Episode 52: Vet Based Cold Laser, No Heat, Profit Generator – Multi Radiance and John Mark Strong

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John Mark Strong talk to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Multi Radiance leader in no heat super pulsed Cold Laser for humans and animals. Learn Vet Patient home rental program, science, benefits vs class IV, marketing cold laser, why use a portable ACTIVet, ACTIVet PRO, MyPetLaser, stellar customer support and case studies.

I use Multi Radiance Cold Laser for years and am so impressed by it. It’s my privilege to have John Mark Strong discuss it but also with a new twist. He covers the Veterinary side of cold laser use and the handheld portable rental to patient capabilities of cold laser.

John Mark Strong is marine biology trained and has vast experience running startups. His passion for photobiostimulation aka cold laser started when his friend used it for a bad knee. He chalked it up as placebo effect at first but it peaked his interest to devour the research on this therapeutic cold laser idea.

Turns out lots of class IV lasers are turned down so they stop cutting with precision and the beam is spread out. The problem with class IV cold lasers, they aren’t that cold. They actually warm the tissue to the point of thermal damage if they aren’t moved around enough. Well he found Multi Radiance Technology that uses a different gallium that allows heat not to build up. Which means you can leave the device (cord or portable) in one place for even a full minute and heat will not build up in the tissue.

The technology is called Super Pulsed and because of the gallium as well as a few other things, the class 1 cold laser won’t have the heat buildup but will have greater depth of tissue penetration.
Photobiostimulation will amaze you and he discusses how it

• Speeds healing
• Reduces inflammation
• Animals or Humans
• Super Pulsed Technology
• Class IV vs the safer Class 1
• Drug Free
• Non-Invasive
• Faster Recovery
• Pain Reducing
• Over 4000 studies
• Scar Tissue Reduction

In 2010 he visited a couple Veterinarians in New York. He helped the carpal tunnel and Achilles tendon so they let them treat the horse. Animals don’t have placebo effect and the horse improved. This was the catalyst for their Official Cold Laser sponsorship of the World Equestrian Games.
www.youtube.com/vetlasertv 37+ videos he has made. The laser devices by Multi Radiance can be used in humans for knees, shoulder, necks and animals as small as little birds to elephants.
www.lasertherapyU.com for articles, videos, webinars about protocols and research.

ACTIVet / ACTIVet Pro / MyPet Cold Laser: Portable, Cord Less, Fits in Pocket, 50 Watts, No heat, No need to move it around.

Ernesto Ceaser Pinto Leal Jr, PhD has over 50 peer reviewed studies and he hails out of Nove Julho University in Brazil.

If you are wondering how the light can penetrate feathers and fur then listen to the episode to find out more. What’s the differences between Vet and Human Versions? What is an appropriate dose (dosimetry) of light energy (joules) for different conditions and are they validated by research?
Gate Pulsed laser vs SuperPulsed, is there a difference or is it just semantics. How does having 3 frequencies of light affect depth of tissue penetration?

Listen to find out about the newest program. The doctor buys the portable lasers. They rent them to the patient. The patient delivers the treatment to their pet at home for a week. THIS IS HUGE! The animals don’t get stressed out going to the vet, the vet makes passive income and again the owner and pet are happy because the arthritis for example actually improves. The Program comes with a complete marketing system too. www.multiradiance.com

Bonus: He hints at a new portable device for humans that is a breakthrough and might just be my next purchase.

He discusses marketing tips to convince the staff, yourself and patients that this red light is actually doing something. Minute 35 ish

What does nitric oxide have to do with laser, ATP, ADP and mitochondria for that matter?

Vets and Dentists are the top suicide rates among doctors and we discuss some of the reasons and ways to cope with the daily stress. Find a safe space and maybe try meditation.

Books: Karen Becker

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/52 here you can also find links to things mentioned.

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Justin Trosclair 0:02
Episode 50 to vet based cold laser nosy and profit generator via multi radio I’m your host Dr. Justin trust Claire and today we are john Mark Strong perspective.

Join 2017 podcast Awards Nominated host Dr. Justin cosplay as he gets a rare to see him look into the specialties of all types of doctors and guess plus marketing, travel tips, struggles, goals and relationship advice. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective. There you have it podcast listeners. Last week. Episode 51 was our last holiday spotlight series. This week we’re back to our regular scheduled program that a lot of good guests on the docket I hope everybody’s Christmas and New Year’s was fabulous. If you’re going to make some goals Now is the time thinking through and come April reevaluate them see where you are. Hey if you’re going to join a gym stick with it remember like the book says small steps to improve health exercise food choices and life right step by step well Today’s guest is john Mark Strong he’s with Multi Radiance cold laser company we haven’t had a lot of products on the show yet so I’m excited to have them now I personally do use this company and we’re going to talk a little bit about humans but mostly about animals veterinary how this can become a profit generator at home he’ll discuss the science you also talk about some of the marketing that they use and that we can use and how that’s have a program where they can send the patient home with a cold laser and use it for their patients for an intense week of treatment will talk about benefits of class for versus their super post overall enjoy the show by the way, if you know any small companies are big companies that are looking to advertise to a majority doctor chiropractic physical therapy crowd, send them my way. All the notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective. NET flash five to this go hashtag behind the curtain

live from Louisiana. Welcome back to the show. today. We have something we haven’t had yet a topic more about vets about veterinary medicine and a dual. It’s a product company, a product company that I actually have used personally my own clinic for humans, and they’ve actually created a great program and I’m so excited to hear about it. And have you guys learn more about it as well. So welcome to the so Jay Mark Strong.

Unknown 2:30
Good morning. Thank you very much. And I love Louisiana just like you do.

Justin Trosclair 2:34
Oh man. Well, then it’s definitely gonna be a good podcast. Oh,

Unknown 2:37

Justin Trosclair 2:39
So first, I just want to know, let people know a little bit about your background. And because you’re not actually a doctor, Dr. You. So give us a little bit about your background and how you got involved with Multi Radiance medical laser therapy. And then from there, we’ll jump right into all the good details about the vet the lasers and and all the things that I’m really curious to, and I’m sure you’re ready to talk about to

Unknown 3:02
Yeah, wonderful. I’ve always been one of those kids with fire in his pants. I was a kid asking questions. I couldn’t wait to start my own business. When I was eight years old. I was growing squash and pumpkins and push them around the neighborhood of a wheelbarrow. And then years later, I really became fascinated with medicine and finance. And I ended up developing and operating MRI centers. I did that for 10 years. I took the company public, I really enjoyed it. But managed care was taking all the fun out of it. And I was a little frustrated because we could find things you know, to. It’s an incredible diagnostic tool. But we couldn’t fix anything. So years later, with managed care. I sold my public company and then my son injured his knee, very badly required surgery. I knew great surgeons down in Naples, Florida. And then afterwards, he has a range of motion and pain issues. And the surgeon said, Well, you know, this was a pretty serious injury. It may never be perfect again, you might just have to get used to it. But my son was 25 years, much like me, that was totally unacceptable. He went out he found out about this, this laser therapy thing. And after four treatments, he called me up data. I’m all excited. I went out and played football and my knee felt great still the next morning, and I will send that’s probably a great example of the placebo effect. You wanted it to get better, it feels better, but will it last We’ll see. But it made me curious. And I started going online and seeing if there was some any, you know, there’s some really good studies that was used MRI words, a major investment and I applied the same sort of reasoning to it. And I found that yes, there are some good studies, Michael are Hamlin at the Wellman School of Medicine at Harvard has very good controlled studies, but also the mechanisms of action or understood we knew what was going on at the cellular level. And that was really encouraging. So I started calling the various vendors out there and of course, ran right into class for lasers. I was familiar with those for a blade of purposes they vaporize water and they’re very good for resetting tumors and all those great things but they were turning down to power levels and calling them therapeutic lasers. And something about that didn’t quite make sense to me because I only looked at them as something very shallow, precise and very good for cutting and vaporizing. Well come to find out there was a company out there that really stood out they had a little different semiconductor. They were using gallium arsenide as the semiconductor material instead of Delhi and aluminum arsenide. And that’s important simply because it allows you to use a very short pulse. So you’re getting a very high peak power, but very, very short pulse duration. So that eliminated any problems of burning Well, this was really good of NFL not to had a major presence in pro sports, chiropractic, physical therapy and really doing great things with it. But I thought, wow, they don’t have a veterinarian division and I’m not going back into managed care and human medical for loving her money. And I was talking to their director of operations and and I said, I’m sorry, but you don’t have a veterinarian presence. And that’s really where I want to go. I was in marine biology major. In college, I studied dolphins and sharks, I set up the coast Reagan Wildlife Foundation. So this was an opportunity to go back to my first love. Well, he said, Well, you know, we haven’t had somebody to show us it would be a good investment for the company, would you consider being that person to start that division? Well, being a startup guy all my life, they really had me hooked. So I said, Okay, great. I jumped in. And of course, the early bets were asking me how long we’ve been in the veterinary space. And I’d have to look at my watch,

