E 137 Time Freedom with House Call Chiropractor Patrick Isaacs DC

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Dr. Patrick Isaacs, DC talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast.

House call chiropractic is a great way to achieve time freedom. We discuss the advantages, potential liability, working in a gym, types of equipment, and Patrick Isaacs DC second passion, campus ministry.

Dr. Isaacs has been a chiropractor for 3 years and recently moved back to his home town to start his own mobile / at home / house call business. He and his wife also felt something was missing in their life and is now  a college campus minister.

We discuss how he divides his week between chiropractic, college ministry and being a father to a toddler.

When you have 2 jobs and you could have just worked a limited schedule at a brick and mortar office, why take the road less traveled with house calls?

Not much competition with house call chiropractic, convenient for the patient – no traffic when you don’t leave your house.

Everyone does not get the concept of the doctor traveling to you.

How much liability does a business carry by having the chiropractor come to their office and treat employees? (on site care)

Dr. Patrick has carved a niche in a local crossfit. We explore his setup, exam, treatment options, payment and what he does for those who need more than just a tune up.

Usually patients come to an office 2-3 times per week for 2 weeks when they need chiropractic spinal manipulation. What does a treatment plan look like for house call chiropractor?

Should you discount multiple people at the same house? Do kids get a discount?

Sectioning off certain areas of the city for certain days is a must for house call to maximize your time.

Should you / can you wear a body cam to stop false misconduct allegations or what other way can you set yourself up to not get an ethical dilemmas?  He has a good answer because he doesn’t treat women if they are alone.

Different marketing ideas: fb ads, magnets, word of mouth

Relationship:  Work hard for 12 weeks then take a week off. That gives you a solid 4 weeks off per year. Do the things you know show her love and keep her the highest priority (after God of course). Raise your flag early, but not often.

Love and Respect
Five Love Languages
Mere Christianity CS Lewis

Victory Chiropractic on social media

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/137 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

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Full Transcript of the Interview (probably has some grammatical errors). Just Click to expand

Justin Trosclair 0:06
Episode 137 time freedom with house call chiropractor we host Justin Trosclair. And today we’re Dr. Patrick Isaac’s perspective. During 2017 and 2018 podcast Awards Nominated host as we get a behind the curtain look at all types of doctors and guests specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective. Before we jump in today, I want you to know the dentist series is coming together. I got a ton of interviews lined up editing, making graphics, we ready to go really excited to have a concentrated effort on that. Also finished up my third week long series of the pro loan, el Neutra fast mimicking diet protocol, it definitely got easier each time, I’ll get the blood work for you soon as I can let you know how it how it worked. But you know, there’s there’s definitely you miss eating, you missed that social aspect of just eating whenever you want it with people during that week, but the food’s tasty. It keeps you satisfied enough to make it through much better than a three to five day water fast. My wife’s done that I’ve only done a two day at plenty after that. So this is definitely a good thing. Can we see the blood work? If you have any questions on that reach out? Justin at adoctorsperspective dot net . That’s my email for the show. Well, the other day, many So www.adoctorsperspective.net/m28 was an interview that I had listened to and did a summary of about home doctor visits in the chiropractic setting. And today, I didn’t interview that guy. But I interviewed another one who’s been out of school for three years and house call chiropractor for three months out in Wisconsin. And so we’re going to cover things like why did you do that? also his side hustle, if you want to call it that, we discuss how he manages his three main roles in life. What kind of marketing is he doing? How does he handle the house call visits? What do they look like the length, the people look at him weird when he tells them what he does. He also carved a niche in the local CrossFit. Maybe it’s something that you can look into as well. It’s definitely a profitable situation, how to schedule it be covered, because you don’t need driving all around town all different parts. That’s not a good use of your time, should use a body cam to stop false misconduct allegations was his view on that. And he’s got some pretty decent relationship advice and some fun books. So all the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash 137. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain. Live from China and Wisconsin. Today on the show. We got a unique situation with a chiropractor who does mobile which means house visits. And if you don’t know, that’s kind of a unique situation. We’ve had an osteopath in the on the past episode who did it. And of course that was pretty wild too, because you don’t see a lot of osteopaths adjusting people and that was his specialty. So now we get to see the bread and butter, the chiropractor Patrick Isaac’s on the show. Thanks for being on the show. Thanks for having no podcasters complete without the obligatory how’d you get into chiropractic? And then when you finished? How did you get into mobile? Why did that become a thing for you versus brick and mortar? Which is the obvious first choice?

