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Shane Frisco talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Marketing is vital but even more so is having that high level strategist blueprint to guide all decisions. You need an innovative approach and he has a diverse background to share. Find out what your customer’s pain points are, then deliver a solution. Plus we spend some time on how we can support our kids in their endeavors.

Audio engineer, serial entrepreneur, business strategist, marketer and a chef since a teenager. Marketing came as a necessity to learn because of having so many businesses over the years. Our guest today is Shane Frisco. The companies we talk about today are: SoshoLoco (think social-loco) (also direct for chiros ) for local businesses, FunnelCake – build funnels for people, incufire.com – idea for business but not sure how to bring an idea to market, strategize, gain traction, momentum and to scale it. www.Shanefrisco.com Also he is all over facebook.

He started learning marketing in the 80s at a young age, back when flyers and billboards were popular. He loves that the internet has leveled the playing field for all size businesses. Instead of paying for 100,000 eyes to see an ad but only 100 really cared, we can now just focus on the 1000s that are interested right this moment.

Who are you looking for as a customer? What is going on in Their Head and Their Pain Point?

Our email campaigns should be walking a customer through a process so they ultimately become a paying patient. That starts with a segmented email list so you can laser focus the message. People are in a different segment of the Awareness Cycle and the Buying Cycle which is why the strategist mindset comes into play.

Pay per click on “Optometry Chicago” search term will be way to expensive. What’s the alternative to have relevant searches but also affordable? How many landing pages are enough?

Does the message your craft need to change if you are in Philly vs NOLA vs ATL?

Ads, pictures, copy are important but it all Fails in importance to the pre-work aka the Strategy behind everything you are doing.

Do you have to hire someone for high level and implementation or can you do some on more on a budget?

Strategy First! Then start implementing. He gives us a mock example (that any good ad agency should do) of reverse engineering how much money you want to make in a year – all the way to how many leads need to be generated – what percent click, download and of course making the sale percentage. One thing that separates Shane is that his company can teach your staff how to sell better so you aren’t wasting the money invested into marketing.

Your marketing and landing pages should really be setting you up to just show that you are the person to give money to because they are already convinced that what you and others are offering is the key they need.

Shane belives in download this PDF type of service, but why does he not just provide the winning download for you? He likens it to taking pills for a headache, tune in to hear this great answer.

Mr. Frisco is a seasoned chef and he tells a motivating story about how working in a restaurant at 11 years old set him up for a career that has been greatly influenced by food sales.

Another great story is how his 7 year old daughter actually has made a viable business. We discuss how to encourage our kids to be entrepreneurs or at least crave knowledge while growing up. Let your kids gravitate what they are naturally interested in, then empower them to explore it more.

What is an Innovators Mindset and why did he stop reading books?

Check out funnelytics.co for a free funnel tracking website too.

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/83 here you can also find links to things mentioned and a complete transcript.

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Justin Trosclair 0:03
Episode 83 innovative strategies mindset. I’m your host, Dr. Justin trust Clara and today, we are shamed frescoes perspective.

George 2017 podcast Awards Nominated host, Dr. Justin Trudeau square as he gets a rare to see him look into the specialties, all types of doctors and guess plus marketing, travel tips, struggles, goals, and relationship advice. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective

was going on? Hey, welcome back to the show. birthday month for me, watch out. Look, today’s guest is pretty darn good. Midway, halfway through the program will talk about his early beginnings of entrepreneurship and how to train your kid to potentially become an entrepreneur, and how to encourage them and the things that they are naturally inclined to like. The reason why we got him on is because he is a higher level strategy guy, you know, is companies can definitely help you with marketing and download PDF and how to follow up and all that kind of stuff. But part of it what you got to learn first is what What’s your goal? What’s the high level and he’s very good at that through lots of different business startups. And I think you will definitely learn something today for instant things like the awareness cycle and the buying cycle. What are the differences? How do you change your marketing plan for that, if you’re losing patients on the back end after paying to get them in as a problem as well. And then what’s an innovator mindset, all of us will be answered, check out the show notes page, a doctor’s perspective, net slash eight, three, stay tuned to the end of the episode for the ads. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from China and Central Florida. Today’s guest is a business strategist was launched over 100 businesses. I’m telling you, it’s taken decades, but this guy has done it all from being a chef to an audio engineer to learning it from the from the ground up, he had to learn how to market because you just can’t have that kind of business. Without it. He’s got three current businesses right now, once called social local is for local businesses. We got funnel cakes, because you know, funnels are so popular right now. We don’t know what we’re doing. We need help setting those up. He’s a guy that can do that for you and inky fire, which is when you have an idea for business, but you’re like, I already I’m not sure what else what’s the next step or how to really get it off the ground. Or if you already have started business, you’re seeing some sales etc. and expanded. This guy can do it all for you. His name is Shane Frisco. Thanks so much for being on the podcast today.

Unknown 2:46
Thanks for having me. That was a great introduction. If you’re looking for a sales position, I could definitely use somebody like yourself.

Justin Trosclair 2:51

Unknown 2:53
So it’s going on?

Justin Trosclair 2:55
Oh, man, you know, as doctors you know, audiences chiropractors physical therapy dentist, I doctors, everybody who’s we’re solo usually are we have maybe one person that’s sort of we delegate it to, but normally it falls back into our lap. We don’t know, right? When sometimes. And your name popped up on a on a server of chiropractors that says, hey, who knows how to do some email marketing. And yeah, name popped up. And I was like, Oh, I need to talk to this guy. least if no other reason. Old Justin here definitely is trying to figure out how to do this better.

Unknown 3:26

Justin Trosclair 3:28
I mean, we know we gotta get a good headline. Yeah, we know that top five this ways not to screw up that, right. But once it’s opened it, sometimes we do it for entertainment. But I think a lot of people we want to be engaging. But really, we need to get it down to a sale, we want people to come in, we want to, we don’t just want to discount, you know, buy one pair of glasses and get one free. That’s not some right? The emails that we want. So today, with everything that you know, especially with funnels and everything, and just trying to pick your brain a little bit, what’s good strategies, and things that like that, to move along in our in our patient acquisition into Dr. Patients through the ladder to get more value from them. But, but but the start, let’s just, you know, would you consider your specialty and in your background? And what made you want to become the guy that does this more for a living versus, you know, a more normal job, if you will?

