M 37 Patients Want These Things On Your Website

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Minisode 37 Patients Want These Things On Your Website

Patients want a small number of options on your website: like online scheduling. What can we do to optimize our sites and in the office for their satisfaction while also getting more new patients? Tons of tips on this episode.

Minisode Episode 37 we got a lot to talk about the doctor marketing tips podcast, a patient experience before we jump in.

But a couple of months ago now six weeks all about feet from musculoskeletal to having a heart condition and multiple clinics to converting over to a practice management style. So lots of good information there https://adoctorsperspective.net/podiatry, get yourself a quick reference guide. Okay, let’s jump in.

Oh, you learned something today, says the host. Alright, so some of its gonna be a little bit of a run, run through a checklist type of situation. And then I’ll just elaborate on things if they need to, are

You gotta have a responsive doctor website, the mobile-first design, if you don’t, you gotta switch Squarespace. WordPress, those are going to help out get a good theme. You know, the theme I have for the podcast, I guess you have to update it, they stopped doing updates, and that’s no good. So kind of dreading the have to switch it over. But I’m gonna do second-line themes. A really good layout. And that one of the people that helped me for free from his podcast on how the podcast he switched over to them as the Oh, that social proof right there.

Okay. Anyway, so Bedford with Squarespace is a common theme that people like to use, by the way. And then, of course, John Morrison, he was on the podcast, Episode 125, he has his style doctor website, which is easy to use, especially like story branding, you got to have a button for appointments on your webpage. There’s lots of programs out there that can do it, interview Chiro8000, there’ll be out Episode 134. And they’re coming up with something like that they have a lot of things going for him, but that is in the works. So it’ll be an update.

So anyway, find a way to get appointments, be booked online videos, you know, we say, hey, you should do videos on Facebook, you should do videos on YouTube. And you should put those videos from YouTube on your doctor website, then you got to have captions. Look, I use otter.ai . All you gotta do is upload your audio or upload your video to their site, they’ll automatically transcribe it, you can fix it up if you don’t like the way it turned out. And then you can put that as a caption for those videos. And that’s gonna be huge, because, man, what was the stat like 87%, don’t even turn the volume on or 74% of the people on Facebook never turn the volume on these videos. That’s kind of wild.

All right, on your page, the top three things pages, look for the ready. Physician info, location, schedule. So of course, they want to know what are you open, where’s your location, cool, they want to meet the doctor. That’s a huge page. So you want to make it more personable, and kind of telling a story. The storied brand has a good view of that. Don’t have it with me. But it’s not just, Hey, I went to LS you in Texas chiropractic, and I’ve been in business for 12 years. And I like pets, and I have a wife and a kid, you know, they want more of like a make them connect to you. What’s that emotional, I had x y&z issue and got better, or maybe inadvertent patient testimonial of like this has happened, they got better. And this is why I do what I do. because of people like that. And the results, okay? Again, you don’t have a telephone-based appointment, you want to be able to like just click a button, and then your phone number dials, okay. Being aware of your font size, you know, anything too big or too small. A lot of people have these, you know, white background with like this light, great, it looks great but could be hard to read. So if your base is kind of older people, you want more contrast. So be wary of that.

And of course, the landing page speed, you got to have a low time you want to be less than three seconds, people will skip away really fast. So he spent all this time and money, building your reputation online, getting the SEO getting their organic reach on Google, and it doesn’t load fast enough. They’re out of the door before you even get to them.

Okay, think about what patients ask you all the time. As a doctor, those might be more like condition based, shut those down. Then go to your front desk and ask them hey, what do y’all get asked all the time. So if you weren’t already scripted on these, don’t worry, your staff will know these are the things that we get asked all the time. So write those down. Now go through your staff for yourself, record your answers, the question asked, record them, then you can post those on YouTube Live, feed it on Facebook, then of course again, transcribe it. And then now when you have an FAQ on your webpage, you can have a video for it and the answer transcribed, and you have a nice robust, frequently ask questions, and people get the answers answered perfectly.

Now speaking of the front desk, you got to smile, make sure everything’s clean, not cluttered. Make sure that someone’s on crutches, or they got kids in their arms, run over there and open it. Have your body image, your language and your clothes all be like welcoming, warm, friendly, don’t be rude. If you got a rude front desk person, you might leave losing patience and you don’t even realize it.

Old school, you know, they just walk in and that bathroom glass sliding door, well, definitely don’t want those anymore, you have them. either keep it open, remove it. It’s a barrier that in today’s age, we don’t want it. And that’s why I like to have the circulation desk and open designs.

Moving on online reviews, first and second Google page, the more reviews you have, the better. I’ve heard 30 something but you got to keep those current. When people write a positive view, say thanks on it when they write a negative review. Well, yeah, be careful with hip up. But you can address it a little bit. Don’t be crazy. But you may have to say, Hey, you know, we were running late that day. And we give out cards if we’re overly late. I’ll talk about that in a minute. Now also, so 87% of people do positive reviews, they’re going to review that’s pretty good. Now, if you have a trend of negative reviews, read those and take it to heart. If a lot of people are saying Oh, the doctors always late, two hours late, they don’t respect my time, you need to figure something out, hire more staff hire another doctor, but they’re telling you what they don’t like about it. And that’s why you guys said too low score on those Google reviews.

Speaking of social media, Instagram, lots of people like to see pimples getting popped and things being juiced out. And you know, surgeries and crazy stuff like that. But if you’re really scared of those mountains, just so like before and after so sore results. So those videos get lots of clicks. before and afters, you probably get a lot of likes, because it shows what you can do. But it’s like plastic surgery, like Whoa, look at that knows so much better.

 If you do have products you can buy along, you won’t have only payment, you can do PayPal stripe, different things like that. And of course, nobody wants your phone calls or a patient reminder, send a text message. There are programs out there that do it. You also have your EMR probably can do it as well.

Just a quick simple text message. After they fill out new patient forms, man, you know, that can take a while so I had to do that. Let them know hey, this is what’s going to happen next. This is what your appointment is going to do. We’re gonna go here, we’re going to hear this is going to happen that’s going to happen that way they know what’s going on.

You could also comment if the doctor has been late, he just let him know for him like hey, the doctor is running 30 minutes late, ends up being passe 30 minutes or we have a 45-minute late weight limit. Then we give a card you know maybe a Panera Bread $5 card $5 gas card $5 Visa card or something like that just as a Hey, we respect your time we’re sorry, we’re later than usual. Offering like water or something like that. It goes a long way.

When you’re parking. I know a lot of doctors and offices will have the front row. This is where the doctor parks there says Dodge Viper is Tesla and here’s the staff person of the month who will probably want to reconsider that one. Patients look at me like this is why I gotta come back pay off his Tesla ridiculous. And then, of course, you might as well as like sad, they can’t walk congestive heart failure. Oh, I can barely walk because you know I’m short of breath in this doc parking up a front park in the back. It makes a big difference. Even if they don’t say much.

For Messages On Hold light music, you can do like a promotion, record a promotion. You don’t want to make a whole too long. And of course, if you can get a patient testimonial like maybe 15 seconds that could be huge. Is there the weight anyway and the phone lines are here good news, especially the trend like book an appointment. Wow.

So what do you think? Do you get any comments positive, negative, etc? Please let me know. This should be an episode that makes you think makes you wonder what am I doing and where can I improve? What did you implement immediately? What do you think he’s gonna have to take some more time if you need help with that? Let me know. That is not a problem. It’s things that I can do and do for others. So appreciate that vote of confidence, show notes, https://adoctorsperspective.net/m37 . We just went #behindthecurtain

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