Unknown Speaker 3:12
Yeah, so I was 20, I was really tired of migrants. So I had never been adjusted. I would have 10 years of weekly headaches, which is about 500 and gave chiropractic a shot learned about how my neck curve was boss of curve was living leading to a lot of issues. I worked at it for a while couple of months. And then I noticed kind of looking back in retrospect, view that my migraines were gone. And that kind of started a spark in my head, like on my on my heart. Hey, I gotta do this, I gotta I gotta do this for other people. So I knew I was going some kind of health path, it was either going to be the dietary dentistry and decided that it just gel well for me that the body heals itself, that the body’s really smart. getting healed from headaches really was the kickstart to be like, Look, I gotta do this.

Justin Trosclair 3:59
Yeah. And then we went through school you finished? And did you were associate with anybody else? Or did you jump right into your own thing?

Unknown Speaker 4:08
I did. And I and I liked it. I think I kind of had to because so this is my fifth year adjusting but a graduated at the end of 2016. So it’s my third year as a DC but you know, you’re interesting in school, I did a couple opportunities that I don’t regret at all. You know, I don’t I don’t think I made the wrong choice. You know, I’m going to a normal office. I think that’s where I grew. And I that’s what I look for in the last two years, I had a great opportunity in Minneapolis, Minnesota, technically Rosemond to kind of be the main guy in one spot, share the office space with an owner, me not being the owner. I trained, learned and grew and worked on a lot of cross fitters, which will come up here, a lot of athletes, a lot of kids, and so athletes and kids has been and working with pregnancy has been kind of my favorite thing. And what I hope to see the most, but at one point, we decided for our little life sake, not just practice, to get back to my hometown, which is lacrosse, Wisconsin. So I came back in may say three months ago, for a couple to live a couple to live a life of two things, chiropractic, and both campus ministry. So I’m doing both Okay, which is how I feel more fulfilled. I feel more fulfilled doing not just Chiropractic and I didn’t want to totally drop it. But we just felt like we couldn’t let some passions. We just felt like we were always missing something.

Justin Trosclair 5:26
When you have the calling. You gotta do it. Yeah. Nice thing is you have a job. You can actually get paid well as your side job.

Unknown Speaker 5:33
I can. I can. Yeah. And I love it. Because I’m going to I’m already creating, you know, days where I’m not adjusting days that I know I’m already doing okay, with cluster booking where I’m setting up a Tuesdays, we’re just adjusting, you know, hey, and say Mondays, we’re just doing campus ministry or and then right now Fridays, I’m just hanging out with my awesome little toddler. And we had a one and a half year old boy named Oliver. And so I’m trying to create parts where I can just commit to one thing and just that day is daddy day or that day is adjusting day. So

Justin Trosclair 6:06
Wow. Well, it’s pretty nice, especially in the campus ministry because that can get I was pretty involved when I was in college. And, man, it can get wild. I’ve heard of leaders. Yeah, bad enough. Where we go to hang out and eat and drink and stallion. So yeah, there’s so much going on.

Unknown Speaker 6:22
So be the person to say, to want to like go and minister to college students and be in their life and listen to them and and Karen, especially when you’re raising how let’s do but I don’t know, I kind of maybe I’m attracted to the fire like the crazy. But I don’t feel stressed out at all.

Unknown Speaker 6:38
That’s a good thing. Yeah. Alright, so many options here. I’m gonna stick the chiropractic though, because I Alright.