Unknown 6:16
but it’s a beautiful technology because of the demonstration capability. I was showing vets with our own pain and it’s very hard to find a vet that doesn’t have pain, very hard to find vet techs and and other people into that practice. But I made a pivotal decision to go to Virginia to see one of the most prominent equine vets in the world and that was can Allen and canal and in gave you some time I drove up to Virginia was a cold March morning. I’ll never forget it. But the first thing he did on shaking my hand was to get his wrist and he said, carpal tunnel, always irritated. What can you do? And I had this flash in my mind thinking instantly, it’s going to be a long drive back to Naples. If I don’t get an effect I need as a result, I need to do it right now. So I’m working on his wrist for about two minutes. And then it kind of smiled a little bit. He said, Mark, that really does feel better. And then his partner said, my Achilles tendon, oh, it’s a cold warnings really stiff and sore. And I said, Great. Let’s try it. So I said, I’ll just put it right here against your Achilles tendon. And then she started moving it. I said, No, no, it’s okay. This is not a class for you don’t have to worry about heat. There’s no thermal overloading of the tissues. You can hold it in one spot. So she kind of looked at me weird, but tried it and held it still. And I said, Do you feel any pain, any blinding Syrian heat? And she said, No, it just, it feels kind of good. Well, long story short, it worked beautifully. For her healed Dr. tan tan Alan said, y’all can you can work on my horse horse had trigger points, those resolve beautifully. And then he said, okay, you need to talk to me, me Porter. She’s going to be the therapy director for the world Equestrian Games. Now, this was back in 2010. And when he said that I got really excited. And he said, Now you go support that therapy team. It’ll be about 10 PTs and equine physiotherapist. And you’ll be the official laser of the world Equestrian Games. Or, well, Ben 50 grand and being sponsor, so I’ll be there. I’ll be there when we’re done until dark with these incredible people. And we had a phenomenal experience. So this was 74 different countries were in and out of Barnes with all these different countries and injuries and muscle tears and muscle strains and trigger points and all these different things. But at the end of it, I asked me me Porter with can Alan over at the vet hospital they’d set up Okay, guys, what do you think I’d like to get a video of you. And you just tell me what you think of the performance over this past period of time with Donna till dark and all these horses? Well, they gave me a fantastic testimonial. That video is still available on vet laser TV, that’s my channel on YouTube. Anybody can go see it. I think there’s about 37 different videos now because that was our launch. But it really took off after that, because we developed a cordless version of this super pulse laser. And that was really what veterinarian needed because, you know, these equine vets are on the move all the time they’re running around out Barnes a drive over 100 miles a day is very typical. So the idea that this could be cordless and safe and so small, that could put it in their pocket, this was radical for them, and they were getting incredible results. So case studies are great and stories are wonderful. We all have a good anecdote but I said to the company to really compete, we’re going to have to have the gold standard of studies we’re gonna have to peer reviewed research that’s published in the most respected journals because that’s how we’re really going to get the attention of these top schools these top clinicians whether it’s an equine world is companion animal and Multi Radiance back to me on that and I’m always going to be grateful because they took that chance and spent that money and found one of the top key people in the world His name is Ernesto Cesar layout Jr. And he’s a PhD, then I Brazil. And for some reason, the Normal University in Brazil really got on board with bio photonic therapy laser therapy many, many years ago and turned it into a world class research facility. And Dr. Leon as over 50 peer reviewed studies. To his credit, he’s one of the most prominent researchers in the world. He’s a brilliant guy. And he has PhD students helping them in this research. So now we have a collection of peer reviewed practice proven studies and clinicians who are loving what our lasers can do. So we have this pro version that was 50 watts, which is an incredible amount of power. But again, because it’s super post, we don’t worry about overloading the tissues. No thermal overloading, we can use this on a parakeet and that was used on baby birds with a broken wing and a baby alligator all the way up to elephants at one of my favorite places in the world. Elephant Nature Park outside Chiang Mai, Thailand where they have three of our lasers and using daily. So that’s kind of the overview of where we are, I don’t want to dominate this whole thing. But I’ve been very excited about this since day one, because we get great results and we do it safely.

Justin Trosclair 10:46
So okay, obviously, I’m a chiropractor and work on humans. I understand that were you using the target sweet technology plugin version when you went to the restaurant place? Or did you already have the portable Mr. fours

Unknown 10:58
there, you know, the stem is it wonderful technology, and it’s great and targeted dose is a wonderful thing as well. But my clients, patients, my practitioners, patients have a lot of hair or Yeah, or feathers. And so it’s a bit problematic. Now I have beds out there that are using laser stem and love it. But there is an issue when you’re trying to do the unwind to protocol, which is all up and down the spine. When you’re working on a Newfoundland or a horse in the wintertime that hasn’t been shaved, or a bird with a whole lot of feathers, or a penguins when we work on Bumble foot issues with their feet, it’s problematic. So we use those probes those acupuncture point trigger probes, and that’s a wave guide for us. And now I can spread the fruit with my fingers and get the tip of that probe right there against the skin. And now we’re getting great results with the added benefit that until recently I can’t let any cats out of the bag so to speak. But until recently lasers Tim has been accorded technology. Yeah, that’s all I can say about that. So we’re not using lasers and so much bigger we get great results with a cordless versions. And that’s the act of it. The active at Pro, the new my pet laser for the rentals market, which we can talk more about in a minute. Yeah, cordless was a big deal for us laser standard. If we’re dealing with just shortcuts, that would be perfect.

Justin Trosclair 12:15
I know there’s the I believe is the Mr. For versus the the mo for vit. I don’t know all the product names. But definitely one’s definitely for humans vs animals. Are the animals and humans the same wanted like 25 watts, are they both at the 51 like go through that a little bit with me?

Unknown 12:30
Well, you know, this is the fun part about it. Because the bottom line is that mitochondria is mitochondria. The tissues are tissues, there’s not a big difference between our mitochondria and the birds or a primates, or a dog or a cat. However, we do make veterinarian only use versions. But if you take our active, which you’re familiar with, which is the cordless version, which is 25 watts versus the act of it, which is 25 watts, the major change was one thing, there was a full power versus half power setting on the action. And what I needed really were timers I could I needed two minutes, five minutes and 10 minutes, because we were operating at full power all the time, and not worrying about the thermal issues, right. So it’s a full power put timers on. And that’s the fundamental difference between the two. But each of our lasers is labeled for human or veterinary use, because of course, we want to be in full compliance with FDA and we follow the rules,

Justin Trosclair 13:22
right? Well, I’m curious, then, what’s the date, what’s the point of having a timer, just so that, you know, two minutes is up for this spot on the horse,

Unknown 13:29
make it simple for clinicians are busy. And now because our laser so so safe, that vet can hand it to a tech or a nurse, or in the case of the rental laser, hand it to a client and get the consistency of treatments. But if it’s a two minute issue, or a five minute issue, or a 10 minute issue, it makes it dirt simple to set that timer handed off to somebody. And then when that thing turns off, you’re done. So simplicity really works well. Because remember, we’re also talking about very defined Yosemite parameters, we know how long we want to continue, you’re putting that energy into that tissue. And so the two five and 10 minute minute timers work great for that.

Justin Trosclair 14:05
And when if someone’s looking to you know, they’re looking at the lasers we’ve kind of already hit around the bush those a lot of the class for the heat up the tissue, if you don’t move it, you can actually damaged tissue because it’s pulsing you use the different got gadolinium

not to get warm. And then each spot you have to learn whether you and humans are animals that there’s training involved to tell you look, you need to have this much Joel’s to get a an effective dose. Which means with this, if you buy this one best 30 seconds. If you buy this one, it’s less powerful. So you need to do it longer. There’s training all involved with this, right?