Unknown 4:20
Hmm, well, you know, like, like, like we, like you mentioned, it was really born out of necessity. I, you know, I never really woke up one day and say, hey, I want to do this or read a book or take a course. And you know, I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t learn it in school. I’ve taught it in schools. But it was it was really just decades of learning through necessity. I had my own businesses. I started very early on in entrepreneurial ship, I started my first business when I was 12 years old. And it was really just a way to make money during the summer. But it’s really well, I figured by a couple years later, I said, I’m going to do this for real. And I opened up a retail store, I was 15. At that time, it didn’t do well. But I learned from it, I regrouped about a year later, I opened up another one. And that one did do well, by the time I was in my early 20s, I was running five different businesses successfully. And then, but what I realized was I was great at sales, but my marketing skills were really deficient. So I went to the library and I bought I leased out, you know, stacks of marketing books, because that’s all there was back in the 80s, early 90s. Right,

Justin Trosclair 5:30
Dan Kennedy or something?

Unknown 5:33
I don’t know what I was reading i but i read through it. And no, this is before online marketing. So those guys were you know, they weren’t even on the radar yet, we didn’t have World Wide Web back then. And so it was a lot of you know, graphic design, that’s what market marketing was, it was flyers, you know, is this really, it was billboards and radio advertisement, and it was really, really expensive or really ineffective, you know, and there was no in between. I love how the internet has really been leveled the playing field and and made everybody gave gave everybody the ability to have a voice to make an impact to, to get a new client, prospect or patient and and to keep them. And you touched on a lot of things really briefly about you know, really keeping them engaged, and keep them coming back. And, and not just throwing offers at them. That’s really most people’s approach, what advertising is that shotgun approach, like you’re watching TV, and somebody says, Hey, buy one pair of you know, prescription eyeglasses get the second pair free. And that’s great for everybody who’s happens to be in front of the TV at that moment, and is in the market for eyeglasses, right.

Unknown 6:45
Most people aren’t, you know, they’re not in market. They’re not working for that, but you’re going to pay for that reach anyway, you’re going to pay to reach 10s of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who don’t care, you know, you buy a billboard on the side of the road, you’re paying for the number of cars that are driving by regardless of whether or not they care about what your was on your side. Internet Marketing specifically really allows us to get laser focused on who it is that we’re trying to reach out to. And if we if we have a good understanding of who that person is, and we know what they’re looking for, we know what’s going on inside their head, we know what’s driving them, we know what their pain point is. And when we’re talking about, you know, the medical field, we mean that literally sometimes, then then what we need to do is present them the right offer at the right time. It’s not about just sending arbitrary engagement type of emails, but it’s walking that prospect or that patient through a journey that’s going to eventually lead with the right offer for them. So to start with audience segmentation is critical. Because not everybody needs the same thing. Not everybody wants the same thing. Not everybody knows the same thing. So people are in different stages of an awareness cycle. And they’re also in different stages of a buying cycle. And if you can segment that out effectively, then your your conversions are going to increase dramatically. I mean, oh, well over in the hundreds of percentile.

Justin Trosclair 8:24
So is that what you just said, I mean, I’ve done my own reading, like you said that that’s a lot of work, but not necessarily in a bad way. But sometimes you will have MailChimp or a Weber or something like that. And segmenting can be a beast, and where fusion soft can just be overwhelming, too confusing. And then you’re hyper segmented and didn’t yet, I don’t have time to write it out, you know, you know, a four, four series email for 20 different for back pain or neck pain for that they were a patient, but they didn’t really commit to care, this person committed to care. Now they’re in the maintenance mode, there’s all these different because the stories that would I guess you would tell in the emails to get you to the next stage, yeah, to be different.

Unknown 8:58
Is that correct? And that is that correct. And that’s, that’s why we exist. I mean, that’s how we were born. because like you said at the beginning, it all kind of falls back on our lab, I believe that you should have a good understanding so that you can manage and delegate your projects. But I firmly believe that somebody who enters into healthcare does so because they’re good at it. And because they’re passionate about it, I believe that everybody should stick to what they know and do better than anybody else. And leave the rest of the details to those who excel in those areas. You don’t have time. So you need somebody that does and they can specialize that and not just write the content. It’s not about timing, it’s about writing the right content in the right way. It’s about strategically positioning you in front of the people who are most interested in a service that you provide, ideally, at the precise moment that they’re there, they’re going to take action on some sort of offer, you know, and it’s and it’s very difficult to predict what that’s going to be, you learn that through experience over time. And by you know, looking at the metrics, you know, looking at the data, seeing what your conversions are running these types of campaigns for various different categories, nationwide, is what we start with is what we rely on them, we look at, you know, we do a full competitive analysis, we look at what’s what’s working for the guy down the street, and most importantly, or just as importantly, what’s not, you know, and and so starting from that position, and customizing it, custom tailoring it to the client, and who their target market is whether it’s people who need a bit of an education before they come in, because they don’t understand why they might need, say chiropractic care, versus somebody who’s new to the area, and has been using a chiropractor for regular maintenance for the last 10 years. And they’re just looking for, they’re looking for a new doctor, and they’re ready to buy today, they just don’t know where to go. They don’t know the area. So people fall within those various ranges of that spectrum. And, and to be able to get laser focused on each one of those categories with the right message and the right way. Maybe even if it is starting with a template that was written for somebody else that we had good results for. It’s not necessarily it doesn’t have to be as time consuming. And it doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive in order to do it the right way. Will it cost more to contract it out? And to do it in house? In most cases? Yes. But if you get 130% better return than if you were doing it yourself. Who

Justin Trosclair 11:37
cares? Yeah, you know, as you’re doing Google, if you’re doing Facebook as like you said, That’s gonna be a different someone because you need to have I think more than one admin and you need to have the one that’s their cold. They thought, quackery practice, that’s what they thought they were the word was. Yeah. So you have to convince them and educate them. And like said, then there’s the person that’s like, No, I just, I just moved to Chicago. Now what? Yeah, I need a new one. Yes. And I don’t know anybody. Right.

Unknown 12:03
So they’re going to actually be key in in a search for chiropractic, Chicago, right. And you want to make sure that you’re going to be found, and not just found, but found in in the in the right way. So if somebody does a search for say, something less popular, because Google’s really competitive and super expensive, right? So chiropractic, Chicago, that’s, that’s a high ticket ad, you don’t you don’t want to look, you don’t want to play in that space. It’s not worth it. But if somebody asked Google a question, like, what are the benefits of chiropractic care, and they happen to be in Chicago, then and that’s where you practice that you want to make sure that your ad displays with the specific answer to their question, which says, The benefits of chiropractic care, click here to learn more. So of course, they’re going to click there, that’s going to make your ad more relevant, Google is going to display it more, because it’s a question instead of a key phrase, your cost per impression is going to be lower than if you’re just chiropractic Chicago. So it’s going to be a smaller segment of the audience, but it’s going to be more efficient. And then when they click through, they’re going to get a landing page that specifically addresses that the answer to that question, and also engages them, entices them and encourages them to take action. So the call to action for that particular sales page is extremely important as well give them what they need just to get them to the next phase, which may not be an appointment, it just might mean getting more information.

