M 13 Client Acquisition Cost in the Gym Model

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Client Acquisition Cost in the Gym Model

What’s the ideal size for a clinic to have a gym? How should you structure classes? What’s a good fee? All those are answered in this minisode.

Welcome back to the minisode of a doctor’s perspective podcast. Today we are reviewing the clinic gym radio with a special guest, Alex Hormozi, he makes gyms profitable. 30 days on high-end clients, people go from struggling to secure.

And one of his big philosophies in able to get that first couple of days of signups that we have now. One is personally signing up fund your marketing, like Dan Kennedy, another say, who can pay the most for customers wins. And this way, you can do that his website is I don’t hate money calm. So he has his thought process on client finance acquisition cost. And I committed and he used to go in and do all the closing for you. And now he shows you how to do it yourself.

So you’re doing sales, you get this gym membership, you’re advertising for a specific type of gym membership clientele, they come into your clinic, you can convert them sell them to close the deal is like Jim talks about like a doctor’s office. And after the first couple of days, you know, you get the personal Monday signing up Tuesday on Wednesday, come Thursday, your credit card processors getting hit with those people from Monday, then all you’re just getting all this money.

And we don’t like 500 bucks $1,000 a month for training. So it’s not unheard of for you to make 40 to 60,000 that first month, which is a lot of money. And now you can amp up your advertising to get more patients like that, the episodes good to listen to because you hear all his backstory and the mistakes that he made, and how he ended up doing the consulting versus going out doing it himself. So the really good stories really good episode.

Here’s what he recommends, probably for like a chiropractic office physical therapy office minimum, but you can do for less. But ideally, 1500 square feet is great. That way you can do four-person groups, so four on one, with an athletic trainer, you can charge between $500 and $700 a month, and that gives them three times a week class, the owner, you only have to set up three-morning classes, three-night classes per week. So don’t go crazy with having to do a lot of classes, it is three in the morning, three at night, you do four people per class. So you kind of have like your four-morning groups and your four people for your afternoon group. And they’re paying between 500 and $700. And you only have to pay 25 bucks to the athletic trainer, so per day to do it.

 And when you’re collecting, there’s almost 5000 a month from that’s not a bad little return on investment. It’s like eight people. As a PT chiropractor, you’ve already gotten better. So one of the says the sales pitches and weight loss. That’s a big one that Alex is using his weight loss buffered a clinical model, kind of like Lyft, you’ve already gotten better come to the clinic still lose weight, so get in shape, but sort of almost a supervised per se there but it is but it’s where you don’t get reinjured.

That’s the key, you’re not going to get reinjured. I can’t guarantee that, but you don’t mean he did recommend. So the best ideal size is like 2500 to 3200 square feet, because then you do small and large classes as well as having a private selling room in the back or somewhere. But 1500 is plenty.

One thing you got to remember is you got to have the right staff as these gyms will come in 60 new clients and all of a sudden they don’t have the staff to support them. And so they’re super stressed out or they’re not delivering the service that they need.

So you want to make sure if you’re a one-man show or one man plus a staff member, it’s not gonna be enough to convert these. So maybe at first if you’re not a super busy clinic and you’re doing the gym hybrid, you know, you’re you know, patients are getting better. you’re pitching them the idea, certain percentage of them will say yes, maybe you teach the classes, but you’re going to soon outgrow that and need that next person and they give you an athletic trainer thing do more than rehab within your office throughout the day as well.

 I guess you could hire him just for these class or if you do are busy and you do a lot of physical therapy type stuff or physiotherapy type stuff, then you might hire them that all of that for you throughout the day as well. That’s why you have the clinician radio or more from just Saturday and painted it with this kind of permission.

That’s what I got for you today. I’m looking at some gigantic electric silos. They look like nuclear power plants in China. Maybe I’ll use this picture for this episode. I think I put a train.

Okay, a review can. Thanks for listening. I appreciate you. Remember, listen, critically think and integrate what you hear you just went #behindthecurtain.

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