M 28 At Home Doctor Visit Model

 Should you do home doctor visits as your main line of income? Should you take a table and go to their house or go to a business and save the company lost time from doctor appointments? Can you have an RV, what table to get, and ways to boost income? Episode 28, coming to Straight,…

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E 114 House Call Osteopathic Manipulation Dr Matthew Barker DO

Traveling house call doctors are not common, why did Dr. Matthew Barker DO decide to do it? Learn about osteopathic manipulation medicine and residency, logistics of mobile doctor services and how is it different than a DC or DPT spinal manipulation. For someone who planned on becoming a chiropractor, what changed his mind to become…

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E 97 Medical Music and Career Options Dr Amy Arton DC

We hear from a spinal manipulation professor and learn about new teaching technology. Dr. Amy Arton DC created a dedication song to the people who donate their body to science. We chat music industry and different types of chiropractic career options. Dr. Arton had the courage to leave a comfortable, reliable family business and become…

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