Justin Trosclair 6:45
So I get I get it. While you may have done mobile, but again, you possibly could have found somebody local and said, Hey, I want to work Tuesdays and Thursdays rent space from you, you know, pay a little fee percentage. And that way people already know where you are. So what you do just mobile instead,

Unknown Speaker 7:01
there’s a bunch of good reasons. And I’ll keep them succinct one, nobody’s doing it. Like, you know, like, that’s one of my biggest one is kind of classic business like, like, I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m a business expert, but check on mean 15 years, and then I’ll be reading books. Maybe, but no, no, that nobody’s doing it. The closest one is the other side of the state. Some people really get it. Like you just talk about what it is like, instead of the wait times and the traffic being and waiting and traffic. I come to you at your leisure. Look at your, you know, my expense. You know what I mean? Like it’s a convenience, this is one thing that comes up, but then also, because no one’s doing it like and people really get it just seems like the right thing for this area. And some people do not get it and like and I laugh and I just let them not get it and move on. Because I don’t need I am only one person. I can’t adjust 100,000 people in this area. I only need by whatever, you know, hundred people 200 people. So when people don’t get it, I just smile and go That’s nice. You know, you don’t have to get it. Like if you want to go into an office

Justin Trosclair 8:06
going like keep doing that. You must get some looks at the church at the at the grocery store. Like what? Come on, man. Don’t do that. Yeah, you know,

Unknown Speaker 8:16
people look at you like you’re Yeah, they’re lucky. Yeah, you do what? But other people are like, Oh, wait, you do mobile, I think get real close. And the lights that work? Awesome. How’s that work? And they you know, like they asked questions that we’re talking about and I love when people get because it’s about one out of three people like it two out of three don’t understand. Okay?

Justin Trosclair 8:34
If you put the effort in maybe you can go to a business. Yeah, a dentist office a bank, and you can see the entire staff if they wanted to go there. And just see you You show up you do your thing for a couple hours. It’s a great day. Yeah, but those I’m guessing would be harder to do because now the businesses like I’m responsible now my liability is based on this guy. And that seems like I don’t want that responsibility. Is that something that they may think of?

Unknown Speaker 8:59
Yeah, so I’ve only been here three months. I can definitely I definitely want to talk about a highlight of like onsite care instead of homes you know, it’s a little bit different but because I don’t actually yet have a corporate connection yet and I there’s so many great options I can’t wait to explore like this ball on this winner and just you know, just getting started here. My favorite one has been the cross the chin so just shot acceleration and I’m Alaska friend of mine from high school and I just connected on the idea she used to was like as soon as she was one of those people like finding out your mobile she was like oh my gosh yo come to my gym like and so literally putting on the table the first weekend I saw 1012 new people right away and and people are are coming again so every time a lot of them are because couple of things they’ve said is like one one guy is like well if you’re here you cannot get adjusted like because these guys are trying to they’re trying to do their backs they are some of these athletes are pushing it to be the they’re like truly their master working every day. They want to do competitions, they want to get sponsored, and someone told me the other day like if anything’s going to help them help us stay in this gym and keep working and keep training at another level we’re going to do it you know it’s a good tribe and culture so

Unknown Speaker 10:18
then I just tweaked my shoulder

Unknown Speaker 10:20
Yeah, yeah, there are there are the weekend warriors. There are the like only get adjusted when something’s wrong but there’s also people and I’m happy to help them there’s also people that are like hey, I want to be man I want to perform well and one guys like I want to heal all right. He said I want I need help my recovery is why is why he gets adjusted. So So that’s been a mega I love going to go to I go every week, like every other weekend, I go there. And I actually do a little bit Sunday morning and had to churches because it’s literally 15 minutes away from my it’s definitely been one of those like perfect things and nothing is, you know, I’m not about anything you do is perfect. But that CrossFit gym has been one of the best opportunities because I actually leave a table there now, because I don’t have to lug it around. And I have three tables. So leave one there and working on them, you know, has led to about 60 patient visits a month. You know if you want to comment like That’s nice. Do you know corporate stuff yet? Right. Well, that’s

Justin Trosclair 11:19
coming. That counts in my book. Yeah, right there. Jim’s corporate ever. Yeah. Are you specially trained in any kind of sports stuff? Are you doing any that?