Justin Trosclair 13:32
Okay, so here’s something I’m thinking, we got the, you know, long tail keyword kind of things, that’s what you’re talking about benefits of profession. And I’ve heard sometimes you can have a completely different landing page, just for that word, just for headaches, headache relief, Chicago, and you have, you know, does the web, you know, that’s a lot of a lot of, you know, you gotta pay somebody a lot, because you might have 100 keywords, you tell me, I got I got 400 landing pages for that. And my our argue, maybe this is my, what you’re saying is no, just have a really good article, on your, your, on your website about the benefits of chiropractic, a really good article. And somewhere in that article, you mentioned, hey, you know, if you want to, you can sign up for some kind of PDF that relates to that. Or, hey, you know, also, here’s an, here’s my information that’s in there, you know, a form or does your contact information. So if they’ve, you’re paying for the landing page, you know, we call it landing page, if you want, you’re paying for that you’re getting the views. But if you don’t have anything that’s really branding you to call to action, you just wasted that opportunity. So you need to have both, even if you’re just going to have like a generic, more of a generic page where a lot of keywords can be filtered into this one page. That kind of true,

Unknown 14:45
yeah, that’s a can be to an extent, I think both can be true in a way. That’s where the initial strategy comes into play. And I find that there really is no one size fits all solution as much as everybody wants there to be. So you know, you’re going to you watch a webinar, and he’s going to, and the guy is going to give you the secret This is it. You know, if you’re a doctor and you want it’s right here. No, it’s not. Because I’ll tell you the the message, the offer, the voicing that works in Chicago is not the same as what works in Louisiana. Its its geographic specific. It’s, it’s, it’s awareness level specific, its buying cycle specific, as customers you want to get and you’re right, it to do 10 different landing pages would be a lot of work. And I think you know, 10 would be overkill. I don’t it’s not necessary. You need to figure out what is your specialty, you know, what do you I mean, is it headache? Is it, you know, let’s pick one, let’s pick to what they want. Yeah, you know, let’s make up your mind. And then let’s, let’s do three landing pages, you know, and let’s funnel traffic from various sources to each one of those three. So, yeah, if we have a Google ad, that’s right, running to a Google landing page is Google specific, you got to know that these people, that person’s awareness level is higher than maybe somebody on Facebook, who wasn’t searching for you. Nobody goes to Facebook to search for a chiropractor, or sit there and wait for a chiropractic add to display to them randomly, right? Yeah, if you want, if you if you need attention, you need it. Now you’re going to Google. So that message that call to action should be a little more assertive in most cases. And then you know, there’s also retargeting to, which is a whole nother animal, obviously. But then when you’re talking about Facebook is is people casually socializing and watching cat videos, you really need to approach them in a more delicate sort of way. But occasionally, you can run the same ad to the same, you know, from from different sources to the same landing page. But it should be determined on a case by case basis, depending on the strategy to start with. And I think that is paramount. That’s the key. The key is not in the land, he pages not in the ad, it’s not in the copy. It’s the strategy that happens before all that occurs that you can predict with a high level of accuracy, what to expect, based on your efforts, the time, your, your your ad spend, your marketing dollars should be an investment, and they should offer return. But most people think of marketing as a just unnecessary expense, you know, but it shouldn’t be money out the window. It should be it should be presented, if you’re going to hire a marketer, that should be properly presented to you beforehand. It says, Look, this is the strategy we’re going to implement. This is what we’re expecting the results are going to be and this is and here’s why. And then at that point, you know, you’ll spend whatever as long as you believe that it’s going to produce you know what they what they tell you.

Justin Trosclair 17:47
Yeah, okay, so we’re not just paying somebody $1,000 a month. And we’re not just putting 2000 and ad spin happenstance, like this is not the case. Like we’re going to have an entire strategy that we every dollar spent correctly, like you said, there’s three things that you specialize in. That is what we’re focusing on. It’s not just generic, anybody come on in for $29 exam and free x? Yes, I like yes,

Unknown 18:08
you like yes, you’re you’re you need a business and marketing strategy to begin with. And that’s, that’s really where where I’ve learned to Excel is in getting to the heart of what of what your goals are very quickly, and then working backwards from there to create a roadmap to get you there in the most efficient way possible. Something I’ve noticed

Justin Trosclair 18:33
someone like yourself, you kind of highlight, you can be high level, which we need. And then we have, you might have people underneath you that we can do everything else for you, we give you the high level and then we actually can execute it. So when we’re looking at, you know, people aren’t on budget, they might be just starting out or like, Look, I don’t have a lot of money to spend, is there something where you could hire you figure out what it is that you need to do? But then you like, man, but I just can’t afford the REST services? Because you’re too good? And then finally,

Unknown 18:58
in kinda like layout, the bottom on there are, is it better just to hire one person and use them for everything that way? You know, it’s, I think you should, you should always have, if you’re hiring an agency, or a strategist you should have, you should be able to have an option to do it either way. So that’s what we offer, you know, we offer a low ticket starter package that helps establish our relationship with our client, if there is one to establish, if there’s, if there’s not the client gets to escape the relationship before we get to a deep, right. And so and so do we, you know, we don’t feel like we’re a good match. You know, like, let’s start. Let’s start with coffee before we go get married, you know what I mean? So we start building relationships, slowly, inexpensively, no long term commitments, no high ticket deals, right? Once you know, you feel like you’ve gotten value, you being the client, whoever that is, the client feels like I’ve got some value. Where do we go from here? What’s the next step? If we wanted to continue to work with you, here’s what we would see this is would be the next logical step, we move them to their, they get a tremendous value out of that. All right? Well, now what, so what we do is we we can present a strategy to a client, we can hand it to them and say, You know what, you can do it yourself, take it to somebody else, we don’t care what you do with it, it’s yours. And we do this for we do this for small local businesses, we do this for large companies as well. We worked with some pretty sizable, pretty notable, you know, companies and, and we do enterprise level strategies to that end. But we take those same formats, the same principles and methodologies and bring it down to the local level. So that you know, so that the local, the local doctor can have fortune 500 strategies working for him without that kind of budget, because it really is, it’s the brain work behind what’s happening. It’s not necessarily like advertised during the Super Bowl kind of stuff, you know, so. So with that said, Yes, we can hand it to them, or they can or they could say, well, what if I want you to do it all for us? Well, then we will, you know, we’ve got three different agencies that we can contract this strategy out to, but we always start with strategy, first and foremost, because you need to know what you’re getting into as a client. And why this is, you know, being presented as something that could be so effective for you in your business. Does that answer your question?