Unknown 14:39
Yes. And something that I fervently believe in and the company back me from the beginning is that our success will be defined by our customer service. So when you buy the act of it, or the act of that Pro, you get unlimited tech support. Oh, unlimited. And those are words until the vet sends me a text or an email or a phone call, get a quick response back. Typically, no matter where I might be in the world, because I travel all the time, they’re going to get an answer back, typically within 24 hours. And oftentimes it blows their mind because I’m back to them within minutes. Because when I have a vet, for example, called me up at 1130 at night on a Saturday and said, Mark, I can’t believe it’s you answering the phone, I said, well, that’s part of the territory. And so we’ll have a horse it just fell over backwards. And it’s a very traumatic situation. And I just wanted to check with you on the protocol. Because this is really big deal. This horse is really out of its mind. And that’s great. Glad you called here’s the protocol to use you. So Mark that that can thank you very much. So all the best have that similar reaction, they love real good tech support, not an accident that they’re having a difficult time understanding and that somebody really doesn’t know, they’ve got to step it up to a second tier, third tier, but they get immediate support. And so that customer services paramount to us and whatever, that’s fine. But that’s the reality. They’re very impressed because we back it up.

Justin Trosclair 15:52
And that was one thing that I noticed, too, is something that you can’t have it too simple because there’s different protocols and there’s different, you know, programs and like in the book in the more expensive plugin versions. I don’t the more expensive but they definitely have more settings. It seems like you got to know what, what to us because there’s too many settings you like, All right, I’m confused. What do I do with a basic ankle sprain or confusion on the hamstring? And what do I do and you got you guys did help us walk us through and full disclosure, I’m not I am biased, cuz I like this company a lot. That’s why I invited him on versus any other laser company at the moment. And one thing that I actually did this is going to bridge right into what you were talking about is I had a patient and she said, hey, my, my dogs having some issues. And I’m like, Well, look, I’m not a bit I really can’t do anything for you. But uh, this the version I had the portable portable one I like you see me do it on your knee is really is this simple. You just go put it on your dog’s knee. And here’s, you know, here’s here’s the timer every 30 seconds to a minute changes the spot do that for about 10 minutes bringing back in and you know, you did a self guided treatment right there. Now you’re actually have a program that takes what I just said. But it brings it to the next level. So if you don’t mind, how does that work in Nick, doctors were looking for profit center, sometimes this no magic bullet. But sometimes there’s ways to make money and ethically and to make more money and you just didn’t know that there was that was an option, you know, does these are what is what is that you guys have?

Unknown 17:09
Yeah, these are very important issues, because the proper dose is really an important deal. And that’s why one of our studies was to validate the dose symmetry. So then we developed something called a priority principle. And this really pulled it together for clinicians. Because as you know, there are hundreds of different ways a patient can present with a wide variety of different systems. What do you treat, first, what do you treat next? What do you treat after that? How much those What are we dealing with in terms of symptoms. So we broke this down into things like the swelling, or the inflammation, or the pain or the tissue repair the range of motion or functional strength, and we when we broke it down that way. And of course, I can’t give you all my secret sauce, it’s in our brother manuals. But we came up with a way of looking at the tissues. And what we were facing in terms of Do we have swelling is it is a blood edema, different kind of swelling, is it tissue fluid, interstitial fluid, we’ll deal with that differently, we can use the lymphatic system to our benefit. So we have the contact technique, which are very familiar with holding the laser in one spot. And so many times when a clinician has used a class for laser, it’s very hard for him to just hold it still in one spot, or to just move it very slowly. Because we recommend one centimeter per second, we want that energy to really soak into those tissues. So if we’re dealing with swelling, we want to get that swelling down fast. And then we’re going to work on pain and inflammation. And, you know, we want to inhibit, we use these higher frequencies to inhibit the pain and make it go away. Because that’s what people really appreciate, of course, animals too. And the beautiful thing about animals, there’s no placebo effect. So it’s either black or white either works, or it doesn’t. And that’s, that’s beautiful. So when you see this animal get very nice and calm, his eyes brightness, tail starts to wag. These are systemic responses with endorphins that are unmistakable. can’t fake it, right. It’s so animals are great in that regard. But understanding whether you want to stimulate with inflammation because you want to move that congested blood out of those tissues. Out of those micro capillaries, there are specific frequencies and wavelengths to address those issues. We’ve spent all this money to understand these mechanisms of action, so that we can tell you as the clinician, this is what you treat first, next, next. Next, this is where you want to use an inhibitory dose. This is where you want to use a stimulatory dose. And these are the steps and the priority in which you use them, which starts to make it very simple. Once our clinicians get the priority principal, it doesn’t matter what walks in the door, they simply break it down to the systems being presented. And then the protocol with a wavelength and the frequency to properly deliver the dose, whether it’s to deliver it slowly, in the case of wound healing, or to deliver it very fast in case of spasmodic pain or a trigger point, actually let those relaxed and so that you get more blood flow in there. So we developed very specific ways of teaching our clinicians. And then they come back to us after a couple of weeks, because I always tell them look, best thing to do is jump in the game, you’re not going to hurt anybody with it, just get in there and start treating somebody in your practice has a problem with with repetitive motion syndrome, they’ve got an ankle and the hip and neck, if you’ve been married for a long time, you probably have a pain in the neck, you probably have a pain somewhere, and we can address it wherever it is. So once they jump in the game, and they start using it, because they realize that cannot do any harm. Now, they start to acquire that confidence, which is so important for you as a clinician to know you’re going to get results because you’ve listened to us, we’ve been part of that information to you, and you’re going to put it to us into getting the results yourself. And that’s what really makes this thing take off. And then you start telling your friends we get referrals. So we realized that having the right protocols, understanding those symmetry, understanding that the wavelengths and the frequencies are very important relationship together. Once we’ve passed that knowledge to you, and you use it, you become a very happy clinician,

Justin Trosclair 20:48
you’ll have he said something about protocols or the webinar based or they just they’re printed up to where you just take a weekend kind of read through it. And then you come got a really good familiar idea. And you can play with the buttons,

Unknown 21:00
you know, themselves aren’t very complicated. It’s really all of the above. Because people typically break it into two categories, those that like, manuals, the analytical type, those that are the experiential, they want to see it, some of my colleagues, they’ll read every page of that manual. And you can come back and recite it to me, which is great. Others, I have to ask them, what did you find a chess open that manual. So we made a quick reference guide in there. So that even if you’re not a manual person, if you just go to the quick reference guide, which we take everybody to and we said, copy this laminated, put it wherever the laser might be used, especially take it with you, when you’re using one of our portable lasers. Now you’ve got the essential information where each setting, you know what that wavelength is for that what that frequency is for that. So it makes it easy for you. But the experiential type wants to talk to me on the phone, which is great. They want to look at one of our webinars, which is great, you know, we have laser therapy university with all this different research and all these different case studies and protocols and the experiences of different vets and human clinicians. So that’s a great information resource with laser therapy. You then, of course, we have monthly webinars, and we have really talented great clinicians like Dr. Chris caraway. I’m sure you know his name, he’s done a bunch of webinars for us. And Doug Johnson, our senior VP for scientific affairs, and clinical and he’s great, and john Bruno, he’s a fantastic guy working with pro sports teams on the military and getting results because he understands the mechanism so well, and can guide other people how to do that. So my my customers know, they can hit me with a text and email, a phone, call the webinars any way they want to learn it, we back them up and get the information in their hands.