Unknown Speaker 11:30
Yeah, so like, one thing about that is I I don’t walk in with any letters behind my name besides DC, except for the deliveries of the Harvard School of Hard Knocks. Yeah, because I got to work with so many cross fitters and Twin Cities I just learned like how to work on shoulders to help them stay in the game, how to work on Gosh, knees and wrists. Cash so so just getting honestly getting to know the extremity world of adjustment, right. And some active release techniques has really positioned me to like be the right guy for the job without having to go get any more extra

Justin Trosclair 12:04
letters. What are you bringing, like, I’m just curious, what kind of table did you buy? Are you bringing some vibrating massage tools can ucot like I did a mile fashion.

Unknown Speaker 12:16
The thing about this, this thing is, you know, they have class times, you know, like eight nine o’clock, so I’ll be either like getting people Justin ready for their workout. Or usually, which might be you might kind of enjoy this out pretty darn swing, like agenda 20

Justin Trosclair 12:33

Unknown Speaker 12:34
it’s kind of hard. Like, one time I slipped and but thankfully I’ve learned how to use towels so so I’m now most people are like, you know, cool enough talking to their friends waiting in line to get adjusted. And do I get my towel, I don’t really have time for like the long stuff now nom nom, just connecting, finding out what’s going on and keeping the adjustments for 10 minutes. I don’t think I can do a one minute adjustment with how complicated their movements and life can be. But tell them off and then work on spine first, and then extremities just bought a massage gun, and I think it’s going to be a big hit. So that’s usually what I’m going to use to work on our traps and then Terry’s minor major like our shoulders. So I kind of have a routine where I work on spine first and extremity. But like I said, I keep a table there. Now I fold it up and keep it in the corner. I admit there, I taken the liability of keeping it there. But I bought a deadline from Amazon A long time ago. And so I’m okay with losing it because it’s 353 $50 table, right? If I lose it, I’m gonna be okay. And it’s really I mean, it’s really heavy. So like who’s gonna steal it? But, uh, and also, I mean, what are you gonna do with it? But, uh, like my friend used to say like, he never like when he goes to the bathroom at a coffee shop. He doesn’t take his Bible with because if someone steals that they probably need it more than him. Yeah, like,

Justin Trosclair 13:57
community. Hey, where you going with that news table? I could borrow it. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 14:01

Unknown Speaker 14:03
So I do like to keep things simple, keep it in the corner. But I think it’s important with cross fitters and, you know, Thompson drop techniques for the pelvis, you have a drop table, okay, I have a table without chocolate, super light. Kairos, Alex, and I just need dropped pretty bad. So I keep the drop at the, at the, at the gym. So that’s it, I just bring towels the table. I do bring forms. I do bring a health survey, that’s pretty quick. And then I write down the rest and put it in my HR leader. And then I do a range of motion exam, like so I’m still thorough, but I’ve learned how to be quicker, you know, then we don’t do our first day. And until, you know, I try, I learned that. You know, x rays are important. But sometimes I know when you know what, this is a wellness person, they got an X ray recently from a different Cairo, some of these people see different Kairos I’m fine with that. I’m happy about it, actually. But not every I’ve learned that not everyone needs an X ray, the way they used to think that they had to, which I know is point of like opinion.

Unknown Speaker 15:07
Yeah, I mean, they’re working out pretty good. You know, they could have something but

Unknown Speaker 15:11
they’re going to tell you,

Unknown Speaker 15:13
the guidelines are tough these days, we’re navigating new waters, as in the corporate profession, where it’s like, the liability if you don’t get an X ray, something happens. Like the anomaly where, you know, we’re looking for red flags, you know, there’s reasons why you would actually want to look for do the X ray, did you see it?

Unknown Speaker 15:31
I look for him, you know, I rule it, I realized stuff with my range of motion, like I’m making sure that like that they’re not uncommon, both hands, you know, like, so I like, you know, I, if they hit their head, they’re probably not, I’m probably gonna say, hey, let’s get let’s get an X ray. But other than that, you know, it’s, I’ve been able to learn how to take care of these people with a little bit of speed.

