M 38 Intrinsic Motivation or Power of Positive Thinking

a doctors perspective minisode 38 justin trosclair motivation or postive thinking
Minisode 38 Intrinsic Motivation or Power of Positive Thinking

Building a healthy dose of self worth and growing in your knowledge and presentation is going to build the value that will land you the sales you desire. Listen to learn what that means and how to get it.

a doctor’s perspective podcast Minisode number 38. This one’s going to review Noah Kagan’s podcast with million dollars consulting Alan Weiss. Before we jump in July was the podcast Awards Nomination, I’m sure hoping I made it. For those of you who nominated us, I appreciate it. What a great feeling to just be nominated. But maybe we can win. We’ll find out next month.

All right, this guy is gonna be like a kick in the pants to bootstrap yourself. Okay. All right. power of positive thinking he thinks is bunk. Yeah, great. You’re positive. All right.

But is your motivation intrinsic? That is going to be the key. What makes you motivated on the inside? You got to have these pragmatic skills to boost self-esteem. So what’s the difference between self worth and self-efficacy? Because remember, you are who you are. Regardless if you make a big sale or a Big fail, your self worth is not tied to that. Okay? through your day in the morning, in the afternoon before you start your shift, think of those good things about yourself. You know, even if you made up, you lost the big sale, what you learn from it, right? Did you get the meeting? What are you good at? What are you thankful for? And kind of keeping those in mind when you’re doing say, consults, can you do with more marketing? Or do you do with more quality content? So like trying to promote your name out there?

You got to do both. But if you can put out good content, that people are like, Yes, I want to share this, that’s gonna go a long way with like organic reach, and then marketing. One of the thing this guy, you know, he’s like, I’m not born rich, you know, but what he could do as he could critically think about things and use appropriate language and learn grammar is not like trying to be better than everybody else, in a sense of like nose in the air snooty about it is like,

Look, I’m trying to land these clients that make millions and hundreds of millions of dollars, you might be shooting for less than that. But just to say, this is like, I have to speak with the language that they’re accustomed to the jargon that they use, right I need to use the proper English and I need people to critically think because they’re coming to me with their problem, they saw my content, they saw my marketing, and they need to know that I can help them.

And they may not even know what their problem is. So I gotta like, analyze and go deeper than what they’re saying, like this is the underlying issue and help them to see that you got to charge by your value, not by the hour.

Now, that’s hard for doctors, some of the doctors get a bad rap because like, well, I’ll charge 100 bucks for a month, you know, the news is normally like $45 per visit, how many times you can see this person, and they’re switching the game. They’re not saying I’m not getting charged by the minute, I don’t get charged for I’m charging by the value. You know, it’s 1200 worth it so that you can play tennis three times a week again, for some people it is absolute, you know, some people will be able to afford it. And then and those people you do like, yeah, that’s okay. They’re fine with that. Not everybody can afford the best treatment out there. You know, that’s the mentality that some doctors have.

Some businesses have the future had an episode not too long ago, and I want to do an in-depth episode. haven’t done it yet. But that’s one of the things that they do. They do. Like logo design, packaging, all that and he’s charged almost $30,000 to create a logo. It’s not taking me 300 hours to do that. And he also you mentioned, people get mad about revisions, the logo process. So it’s like if you set the price where this is 30,000 to make it and then little revisions here and there, that’s when we start charging by the hour, there are less friction and less anger at the end of it.

 If you would do want to improve your language and how to handle objections, a book called marks of languages, what he recommended, because you’re gonna get very similar objections each time. So figuring out how to handle those in a tactful way. Good.

Because remember, you can’t change how you were born can change who you are, so you can’t replicate what others have. That’s something that a lot of people, you know what this person does this, and that’s what they taught. And then when you go to do it, it doesn’t get the same results. You like me and you get down on yourself. Like, all these other guys replicating what this guy did, and getting great results is like yeah, maybe it resonates better, but you don’t so BU and take what they learn and make it yourself.

So you can be self resilient and have self worth. Take personal accountability, and then make the best of what you have. And that is tough. Like recently there was a  guy that was like five foot yelling that people would bagels. I mean, some of his comments were like, yeah, this guy probably has an anger issue. Maybe she’s getting some counseling. I was pregnant, bullied as a kid. But like someone like him, all right, you’re short, you’ve been picked on your whole life takes a personal accountability, make the best of what you have, and turn it into a positive or find a way to make it your own how to twist it to have the confidence and not deal with what people complaining about your whole life and make fun of you for which is easier said than done.

Of course, the more knowledge we have on the subject, the more confident we’re going to be right. When we first out of school, it’s a little difficult. He talked about trying to get people better and you’ve got some experience but not a ton of experience. So you’re in what I was told is going to work does what other people have used the results were fine. And so that’s kind of where you’re coming from, is kind of a guest and then as more and more radical cases for Is that you get, oh, this does work. I found this works better. And obviously, your confidence is much stronger.

So when you tell a patient, hey, it’s gonna take 12 visits because you have two bulges, and numbness down to your toe. You can become it’s like, yeah, that’s what it’s going to take. Now we’re gonna do some exercises as well. Versus part, I just woke up with a crick in the neck. Yeah, protocol or something. And they can you know, step on the cultural Yeah, that’s like two visits to three visits and be confident. That is what’s gonna happen because you’ve seen it enough. You got the knowledge, you got it. Okay. Big thing too, is you got to be respected, not liked. And I know I struggle with this. I won’t be like, sometimes these type-A personalities. Oh, they’re tough because they just grow you so much. And it makes you wonder, like, I say it wrong to say right, and I pass their test. And sometimes you have to just be straight up with them a little more. not aggressive, but uh, I know what I’m doing. What’s that word? Affirmative with these people, and they’ll respect you. Even if they’re like, I don’t really like this guy. He’s somebody that normally that personality of this person, but I respect them because he answered me and he stood up for himself. And so that’s a good thing.

 If you have a book if you wrote a book or nice long article or something like that, somebody you want to gift it to them write a note in the book, maybe you can put a page number in that book is hey, this is what when I thought about you, I thought about what I wrote is page 135. You should read that. How cool right? And the last piece was a who needs to retire, stay active, keep that brain engaged, stay away from energy suckers and find friends that support you and your vision and your mission. What do you think?

 Kind of cool that intrinsic motivation was inside of you. They get you going? Oh, that’s kind of cool. Realizing that your self worth and your self-efficacy is not based on making a big sale and I’m making a big sale it’s based on your core values for yourself and living up to that and just presenting yourself very professional, respected and knowledgeable in being able to be a problem solver. Charge by value, not by our time was a fun one. All the show notes  can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/m38 #behindthecurtain

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