M 63 De-clutter and Move to a Foreign Country

Planning to move to a new country can be daunting so listen here to find out what you should and should not bring. What can you just repurchase and why should you? for headphones, ear buds, mics and wireless and bluetooth speakers check out https://adoctorsperspective.net/jlab all the books recommended on the podcast can be found…

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E 102 Hong Kong Expat and Combining Pilates with Chiropractic Dr. Fleur Castlereagh

Discover how to combine pilates with chiropractic, why be an expat in Hong Kong, comparing Australia life and marketing, journalism degree and why use udemy for back pain programs and meetup for marketing. Dr Fleur Castlereagh DC We cover fun topics like: are Aussie’s the type to move around the country and to other countries…

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