Unknown Speaker 15:49
Would it be safe to say that if someone has a bigger issue you like, Look, man, I’m only here twice a month, you know, you have a higher problem. I can see you at your house on the off week if you want to, and I don’t Does that ever happen?

Unknown Speaker 16:01
It’s tend to happen. Yeah, it definitely has a definitely run into someone where you just like, you know, your spidey sense, your doctor senses, like, it’s not going to be enough to do twice a month. And so that’s, that’s one difficulty of on site. And, you know, should I just start doing weekly? Well, I’m not going to do weekly on the weekends, because I’d like to have a life like this, I’m gonna go to Madison, I’m going to go to the Twin Cities, Colorado, whatever it has to be for a different family. But my point is, that’s perfect to be like, hey, let’s do hospitals in between, what’s your address? What day works for you? You know, then you’re on a weekly plan once a day, twice of the gym twice in their house. And we you know, that’s what my heart is, is like, I really feel like a lot of people need to start weekly for a while to unravel the stress on their life. Because you got physical, emotional chemical stress, definitely a believer, the three toxins or three T’s, and definitely a philosophical chiropractor, I would say, but nutrition, so shoot, I guess I’m a mixer, too.

Justin Trosclair 16:59
Yeah. But you know, I? Yeah, I can’t say that you have to sometimes it’s just not enough. You know, like, how are they gonna? Are they just going to stay where they are? Sometimes what certain people at twice a month instead of get better? Okay, so that’s the question, let’s switch gears a little bit, you go into somebody’s house, they got a Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, sciatica, if you want. Obviously, to me, to me, once a week is not going to cut the mustard. They just want to come forever, for a lot for quite a while. It’s just great to. But if you actually want to get this thing taken care of second, a real office, it’s going to be at least three times a week we can make to work if we had to. What do you do? How does that work in the in the home based thing?

Unknown Speaker 17:38
Yeah. These are awesome questions. Because I’ve been thinking about how, what’s the point in doing less care? So someone likes you or your education is lazy, you know? So you can you can do less education and get out of it? What’s the point? If they don’t get better? And no one’s no one’s happy, then because then they’re not better? You’re not getting paid? You know? So I would say definitely up for how scholars that are more than once a week and haven’t seen a case yet. Everyone the topic, the tricky part, I think of this, you know, like, is what if you’ve got someone who wants or care, because this is my hometown? Okay, normally, they want your care. And you know, they’re financially not doing hot. Like they don’t there’s not much in there.

Justin Trosclair 18:18
That’s the hardest one, it is a premium for these. Yes, it’s

Unknown Speaker 18:20
And so yeah, cuz I’m currently my fees are charged 50 for a house call. It makes sense. Yeah, no, I like it. Because people don’t know that. That’s a normal fee. Yeah, but I mean, people charge 150. And people pay, you know, so. And yeah. And I know, there’s people less than me and people more, and I think in this very Western Wisconsin, that it makes sense that it’s worth it. And then I give discounts when people get added, which I think people really, really are taking advantage of and enjoying, so to speak. I mean, when you get to a group of like, you know, three or four, and you cost the same as an office, why wouldn’t you do and trying to create a why wouldn’t you?

Justin Trosclair 18:58
Yeah, I’ve seen that. I know, our little Facebook group, we have commentary about, should it be a 20% off? Should it be a you know, on the first day on the second person, and then 30% for the next one. And then it just kept that a certain amount. I would like if you got like three four kids and their families like get

Unknown Speaker 19:12
the kids do.

Unknown Speaker 19:15
But that’s the company washes because you like

Justin Trosclair 19:17
it takes just to me, I’ve always said why would I want to discount a kid because it takes just as much time sometimes more because they’re square me and wear me around

Unknown Speaker 19:25
this because they’re smaller. There’s

Unknown Speaker 19:28
50, it’s 50 for everyone. But

Justin Trosclair 19:32
But I also understand that

Unknown Speaker 19:33
I think that’s cool. If I can get three people

Justin Trosclair 19:35
that I was trying to buy something the other day at a store and the lady was like, wouldn’t let me buy this cheaper version. She wanted me to buy the higher end. It’s like I don’t want the higher end. It all tastes the same. Give me the lower end. And she wouldn’t do it. I was like, all right, well, you walked away with no money, and you could have had something. And so it sounded just like that.

