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 Should you do home doctor visits as your main line of income? Should you take a table and go to their house or go to a business and save the company lost time from doctor appointments? Can you have an RV, what table to get, and ways to boost income?

Episode 28, coming to Straight, from China at home doctor visit model, the Minnesota series from a doctor’s perspective podcast coming out on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Today’s show is gonna be Chiro business Mojo, the topic of house calls.

Okay, so I’m hoping to have this guest on my show because you got so much good information to give. And like usual, the podcast we listen to was a little bit short. And I think we can do a better job could flush it out, get the goods for all the all about people who wanted to do home Doctor. Work, not fill in work, but go into somebody’s house replace a business. So are you going to work on Saturday and Sunday and evenings? I don’t want to do it. But if you’re just starting, that might be something to consider, because people gonna be working.

 if there’s like, dude, I just can’t get away from work. OK, cool. So you just work more in the evening, or if they’re at the house, you just got, you know, go any time of the day. So that’s one of the questions I had is how do you I guess, based on somebody else I talked to do you have regions that you would visit. So if you’re in a bigger city, you might go to the north, and you just try to schedule people that are only in the north. So no matter what you’re just driving like 10 minutes to the next place, you’re going to keep going.

One of the things you can do, if you can do this is getting into a business that has employees, whether it’s 10 employees or a hundred employees. But if you can do a bunch at one time, it is phenomenal. You might have like a little room, they give you little closet, they come in they you know, they may or may not have set up an appointment, but it’s also a benefit to the business owner. Because if they offer they don’t offer health insurance, or they don’t want their workers to be skipping so much work. Hey, okay, you don’t want to drive there, get treated, come back, be back in 90 minutes. Okay. Why don’t we just walk across the hall and 20 minutes later be done? Yeah, cool. Productivity baby.

 That’s the best way to pitch it. Dentist offices have a lot of people banks, as well could be something you kind of want people that have about a 60,000 income. It’s kind of gets the go to how many patients should you see a day, can you see a day, anywhere from 6,10, 12 on any of those numbers, I think you’ll have a pretty successful business. Because we’ve got it your overheads going to below the car that you probably already have, which now you can start writing more off of that you still could have a license insurance, and a few other things the home doctor will need.

You find like a portable table, and you probably check your forums and or corporate Facebook group, we’ve talked about it before, it seems like some tables are cheap, and then they fall apart. Others are like a moderate price as you expect. And they’re like the drop pieces and all the things that you would need, but then they’re like really heavy, or they take forever to put together. So it’s a pain is I’m trying to find that sweet spot between wait for actual portability, fully thulie I believe, do have some fun tables. I did see one I’ve used the one. And it’s supposed to be portable, but man, it’s made of wood, it’s heavy, I think would be bulky as all get out to try to like put together like 10 times a day. And I think they do have a different more portable model, like a sports model. That’d be more beneficial, but it seems to be a pretty good one. Everybody has an opinion with those. I think they have a like affliction distraction unit that you can attach to it. It looks kind of junky, but at the same time, like they have kind of works. The rest of the table looks really good. Okay, sidetrack there,

one of the questions I do have for him is RV’s if you can get an RV or like a fifth wheel. And you can like to bring that somewhere. And then house doctor just kind of go to that building. So if you’re at a bunch of doctors offices or businesses, they just come to your RV that’s been decked out on the inside too for rehab and adjustments and things. I had thought that wouldn’t be a very good idea just because it’s like, man, how much do the things cause like $150,000. But apparently, you can get a good deal on used ones. And when you break it down, if you’re going to, quote, pay rent somewhere Anyway, now you own it, and these things can last 20 years, and then you can sell it and do it again. Whereas if you’re leasing space, you know, you’re never going to get that back and you be paying more. But that’s an added expense.

And I think you want to have more conversations with those people that are doing that to find out if that’s more feasible, but I think it seems like it’d be easier to go into somebody’s house and just do that. But on the other hand via the RV, you can still show up at these people’s house and then they just come into your RV and then you’d have this gigantic billboard for the neighborhood and they might be like Knock Knock knock. Hey, what are you doing? Can I be part of that?

There are different ways to make your practice more money, more new patients better retention or price and so sometimes you like a man what would have to do, actually just increasing your price by 30% could double your practice. I won’t get into the math but if you want to look at that new patient’s retention and price, most of the time when you are doing an at home place there’s like a travel fee built in. So if a normal price is 55 you might be charging more like 75 to go and these people that are doing it are okay with that because they like the convenience. Something to ponder. Okay, y’all have a great couple of days just went #behindthecurtain

hey, before we get going, if you go to adoctorsperspective.net/asheardon , you can see the half dozen other podcasts that I’ve been on as a guest. Sure, there’s a little overlap based on some of them, but they’re not the same. Like especially that it’s no secret the in your pants in the PT, those are a different topic than just so Justin Why are you in China? They’re really fun.

 If you have a story of any sort, reach out to somebody to a podcast that you listen to, or you think, man, I can maybe contribute to something do that. Because I know personally, I don’t I probably need to be doing that follow another podcast, saying, hey, and something that I saw before is you could have a PDF, a little paragraph about yourself, if you’ve been on any other publications, you know, do you have? What’s your what’s your hook? What would you provide for that podcast? And hopefully you have a couple that way they can say, yeah, you know, two out of the five or interesting for my show, let’s do it, let’s get you booked. And it gives you a lot more exposure. And like said,

I always tell the guests, and I don’t know how many do it sometimes. But if you should have a page of I’ve been in the media, and then you just put that logo with the link number and then boom, now you got a backlink and more social proof for your audience. I mean, we’re not all Fox and CBS. But uh, when you’re on a podcast, and you carry some weight, okay, now back to the actual show.

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