practice management

E 138 Myth Busting House Call Chiropractic Dr Jen Faber

Low overhead, no insurance, cash pay, more time with patients and higher fees are reasons to switch to house call chiropractic. Dr. Jen Faber had a successful HC practice and now consults with others to gain the same. Plus we chat travel and novelty. Why did she quit the traditional high volume practice, transition into…

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E 112 Hiring an Associate via the Remarkable Practice with Dr Stephen Franson DC

Practice scalability, durability and transfer-ability can include hiring an associate. We discuss all the details involved. Staff, systems and retention are a major part of Dr. Stephen Franson DC the Remarkable Practice also, family expectations. Main Goals: Teaching Systems in the office for doctors, wellness lifestyle, clinical outcomes, patient education, empowering people as their coach,…

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E 80 5 Rules To Be Your Own Life CEO Dr. Ben Carvosso

What is your life’s work, ethos and passion? How can a designer diary and a three-way mindset shift be the spark to attain life alignment? Dr. Ben Carvosso outlines the business CEO and likens it to a detailed Life CEO, aka his book. We touch on spouse relevance, kid role models, and more. A defining…

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