M 25 Discovery Day Workshops

a doctors perspective minisode 25 justin trosclair
Minisode 25 Discovery Day Workshops

Discovery day workshops are a great way for potential clients to see and hear what you offer. We go over the 3 marketing videos to get people in the door as well as the basic structure of the live workshop.

Episode 25 discovery day workshops. I’m the host, Dr. Justin Trosclair. This is the doctor’s perspective. Many. So today’s episode is pretty cool. When I interviewed Dr. Jared Carter, cash-based physical therapy in episode www.adoctorsperspective.net/132 . We mentioned the episode that I’m talking about today, which is cash-based practice Episode 82. So my Show Episode 132, Jared Carter show, Episode 82. I thought that’s gonna be fun.

Before we get into that, we revamped the acupuncture book websites, the direct sales page is called adoctorsperspective.net/bundlepacks completely revamped that. And then if you want to try five protocols for free, insomnia, anxiety, low back headache, and knee pain, you get everything, the points, the pictures, how to do it, you know, program, yo, you get it all. And that is just adoctorsperspective.net/naprotocol as a needle as acupuncture. So NAprotocol, okay, let’s get back to the show.

So the guy interviewed paid 90 grand for this intense gait analysis. And he’s the only one of the area’s doing it, but still has a ton of money to invest into something up front, when most people are saying, keep your overhead low. So what he did was he worked 30 hours at a regular job. And then 30 hours on his own because he had to pay because he had to support his family this time while I grew his clinic. And what he did was he listened to a lot of podcasts, they gave him the motivation to like man, I can do this, I can charge cash. And all this, he made sure to get a no to competing from the doctor that he was working with.

Obviously, at that point, he was shot over the same town, his vision 36 visits a week, that’s nine per day, for a 10 hour day, he charges $215 for follow up, which is an hour long in 250 for an exam, and one thing they did to try to get people in the door is to do a free discovery. It’s a 30-minute visit free discoveries, what they call it. And they also can give like some free reports, you want to be a hero to the patient, the doctor, again, you’re the guide, it goes back to that story building, the doctor is the guide, that hero is the patient.

There’s a program they use called patient accelerator, you can just go to Jared carter.com, slash pap, pineapple, Apple pineapple. So PHP, and then it’s almost like,

Okay, how do I get patients My goodness, you know, I spent all this money. It’s kind of a niche thing. I mean, I’ve been part of a running group for these ankle injuries, but I got to give a name out there more. So what they did, they’re doing Facebook ads, Google ads, to try to promote workshops, and they all they will use videos of exercise in this as well.

So here they would describe the problem that a patient could have. And then one quick win. And that’s the first video, so paint the problem. And then like some kind of quick win, whatever that means for your professional. the second video, what’s the solution, go deeper, maybe grass and make movies the group approach. Maybe it’s you know, DNS, but what’s the solution that’s going to get them where they need to go, then the third video is the pitch, the free PDF, the workshops, and whatever. And of course, on that second video, you want to communicate some emotional things to it, obviously don’t care what the grass and is an all this, but they want to know to specialize in this technique that can get you the results you’re looking for. So that you go back to being pain-free and running training for marathons. And that third video is where you get you to pitch them for the PDF, the workshops or whatever. So when you do the workshops, you want to target people in your area, of course, you want to target the Friends of people in the running group.

So if you have an email list from people who are part of the running group that you already have, you can upload that to Facebook, and then do it look alike for that area. And that should cover more people like them. Okay, you can also put up flyers in the rain group stores that they visit, you know, talk to the store owners that know that you’re putting on this workshop, who’s it for, and they possibly will let you do it. And then you can also have, in my opinion, a working relationship where they might be the shoe store that you always recommend, or, or if one of the stores is a particular brand, they might come out and just you know, show a shoe or two or some something like that to get them to want to be more involved in that you use their clients.

 So in the workshops, you want to give examples of the bad running. And whether using that gait analysis machine or like pre-made videos that you’ve done them before, then you want to give a success story. And then you want to do a live example if you can. So again, two examples of bad running, showing what a success story will look like taking you from that bed to what’s appropriate. And if you can find somebody in the audience that will let you do a live example. Get a quick win and show them like how bad they are, or the changes how good it is, you know, I can be a little bit tough, but I was kind of cool.

And he’s like, you should get 10 to 20% of them to sign up there and then follow up with some emails, you get another few. And when you do the email sequence, you gotta wait about the third or the fourth email to pitch so that they can come in for the for an exam because they’ve already been to the workshops, they chose not to take you up on your exam. So again, you might be getting kind of the same thing, the bad example a success story, and then that third or fourth emails when you would pitch them, hey, you’ve already seen what we can do. What’s stopping you from coming in? Come on, do it. And of course, gather video testimonials of patients. That’s going to go a long way to prove what you’re doing gets you some clout with others.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed that little bit of marketing, a little bit of strategy, all rolled into one mini sold. Tell your friends less than 10 minutes typically coming out on Thursdays and Saturdays. We just went #behindthecurtain

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