M 26 Are Business Failures the Norm

a doctors perspective minisode 26 justin trosclair
Minisode 26 Are Business Failures the Norm

The author discusses how social media shows a perfect world but in reality, business failure is common. 100s fail each year, customers don’t pay and how do you find your unique talent to offer. A real look at the tough side of entrepreneurial life.

Episode 26 coming at you live from China have a doctor perspective podcast minisode is business failures the norm. Thanks again for tuning in this week we’re going to talk about the author our the podcast I referred to a couple of them would go in the minisode. And this one’s gonna be about free trials.

Before we jump in, and I’ll let you know adoctorsperspective.net/mybook will get you to the Amazon page for today’s choices, tomorrow’s health lessons learned from being a doctor for 12 years, as well as living in China and what they think and about different health aspects. You’re going to blueprints to get yourself to the gym, start from nothing and work your way up and join it cardio weights, different tips, and tricks to fool yourself into eating better, and even a bigger chapter on financial health. Because I think that’s pretty important because stress is not good. And that’s what you’ll get from it. Okay, let’s jump in.

So the author of this book had a cool backstory, he was a part of Jehovah Witness. And then he got divorced and got rid of being a part of the Jehovah Witness and you realize like, Oh, my gosh, his opinion, I think it was like in a cult, and it’s shaped everything we thought did and we weren’t allowed to, like read books that weren’t on like an approved list or whatever. So anyway, really interesting guy when it comes to that, and then he kind of bridged into, it’s a business book, y’all. So he’s just like, you know,

on social media, it’s like a highlight reel of how awesome we are. And what we do. And, you know, if you were to climb a mountain, you’d write a book about Oh, the struggle, oh, they had the ice ladder and had to climb that. And then almost slipped, and I sprained my ankle, and I had to keep going. And but like, in business, you really can’t talk about your junk, you can’t talk about your struggles, it is like, wow, they’re not gonna think I know what I’m doing. My competitors are gonna be able to get a head start on me. But in reality, you know, you got somebody who’s not paying your bills, you’ve lost clients, you thought you handled the situation, well, and you didn’t, you got some bad PR, you got some negative reviews, but we just don’t like to talk about it. And so his book is like a three-part, metamorphosis. Business failure is the middle part middle part.

And then the last part of the book, you know, it’s traveling, you can make it you can do these things. But he’s like, there’s just so many books that don’t talk about the negative, that there’s a piece that focuses on that, you know, for every Airbnb that makes it, there are hundreds of failures, and the owners even more depressed than normal people. I mean, think about what you pour your heart, your soul into some kind of project, and you bring it to investors, and nobody wants it. Have you joined Click Funnels, and it’s just one funnel away. And you don’t know what you’re doing. As far as marketing goes, are you-you know, you’re bootstrapping and you don’t have the money to hire a really big, firm, whatever. You might think that was a really good idea, man, and nobody gets to experience it.

 So another thing that people can have is imposter syndrome. If you haven’t heard about that before, who am I to write a book? You know, like myself? Who am I to write a health book that I just, you know, promoted earlier? And it’s like, well, you do have some qualifications. You’re a doctor, you got to experience, you’ve done the reading, you’ve done studies. You live in China, where other people haven’t? Yeah, you’re qualified. You think you’re less qualified than some person who lost 25 pounds and good at marketing and testimonials and on Instagram, and all of a sudden, they’ve got like, a million followers, like, they got better qualifications than us somehow come on, and they struggle with it too.

knowing that you can do that, and one of the highlights he said was, you know, writing down your goals. Aim for the moon. If you miss the moon, you’re in the stars, right? Okay.

That is Episode 26. Tell a friend on social media tags the new Facebook page. That’s not my personal but the actual pages Justin Trosclair MCC media, commerce chiropractic. So Justin Trosclair MCC, engage, engage back thanks for listening, write a review. We just went #behindthecurtain.

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