M 63 De-clutter and Move to a Foreign Country

minisode de clutter and move to a foreign country

Planning to move to a new country can be daunting so listen here to find out what you should and should not bring. What can you just repurchase and why should you?

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aged off shots tape minisode sixty three. Thanks for tune-in again. I’m going to drop a new episode four total before the end of the year. Give you a little more head space for your new year’s resolutions. Hopefully today will be no different but before we jump in.

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so today we’re gonna talk about really decluttering your space but also considerations if you ever decided to move you know if you have questions about moved to moved to china twice and in germany and then i moved from denver to louisiana and houston and baton rouge in. You know so moved a lot. Now it’s not a not everybody’s into that but I have and i enjoy it.

And so of course. I don’t have a lot of stuff. And this i do was able to fit into my parents storage. Shed well a workshop. And then i just got like a corner shelves and i’ve got to put myself there carpet table. So if you want to buy some by decompression table or something like that. Let me know With the right price. I’d be willing to pass that onto somebody else still worked perfectly but anyway you have to ask yourself some questions okay.

When you’re trying to declutter has in the past. But i’ll say it again in my closet. I’ve got close. Polos got dress shirts. T shirts with the whole eric. Everybody else before work. Since i don’t just like wear scrubs and i can wear anything. I want you usually. We typically have our favorite shirts. You wear those so if you find yourself in that category where you’re like. Yeah this is a top six served that i always wear and all these other ones. I really don’t wear. They haven’t moved there collecting dust. This time the donate those. Get rid of those. You’re not gonna wear them however if you go into your closet. Hey these don’t even look good anymore. That are out of style rid of those to melissa did that.

You went through your clothes. You found the ones that you are still in good shape you just forever really care where start cycling san yourself i am not gonna to where any of these clothes. They have a system. Maybe you wear a shirt on the left and when you wash it dry it you put it on the right side only pull from the left and you work it through and you get to all your clothes and there’s certain clothes that you just don’t feel good. I feel fat. I got a bad combo. I didn’t get a compliment. Or i just don’t feel confident in this outfit. Put that in the box. Donate it and that way. You can either a us all the clothes you have or be.

Get rid of the stuff that you don’t want pictures if you’re old school you have a lotta pictures printed. Because you had to so the question becomes. What do you do all those albums. If you were going to move and you haven’t played the put it. You can pay somebody to like scan all these pictures and put them on the computer and you haven’t backed up on an external hard drive. Then you back it. Up on p. cloud or google drive or whatever you might have to places that you back it up or three places and then you can get rid of all these photo albums. That might name is anyway now.

If you plan to say move overseas then you really gotta start asking yourself If you’re gonna have a job find out what their dress code is because obviously that’s really gonna take make a difference in what you bring but remember. You only have usually two suitcases at fifty pounds. Bbc got one hundred pounds. That it what do you bring well. Europe has deodorant to worry about that some of the asian countries on the hand. Don’t really have it rs overpriced so you might look at okay. Maybe i need to bring six six.

And it’s worth it because otherwise you really can’t find it all right. That’s something to consider so weird thing to consider. I would consider it. You honestly don’t need to bring towels sheets pillows all that stuff you don’t you don’t have to bring it with you. You can repurchase it pots and pans. Of course not gonna move overseas with that if you plan to be there for a few years apart of some of these facebook groups and they’re like we’re moving to germany and they take their entire house but i guess they plan to live there for the rest of their life so they look at shipping containers.

They put everything they own in that and bring it over and so now they don’t have to rebuy anything and at some point i say okay. That’s cool. You could use some of those things but they don’t wanna waste your money on things that don’t matter but usually do what they consider. What does it cost to replace. What are you bringing a lamp while the electricity is different. You bring some furniture. That’s like a heirloom. yeah okay. You can’t replace that you’re going to be here forever okay. But sometimes i wonder what are they bringing.

They couldn’t just repurchase at kia or the jillian different furniture stores that the half year was the difference in the prices to getting shipped versus. What it’s worth versus buys something new and things to consider if you don’t know join a group and you can find out okay. What what are some popular. You can Put your google search or your being searched to a different country and then finally like what are the popular furniture stores in this area. And then you can go on the webpage away. Start researching like what you actually need. You might find better just declutter now.

You got a three thousand square foot house with a whole bunch of stuff and you’re gonna move into a Twelve hundred square foot space. What do you need. And maybe you’re gonna find the first place you stay is not that great and you have to move and you got to move all that stuff again. So there’s lots of things to consider. It might be one of those things where you go back to. The next year first year is not so fun but in the second. You’re like okay. These are the things that i actually need a little more complicated.

But let’s just consider if your doctor you move in for a few years. I did again you to check out the clothes. What close you wanna bring. What do you need. would you not need and only bring which necas closer generally cheap in other countries and you’re going to be bored and want to spend money anyway so now you can actually have a purpose. You got your four or five shorts. You want something new to you. Go and you have fun. You can learn how to bargain. You can speak their language. You can actually see what’s popular. They’re like oh man. So american. But if i buy this this at least look kind of like a local They might have some unique styles that you actually like.

And so then you’d want to buy it and if you brought all the closure quasi magin and you want to bring home back to america or wherever whenever i’m done when i got a double problem because now you don’t have enough room in wait. One of the things i did was. I brought stuff that after my freshman china knowing you’re seeing what they wear and what i wear and what i have and there are certain things that i could bring their. That would still fit. And we’ll okay. But like i don’t need to wear those anymore in america can get rid of them so i would resign them there and then just not take him home so every time i come home i wouldn’t bring much but then i would replace some of those close with new clothes and then at the end of it all just donated whatever was still usable to their locations and how about somebody else again.

Toothpaste toothbrushes cosmetics. All that stuff you can find out whatever country you’re going you don’t have to really bring more than like a week’s worth or you just really like this one product maybe just bring one and then give yourself time to figure out what what else that you can bring socks. I will say this did not go to europe and asia countries their sock. Maybe that great so you may want to get a new.

A new pack socks underwear. Of course they have but You know fresh pot of fresh box of underwear and socks might be something worthwhile bringing and that way. You don’t have to worry about it. You know fingernail clippers and all that stuff. They have all stuff you need for your kitchen. They’re going to have and they’re gonna have it the way they they use it so you will be surprised at what they have. So that’s the cool.

Part is just kind of embracing their culture by getting things there. Why didn’t i bring an important documents. Obviously that’s important beckett. Up cam scanners a great app that you can use to least have a copy of everything in case you lose it you can go and you can print these things out. Obviously if it’s unofficial. That won’t really help. But these have it. You’ll be surprised. At how much help that can be There have been many times where to get something. And i didn’t have it on paper.

We’re supposed to bring everything and then this piece got forgotten or we didn’t know we needed that piece. But i took a picture of it and like yeah. Yeah just take a picture. It’s fine. whatever. Some countries that are rules are loose. You know they have ruled. But they can be shifted and skipper signed so.

It’s a good time like look if you haven’t if you never been overseas and you’ve thought about it like i said before contact me. I’ve got enough context. I think where.

I can help you find a job or at least answer your questions that you would have and like why you do it. Twenty twenty was able to pay off my student loans. And so there’s just it’s not that you get paid so much more but even if you got paid the same as you do in america your cost of living is so much less that you save money and you can live however you want.

So that’s what i got for you. Doctors perspective dot net slash 63 for all the show notes. And the transcript. They’ll have a great week. Mets prosper for twenty twenty one.

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