Justin Trosclair 21:27
It does, because, you know, trying to make it sound like, it’s not just one big sales pitch for you. But at the same time, like, obviously, you’re, you’re here, you want to be able to get a benefit from it. And what I hear as well as, there’s so many people on there, I can do Facebook ads, I can do this, I can do this. And then they either have a price tag where you’re just like, Wow, that’s a big commitment, or they don’t even start, they start with let’s just run this this coupon ad. And you like, wait, you don’t even really, you didn’t even hear what I wanted to say you don’t even know that I want to have 16 clinics over the next 10 years. Or Yes, I’m actually already super successful. I need to actually filter out these jokers who just waste my time I need better quality patients to buy,

right? And that’s got to talk to someone who’s strategy first. That’s

Unknown 22:11
so important. I mean, that’s that that is the most critical. Good. So you got, you got, okay, let’s work backwards from the end goal. We want to make a million dollars over the course of the next year. Okay, we’ve established that, how does that break down on a monthly basis? $100,000 a month that was at 1.2. Okay, so that’s, that gives us some buffer, we’ve got $100,000 you want to make in a month that breaks down to $25,000 a week? So you know, we’re going to shoot for $5,000 per day, how do we increase our revenue over the course of you know, at that rate? $5,000? What’s the average lifetime value of, of a patient? You know, let’s suppose that, you know, 1500 dollars, so we need approximately, you know, two new patients per day coming through the door? And how do we get that? Well, obviously, you know, we need to we need to do something so that people who don’t know we exist actually do. That’s where marketing comes in. Marketing happens before the sale, it’s that which allows your prospect or your future patient to know that you exist. So once we’ve established, where are they and we’ve strategically positioned ourself in front of them, so that they now know that you are, what next? I mean, they’re going to contact you either to get more information or to schedule an appointment. But are 100% of them going to show up with a schedule an appointment? No, no. And And of the people who ask for additional information, they opted in to get a free download, or to get a free report to get access to something or whatever the case may be, depending on what stage of that awareness level, they’re at how much education they need beforehand. And other words, you know, how to avoid, you know, a back injury this winter, while you’re shoveling snow, it could be anything, how many of them need to opt in before the before the appointment does get scheduled? So let’s suppose if we need to new patients, let’s assume that we need 1010 clicks in order to to arrive at that and maybe we’ll get to two new appointment scheduled. Is there up cells involved? You know, can we can we increase the lifetime value of that patient from 1500? To 2000? Because that, you know, that’s something to look at as well, can we streamline the efficiency so that we can see more patients over the same period of time? Now, that might be beneficial, worth worthwhile thing to look at? So we know, we’ve got our numbers, you know, we need 10 new interests in order to get to new patients at a 20% ratio. If we want to approve that? Could we could we increase that ratio to 30 or 40%? It’s possible, and we can look at that we need to start with some some really conservative numbers to begin with. We don’t want to offer lofty promises to our clients. We want to look at this subjectively. So okay, how do we get 10 new leads? And what’s that going to cost us? You know, how many impressions is it going to take, in order for us to get one click through? Is it going to be 100, that would be a 1% conversion rate in our world, that would be not good numbers, that would be low numbers. So that’s what we want to use in our hypothetical example, because I like to keep my projections conservative. So let’s assume that we need 100 clicks before somebody ops in you know and ask for more information or scheduled an appointment, how much is a click going to cost us, let’s assume that the average click is costing us a buck and means is going to cost us $100. To get the click, we need 10 clicks in order to get the opt in to get the appointment scheduled, we need to appoint you see what I’m saying? We’re working backwards. doing math, right? We don’t have to guess anymore. Okay, so anybody who truly knows what they’re doing in this space, only needs to know how to look at the data and make adjustments accordingly. If there’s a hole in it, fix it, patch it up and move on, okay, the investment should be investment, it should not be ad spend, it should be an investment, you should know that your likelihood of success is all but guaranteed. And what you just made a comment to is you have the better you can get the landing page to better giveaway that you have those numbers will increase to go from 1% to 12%.

Justin Trosclair 26:28
And of course, it all comes down to like your office, are you good at closing the deal is if you can only quote close 30% of the patients that come in Yeah, to get to the 1500, you got this one a lot more money, invest a lot more money, because you’re not really good at or whatever. Once they’re in the office, they’re not closing very well. They’re not admitting to care, and all that kind of stuff, whatever word you want to use, that doesn’t sound he

Unknown 26:50
was that again. And that’s the reason why I say look at the data because you can it’s it’s a the marketing process is very linear. So you can look at it for like, you know, the end goal is the collection of funds, right? The beginning goal is that this person doesn’t know I exist in the air, not the beginning goal, but the beginning of the process. And so the at the is somewhere in the middle is a timeline that has breaks in it, figure out where that break is and go focus on that after it’s up and running. And if you can get good at doing that quickly, you can patch it up, and then and then watch that, you know, it’s like having a hole in a hose, you know, and you got like a water pressure at the end, you know, figure out where the pin hole was just plug it up, you know? And so yeah, at some point, we see, okay, the leads are there, and the appointments are there. And they’re showing up for the appointment. But Doc’s telling me, he’s not, they’re not you know, they’re not signing up for his for his treatment protocol. What, why not what’s going on, let’s take a look at this. And so we’ll dig in deeper. And we actually get involved at this level, you know, we actually can doctor staff, because usually what they have in the office is not trained professionals selling they get it’s the same person who’s fielding phone calls and scheduling appointments that’s doing the selling. And so you know, we have to, we have to take that into account that if they can’t close the deal, it’s not our fault. And most marketing agencies will just you know, they’ll they’ll say that, so I can do that for you. We do that because we realize that if you’re closing the deals, then you’re going to keep us around longer. But in whether it’s our fault or not, doesn’t really matter. If you’re not closing the deals, the marketing agency that you’re paying thousands of dollars to isn’t, isn’t delivering the result. Yeah, we’re not going to be happy. Yeah, I mean, and they might have flat out tell us, hey, we know it’s not you, it’s us. But we’re not we’re not set up, you guys are given us the weight. And I’ve seen this before I’ve experienced this, you guys are given us the patients and I wish we had some system in place. But we don’t even have a good CRM set up. And we need to

Justin Trosclair 28:54
covenant and they’re coming out.

