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E 155 Mobile Mom Chiropractic Dr Bethany Buryta

Mobile – drive to your house- chiropractic can be a profitable practice style and allows for flexibility for parents. We also discuss software, social media influencer ideas, cash practice tips. With over 10 years experience, 3 state licenses (currently Rochester, NY), and a desire to stay active in her kids lives (part time stay at…

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E 138 Myth Busting House Call Chiropractic Dr Jen Faber

Low overhead, no insurance, cash pay, more time with patients and higher fees are reasons to switch to house call chiropractic. Dr. Jen Faber had a successful HC practice and now consults with others to gain the same. Plus we chat travel and novelty. Why did she quit the traditional high volume practice, transition into…

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E 137 Time Freedom with House Call Chiropractor Patrick Isaacs DC

House call chiropractic is a great way to achieve time freedom. We discuss the advantages, potential liability, working in a gym, types of equipment, and Patrick Isaacs DC second passion, campus ministry. Dr. Isaacs has been a chiropractor for 3 years and recently moved back to his home town to start his own mobile /…

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