Justin Trosclair 22:36
You guys are actually in lot of college teams, a lot of football teams, hockey teams, basketball teams, and then I’ll just put anything out there, I don’t think

Unknown 22:44
Well, we’re displacing a lot of class fours, because of course, they’ve been in the game longer and have a lot of money to market with. But when it makes when we get a sports him, this is what john Bruno is especially adept at, when he gets a hold of that physical therapist. He says, Let’s do a side by side comparison, or just put our laser to work. And let me show you exactly how to use it. And when they put it to work for a week or two weeks, or maybe a month, and they start seeing that they’re getting a much better outcome with no hazard risk. And remember, the authorities are cracking down. It used to be these three B’s and class for lasers could be used at events, veterinary conferences, chiropractic conferences, and they’re cracking down on that saying you have a disclosure form, then you have to disclose the class that you’re using. So public venue events, particularly for us in the horse world or for you. As a chiropractor, I have chiropractors working at at hockey games and soccer fields. Anytime there’s a public venue that’s no place for a 3d or a class for to the US because it poses a threat to the public. And so they’re now doing a better job of protecting the public. But that also puts us in a very enviable position because our lasers are so safe equivalent to over the counter as a class one, they can be taken anywhere. So the FBI judges for the international competitions in the horse world, the hot games, soccer games, you’re starting to see our lasers pop up more and more because they’re safe and they’re okay for you. Same day

Justin Trosclair 24:07
you’d mentioned because all the hair I mean for humans that like make sure your skin on skin but what the horse is always this hair there’s a bird of it yesterday there’s feathers I don’t even know how you do an alligator their skins pretty thick. But so it is it is that powerful to where it just it’ll penetrate that strong in that deep. And then like you said they have the the probes to push out the hair.

Unknown 24:25
One of course is using the pros are four different probes. And the one that I really like for this kind of an application is a thick, longer probe. It’s about four inches long. And it’s about a half inch in diameter. And it has announced rounded, rounded tip on it. Yeah, so with that, and of course, all of our portable lasers are threaded, so it just screws right down to the face of it. So that the energy is coming through that probe as a wave guy taking that energy out to the tip of that probe. So I can very easily spread the floor with my fingers and put the tip of that probe right down against the skin. And that’ll work with feathers. And I can do it well, even on a pen good with these very coarse rough, thick feathers that have an oil base to protect them from, you know, their thermal, they’ve been protected for losing all their body heat. So with that probe, I can get great results and then the fact that we’re able to hold it in one place and then the other big factor is pigmentation with darkly pigmented skin there have been lots of studies where they study participants as the humans will say hey well well stop I got opt out that is getting too hot for me I can’t take that so if you haven’t really dark pigmentation of course that he just being absorbed and it gets hot fast. So when you’re working on a dog with a darkly pigmented Of course, your your white horses have varying levels of great pigmentation in their skin. It’s very important that you’re not generating heat in that college. Because, well, a lot of bad things can happen. A horse can kick you in your career right there. Yeah, I don’t want a big 350 pound lineman look at me and said, I thought I told you to stop that hurts. I don’t want have those consequences. So when you’re using a super post laser, all that goes away because there’s no heat, okay, billions of second duration pulses equates to no heat, no thermal build up, no discomfort, and much more energy getting through the college and into the deeper tissues. So these are tremendous advantages. We have a super posting over any class for or any continuous being laser for that matter. Now, one last point, I want to make sure we know our competition copy this in a way because they started using a gate to post their laser. So now they are laser post. It’s again, it’s you know, all they did was a decrease the duty cycle by half. It’s on half the time. It’s off half the time. But the physicists who’ve looked at this because they studied the world of the possible not just the promised they looked at this and declared pulsing conventional pulsing. Yeah, that makes no difference whatsoever. It’s the super policy, which is giving you a high peak power pose up to 50 watts with our pro laser, but such a short duration no heat.

Justin Trosclair 26:50
Oh, so because I thought the you said that the manual gating that they do, it’s still hit you up. I didn’t realize that. But also I thought it just wasn’t as effective. Because that’s off so often.

Unknown 27:01
Well, that’s it, you’re still getting the heat. They’re calling it pulsing, which is fine. Or you can you can visibly see it policy. But it’s like, it’s a no effect. So what right, you’re still getting the heat because it’s a continuous beam. The pulsing makes no difference if you look at it from a physics point of view. So what is the game matters? What are the game absolutely matter? Boom. Yeah, exactly.

Justin Trosclair 27:21
And if anybody’s listening, because if you’re interested in the lasers, you’re definitely listen to this. So hopefully, you’ve realized the major selling points is the no heat. That’s a big, big selling point. And that’s one of the reasons why I got it was because I didn’t want to have to risk blind in myself, or given it to a staff member. And they got carried away talking and forgot to move it. And that’s why I’m liable for an issue. So because of that, it’s safe, you can train just about anybody to do it. Now, you guys have a program where the doctor buys a couple of different units, and they’re able to rent them to the patients for their own use at home. What’s that about? That’s right,

Unknown 27:52
and just want to go back and emphasize one very important point to not only is it not going to overload the tissue, but because we have this very specific combination of wavelengths, there, three very synergistic wavelengths. And we did a comparative pillars paper, which is a compendium of all this peer reviewed research. And this looked at the effect of using these three synergistic wavelengths versus a continuous beam, and how much energy was actually getting through the skin. So you have a class three be a class for and then our class one, and how much energy is getting through the college. And the results were very clear 43% of that energy is getting through the college and with ours, and about 20% with a 3d and about two and a half percent with a class for so not only is it safe, but we’re getting much more energy through the skin. And really, we can’t talk about deep tissue benefits unless you can talk about photonic density into the deeper tissues. And that’s what we proved with that research not only saved but much more energy and those muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and so on. So now you have something that’s safe and very effective. And now, okay, what about power levels? Well, the my pet laser was are you unit that we designed specifically for the home use market, 15 watts, not as much power, it doesn’t have the blue wavelength which is so effective for infection, that’s actually our fourth wavelength. Okay. But for home use, the most prevalent demographic of conditions is of course, arthritis, osteoarthritis, older dogs, older cats, they’re going to get it and then they’re going to be in a lot of pain. And you could use drugs and they have side effects, you’re gonna have kidney issues, and liver issues. But laser has no side effects. So here is something that is safe enough for you as a clinician, that you can hand it off to a tech, the tech can show the client, the client can take it home. Now that dog gets the full series of treatments, because if it’s chronic arthritis, it’s going to need a series of treatments, we want to do that painting want to reduce that inflammation, we want to do the tissue repair all these great things. But if they can take it home now, they’re not canceling that appointment because something came up life interrupted, and they didn’t miss the third to fifth or seventh treatment and really didn’t get a good outcome. They take it home can dealers treatments on a daily basis, or twice daily basis, whatever their vet prescribes for them, but that lasers now at home, or they can use it as much as they’d like, and get a fantastic result. And I don’t know if you’ve ever seen cats, going to the vets on YouTube. It’s kind of funny. And then it’s kind of tragic because these cats are stressed out of their minds. Any that practice will tell you that that kept coming out of that carrier is typically ready to kill somebody, they’ve got to rub on those shoulder length gloves, and they got to get the blanket out because that cat is freaking out. Big time cycle cat they call them that doesn’t have to happen. Now you can practice a much more compassionate brand veterinary care by letting your customer take these home and get a much better outcome. So cats have very few pain meds and they have side effects. I just had a vet Tell me central veterinary associates up in Valley Stream, New York and Dr. defeats. And Dr. Charles became huge believers in that program. Because they tested it, they put 15 of those lasers to work I’m sorry, 14 weeks at 18 total 14 of our my pet lasers to work out there with our clients. I just did it in a word of mouth basis. But it was a huge success over 90%. So they were getting at least as good if not a better result than they had with a class for previously, this was charging $295 a week. But it’s for unlimited use. So the clients are saying, well, this is fantastic, I don’t have to stress out my dog or my cat and use it at home. This was a huge success. So now you have this wonderful rental program, that’s a win for your patient, they get better faster for all the different conditions. You know, it’s for wound healing, it’s for pain management, it’s for inflammation, so your post ops get a much better outcome. So it’s a win for the patient, which is so important. But it’s also win for the pet owner, because it’s so much more convenient for them. And it’s a huge win for the practitioner because they’ve never opened up a whole new field of passive income, which they need because vets are losing so much money to the Internet, and regulations and, and, and employee turnover. And the practice partner said, I’m going to be with you forever. And then she goes down the street and opens up her own practice. And that breaks your heart because you’ve invested years in her all these ways that vets are suffering financially, we can help them big time with this new passive income. And now we’re one practice has 14 lasers out in the rental program, they’re looking to take it up to 20 rented out per month, all the time you as a practitioner, because, okay, let me try one of these things, right. And when you do, you’re going to get my flash drive with all the elements, you need to put this into practice. Because again, that’s don’t have much marketing training. It’s unfortunate, but you’re out there trying to run a business. So you really need to know something about marketing. All the elements are there, your press release to introduce it to your clients, the rental pro form to the template to capture their credit card, the protocol template, the poster to put up your waiting room in your exam room videos to put up on your TV, every element, you need to introduce this to your client base. Maybe you don’t have 28,000 clients like central veterinary associate to New York would you probably have at least 2000. And if you assume that only 10% of those already responsible people that’s still 200 people and have those 200 the majority probably have a condition that will absolutely be benefited by laser therapy. And if they can run it and take it home, everybody wins. So you’re starting to feel it and sort of my vets, they’re starting to really love this.