Unknown Speaker 19:52
And I really am in this profession to serve. I got out of my migraines I had said I had a couple of times I got out of that I want to help other people get out of it. So money comes second. We all know debt, and we want to get paid as doctors. But I think the best ones out there are serving First they have a servant heart.

Justin Trosclair 20:09
Now, what size city do you live in? And do you have to marginalize it or not marginalize it, but section it off per day? Because if you’re kind of hard to get around a bunch of different areas sometimes in one day?

Unknown Speaker 20:21
Well, Justin, you ask a lot of good questions like he, you know, he asked, just saying, What’s your favorite color? Question. So in the crotch area, there’s an Alaska area, which is a little bit more mall suburban, and then on Alaska Homans above it and that’s booming and growing the fastest for the homes. And then lacrosse is older and not growing much but it’s at the center. That’s right on the Mississippi. You know, it’s kind of like without lacrosse, you know, these two towns wouldn’t be here.

Unknown Speaker 20:49
I was Oh, you’re on the Mississippi River too.

Unknown Speaker 20:51
Yeah, look at that. I want the south for you don’t here in China. I

Justin Trosclair 20:55
grew up in a in Louisiana. So I forget you know, the mighty Mississippi. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 21:01
yeah, yeah. Yeah, I know. So. But anyway, so Yeah, actually, I have started creating, like I said, I’ve started creating days for certain areas. And I think that is really working array. I have visited damas twice now that’s a different topic, but I am trying to create, nobody wants to just run around for one house call 35 minutes every drive. No one wants to do that. Everyone, so I’ll have a deal like that, where I’m just like, I gotta get these people in the corner vacation and you’re like this, you know, nobody, you’re going back and forth. And it’s not fun. But this is what I’m doing so far. One stays is holding, so I can get more bam, bam, bam. You know, kind of keep the drive time short. Try to see groups of people and then obviously like who doesn’t want to see 12 people in two hours instead of three and 30 hours so doing that really makes you enjoy your your this job more this business this practice this life better. But then so far created times where I’m in Alaska times where I’m an old man. And you know, when you’re first starting, it can be a little dicey. Like, well, I could do Friday, I could do this, but I think it’d be just kind of create it. People will fail in the way that in an office if you have Saturdays. They will go on Saturday, and they’ll keep doing this. Yes, they will. I did Saturday’s a lot. So I know. But if you take that as a way Guess what? Most people will file it. You know, it’s all about buckets.

Justin Trosclair 22:27
Well, yeah, cuz you just tell them I go to Alaska. Alaska. Right? On Alaska. Okay. I only go there on Tuesdays. Well, Tuesday’s don’t work. Are you sure? Can we make it work? Yeah. Make it work. Like Okay, cool.

Unknown Speaker 22:40
And everyone’s while maybe because of this? I mean, we’re all people who this baby’s here that you know, they’re gonna miss someone you know, are you know that they’re there? Because but I think that like he said, they’re not going to miss people. You just got to lead lead a little bit. Be confident, be the doctor.

Justin Trosclair 22:55
How long was the visit? Take I’m getting you know, you might go into some houses. Really? It was really nice. While you’re pack rat, you’re a talker. You got a dog. I mean, there’s all kinds of distractions, and you could talk more than you treat.

