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Fibonacci Cold and Warm Email Method

 Are your leads after signing up for a free pdf warm or cold? Do they respond to your email follow-ups and if not how does Fibonacci Formula guide your next steps?

Welcome back to the doc perspective, Minisode today is perpetual traffic, Episode 179, it talks about the FS-MC formula, which we are not going to go over. But it all it pretty much means if you have a webpage driving traffic, whether it’s through Facebook or Google, and you want them to complete an action, like download your know, needle acupuncture blueprint to get rid of knee pain, they click it, they download it, and now they’re going to be in some kind of email automation.

And at this point, you know, it’s all about the follow-up, like what do you do with these leads, you can have a cold lead, you can have warm leads, you have hot leads, the hot leads are the ones that call you and like yes, orange, good. Get scheduled now. And then the colon the warm gonna have to figure out, you might already have like a welcome email, and like a three or four doctrine action email sequence, which could then be followed up by, you know, some sort of sales pitch that you may have. And then if they don’t a bio, and if they do, you just send them a bunch of emails until they unsubscribe. Okay, so that’s a theory that people use.

After you take them through a certain amount of emails, you can kind of gauge do they open them do they click the links, and if you find someone who clicking and doing all that stuff, then yes, keep them on the path that you are. If they’re not, however, they kind of recommending the Fibonacci number formula style, which means it’s kind of like a snail shell, it’s kinda like, not really necessarily cut in half, but it’s saying you had the first email, then a day later is one, and two days later, three days, five, 813 days later, 21 and 34. So that’s a long time, you know, like, five days after this email, and then another eight days after that other email.

So it ends up being a long time. But once you fear that, use our faith in these people off of your list. And if you still see after those next six emails, they still don’t do anything, you can remove them, and then you get to spend less money on MailChimp, or a Weber whatever you use. And so if you’re looking for content creation, you can use other people’s articles. You know, silence is something cooler worrying about your condition, you know, talking about doctors, let’s go with like t Cairo. That’s just because what we’re used to, and would you also might find is that you have a patient story.

So if you keep answering, say the same five questions every day, jot those down real quick, or use your phone, a record that question and get back to it later that day, and record your answer. And with otter.ai, you can translate it for free.

That can become a blog post, it can become an email, it gives them YouTube, you can do a Facebook or YouTube video about it just answering the most common questions you’re always getting anyway, another option is you can you hear a patient testimonials like Well, I don’t really want to write it down or do a video, which is too bad. And we want those and they don’t want to go on Google.

 But you still know it. And you can still use it just don’t use their name. And it’s more of just a generic Wow, I had this patient before. And you just have to go kind of like a before and an after Ingo step further and say,

what was the problem before you had the product? Your service? Was the frustration with you tried to solve but what was the difference between using your service versus say the other person down the street? or listening? And then take is that a moment that you decided this product is working for me? And what’s life like now that the problem is solved.

So there’s your framework for an email, and then there’s also the state of the problem, agitate the problem and give them a solution. And the solution was, of course being their guide, not the hero and that’s another email format that you can take the price the All in all the time.

All right. Like I say, start a conversation where do your thoughts on the show when these many souls on this one particular find me reference the episode that you’re calling in about and let’s have a dialogue. People, This is a doctor Justin Trosclair, taking you #behindthecurtain

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