M 12 Negotiations and White Space Priority

a doctors perspective minisode 12 justin trosclair
Negotiations and White Space Priority

Win-win or win-lose negotiator, you need to know who you are dealing with and adjust accordingly. Create space in your life for uninterrupted down time for yourself at work and also for your family. Don’t be so busy.

Live from China listening to a doctor’s perspective, minisode this episode of the story brand number 57 was the best of mid-2017. So many random guests are really exciting.

Just boarded the train or Shanghai, I say those peonies were really beautiful. I was a little bit surprised that they didn’t cross breed and four different colors more. Also, like tulips and blue. You know, of course, food is amazing. There’s always like these cross breeds, there’s a purity, but overall, obviously, no disappointments in that also saw the Shaolin Temple. We’ll talk about that later. Let’s get on to this.

So the first part of it was about negotiations, you have two types of people like to do a win-win, the people would like to do a win. So if you’re doing a win-win, you’re more willing to compromise to try to be a nice guy. If you’re doing a win-lose person, you need to know that. And if you don’t match their aggressiveness, and be able to walk away with knowledge like what your bottom line is, they’re gonna take advantage of you. They’re gonna love it because they’re gonna see you as a pushover. So I thought that was interesting. Another one was, basically things in life, you hear a lot with these highly productive, super busy people. If you say yes to a lot of things, that means you have to say no to something later.

So some people, they’re so busy, their time is so valuable, maybe invites a lot of things where they start saying yes to an event six months from now, and then they regret it because a month before the bad event, they get something that’s like, way better, not like, Oh, I’m gonna go to Betty’s party, oh, no, Susan’s got a party so much better. This is career stuff where this decision would be better for you, career-wise, and everything. And now you can’t do it. So I’m being able to learn to say no to the important things to improve your life and goals in the future.

The last piece was practicing white space for that pretty much means putting things in your space. It’s like when you’re at work, you take a break take a break, don’t just bring your phone and play the game and get back to work. You know, that’s not creating that white space, that blank space for yourself. In a lot of times, you just said you go to your house, your kids are waiting to play with you while you’re playing. He thinking about that spreadsheet, that PowerPoint that you’ve been that’s coming next week, as you are still behind on getting everything worked out. It’s saying, look, permit yourself to just chill and enjoy the time you have with your family.

The big thing was like don’t skip moments in your kid’s life. Because after work after official work hours activities, the lady there had a really powerful story of her own family or somebody else’s, like the dad and the kid was like, hey, let’s go on a Sunday drive. What a picnic. You know, that whole thing? And I’m like, Oh, I’m busy. I’m working to have fun. And then he died like, you know, two weeks later, so she regrets not going. And so she had called herself her kids were naked, cleaning the car in the front yard with her husband, Haynes, hey, once you come on, she said, I’m busy. And all of a sudden she thought about that story. I was like, dude, I’m not that busy. whatever I’m doing, can we see these kids, so she couldn’t just get out of the house fast enough at that point, the scope of things in perspective?

And I know it’s tough sometimes. Because we always have something that we want to do and, and learning that now having a seven-month-old and always do some of the podcasts. No more trying to get influencers, promote my books, or promote the podcast just takes that takes a lot of time and the easiest thing to do so I found myself procrastinating doing it sometimes or like, I’ll enjoy digital marketing, I enjoy graphic design. So spend time doing and I know somebody that had the most productive thing. As you can see, I got a new logo, trying that out for Minnesota so that especially if I wasn’t covered, probably do something like that. So always to go to be good at it. I gotta remember white space in my graphics. You know, sometimes I just clutter things up and then we go back to the drawing board or whatnot. So sometimes my wife reminds me just the web page ton of down too much going on. Thanks, babe.

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