Unknown Speaker 23:06
Yeah, and I’ve got a main table haven’t even talked about my main Table Talk spend, takes me two minutes to set up. So that’s four minutes already, you know, and then you know, I want to check in I’m pretty personable. I want to know, like, Hey, how are things going? I don’t want to be like focusing on symptoms. I just want to care for the, the human. But you know, like I said, I usually work on spine and extremity. And sometimes I’m not doing manual hands diversified. I’m doing TRT with the integrator. But so that’s quicker. You’re looking for three spots of reflex that the reflexes showed you. So I would say house calls are ranging right now from 15 to 40 minutes. And when it’s every whenever it’s 40. Am I sometimes look down on my watch and go? How did that take 40 minutes? And I think it’s because I’m a talker, so I’ve got to work on it. Average, usually I’m doing, you know, chief complaint and educating about the nervous system. But muscle work. A lot of that takes time. Yeah, and we usually with the most to work, yeah, but uh, you know, I would say I’m not a muscle work, Doc, I just do it here and there as a it’s only two, three minutes. It’s not, it’s not gonna, I’m not you’re gonna, you’re not gonna see me working an hour on one person. Because I do I am a less is more person, I’m gonna give you the 323 adjustments any really bad and then work on the wrist and the ankles.

Justin Trosclair 24:23
Okay. And as long as the person’s satisfied with that, then you’re doing I think you’re doing right by them.

Unknown Speaker 24:28
And I try to get out of there. Then I try to get my five and say, See you next.

Justin Trosclair 24:31
Yeah. Is it awkward? Do they ever? Like, you want some lemonade? You need some cookies? I mean, is there like that kind

Unknown Speaker 24:37
of thing that happens every time? Nobody’s nobody. And maybe I think that’s the South. Midwest. I think people are kind of like, Hey, we did the thing. Sorry, you can leave. Okay, so what I’m saying is, nobody’s been like, you know, trying to keep me in there and chat about life for an hour and a half. All right. Maybe it’s because I you know, talk to them in the beginning and during the adjustment, you know, like it’s not just I try to put it you know, have a conversation while adjusting. But no, stay for cookies and milk yet.

Justin Trosclair 25:07
Okay, good. Now, I’m just kidding. Somebody might want you to set up in their bedroom. Some people might be like, no, my forte is not doing a big

Unknown Speaker 25:15
let’s talk about the body cam security living above reproach topic, please. This is where I’m at. And my wife’s like, really, she’s really good wife. She’s my best friend. She’s really funny. really goofy. Go on, go on pretty athletic. I really like her. We’ve been married five years. And I would like to stay married. And I would like to I would like this marriage be super healthy. And that does not happen on accident. We’re definitely a proactive marriage that that where we try the best to make sure that both of us are getting what we need that like, like, what do you need to feel loved? You know, and making sure she gets quality time in touch. You know, there’s this love and respect conference and coming from a Bible verse about how the man needs to feel believed. Yeah, you like that? Yes. tuna sandwich. Yeah, man, nice to feel believed in and respected. And I really do get off my air hose.

Justin Trosclair 26:05

Unknown Speaker 26:07
yeah. So we, here’s our rule. This is what protects me long term. I won’t see women alone. And just be and I’m not worried about me as much as I’m worried about a an accusation. That’s false.

Justin Trosclair 26:19
So is the kid count

Unknown Speaker 26:20
as a kid count as tricky? I would say, if they’re really young, I’d still rather

Justin Trosclair 26:26
Oh, I’m sorry. I meant if the mom, if it’s a mom and her kids are there, does that count like that? Somebody else’s? And

Unknown Speaker 26:32
oh, that know that? I was answering that? I think I would say it doesn’t feel alone. The kids gotta be, you know, I don’t know, I like it better. You know, it’s kind of preferences when they’re above 10. You know, like, where it’s not. And obviously, my preference would be that the husband’s home. And that’s a little tricky with hospitals. And I think that’s something that’s one out of the top 10 conversations, but not seeking women alone. And having that policy is going to protect me and my family from accusations. Miss understand, because this is a touch base profession. I don’t want anything misunderstood. So you work in more night hours. Honestly, I’ve been working a lot of four to seven weekends. But of course you create, you create that, I don’t know. And thankfully, I actually don’t go to seven very often I’m home by five or six most nights like every other nine to five.

Justin Trosclair 27:18
And that works well to get your kids a toddler. So it’s not like All right, thanks for coming back from school. I gotta go work. You know, that may not work later. But for now, okay.

Unknown Speaker 27:27
with you all day.

Unknown Speaker 27:28
Yeah. And my wife is two main campus ministry part time and the other or other job is Bob. So like, she has flexibility to join me on one where I’m like, Hey, you should come with just just come with, you know, so we’ve created that.

