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A unique way to build meaningful connections and future collaborations on Linkedin involving video messages.

📍 Minisode 74 LinkedIn personal video messages. Welcome back to a doctor’s perspective podcast. Do me a favor. Listen to this episode and the previous episode I’ve been using a different editing software. This one is called de script. I heard it on another podcast and it does similar things.

It does some similar things like it’ll stretch the sound audio, if it’s low it’ll. Also, if it’s too high, bring it back down to an acceptable level. So you don’t hear any loud pops in your phone or in your car when you’re driving. It also has automatic. Like, you know, type of expressions, it can automatically find those and replace them.

And of course this one, it also does space reduction. So if somebody takes three seconds to answer the question and actually cut it out and it does all this automatically artificial intelligence, and if you’ve been following me at all, you know, I’ve been excited about that. Like from the last episode with right Sonic admin letter, just artificial intelligence stuff.

Making things easier to get started. I mean, I’m not saying you should just go directly with what they have, but if you’re trying to create a Facebook ad and you don’t really know where to start a very good way to put in, I have a couple steps later and you’ve got five templates. Have them started write a blog article.

He also thought I’d mentioned just, trying to be. Out there AppSumo Noah Kagan. He has a podcast, but absolutely buy a whole bunch of stuff to be like lifetime deals since where I got those two programs from there, but they have their own stuff. So if you’d like a customized email signature, they have a really nice way we do that.

They also have a really good calendar. It’s not just basic though. Are you going to actually have payment? But if you’re trying to work on side projects, I wouldn’t say for your, your entire clinic, if you have a brick and mortal, you probably want to get Charles Callan more robust, but a few podcasts ex inner scheduled and personal clients, like a house call chiropractic.

You’d probably be you’d probably do. Oh. Also with the script audio platform with mix, it really. It transcribes everything automatic, which normally have to pay for. And if you delete a phrase from the transcript, it deletes the audio. And if you pay a little bit of extra, because this is free, typically free, but there is a paid option where you can add more options where you can, if you said sky is purple today.

Well, that will stupid. Sky is blue. Purple put blue and it’ll automatically change for you without you having to resist those huge time-saver. I’ve read this stuff. Well, if you need more information, you can always go to a doctor’s perspective.net/all links that gives you everything from swag to support the show, all the books that I’ve written coaching best of for the different years, the top 10 or 15 downloads.

All that can be found there. So let’s not wait any longer. Let’s jump into today’s mini-sode lesson, which was from rebel entrepreneur podcast. All the show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/m74 .

This was recorded in my car. So it’d be a bit of a wind noise. But the content is good. So I decided not to rerecord it. And miss. The freshness. Of when I first did it.

All right. Rebel hunter, no podcast is the LinkedIn episode. The guy there was talking about a new way to be proactive with LinkedIn.

You got to find your list of people where you would want to actually target. And that could be the marketing directors or the HR department, you know, CEOs of small businesses in your city. And then you got to connect with them. They have to access. But once that happens, then you’re going to do a video.

It’s a quick video, less than two minutes. And you just want to, do you want to personalize it with their name and then something about them that caught your eye, whether it’s something that they posted on LinkedIn, their company mission, just something so that they look like, it looks like you actually researched them a little bit.

So then you mentioned that, and then you kind of mentioned who you are and it’s, it’s very. It’s not only a sale, it’s more like let’s set up a conversation, a meeting or whatever. And he’s sending these out to a bunch of people, a certain percentage of them, which is this should be pretty high because nobody gets a LinkedIn video message.

And there’s no words on the message. You don’t send a message and say, here’s my email address. Here’s my website and all that stuff. No, it’s just the video. And then after they do it, you know, get it going. If they don’t reply back, there is a little bubble on the bottom, right. That will show, did they even look at it and they didn’t read it.

So that way, if there not even an active member on LinkedIn, you’ll realize that leave you get it, but maybe they’re busy. So the point is you want to follow up the follow up would be like a gentle nudge, you know, something along the line. Like, and it was just wondering if you saw the video and if you had any questions or if you could set up a time to talk.

Thanks so much. And then that’s it, it’s quite straightforward, quite simple. And then you just get the ball rolling from there. So it was a different strategy for LinkedIn. Yes, it’s still labor intensive, but it’s a pretty unique thing. Just like some people say when you get a new client or a new patient on that email, you should send them a personalized video saying welcome to the practice.

Or, and that could be, it’s better to do it personal, but it only takes, you know, how many of your patients. In a day, but if you have to shoot three 32nd videos, introducing them to the practice, that’s not so bad. But again, having upload that into your MailChimp and all that could be terrible. So you might just send the word generic, customizable, like 📍 Jim or generic welcome video that makes them feel welcome.

And it’s not a YouTube link. It actually upload your file directly into your MailChimp. All right. So two different strategies, but we’re talking about LinkedIn.

sites mentioned: www.missinglttr.com and www.writesonic.com and www.appsumo.com

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/m74 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

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