Justin Trosclair 33:16
So you can see you guys have a general range of the price that’s most people can either afford or see the value in to budget for that week. And then a treatment time for the pet owner is like between 10 and 20 minutes a day, Tom, you

Unknown 33:29
can set whatever price you want to because you as the vet do that we do not rent lasers out as Multi Radiance medical, we sell those lasers to you as the clinician and you rent them out to your clients. So you have you set the price, you may be in a rural area somewhere where they you know, they can’t charge as much. Maybe it’s only $100 a week. But it’s still unlimited use, right. And that still gives you a very good payback.

Justin Trosclair 33:50
So the ruble or these things if they drop,

Unknown 33:52
oh, they’re very good. We have a silicone sleep on them. And again, we want to only put this in the hands of responsible people. But if they’re even moderately, be responsible, and treat this as the medical device that it is, the silicone sleeve is great to protect it. And it’s lightweight, it’s very durable. I have hundreds, probably thousands of these out in the field now that are out there for over five years. And maybe they need a battery replacement. But most of them don’t. Maybe they need a power supply. Because it’s electronic. Something might fail. At some point. We have a full service facility at our headquarters in Ohio, they turned things around typically in 48 hours or less, because that’s part of our customer support. Once you get hooked on using the singing, singing the results. You don’t want to be without it. I mean, I’ve had bets give me a little panic in their voice. I have to send this in. But But what am I going to do? And I say, okay, don’t worry, we’re going to get this thing in. And if we really fast and say okay, and then there’s still impressive when they get it back. I see a tracking number within 48 hours. They know the getting it back. So they feel really good about that course. Many vets are now buying several of these for the practice and 10 or more to rent out. Dr. Jessica Reichel Karen Colorado has 10 of these that chemo rented out all the time they love it they have a rehab practice and an emergency practice so this is very big in rehabbing cruciate injuries dinner degenerative joint disease very big issues there were laser is fundamentally helpful and again, with no side effects. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 35:12
and I gotta say I had an electrical issue one time that fried out the charger my tea que solo I was like, ooh, so I sent I sent it over and they looked at me like Dude, the middle unfortunately I didn’t say dude, but yeah, all the all the when you look into the light, you know, the word LEDs and the laser stuff, it’s just like, Okay, I guess these little bumps in the microprocessor on the motherboard that’s what’s doing stuff but they were just like something in their broke and that wasn’t you know, they’re like, you really shouldn’t use this anymore so they were like look, this is what we can do for you. So they had great customer service and helping me to replace it anyway so that’s what I like this I like the company they really treated me good whenever I had an issue with the machine that’s just that’s a good thing the following

Unknown 35:55
up on that theme I just had a situation with our Australian distributor and one of their customers fact one of their their best reps and his first customer for the Acrobat Pro plugged in a plug adapter, right. Yeah, our lasers automatically adjust their voltage, but we have to put on a plug adapter for the various different plug configurations around the world. Well, they plug in the adapter, they plugged it into the wall, and boom, a big bunch of sparks and a big flashlight, and they go oh, not what happened here? Yeah, well, the laser was okay. But the charger, the charger was fried. Yo, you know, great that the laser wasn’t not impacted. But now they need a new charger. So we just turned in an RMA, we send them a new charges and we just take care of it. But the fact that we get these returned merchandise authorizations granted so quickly, because Kevin glad he is in our tech department. He’s fantastic at doing this, that puts the click the clinicians mind at ease. Because they know if they get a problem which can happen as good as we are, that can happen, they will be taken care of pick your

Justin Trosclair 36:50
brain a little bit on the business side. As far as marketing goes, whether it’s your company, or the vet, the vets own practice, what are some ways that we can market that we’re doing laser, you’re going to get results because you don’t really feel anything, it just looks like a red flashing light. And it can be a little underwhelming until you actually see the results. Is there a nice way to promote this to your own clinic.

Unknown 37:13
You know, you’re you’re really touching on one of the biggest issues of all, and it was one of my big frustrations until recently because vets would get the laser and a percentage of them would go back to the practice and and maybe try it or maybe hand it to a tech and say here, read the manuals, figure this out and put their practices so busy. Maybe they didn’t have the time. But most importantly, the vet doesn’t operate from a marketing perspective in the fundamentals that they need to do. And one of those is of course, to get buy in, in your practice. And the best way to get buy in, in your practice, of course, is to call a quick meeting together and say, okay, who’s got pain? Okay, Susie, you’ve got painting your ankle, Barbara, you’ve got a pain in your neck and and and Joelle and I know your elbow is killing you. So take this laser, here’s the book, here’s how to use it. Or they might call me up and asked me to do a Skype session with their practice. And I’m happy to do a video Skype live training session. With a practice I’ve done that dozens and dozens of times so that they get in the game and start using it. Now once they have that most vet practices have a check and somebody brings our animal into keep it there, they’ve got a dog, they’ve got a cat oftentimes it’s a rescue dog, they will have conditions that we can address. So they start using it on those animals. And then they said well, okay, hey, the dog coming in today we know is a really bad arthritis case. Let’s try it on that. And then they try my own wind protocol which you were to start up at the base of the skull and you go in a looping pattern right over the nerve roots slowly scanning with a frequency for inhibition inhibition for pain and then all of a sudden they see that animal start to relax cat or a dog it just visibly that’s wow I’m chillin feels really good. Whatever you’re doing, don’t stop. And so compliance they see as not an issue at all. Not like a class for laser where maybe you have to get out to squirt bottle. But you definitely have to go in a room with blacked out windows and put up warning signs and have alarm systems and goggles. They call them toggles that everybody has to wear goggles in the room because the classwork can be dangerous. Well, right, all that stuff goes away. So the event was telling me the setup time is is instant, they hand me the laser, and I’m ready to go. I don’t have to worry about any of that other stuff. Now beyond that we tell let your let your client base know, here’s a press release, put in your logo, and fill in the blanks. And here’s your press release ready to go. And you don’t have to mail it, you can email it, it’s free. So most customers face. That’s right. So you as a chiropractor, and MD veterinarian, you’ve got your your patients now set up on emails, you send out an email with our press release. And I have videos links that you can send in photos you can send. But I said most importantly, your texts all have smartphones now get that smartphone out of the pocket. And when you have a horrible wound come in, which so often happens get that before shot after shot or nice, but they’re not nearly as compelling as the before shot, right. So that nasty will get an image and then track the time it takes to heal it up beautifully. And if it starts working is get a quick little video of that cat or that dog feeling so much more comfortable. When I was the Dr. Charles and Dr. Defeat practice two weeks ago, they had adoption and that docs and had had surgery for disk issues. And it was very stiff. It hadn’t had a laser treatment in several months. And so they did just the laser therapy trimming while I was there. And the owners with as a husband and wife, they had this dog Giovanni for years. I love that dog so much. And after the laser treatment, they put the dog down on the floor. And he takes off. He’s traveling around. He’s going here. He’s going there. It took down the floor. And they said that’s a great sign. He does that when he’s more comfortable. And and Giovanni is now a happy dog. Well, that video means so much to people who care and have to have this compassion for this unconditional love to get from animal. And so they want to do things for that animal. I’ve had people buyer lasers for their animal they’ve never buy for themselves. And the truth is that everybody’s bought the laser for that animal probably typically ends up using it on themselves, which is great also. So the press release the posters put up on their exam room, word of mouth to buy in from your staff, bring in those patients and maybe do a free laser day, which is so easy to do. And you put out an email that says sign up for free laser, they will only have so many slots available, calling quickly. And now we’re going to introduce our laser therapy to you and then show you some videos. And all of a sudden, people say, Wow, this is great. I’ve been hearing about laser, but I didn’t know you had it. And so the best practice this is something to make them feel better. Because they may know that so and so down the street has already put laser therapy. And they better compete with that. And by having against themselves, they won’t take a chance of losing patients to a different practice. So all these marketing elements, I put them on a flash drive, I can show you on the screen what this looks like multi rating and so on one side and it’s our rent my pet laser program and the other there’s a fold out USB plug on that you just plug that into your computer. It’s got all the details right there exactly what to do. Now that helps

Unknown 41:53
a much bigger audience event to get in the game with a marketing tips that they need. And then I’m available as well as on a consulting basis. come right out to your practice, do a full blown in service and get you launched in a two day period. Because it’s so important to put these rental lasers in the hands of your clients and get better care delivered to the patients. Because so many of them would benefit if they just had consistency of treatments. We’ve solved that problem.

