and chinese).