Unknown 28:55
Yeah. And so they’re, they’re, you know, they’re sad about the fact that they you know, they have we have to part ways, but, but we don’t, you know, we will only accept that if they’ve made up their mind completely. But if they’re open to us coming in and setting up that CRM and training their staff and helping them close the deals, and writing phone scripts, which we’ve done before to, it really depends on what they want to invest. But if you’re aggressive, and you want to open 10 locations over the course of the next two years, then

Unknown 29:25
we need to figure out where the break is in your system. You can’t just be guessing and running ads on Facebook and hoping that something’s going to you know, get you a couple leads here and there and convert to a sale.

Justin Trosclair 29:36
It’s like a dental implants 10,000 me if your staff not capable of convincing someone that Yeah, you know, we could pull the tooth or you know, we could replace it with a $10,000 tooth. I mean, that’s a you know, you can’t just walk into that and not really know appeared at all. And you know,

Unknown 29:49
what do you live in a day and age where the digital technology, the sales page, the landing page, oftentimes, more often than not, I’ll tell you is doing a better job job at closing the deal, then then the human is, it’s in a way, it’s kind of unfortunate, but in another way, doctors really need to get on board with that reality. we’ve, we’ve sent entire sales teams home, because they weren’t needed anymore. You know, and it’s not like, you know, we don’t want to put people out of jobs. But as a business owner, you have an obligation to be profitable, you know, your place. So someone before to come in, that’s makes my job that

Justin Trosclair 30:30
all I gotta do is be likable. Yes, pretty much present the same thing that like, Yeah, I was already convinced. That’s why I came in here. Because

Unknown 30:36
that’s, that’s the key to good marketing, good marketing is not answering questions and educate them walking through the process. Good marketing is all that’s done beforehand. And a lot of matted, automated sort of way. They already know that they want what you have your job as a, if you want to call it sales is is doing exactly what you said, Just come convincing them that you’re the guy that they should do it with instead of somebody else. That’s it. And if they like you, and they trust you, and they think that you have their best interest in mind. There’s really at that point, there’s really no reason why they should you know, stay with you for as long as they need to. Assuming you have clients

Justin Trosclair 31:15
in the different professions of doctors, everybody talks about these downloads, some doctors like look, I’m a doctor, I hate writing reports. I’m definitely not going to be writing three ways to stop your headaches before this. Yeah, I just that’s not my bag, can they just go to fiber? And do it does your company provide something that’s actually worked in the past like this is set up, it gives them information. There’s also on the half second page is a nice leads into my sales pitch should close the deal, they should call you do you provide that type of stuff so that we don’t have

Unknown 31:42
to know I kind of liken it onto a medication. And I think this is a good way for a lot of docs to relate to it medications make you feel better, because it suppresses the symptom. So if I have a headache, and I take an Advil, I’m not going to feel that headache, you know, but if the headache was caused by excessive stress, or poor diet or lack of sleep, or something along those lines, and then I really want to solve the headache issue, I need to really think about why I keep getting these headaches, as opposed to just getting addicted to add, though. And and the same is true in the marketing world. People want a they want to put a band aid over the problem, they want a quick fix, they want a one size fits all solution. They they just want to take a pill and have it better. I don’t believe in that process. I think that if there’s a download to be had, it’s it should be had because our initial strategy determined that that’s going to be most effective for your target market audience based on where you are, who you’re approaching what your offer is, and what your end game is, you know, and what your end Yeah, either revenue goal is or scale goal and all those things so. So a lead magnet free download sort of thing can work and does work in certain instances, but not every instance. So with out without seeing the patient, you can’t prescribe the medication or the treatment protocol in the same way, I have to sit down with my client and determine, okay, let’s let’s talk about your problem. Tell me what your symptoms are. And then let’s come up with a viable treatment plan for your particular process.

Justin Trosclair 33:18
That’s actually a good point. Because especially something like headaches or the way you approach a dental implant could be completely different than the next guy. Or at least you think you’re trying to sell yourself and position yourself that there’s 50 chiropractors here on different and this is the Allen different we all had headaches, but I’m different. I’m better. How do I do that? Yeah, so

Unknown 33:36
good. At the very at a basic level, we can say half price, chiropractic adjustment, is that going to work or not work. And many marketers will tell you it works. But what is working mean? It means that you’re you’re paying this much money, you’re getting this many appointments, you’re making extra money. Our focus is in growth, long term, the sustainable, I want to build my business and my brand. So for us, we don’t like to run those ads, we’d like to get to the deeper heart of the matter. What makes you tick, what drives you as a practitioner? Why did you choose this profession in the first place? What is it that you specialize in? What is it that sets you apart makes you different from the other 50 guys that are in the neighborhood? Let’s focus on that. And let’s build you as the forefront authority in the space so that you could dominate that local market and then grow your business.

Justin Trosclair 34:40
I had to switch gears a little bit you made a comment very, very early on, started a business at 15 and 12. What kind of parents did you have that were so encouraging?

willing to say Hey, buddy, you know, Shane, I think you you could do it your

Unknown 34:57
help get them Tiger

Justin Trosclair 34:58
Go Go on and be honest foreigner at such a young age.

Unknown 35:02
Nobody’s ever asked me that before. And it’s it’s a really hilarious question to me because it was the reality is quite the opposite. They they weren’t supportive, they were absentee.

Unknown 35:15
And that is what you know what really is. So they, they didn’t really know that I was making money. I was out detail and all the neighbors cars and putting hundreds of dollars in my pocket at 12 years old and taking it to the arcade and blowing it all on Pac Man.

Unknown 35:31
So it wasn’t really support. You know, I mean, it was just, and I love that idea. It was very liberating. And I was hooked. I mean, I really I became a business addict. I mean, for lack of a better term. So people say serial entrepreneur, they don’t really know what they’re talking about until they talked to a guy who has a problem

Justin Trosclair 35:47
was better than drugs or the alternative. It is it is.