Justin Trosclair 42:17
Yeah, you happen to see any in the laser business right now, any fads, our marketing gimmick wordings, things that we should avoid? Or at least the way they worded the way the market that you’re like, Ah, that doesn’t sound quite it sounds good. But in reality, it doesn’t actually mean the darn thing. How do we decide for these things? Yeah,

Unknown 42:35
you know, it’s funny, because we, we talked about when I mentioned of the gadget closet to event, they’re holding their closet of shame. It’s all the stuff they bought over the years on impulse, they take it back, they don’t properly introduce it. Or maybe it doesn’t work. And it ends up in a closet, you know, and I said, Now this is one of those things that I’m going to make sure that you learn how to use this and you’ll learn how to market this because this should never end up in that closet. Because the only way it will is if you don’t tell anybody and show anybody what it can do. But one of the biggest I can now kind of call it a fad but it’s really a fallacy is that you need lots of power to get good results simply not true because after all them you know from a common sense perspective how could just power be the issue if that were true? And all you have to have is more power why in the heck do we have to wait so long at Thanksgiving to dig into that Turkey Why don’t we just crank it up to 500 degrees and have it done in an hour well because it’ll burn on the outside because it will be wrong on the inside because they won’t turn out well so obviously if you’re putting too much energy in your heating up the skin and your patient your cat or your dog is very uncomfortable and some of these videos that they’ve managed to take off now show one class for comebacks literally spraying the dog with water. And it’s there on on screen panting because it’s hot and it’s uncomfortable. So fad fallacy misnomer myth all of that applies when you’re a company is calling more power. The only answer they were trying to criticize ours as well look at the ridiculous average output power that’s 100 milliwatts. Look at That’s crazy. Well actually that’s what photo bio modulation yes it’s defined as photochemical and photo physical effects it’s never been been about photo thermal photo thermals never been part of what laser therapy is all about. So they turned down these class for companies they often but sometimes they will just turn down the power well wait a minute, wait a minute, if I’m going to pay twice as much as multi ratings lasers, but I have to turn it down that makes no sense to me. And the studies are showing that all this heat in the skin that doesn’t make any sense either and especially for wounds low and slow is best turned out to be very true so yeah, we’re Myth Busters we defeat the fallacies we offer people an opportunity to download our vet pillars paper which debunk these myths and shows them very simply, we took a class for laser study done independently by a prominent researcher a PhD we took a 3d study by another prominent company s ri be was a good researcher and looked at that we compared to ours, an independent study done by Dr. Leo. And then we looked at how much energy got through the collagen and it’s dramatic the difference between it because once eating up the skin a whole lot once heating up the skin a little and once he didn’t get the skin negligee be like next to none. And of course with a synergistic wavelengths are getting all that energy now through the skin to a much greater degree, getting much better outcomes. So yeah, a lot of our businesses, educating people some truth, talk some intervention and say, look at the research. We’ve got peer reviewed research here, and then look at the outcomes. So whether you’re an analytical or an experiential, we’ve got stuff for you, to help you understand why this laser is really the one you want, you can save a bunch of money and get much better results.

Justin Trosclair 45:41
Yeah, that’s, that’s one thing that always impressed me was it goes deeper, if you don’t have it as strong like you get like a lower powered versus the full string that you guys offer. That just means you have to spend more time in the area to get the same amount of treatment effects. I would think these that’s how I gathered it. And then it goes deeper and it captures the different tissues that you want the is going to absorb a lot of it so it’s going to go downstream you know you’re going to you can focus on the nerves you can do all these things and hit the three main spot I think that you need like getting rid information the pain the Bloods going to kind of go the nerves that that that it supplies to is going to pick up some of this energy and you just get healing on all three levels. And I looked at it at

Unknown 46:19
the professionals in your audience or the or the people who are curious about you know, what exactly is going on here? Well, let me explain some of the mechanisms of actions. These are so important is this all public knowledge when you have an inflammatory condition, what we’re doing at the cellular level is we’re photo dissociating nitric oxide or floater descent into we’re putting back into the blood and we’re suspending it for a period of time so that nitric oxide is in the blood. Now, most people understand nitric oxide as a bass will dilate, because that’s what it does. And they said, Well, wait, it’s not what the Bible is all about. We go. Yep, exactly nitric oxide vassal dilation. And so when you violate those capillaries, you’re allowing the blood to move through more easily. And that’s going to reduce that congestion of blood push through that inflammatory phase, which is a wonderful thing. If you’re inhibiting the transmission of signal along the African nerve fiber from the gnosis sector to the brain. And you’re interfering with a transmission of signal, guess what if the pain signal doesn’t get to the brain, you’re happy because you’re not feeling the pain, right? So now, if you’re stimulating the mitochondria, these wonderful energy factories in ourselves and that light energy those photons are striking a chromophores and being converted from light energy to chemical energy similar to photosynthesis, where lead energy is converted the chlorophyll Well, that’s the lead energies can be converted into ATP. And as everybody remembers from their high school biology, that’s adenosine triphosphate. This is the cellular energy to create new healthy cells, which will then proliferate, where they’re needed to create tissue repair. And it’s very important with collagen fibers that you don’t just form a massive collagen and we call it proud flesh in the horse world, but you want those fibers to be nicely aligned and preserve their tensile strength. So these ligaments and tendons have that stretching ability. So in a case of a horse, no rainbow, but that ATP is going to create new healthy cells, whether it’s muscle or nerve or bone, or whatever it happens to be. So we’re using this wonderful light energy to create photochemical photo physical effects at the cellular level to effectuate reducing pain and the healing process and then the functional strength and and get you back in the game as a competitor athlete, whether you’re two legged, four legged, it doesn’t matter whether you swim or fly doesn’t matter. All of it benefits from laser therapy. And here we are, there we go. He, as a company do, does it sponsor or support any kind of organizations outside of itself, like volunteering or giving back to any kind of companies on a for profit basis. There are major organizations out there with large groups, whether it’s us equestrian Federation, where we were their sponsor for years, they have 90,000 members, if you’re going to compete in the equation world, you need to be a member of UCF. But more importantly, USF has attending events, these are experts at with all the different disciplines. Whether it’s showjumping are inventing or cutting, raining, roping, whatever it happens to be there are that’s out there at these events. And so they started getting personal experience with our lasers. And then they came back and gave us wonderful testimonials. Dr. Rick Mitchell, it took two years to get him to the point where he said, Okay, I’m gonna go try this thing. And he was at the world Equestrian Games over in France, and he’s ex military is a black and white, no nonsense guy. And he came back and he says, Mark, I’m going to give you my endorsement, that we use this, we saw this thing with results every day, seeing this thing working so well out in the field. So guys like that, working with organizations like that. Those are very important for us. Same thing was true with the USDA. This is the largest, oldest agility dog Association and we went right to the top with them. Well, now they put it out to their members. Because agility dogs are just like horses. They’re getting twisting, turning, talking injuries by going through the obstacle course and going over jumps to like horses any venting or dressage. So that’s an important group for us. But then on another level, it’s all these wildlife rescue operations that are nonprofit and nonprofit and oftentimes means no money. So the company’s very good to me and letting me put units in their hands. And then I’m treating them the laser for their case studies and they come back with these horrific injuries Dr. Eric award over in Thailand and she had a dog named Stacy who had been attacked and had this horrific big gaping wound on its head and was just awful and have been in the band and and it was infested with you can imagine but they put it were cleaned it up, started using the laser started using the blue wavelengths which are so synergistic with each other to speed up this healing process and take this animal out of pain. Stacey healed up beautifully. But then the extreme is a place called Elephant Nature Park. And I went there back in 2014, and train Dr. Ward, the best staff at that time. She was away at the time. But then she got trained on a laser and now they have three of our lasers and you’re sitting on my elephants. No, I can’t do a thing about the buck. Because that’s scans ancient ethic. Forget it, tigers can get through it. Okay. Okay. That’s the bane of our existence. Because the team points you know, we were very close with acupuncture, which of course is neural junctions, new fascia, all these nerve intersections are great simulation points, whether using a needle or a laser. This is great stuff. So at lasers, we use the acupuncture points on the elephant, the 10 points on their feet, so we can increase that blood flow and to get abscesses and all these horrible wounds because they’re treated so poorly. They’re trained to debate on the street or, or logging and so these rescue operations like Elephant Nature Park, and I invite anybody go look at that place. They do miracles over there. Over 100 elephants doing phenomenal volunteer there too. Absolutely. And we went over there and they just treated us like royalty, because we brought you two huge suitcases, medical supplies. So yes, nonprofits need our help. I’ve worked with lots of them around the country whether they’re working with amphibious and reptiles, turtles or a big cats like tigers and lions or zoos. We have the wonderful Cheyenne Mountain View. And they’re using our laser on giraffes because he’s drafts get big arthritis issues. And there’s one the giraffe mama and there was a beautiful new baby. But she has really painful arthritis and her feet and they’ve used laser on that and they’re using tomography to measure the change, you can see the reduction in inflammation by looking at the color temperature, using tomography and seeing results on this giant animal like a giraffe or even these elephants. So yes, we bet the company has been tremendously supportive to support the nonprofits who really need this and put it to work as well as the for profit big organizations like the USGS and the USDA, as DVD as you’re working dogs, your show tunes all kinds of organizations like this, we go to them directly and say, Hey, we have a technology that you want your members to know about. Because they want to keep their animals healthy, longer, and that all resonates and then we say, Oh, no, by the way, there no side effects and it’s safe. What? Sign me up? Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 53:00
what about multi rates is definitely a big corporation, you got more than one employee at staff tips, something that maybe you guys use for your own staff that maybe we can take into our own clinics and start implementing,

