E 157 Ortholive Telehealth Platform from Dr. Michael Greiwe, MD

Why did an orthopedic surgeon decide to build ortholive telehealth video platform at a scalable and functional level? It’s not the most obvious doctor specialty to be able to implement, yet a big chunk of his practice is virtual. DISCLOSURE: This episode is sponsored by use code DOCTORS20 to save 20% on supplements and…

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E 151 Online Reputation Secrets By Jennifer Thompson of DrMarketingTips

Gathering online reviews, responding to negative ones, telehealth considerations, oneliners, type and how to do videos for your site blog and what do you need on your website as a bare minimum. Jennifer Thompson host of DrMarketingTips gives us the secrets. Top Ways to Grow Your Practice Focus on Online Reviews Should the reviews be…

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E81 Telemedicine, Concierge Practice and Medical Tourism Dr. Adel Eldin MD

Have you heard of telemedicine and medical tourism? Dr. Adel Eldin MD has been pioneering this model in Florida for the past 8 years and is ready to discuss it plus worldwide distribution. Dr. Adel ELdin MD is fluent in English and Arabic, has been published several times about urokinase and cardiac issues and studied…

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