Unknown 35:51
But you know, I’d say my first introduction to business really came a year before that I was 11 years old, and I got a summer job at a restaurant. My father was the consultant on in a restaurant job is Italian restaurant in Pennsylvania. And I was bussing tables wiping tables empty and trash. And I loved it. I mean, I just I was breaking my back working hard. I was making my own money and more. And I just, it was just the coolest thing for me, I felt really grown up. And I was also learning to cook at the same time, which I was really exciting to me. I couldn’t cook for the guests because the labor laws but I was allowed to cook whatever I wanted for lunch for myself. And so I I had this goal, I set this goal up for myself that I was going to learn how to cook everything on the menu starting at the top and working my all the way all the way through the menu. And so I would ask the cooks to teach me starting with the first appetizer all the way down to the last dessert. And they did they took the time to end by the end of the summer, I knew how to cook everything on the menu. And I’d say a couple. A couple years later, I was in a pretty accomplished cook, at least for my age. And then I got another restaurant a job. In between the auto detailing business I started at 12. And my next retail venture at 15. A year later, I got a job at another restaurant washing dishes. And I would still sneak away every chance I could get to go get a like a free cooking lesson from one of the cooks there. And it’s a seafood restaurant. And so that was my view, are you still there? Not sure what happened there. But anyway, um, so at the same time, I was building businesses, and I was accidentally getting good at cooking. And so simultaneously two things happen. I got good at business. I gotten good at marketing at a necessity. And one and I got good at cooking. And I got promoted in a kitchen that I was working See, I had this early belief that I working in restaurants would be advantageous to me because I like to start so many businesses. And there was always that period of time before they became profitable in the beginning. And I knew that I needed a steady paycheck, if I learned how to cook, I would always be employable, no matter where in the country I was or even in the world. And that held true for me as a plan B to support myself when launching a business on many occasions. So it was a really good strategy for me right from the start, I was, I’d always get a part time job in the evening while I was starting a new business. And then when the business became profitable, I would leave the restaurant and that would go work full time in the business and then eventually sell it or, or if I if I didn’t like it and it wasn’t highly profitable, I would just you know, dissolve it and then move on to the next thing. But yeah, but but accidentally, I got good at that. And then I got promoted to chef over time. And I thought, wow, I never really planned on that. That just kind of just, it just happened. And then I ended up with more marketing agencies something also that was never really part of the plan. It was just, it just made sense to do so. So I juggle those two things for many years.

Justin Trosclair 39:03
Do you have to be a parent at all?

Unknown 39:04
I am. Yeah, I have a seven year old daughter.

Justin Trosclair 39:07
Okay? When you’re looking at your your journey, and I’m sure as a business owner, you know, sir, entrepreneur, even for myself, I want my kid or to be able to say, I started the job at 15. Or my dad encouraged me to start making money at an early age to learn marketing at an early age. So even if they skip college, they’re like, yeah, they need to go to college, because I learned all this stuff through high school. So when I got out of high school, I was already at an agency, I was able to get clients, I was already making more money than my dad did 10 years out of school, you know, one of those types of things. But kids are kids. And I think you’re like one of those little kids that are like special, you know, you know, the the steve jobs out there, they’re probably like figuring this stuff out. Whenever there we were playing video games and just trying to study for history class, is there a way that you’ve seen or maybe could see, encouraging that to where the kids want to learn these types of things, so that they can be set up later, instead of figuring it out after that out of your house?

Unknown 40:03
Whoa, um, it’s a good question. And I don’t know if I have the right answer for that, because I have my child happens to be a lot like me. She she’s already begun starting three different businesses at seven. And I think when if most people were to say that they would think that Oh, it’s a cute little side thing. She has fantastic ideas, they’re viable business concepts, we’re going to get them off the ground get them profitable for one of them is a you know, living in Florida, she’s recognized that there is a lot of honey purveyors, there’s be farms and people in our local area that you know that that make honey and then they package it and sell it at local stores and farmers markets and that sort of thing. So she wants to take a local Florida honey and make it accessible nationwide through an e commerce ecommerce platform. So is there’s there’s there’s certainly no problem. There’s no holes in that business model. right from the very beginning, it’s a no brainer, we have to do is market it properly. That led to all its and then it became a honey of the Month Club and where you pay a monthly subscription Come on, and you get a different type of Florida honey delivered to you every month. And so these are the kind of things that she’s come up with on her own. So she is a business prodigy by by all means, she asked me about my business all the time. How’s the leads do and daddy? What’s your conversions? Like, right? I just showed her a platform. I don’t if you’ve ever looked at analytics before, but it allows you to map out your sales funnel on the screen. It’s a free application really cool. And I just showed it to her for the first time she’s loving this idea that she can build sales funnels by dragging these icons around. And she’s like, how did you get that opt in icon, you know, and I’m like, program and she’s like, Wow, this is amazing. So the things that impressed her is really bizarre, but she also loves to play she loves to color She goes, you know, she does kid things to, for me my particular style of I guess, parenting and teaching, because we homeschool our daughter as well. So I mean, for us, it’s kind of natural to let her gravitate towards the things she’s takes a natural inclination to wanting to learn, and then give an empower her to be able to do that to the best of her ability. So she’s expressed interest in learning computer programming. So I’m teaching her how to code and HTML. And she lives she loves it. She’s expressed an interest in robotics, I when I was a kid, I had an interest in robotics and robotics have come a long way since the 80s. So we built to robots together. And she and we had a great time. And she she loves playing with the robot that she built with her own two hands. So had she not expressed interest in robotics, it would have never happened, I wouldn’t done it, it would have been forcing her to learn something that she wasn’t passionate about to begin with. So I just really allow her to explore the passions, their inner naturally. And I think she’s going to all kids are going to gravitate towards what they know, they’re going to be at least partially a product of their environment, if you give them the environment where they can throw, and this is why a lot of doctors have kids that want to grow up to be doctors, you know, it’s like the know, you grew up with that. Right? So it’s it’s natural. So if you’re an entrepreneurial doctor, you know, and somebody who takes an interest in business yourself, then it’s a good possibility, they will ask questions. And that’s key. You know, that’s key. If somebody asked questions, they have an interest if a client of ours asks questions, and they probably have an interest in possibly moving forward and working with us. If a patient asks questions of you, then chances are they’re they’re really interested in the protocol that you just you know, laid out for him. And then chances are, they might commit to that monthly or, you know, weekly visit or whatever the case is, or the procedure or whatever. So I look for those in business, we call them buying signs at home, it’s not much different. You see somebody asking a question, I see an interest. And I said, Well, you know what, let’s go on YouTube. Let’s see if we can find a couple videos. And let’s explore that interest a little bit. They’re still interested, give them a book, you know, give them just empower them with the things that they naturally gravitate towards. And don’t try to force your agenda on the child. That’s my particular brand of parenting.

Justin Trosclair 44:26
That kind of makes sense. Because if the kids like that, where you going, Oh, I gotta go talk to the computer for a while. They don’t know what a podcast is. They don’t really know what an interview is at that point. But they know that talks in front of the computer for a while. And yeah, and he talks about what happened.