Unknown 53:14
you know, they’re there. That’s like, that’s a great point. Because it now you’re going to bridge the two worlds. Yes, there are plenty of things that you can do. If you have our lasers, obviously, you can tell your employees, hey, if you have a condition, let us know. You can check one of these out overnight and use it for yourself. Because obviously, we want you and we want your pets to be healthy. And so the vet puts in the hands of the of the employees, they could take it home and work on their cat or dog that’s that’s great. But there’s also the mind body balance issue. Now. It’s a horrible fact that that’s why with dentists as the number one suicide and as to Yeah, that’s have the highest suicide rate in a few states. It might be dentist, but typically they’re they’re vying for in one and number two status, which is horrible, because we’re both so high goes well, how could this possibly happen? Well, that’s a very compassionate healers. They’re very, very dedicated people. And one of their sayings, which is absolutely true is, you know, real doctors work with more than one species. Now, you may be an EMT, and you may be a gifted practitioner, that’s great. But what about that the the eagle that has broken links, somebody brings them Dora, what about the cat, the dog, the horse, the goat, the sheep, whatever happens to come in the door, if you’re an exotic, then you have to know all of this different anatomy. And they might not respond differently to drugs, you have an enormous responsibility from a taxonomy perspective of how to treat all these things. And then the paradox you’ve been trusted to keep this family dog or this family cat alive and healthy for all these years. And it maybe it’s been 10 years now. But now that dog is getting older, and maybe the families about to move and maybe they don’t want to bother with it anymore. Maybe they can’t afford a surgery. Or maybe they maybe the dog is starting to appear the cat starting up around the house, and you just want to be bothered. And so or maybe it’s just time and then you as a better asked to, to perform euthanasia, put this animal down, right. And even if it’s for the best of reasons, because it’s reached the end of life. And there’s nothing else that can be done, this will wear on you as a practitioner, you can suffer from compassion, fatigue, and you’re driving yourself and your business and you’ve got all these employee turnover issues and all these regulations and driving you nuts. And now you’re putting these animals down, and then the proximity to drugs. And so you might see a little bit for your pain, or you can’t sleep at night, and you need a little more to get to sleep and pretty soon to snowball effect. And all of a sudden we pick up a magazine or we go to a conference, we find out that so and so wonderful vet, a man or a woman doesn’t matter. They’re gone. They’ve left us they couldn’t take it. Yeah, so buying body wellness is a huge issue. And I work very closely with Dr. Alan shown. He’s been teaching Mind Body wellness for years. He does retreats, he teaches meditation. He’s a Cornell grad. He’s a western medicine specialist. He was an associate professor at Tufts University is written six books. He was named one of the 15 most influential vets by his peers. Come on, buddy, awesome dance, traditional Chinese medicine, he pioneered acupuncture for veteran he literally wrote the book on veterinary acupuncture. So here’s this guy with his wonderful Eastern Western balance. And he’s been through burnout himself four times, he was in a huge busy practice and burned out and went back into practice and went to work on horses and and all these are so he understands the pressures that event goes through, right. So he’s been a wonderful resource for us to help great groups like that folio, which is the online portal portal for continuing education was created by NASA, the North American vet community, and I’ll have the accreditation group. But that’s another example of big groups that we work with. And sponsor Yeah, because we feel a responsibility not only from a technology point of view, but from a compassionate point of view of things we can do to help that address their income issues, but also address their mind body wellness issues. And maybe they’ve been a tyrant at work. And maybe if they were more in touch with themselves, and maybe practicing meditation to relieve stress. Maybe they’d be a better boss at work, maybe they’d have less turnover, and then they find out on it. This is absolutely true. If I get squared away, internally, give myself a break, I started giving other people a break. And I’m not such a talent at work. And now I’m starting to reintroduce some love and passion to the practice makes everybody happier. And then of course, your business thrives more because everybody feels it. When you’re a new client to come in the door and you feel is really bad negative energy or you feel there’s a really positive energy, it affects your business. So we know there’s a responsibility as us as Multi Radiance to address both of those issues. And, and I’m happy to say we do very good,

Justin Trosclair 57:31
what type of books might you recommend, whether it’s personal development, vent books, laser books, any kind of resources that you would recommend our audience to definitely check out

Unknown 57:40
well, start with our protocol manual. So if you haven’t read them thoroughly already, because there’s a lot of good information in there. And then there are lots of great books out there. There are a lot of wonderful practitioners. Karen Becker is one of them. She’s a very extraordinary, she’s a while left expert. She’s now lecturing very big into into nutrition, and my body wellness. And she was a student of Dr. Jones for years and years. They’re great buddies. So the lots of great books out there. And I have to recommend the meditation side because I was so tight bay for so many years, and to tell me personally tremendously, there are lots of great resources out. So you have to do your own sifting and sorting on which one’s work best for you. But there’s just a lot of books, you just have to sort it out and find out what works for your meditation for me, works great for a lot of practitioners that works great webinars are, of course, working great finding which pieces of technology work best for your practice, we’ve got some new things that we’re introducing with near field communications, which going to make training in tutorials much, much easier. It’s just a little circular device, you just tap it with your phone, it takes you right to an educational tutorial will be launching this very soon. But there are just lots of ways out there. But you know, that’s the best advice I could give them as just somebody from the outside looking in. And frankly, it helps me to be someone from the outside. Because I’ve worked with thousands of bets, I see what they go through. And as a marketer, I can help them in their practice. But to talk about their issues, really is important to find somebody that’s in there, they call it a safe space, whatever. But that space that’s somebody that you can talk to the lead out some of your issues and your problems I’ve seen that’s with Dr. shown at a workshop. I mean, they might go through a really painful period with, you know, maybe there’d be some tears and be able to be some really hard hour span, addressing these issues, and then come through that phase. And they go into a joyful phase because they let it out. And one of the biggest reasons that people commit suicide as they just feel there are no options left I have I have nothing to live for. Yeah, so letting it out might just rejuvenate your spirit recharge your energy and make you feel better about yourself and become a more joyful person so however you need to do that just to understand maybe that’s your problem and there are lots of ways to address that and people you can talk to so Alan shown happens to be one of them you can reach him through Multi Radiance definitely get in touch we want to help as many people as we possibly can whether it’s the technology or the mind body wellness

Justin Trosclair 1:00:02
and just if you’re listening we just wrapped up an African American holiday Dr. Series three guests in a row the lever for war PhD psychologist, they can give you a lot of good information, some resources equity, probably even like I said that you don’t have to call the call these people but if you have a resource you can find somebody that’s nearby that you that somebody might recommend to help yourself. That’s exactly what reach out

Unknown 1:00:23
get help. Yep,

Justin Trosclair 1:00:24
well, how can people get in contact with your with your company with you. What’s the best way to to make some contacts here?

