M 30 Getting Email and Messenger Subscribers Simultaneously

a doctors perspective minisode 30 justin trosclair
Minisode 30 Getting Email and Messenger Subscribers Simultaneously

Explore 2 tactics using Facebook posts and ads to gather messenger subscribers as well as gathering emails all for contests, pdf giveaways and way to make the post standout.

Episode 30 Thanks for tuning in to the Minisode series of a doctor’s perspective podcast brought to you by me Dr. Justin Trosclair. If you want to know what the top episodes of 2017 and 2018 were for this show, just go to a doctor’s perspective, net slash top 1718. That’s all you got to do. You’ll get a list for the top 10. And actually, it’s more like a top 11 or 12 because there were some ties of the last two years.
Oh, snap in today’s episode is going to be phenomenal in my opinion. It’s from podcast capitalism. And it’s about e-commerce and the changes from Ezra Firestone if you don’t know who Ezra Firestone is, look him up. He’s a big deal in this e-commerce business. So it’s gonna be about marketing, and it’s gonna be about a little bit about like the ad structure and Facebook Messenger stuff.
Okay, so the first thing he was talking about was, he was some of the Chinese and how they buy so much from WeChat In town at least once per month, and it’s like billions of people. And I can tell you, that is accurate. Here, we don’t have to actually use credit cards or even cash anymore over the last two or three years. In my first year in China, it wasn’t a thing. You still have cash. But then when I came back a year later, everybody’s like, Yeah, he’s WeChat. So the grocery store, everywhere you go, the taxi, everything is WeChat. And then Taobao is like Amazon. So you know, Americans over to Amazon. It’s the same thing with Taobao. But even more so because everything’s cheap. And knockoffs. All right, let’s move on.
This was a cool, cool thing. Two-thirds of people research on mobile, but they buy on the desktop. Now, what about America? They two-thirds research on mobile, but they buy on desktop. So on mobile, they want to get aware of the product. Let me do some research What’s going on? Maybe they don’t trust their phone to make payments on the internet. But what that means is when you’re retargeting people you need to reach a target on the desktop and the tablet so save your money on mobile retargeting on desktop and tablet.
One thing that I mentioned, as a lot of people that do e-commerce with Amazon, they like to remember your cash flows from Amazon, but you own nothing. So you got to find a way to get their email address. That way you own your list, you can always email them to get sales, reconnect, build a tribe, when you’re doing a Facebook ad, you want to do stacking of like interest and behaviors.
You know, there’s the interest in like cats, okay, behavior, and they made a purchase when they weren’t on iPad with Wi-Fi only. Okay, that’s a pretty specific target audience right there. Once you find those people and you made the sales, you can create a lookalike the audience of that. Another thing you do is when you’re making videos, and you’re trying to target like the cats who’ve made purchases, you could do a lookalike audience just based on the people who watch 95% of your video because those people are super motivated. They’ve already consumed your content, they’re engaged, just maybe they didn’t click the button to buy or to click so definitely retarded those people.
Also, people like to click faces. So there’s a way to incorporate a face in your clicked on your ad picture Go for it. Facebook Messenger is growing quickly they are doing in messenger buying some of them Neil’s are loving that and they’re removing like one-click purchases, which will be cool.
So one of the pushes here is to get Facebook Messenger subscribers and, and their email and you can do that at the same time in your processor having a different funnel for that’s the best way to do it. They’re just saying that you know, because Facebook has such strict rules with the messenger right you know, right now it’s free, but it’s like having your email list. So if they, if they if a customer engages with you on messenger, you have 24 hours to try to get them to buy something, then you have to stop. So here we go. How to set up your posts you ready for this?
The normal post with an image projecting social proof, whatever that means for you. You might have a person but some way of producing social proof when you start with your ad, use some brackets and use emojis as your bullet points. So somehow put a little bracket there. And then instead of bullet points us an emoji people Love emojis. When you’re writing something, you can say, hey, you say in the comment something cool. Say yes, something easy to spell, because if they can’t spell it right, then they won’t like to trigger the messenger correctly. So if they say, you know, here’s the PDF, if you’d like and say yes. And then they say, yeah, and then they get it. And once they come in, yes, mini-chat, the program is behind the scenes, when you automate your messenger will reply in messenger, you know, ask him like, Hey, thanks for applying or flying on a post, if you write give our coupon, we can actually give you that coupon or give you that PDF now, so that the ad or the post is encouraging you. Yeah, it’s a post. So what I was just describing was a post. I’m sorry if I said it’s an ad
. It’s a post first, just the Hey, are you interested in this free PDF? Just reply? Yes. They say yes. And this is sort of a mini chat, boom, it’ll send you a message and messenger and it was, hey, do you want that PDF? You want that coupon right, give right coupon right, whatever you want. And then they’re subscribed to your Facebook Messenger mini chat is going to go all automated and now you’ve got the subscriber You can also do is send them to a landing page for messenger. So they get hit the like the messenger, and it says, Hey, click this link to get that PDF. Boom, they click the link, and then there’s a landing page, you can get your email and you get your coupon. And then now you also got an email and you got on the pixel, so it’s easy to retarget.
Now, if you’re going to go ahead and do the ad, I can add style of this. They don’t want you to say yes, so you just have to put, click here, and then messenger open and click the Yes, and then they’re subscribed. So it’s just a little bit different. The one thing they said, Well, if you’re going to automate it, and the messenger, the last two senses, got to have a button there. Because 36% will click that.
So that button or that link, this can be your last message for them to complete their series have something to click this 36% of them will click that. All right, I know I got a little confusion on that one. Listen to it, or by all means, find it on their actual podcast. I mean, he goes deep into a lot more detail than that.
I was just trying to give you the cliff notes, but it just comes down to getting people to reply. Even sure you’ve done it, replying yes to post that you have. And then once they do that, it gets sent to a mini chat. And then you ask them to Hey, type this word. You’ll get the PDF, our visit this landing page, and then you can get it and then add, it’s already set up to click, so you don’t have to ask them to click it. You just they just do it. Okay, that’s my last summary of that. Signing off. We just went #behindthecurtain

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