Unknown 44:40
I tried to explain everything to her. And she and so she wants to she wants to publish a cookbook, she wants to do a podcast, she wants to she asked me if she could do her own webinar. I told him sure you could do whatever you want. And whatever you decide to do, I’ll help you with. She wanted to make her own cinema animation. So I taught her because this is an early interest of mine, I had an opportunity to work with Walt Disney Feature Animation once a long time ago, I, when I was at that crossroads, I decided to pursue a career in audio engineering, as opposed to a career in animation, which later proved to be a good decision. Because Two years later, they close the animation studio down put hundreds of people out of work. And that was all thanks to Pixar Toy Story because Disney got nervous and thought that every but nobody would be interested in traditional two dimensional animation anymore, they would only watch three dimensional movies, which was absurd, because that’s not true. But it would take them a good 15 years to come around to realizing that that wasn’t true. But I digress. I know how to animate. And so when she expressed that to me, I felt like old passion remerge and I said, Sure. So we created a little stop motion animation movie where her and my wife and myself did the voiceover work. And I taught her the lighting and the frame rates and doing so I’m teaching her math, and she’s learned all kinds of things, and uploaded it to YouTube. And she said, I want to make another one. And I said, Okay, now I’m going to teach you how to write a script. And we’re going to now move into a storyboard, I’m going to show you how to write a storyboard. So now she’s learning how to draw. So I go out and I get her artists, pencils, and artists pens, and are you know, and so now her little kid crayon, you know, art kit turns into a Semi Pro art kit, the kind that I used to use when I was learning how to animate and getting, you know, job offers like it Disney. And so I’m watching her grow and developed based on the resources that I make available through her interest, but it always starts with her interest. And then I, I, you know, it’s my job to recognize the interest and then which is not unlike marketing and a lot of ways, you know, and then and then take her down that that journey through that journey, you know,

Justin Trosclair 46:58
wow, you’re it sounds like whenever she gets to be around 18 looking at potential colleges, if that’s the way she goes, I’m good at math, I’m good at science, computers, all fields that are sort of male dominated. I mean, that’s a really cool thing to think about. Even if she wanted to go that route. I’m just saying like, that’s like, I’m

Unknown 47:17
hoping, yeah, I’m hoping By that time, she has the ability to, to have something in place where she doesn’t need the education, but it would only be taken if it was, you know, if she desired it, you know, if she

Justin Trosclair 47:31
wanted to have that papers.

Unknown 47:32
Yeah, well, yeah, or Yeah, maybe a personal accomplishment, or I just really would love to learn how to fly a plane. So I’m going to go to flight school, you know, and maybe not caught. But I don’t necessarily want to become an airline pilot, you know, and it’s and it’s, how cool would education be if it was only for personal enrichment, as opposed to a requirement, to go into debt to be able to do what we what we want to do. And so I hope she has the opportunity to explore, obviously, if it requires a license, you know, she wants to become a doctor, she’s gonna, you know, you got no way around that but, but otherwise, financially, I don’t want her to have to be dependent upon in education, but rather, you know, make that a part of her freedom of choice. But my goal, and my parenting goal is to equip her to be able to handle the world, you know, not nothing else, my goal is to get rid of her, you know, is how, you know, really, I mean, by the time she leaves, I want her to be ready, you know, and that’s my only goal is to make sure that I did everything within my power to make sure you are as equipped as you possibly could be in order to tackle the world, you know, and if I did that, then I can exit this world knowing that I accomplished something.

Justin Trosclair 48:44
Agreed. Hey, before I let you go, I love to ask this question. favorite books, blogs, podcasts, anything like that, that you secretly love, and something that you would recommend for everybody to check out?

Unknown 48:55
Oh, I wish I could. I don’t read though. I used to in my early days of entrepreneurial ship, I devoured everything I told you my library story when I went to to learn marketing. And that was where I built the basis of what eventually would become what I think is a an innovation mindset. And I believe that if I consume the ideas of other people, I will begin to adopt their, their way of thinking. And I believe that impedes my creative process and my ability to stay ahead of the curve instead of one step behind. So whatever people are touting as the new way, is usually something that I was doing five to 10 years ago. And I like that trend. And I like to keep that continuing on. And so one of the things that I beliefs that I adopted several years back was that the amount of time that I would spend reading a book could be spending, the same amount of time could be invested in writing a book. And I thought, since I wanted to write a book, I would, I would, I would put that to test. And as it turned out, I ended up being requested to ghost write a book, and then another book and another book in where I would remain an anonymous author on the project and you know, be paid royalties on the back end. So I started having those conversations with people who are interested in being published authors. But in doing so it led to figuring out how to actually sell the book. So we started creating marketing methods to sell books. And so now this is how I think it’s the same way as like, if I sit down to watch a movie, I think to myself, I like watching movies, but the same amount of time that I’ve invested in watching a movie, I could write a script for a movie, and I don’t know if this is the best use of my time. So I think I’ve become so driven by productivity and efficiency over time that is that, that when I invest it into reading something, it’s going to be reading a book with my daughter, or it’s watching a movie with my wife. And it’s, and it’s more in building relationships, and it is for my own personal use or enrichment or entertainment. And and so for that reason, I the most popular books on the market today I have not read yet. And I probably won’t and been on purpose, intention, right? It’s a good answer. Those free plus shipping books that everybody has on their shelf I don’t own and I don’t intend to read. And they go, Oh, yeah, I’ve read that in such in such book and I say I’ll take your word for it. But I can tell you with certainty that I’ve been doing this this way for the last 12 years, I didn’t get it from a book. these are these are my strategies. And a lot of times many of them were shared with, with people who I know have including them in their in their book, and you’ll see this in Facebook groups all the time when people say, hey, fill out this survey, tell us you know, what’s your top reason for this? Or, you know, and they’re compiling information to put into, you know, in free lead magnets or their sales page? Yeah,

Unknown 52:07
I did that.