Unknown 1:00:32
Well, we make it really simple. You can go to multi radiant. com. If you’re in the human medicine side, there’s a wealth of information. If you’re on the veterinary side, just click the veterinary tab. There’s a wealth of information if you want to match your voice to what the heck I look like. Just scroll down on the Activate pro page you’ll see me talking about the pro or the my pet laser, we put out videos videos are a great way to educate people. Everybody’s pressed for time. So we’re that’s why we’re using this Near Field Communication Technology. Because all it requires use your smartphone. And of course you don’t leave home without and if you did you go back and you get it but multi radius calm is great. You can find me on Facebook, I try to keep my my number pruned. Because I have about 5000 people on there. Now that’s the cap. But Jay Mark Strong on Facebook, reach me there. LinkedIn same situation, you can reach me there. But I can guarantee you this if you do reach out we will respond we have a great team of reps across the country. We have distributors across the world if you want to introduce this technology to your practice will show you exactly how to integrate it, how to make it very successful. The fact that it’s safe and we’ve proven the effectiveness should resonate with all of your people out there because we all want great results. And this is a super way to get great results. So any one of those channels and then of course my cell phone is available I saw my business card you can you can reach me through my company but we will respond and we will help you

Justin Trosclair 1:01:51
Ed coupons or promo codes or anything like that for any of the listeners.

Unknown 1:01:56
Another thing that people want to be aware of is the best possible price we’re running promotions all the time because we understand money is important when we launched the my pet laser program we wanted to incentivize vets to purchase more than one and then we wanted you to proceed with the practice laser so we have combo pricing when you buy our practice laser and one of our my pet lasers or if you’re a horse practitioner in equine world you want our activate so we have a pro combo with the act of it and then we have combos with multiple my pet lasers are multiple active at lasers so we’ll give you a fantastic price and of course we have wonderful we do some in house financing we have some third party leasing companies money should not be the object one we’ve made the technology very affordable as well as safe and effective and number two there’s a way we can help you afford this the third party leasing companies love veterinarians, it takes them two hours oftentimes to get an answer back there are great to deal with. So money shouldn’t be an issue. Technology shouldn’t be an issue. And safety as sure as heck isn’t with an issue when you’re using our super pulse lasers.

Justin Trosclair 1:02:58
And this is recorded in november december 2017. So obviously, things change. So just check the website and make some phone calls and double check what the promotions are at the time. So

Unknown 1:03:10
Exactly. We have promotions to go with each of the major conferences. So by all means, look us up at a vet conference, or a chiropractic or a rehab conference, or the athletic world of trainers world ask Where the heck john Bruno is the Multi Radiance, you’ll love talking to him. We have a lot of great team members across the country billing. But this this has been a great experience. And I really appreciate you giving us this opportunity to explain it to your audience.

Justin Trosclair 1:03:33
And I appreciate you taking your time because I like I said it’s a product that I endorse. And I like it and I wanted to know more about it. And then the flip side the vet part because that’s something I don’t know much about them. It’s just fun to learn new things.

Unknown 1:03:45
That’s right. Now one quick question, did you Why did you endorse it,

Justin Trosclair 1:03:49
I like the idea that it didn’t warm up tissue. I like to work yeah, and it does, it didn’t warm up the tissue. I didn’t have to worry about my eyes getting blind. I liked that it penetrated deeper, you know, from what I was reading, when I first was researching different companies. It was like it didn’t go deep enough. And then with the three different types of things that you’ll use, it hit the different levels of like the ease of use, I ended up I didn’t have a lot of the money at the time. So I got like a ti que solo. So pretty much bottom of the barrel of product that you guys have. But it was portable because I thought purple was good. And they didn’t have anything else at the time for portable and in the price range. It was great. But I sampled a the target sweep technology and I was super impressed with that. And if you hinted what I thought you hinted earlier in the episode that is going to be an amazing portable target sweet key with the 25 watts or more like that, I’d be like guys, if you’re if they critique grade that that isn’t be great, because we don’t have to plug it in. And you can just go to each treatment room because, you know, it was annoying having a Hey, go to this room always being used by something else. So I was like, I don’t want to have to deal with that. So that’s why I got a portable and that would the higher power portable one. You know, whenever this one doesn’t work anymore. That’s probably just kind of Treasury when you can but that’s why I use you guys. I just I was really impressed. And the research guys use was important. And I just really liked the idea of photo photo bio stimulation and in that little thing. So if I could have a practice of just a bunch of lasers I think that’d be a good thing.

Unknown 1:05:10
Sure. We have a very impressive list of testimonials these people you can’t buy. Yeah, it was it worked and it did it safely and it was so convenient and portable and affordable. But number one was it just works and that’s what you as a clinician want to see in your

Justin Trosclair 1:05:23
business and take forever like the higher view by a higher powered ones in the same eight minutes. You can cover a lot more square footage, square inches of a body and exit 10 minutes. You get it you’re done. You know it’s just it was quick. It worked well. And it would like said it was a nice profit generator for the clinic as well. Which is that too so yeah, no, no. Okay. Very good. Thank you very much. Alright man. Well, you have a great day.

Unknown 1:05:47
Thank you. Take care

Justin Trosclair 1:05:51
everybody. Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode. want to make you aware of a couple of things a doctor’s perspective. net, we got a few things to talk about. We’ve got some friends handouts for nerve pain, numbness in the arms and legs and also a 12 exercises if you experienced back pain and want your core stronger experience and neck and shoulder tightness and pain. These are free to download Okay, it’s under Resources. Also under the Resources tab is my new book Neil is acupuncture self treatment God for 40 common conditions stop the hurting with no needles or meds, your roadmap to self treat your condition painlessly we’re talking things like anxiety insomnia neck pain back pain possibly some knee issues stomach issues, tired arm and leg pain even a little bit of sciences to take all those such things this book really is for those they’re busy they don’t have time to draw it to an office spend an hour and go back to work alright so allow this book allows you to do it from the from your house. It’s also the person that maybe doesn’t have an acupuncturist within like a 90 minute drive just to go see one. So that’s pretty inconvenient. It’s also for the person who is afraid of needles. So there’s alternatives to that method. Now we should Are you in the book. And lastly, for the person who’s like, I really can’t afford as much care as I need. So this is the way invest in a book and now you’re able to do it at your house with pictures with words and even videos, things that I’ve learned from working in China Western references, Eastern references and practical experience. So check it out. I think you’re gonna like it. The first book today’s choices. Tomorrow’s health, again, is version 2.0. We got everything from what is chiropractic. What is pain, some exercises and stretches. Lots of lessons learned from my time in China, like portion control, is it okay to feel hunger secret recipe Peck and I love talking about it. I haven’t got a whole section on finances like budgeting creating a budget how to scale back if you overspend, which is a huge problem for most people. So I’ll cover that it’s got some really good reviews. So hopefully you will take a look at that you can get it as a PDF for free or you can pay for it in different areas. Lastly, of course, we’ve got some chiropractic tongue in cheek t shirts about being a mixer, you do rehab you do adjustments you think adjustments, really a powerful thing, but you also believe that you need to do muscle work and those types of things. We guess pretty cool shirts, mixers, and under the Resources tab as well. Well, as always, wherever you listen to the show, if you rank it five stars, that would be awesome. And of course, on the top right of the website, there’s all the social media icons, pick your flavor, follow me interact and I interact back You got any suggestions, email me Have a good week

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