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a doctors perspective minisode M 55 justin trosclair Future Outcomes Back Casting Failures
Minisode 55 Future Outcomes, Back Casting and Failures

We should imagine our future with strong details but also reverse it and try and visualize all the roadblocks we will have to overcome to reach those goals.

Welcome back to a doctor’s perspective the Minisode series. Number fifty five. About future outcomes, and while our futures are crazy with the corona virus.

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Patients Wise, you know sitting posted and poorly house on the computer whether they’re watching TV or working. Having to spend more time with their kids than usual on the floor, although since can be helped, but let’s discuss today future outcomes.

Suzy Welch has Tinton rule I’m GONNA butchered a little bit, but it’s looking at your day ten minutes ten hours ten weeks ten months ten years down the road. Right I’m part of the thing of the future is thinking. Thinking about what you want now sometimes we do have to say Plane Day Times where we just don’t do anything kind of a little bit bored, and if you can do that whether it’s every day or once every two weeks or something, it helps you reassess your priorities.

Maybe you’re board a little bit. You’re unplugging from your phone and you just Kinda sit. And you think you know. Some people say I was in my shower that created this idea. I came up with this fancy idea, and then I had to implement right, so one of the things we can do when we’re trying to. Reach goals in the future is called casting.

Okay, so you’re looking at it like all the goals that you ever had Mitt, so whatever that goal is you started with? You know there’s a whole another episode of setting goals and things, but let’s say you’ve already said those now you look back.

How did you do it? What were the obstacles that you had to go through? Maybe did you have to get a degree? Did you have gain experience that you have to go through some crappy jobs? And gain the the the work experience so that you can. Then have the skills to take.

The next position are the next step. They also made a comment about pre mortems. Is Thinking about how it all could fail all the issues that lie ahead. What are some of the obstacles? And how could you beat them?

If you’re trying to do. Amazon dropped shipping as a side. Hustle well. What happens for instance when coronavirus stops the chain? Did you think about the head of time? If so you might as well, the Philippines are open.

Let me see how I can pivot pivoted them, or maybe at this point you just go to another country in general and skip you know China completely, but the point being that can happen if you did something or some custom reported you falsely and Amazon says down your account for a while. What do you do? Is there any other avenues that you can to sell or have?

You ever thought of how to actually get out of the Amazon penalty box right so trying to fix all these different issues before they come about, but be careful because you can. Analyze to the point of paralysis, and you just don’t do anything and you give up. There have been plenty of people who’ve just jumped in and looking back two years later. Maybe they were profitable, but they’re like. Wow, if I would’ve known all the things that I would have done i. Would have done it. And so I.

Guess You gotTa. Be careful with A. Over analyzing and stopping yourself from doing it I guess you gotTa. Really have a passion. I WANNA. Do it right.

So you got the future casting what you WanNa do and then the back casting, which is working backwards the how to get that and then pre mortem trying to fix those obstacles one of the things they said was.

Trying to lose weight trying to imagine yourself on the beach, actually think about all the skip dessert. You’re going to have to do and you actually more likely succeed, although that’s interesting, so all those desserts for the next three months that you’re going to have to skip so that you can look good on the beach. Focus on those desserts. Interesting all right?

That’s what I got for you today. All the show notes, including the transcripts Thanks again for taking the listen.

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