M 41 You Looking to Expand With a Gym?

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Minisode 41 You Looking to Expand With a Gym?

Why separate the gym from your clinic for more than just money reasons? What to ask a chiropractor or athletic trainer if one or the other will work in their office. The questions are important.

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This episode is masters of fitness business as Josh Satterlee. I’ve had him on the show. It’ll be in the show notes. But I like what he was saying. So I listened to a couple of different episodes of his don’t think this might be the last one about that type of topic directly with him won’t be the last time I probably talk about a clinic gym hybrid system in these Minisode just because they have so much to offer. All right, let’s do it.

He had high overhead at 13 employees. He goes it was doable. But you had to have a manager to do it. All those personalities. And he and the host were going back like yes, the overhead staff is your biggest expense. You gotta manage this money we have too many people are just people that aren’t efficient. So is there a way to like replace them? Yeah.

Alright, so he trains several personal trainers or athletic trainers with the SF Ma and really get their skills up so much that people thought maybe they’re a chiropractor as well, which is kind of good, because it frees up the doctor to do more complicated cases and the things that we can only charge for the adjustments. And so you can have somebody when you first started in the office doing the rehab for you, you know, with Dr. Notes, compliance with HIPAA and all that kind of stuff, it was still for you. Like if they’re that good at whatever it is that you’re teaching.

It may not be SF Ma, you might be DNS, you might be McKinsey, whatever it is basic floor exercises with balls and bands, whatever it is that you’re comfortable with and teaching, and they’re good at doing. That’s what they can do for you. You know, that way, you don’t have to do it, there’s a code for that. But what we’re looking at doing is jumping into a group class.

Now, these are outside of your clinic, that way, the liability and the paperwork is less. Now you have a different contract, you have a lot of like a gym contract with that and explicitly start saying stuff like, you’re not a chiropractic patient right now, this is a gym, it might be in our building, but it’s separate is different. And that reduces your liability, no notes, no HIPAA, those types of things. And of course, you get the revenue stream, which is nice.

Now, think about this, offering a gym membership group classes, if you will, is a natural progression, because you got we got your spine moving better, that’s shutting off pain receptors, everything’s communicating, like it needs to move in joints, healthy joint, we got to stabilize, and we strengthened it. And then office exercises and mile fashion release techniques.

Now, what are you going to just send him to the gym? Because what they found was similar people at a gym they’re doing dealing with some trainers that may not or may not be the most familiar with back pain recovery protocols, or the patient just does whatever they were doing before. And they hurt himself again. And then the back unit means, it says repeat process. You might think well, that’s great from our pocket. It’s not they might come back to you one more time.

But when they hurt himself again, they’re like, Man, that car doesn’t know what he’s doing. Or that gym is no good. And then they give up on you. They give up on the gym, they might even give up on themselves. We don’t want any of that, like the previous episode said, we don’t want that opioid situation either.

 So instead of them going somewhere, but no supervision, you can have the people come to your gym, the group last four people, six people, eight people, yeah, athletic trainer, like we said before, somewhere there about 25 bucks an hour. So you have a morning class, you have a night class three days a week, you might start with just a night class three days a week, you pay him for that. And if you hire them all the time in your office, then they may have a different rate, they might have a rate for your normal every hour that they work. And then they get more money when they do these classes at the end of the day, something like that. And one thing they went on, they went on a little tangent.

A lot of people want pro athletes, oh, there this person. Yeah, that’s good. You put a picture on the wall, if they let you, that’s great. It does. It is its good marketing, but they’re not going to come in as much. And if you notice, sometimes they want free, they’re like I’ll do this, you do it free, you can put my name on a wall or whatever. And call it even is like, well, I don’t pay the bills.

So remember, it’s the general population, you know, Country Club offers that will build your clinic is not the superstars. It’s the normal people quote that are going to make this a business. I mean, some people have money, and they’re willing to spend it on themselves for health. So never discredit what someone might look like. Because health might be their new goal, and they’re willing to spend the money, whether they go by that $2,000 plethora on that one is called bicycle plugs in and you can train with people around the world, a $700 elliptical machine that the mayor doesn’t even use, they might be willing to give some of that to you to 50 a month for the next three months. So they can really, truly learn what they need to do, and then go and do it at a regular gym because they don’t want to get hurt again. Okay. All right.

Now there are different scenarios and the way you set this up, you might work as physical therapy as a chiropractor in the gym. And so if that’s the case, the gym owner may want to know what type of exercises Do you know from the floor position standing position, you should have multiple exercises for each joint for each stage, floor standing, do you want? What kind of athlete it’s going to be? So again, different exercises for each joint. Now we can be like, all right, this guy knows what he’s doing. I feel comfortable with him in the gym, he can run a room, I’ll refer people to him perfect.

And then the opposite. If you’re going to hire somebody, what can we ask what can we add? Here we go. Here’s one. What do you do for low back pain? They should have an answer. They should. If they have been working as a trainer for a length of time, they should have had some clients say yeah, I’ve got neck pain or back pain. Now, what are you going to do with them? Because you can just have them do the same stuff that you’d have someone who’s 170 pounds and already fit and just need some help, because they want to train for another event. Right?

That is not going to be the same thing. So what is their plan? That’s what you’re looking for? What is their plan? How do they modify and progress? Someone from a simple exercise to a more complicated one more weight, more reps, etc? What are they doing? It’s kind of irrelevant what they save. You just want to see that they have a plan that they’ve experienced this and that they don’t just do cookie-cutter every person’s same. Okay?

Let me know these sound preachy. I’m not trying to like be preachy or holier than now with these. I just want to take the notes, I have the notes and then I’m kind of looking at them while I talk. And so what I’m trying to do is just give you the highlights and ladies a short episode like says, less than 10 minutes, do you want to do 45 minutes to an hour show? You go just listen to the whole thing.

I’m just trying to give you the bullet points as if this is the gospel, practically like and it may not be, he might listen to some of these points and be like, I disagree with you, Justin. Well, you also disagree with whoever was on that podcast that I listened to. So I’m just kind of relaying the information that I thought was kind of like the highlights. So I hope you’re enjoying these, let me know that https://adoctorsperspective.net/41 We just went #behindthecurtain

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