Unknown 52:09
Yeah. So I mean, with that said, I, I know that, you know, when I have masterminds with a group of 10 Hot Shots, who I know, have big ad budgets, and I get and they go, that’s a great idea. I never thought about that. And then I see an advertisement display that I’m going to teach you the top three things that change just told me on a Skype call. I go all right, that’s that’s cool. Because, you know, I knew I knew what I was getting into when i when i agree to do that. And I’m okay with that. I am not saying that all the great ideas were once mine. But I can tell you that a lot of them

Justin Trosclair 52:42
are a lot of these books that just regurgitated like they are I won’t say the names. But there’s several books I’ve been reading recently. And I’m like, Okay, and then these two people, actually, I’ve read this or heard about this from before. So you just kind of like repackage it, put your little spin on it for your program. I am. And but you got to start, you know, you got to start somewhere. That’s

Unknown 53:04
not a bad thing. Yeah. so badly. Yeah, yeah. And I started somewhere. And I read books that weren’t as good as the books that are available today. Because at least the books today are relevant. I was reading stuff that was, you know, but even what’s relevant today is going to be outdated in five years anyway. So I mean, you gotta take a look great. So you know, having

Justin Trosclair 53:23
this conversation with you, if I didn’t know the basics,

Unknown 53:26
can use

Justin Trosclair 53:28
a lead magnet know? What is the lead magnet on this conversation? Hopefully.

Unknown 53:32
Right? Right, right. So I mean, and you get that for you get that source knowledge from books, but marketing is a beast in the way that like, it changes so rapidly, the algorithms change so quickly, that the platforms and the ad spend and the terms of service, if you’re not eating, breathing, and sleeping it on a daily basis, you can really easily be left behind. If you’re reading a book that was written a year ago, you’re probably not getting the most up to date, strategy, jeez, available, because we’ve already moved on, you know, I know what people are teaching on how to write a book, and market a book and in record time, and I could tell you that we’ve, we’ve developed a method that’s just, it’s, it’s his way surpasses anything that I know, that is out there today. And, and we, we don’t teach a course, you know, we we reserve that for our clients who come to us and say, you know, what do you guys got, we said, we got this and they go, Well, you know, I just spent 1500 dollars to get that, and I go, yeah, that was that’s two years old. You know, I mean, this is the way it’s done now. So yeah, you have to move quick. And that’s why I say when it comes to doctors, the same is true in health care is that it’s all it’s also evolving, it’s changing, you know, it’s deregulating. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s becoming and you know, doctors are doing online visits, now, they’re abandoning the internet and the networks now. And it’s, it’s, it’s been, it’s been, so a marketing strategy is important, I think, for the healthcare in a way that it wasn’t 10 years ago, but at the same time, it’s like, if you really want to do it, right, consider consulting with those that that, you know, have, not a plug and play system, but are capable of creating one that’s custom for you, so that you can not just make a couple of extra dollars, but you know, but grow and scale your business and and that’s that’s what I hope to be able to contribute in the in the marketing and business strategy space,

Justin Trosclair 55:27
was just saying, How can people get ahold of you

Unknown 55:28
getting a hold of me, I would say, go, I’m in on on Facebook, and a lot of the groups a lot of the time. So I mean, that’s the easiest way, really that I mean, that’s just if you want to personally get in touch with me. You know, look for me, Shane Frisco on Facebook, if you’re specifically interested in marketing, you want to talk to a salesperson or you know, my a member of my team, you’re going to get to me that way of anyway. So show low go.com. That’s s o s, h, o. l o Co. It’s two words, social loko.com, which is a play on social, local, and the word loco because we’re crazy about marketing. And

Unknown 56:17
that is social loko calm is where we were we market for local businesses, especially those pertaining to health care. So that’s not a space that we’re that we’re strangers to when it comes to not just reaching out to the people who aren’t aware of your practice. But the people who have already been through your front door and you haven’t seen in a while, we need to get them back through the door. Additionally, we need to get referrals from those people. And the most neglected aspect of you know, what we started with in terms of email marketing, which is a great way to do this is the b2b opportunities that actually just in the health care profession, right is reaching out and establishing those relationships with the vertical markets, that could be a good ongoing source of referrals for you and your practice. So we focused on all those things in our mark, email marketing campaigns, as well as our advertising, sales funnels and all of those happy things, but it starts with a strategy. And it starts with reaching out to and also Shane frisco.com can can get you there too. But, you know, in a very generic sort of way. It’s one of our newer websites just because people were searching for me and they were finding a lot of old chef related stuff but not things that pertain to marketing. I’m also on LinkedIn and fairly active lately. But yeah, Facebook groups to all the marketing groups I’m in there as well and and I’m and I’m well known in those groups to you know, you can you can talk to those people who are, who were prominent those groups and they’ll usually be able to, to vouch for, for me and my team in my in our credibility.

Justin Trosclair 57:58
Fantastic. Thank you so much for bringing all this great knowledge today. The interview definitely went a different direction than I was expecting, but I’m really happy with.

Unknown 58:07
Appreciate your time. Alright, thanks for the invitation doctor. And it’s been a pleasure.

Justin Trosclair 58:15
Did you know I am offering a copy and one on one online class you know, I’ve been in China for a while I’ve got a class set up with some TCM docs who do cupping will show you the glass kind and the suction kind, you can find more information at a doctor’s perspective, net slash cupping. Right now we have a pre sale price, so you’re going to save a good chunk of cash. By signing up early just put your email You’ll get notified when the class goes live. Also, as always, the no needle acupuncture book, you get four chapters, anxiety, low back, insomnia, and headaches, got pictures, how to find the points. And of course, all with no needles just go to a doctor’s perspective net slash in a protocol as in needless acupuncture. We have great results the other day from lady who couldn’t do a lunch because their knee pain. Now, knee pain is not an issue. So excited to hear that. Also the first book today’s choices, tomorrow’s health, a lot of people are looking for a magic bullet, the same it this is saying hey, look, if you can do small things daily, you’ll see results. And I’ll give you the blueprints that I use to create an exercise routine cardio routine, get my nutrition in order and actually get your finances in order to because that’s a big stress in life. And of course it talks about chiropractic. So I hope you check that out on the website under the Resources tab. These are my affiliate links that helps out support the show blueberry hosting set for said they got the power bands, and the really really resistant really good to stretch those joints mentor box in get subscription to watch the author talks about the book so that you don’t have to spend the time reading it also goes over books and things like that. It’s really quite cool, Primal health and nutrition and save 10% by going through my link using the code primal doc. It’s bone broth. Here’s to the autoimmune protocols and the specific carbohydrate diet, gluten free non GMO, no sugar, dairy free, all those types of cool things. As well as Click Funnels. If you sign up to that, or pick up a book from him, do my links helps out a little bit. And then of course everybody’s favorite Amazon. You can sign up for different things like prime fresh our music, through our links. And of course any the show notes. We have books mentioned a few follow the link through my site. That’ll help out as well. Well, that is it. Go on ahead and leave us a five star review. Thanks so much for listening, and we’ll see you next week.

We just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, share it on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guests. I sincere thank you in advance. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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