M 56 Creating Intrinsic Happiness

a doctors perspective minisode M 56 justin trosclair Creating Intrinsic Happiness
Minisode 56 Creating Intrinsic Happiness

What is the 3 to 1 happiness ratio, the initial stages of learning new things is hard but don’t let it stop you, and embrace the ‘not good’ factor.

Welcome back to the Minisode version of A Doctor’s Perspective Episode fifty-six. Hey. This week’s episode is brought to you by.

But today’s episode how to make yourself a little happier. Okay, a lot of people are in jobs. They don’t like a boss. That’s bad. Just monotonous. They questioning. What are they doing with their life? But they don’t know what else they can do about it to get out of that. So, it’s A. It’s a tough situation. It’s a tough situation, so the author of a book that was reading this was on.

Blink is by the way bleakest is an APP. The month of April they gave premium version for free, which means you can just? Read our lips any book summer. You want and usually less than fifteen minutes. For the Book Summary by Chapter Amazing I’m plowing through some books. If I ever feel like it wasn’t enough then I can always go back and read the real thing, but so far they are really. They really nail these summaries in the night. Even a sponsor blinking hook me up. I will definitely support you because I like what you’re doing. Okay so today’s.

Episode you gotTa do a three to one ratio of things you enjoy, and it’s to be. Happy enjoyment doesn’t have to be like I won’t watch. The Saints Football Game Okay Well. That’s I mean that’s great, but. Once a week, and you should be doing these things daily, so it takes three three place. One Bet, what can you do it could be? You got the right breakfast. You Love Moseley, Granola okay. You had that for breakfast. Fantastic. That’s one you got a good memory or a nice photo of something and you looked at it.

That counts you help the patient get out of pain boom. Take note of that. Your Wife spouse I should say complimented you on your clothes or appreciated. Housework that you did. That’s something that can give you enjoyment so anyway.

The point is doing small. Things counts though don’t have to be these massive things to as Jerry. You’re join me, and then you’re happy with it. Okay I. Some people, it could be a good idea to learn something new.

Maybe learning makes you happy or could make you happy, but then. I’m afraid I’m not going to be good at it I’m GonNa suck at whatever like say you fought? Wrecking ball would be awesome. Let’s say you thought fencing would be cool because I did some fencing for a while. Now. I don’t know if I want to get stabbed. I gotTA learn. They look silly walking like that. Where am I going to go to class? And so there’s all these reasons why you wouldn’t want to do and you’re gonNA. Get destroyed by these people for so long. It’s like well.

Yeah, because you’ve never done it before, you will be bad at it, but don’t let that stop you. Don’t let fear. Stop you just embrace it. McKay you learning something new. Oh, they got me I tried a new move boom. They countered and got me in. Oh okay well cornell for next time, so you get my point. A lot of people apparently do not like trying new things. They know they’re not going to be good at.

They’ll look silly, and we just don’t like looking silly, but you can just embrace that for a little while and look at the learning process as a positive You might find that you might be really good at it whatever it is. You WanNa do taking a cooking class or learn how to knit something like that. So, anyway, that’s what I’m encouraging to do. There’s anything that you’ve ever wanted to do. And you have the time and you have the money and you have availability.

Just go out and try it whatever excuses you were giving yourself just put those away for a little while.

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