Justin Trosclair 27:43
Now, what about the body cam situation? Would that remedy these issues?

Unknown Speaker 27:46
Yeah, body cam. I don’t know anything thing. But somebody told me that’s a little so I just don’t? Really. So we’ll have to look into that I did. I’m gonna have to find out who told me you can do that. But

Justin Trosclair 27:57
I don’t understand because we’re not making them naked. Not looking down their shirt or up their skirts? No, no, I don’t do that. So it’s like, the patient Shouldn’t I mean, I would put in my consent form. Like, of course, legally, I have no clue when I lawyers, obviously consult on people, but we’re not disrobing so other than the patient just saying like, No, you may not know, take this. Okay, cool. We won’t take will turn it off for you. But I just don’t see why it would be as long as they know what’s happening. Why would be an issue?

Unknown Speaker 28:24
Yeah, it’s gonna put it in your content if you want to, if you want to have some kind of recorder, and you put it in your consent, and that’s perfect. I think even better is if you can bring your wife with. Yeah, it’s I mean, it’s great. I’ll do proof stuff there. Bring your wife with

Justin Trosclair 28:40
all business typically will have a sticker in their window. You are now under surveillance.

Unknown Speaker 28:44
Right? I don’t. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 28:46
So it’s Yeah, that’s not that’s that’s real concern.

Unknown Speaker 28:49
It’s how you make it make an Office Mobile. Right.

Justin Trosclair 28:52
Yeah. Alright, so that’s, that’s really good information there. Let’s jump into marketing a little bit. What do you do to get your name out there?

Unknown Speaker 29:02
So marketing, word of mouth has been the best. This is my hometown, and my college town. So it’s already everyone I’ve seen maybe 90% has started from because I knew someone or they knew someone that knew me. I would say starting a mobile practice might be kind of difficult. In a completely brand new city, if I just wanted to Arizona, I don’t know. I would sweat a lot. And then, and I wouldn’t know anybody. So but that was kind of some of our strategy. So what we’re going to be doing soon as magnets, so we’re going to have a picture of me the portable table number and I think leaving you know, kind of, I think people like magnets, I think that it’s different. And maybe it was in the 80s or something but the Amish community. I’ve heard this for their refrigerators. Yeah. So Magnus for fridge. I’m not

Justin Trosclair 29:47
your car.

Unknown Speaker 29:48
So yeah, magnets for for the fridge. I think this is one way that I think is strange. But I think it’s going to work like 60 people that are on the fence about starting house calls. Give me magnet instead of a card because I feel like people throw away business. That’s what they do. And take it from me to get you to shut up about your about what you love. So what I mean is magnets like it’s more likely to make its way to the fridge among other eclectic things. And the moment they have their complaint, they might, they might go put their finger on a number and call you.

Justin Trosclair 30:21
I’m going to give you some unsolicited advice with a magnet. Okay, good. Okay, I did it back in the day, I had mugs a magnet, you know, this thing stand by me so inviting you don’t be cheap with the magnet, I know you’re going to want to be cheap with it, because we’re always cheap. But think about that. When was the last time you got a magnet from some random thing, you put it on your fridge, it either didn’t stick or wouldn’t stick through was solid picture. And that’s like, this is the most junk magnet. So right? When you have the option, I think it’s called the mill make the mill a stick and it’ll work and then that way they can put their Christmas card. Okay, on there for is good advice.

Unknown Speaker 30:55
This could lead to more patients.

Unknown Speaker 30:58
I mean, if you’re gonna spend the money spent on it, 15 cents per magnet. That’s all I’m trying to say make

Unknown Speaker 31:02
a nice man.

Unknown Speaker 31:05
Make a nice name. Yeah, so I know, that’s a weird, weird idea. But you know, but thankfully, you know how every every half practice starts, you know, you’ve got your startup and then you hope everyone wants to get to a place where internal referrals are providing all that you need. And it’s it is starting to happen a little bit where like somebody called me yesterday, who saw my sticker big to chiropractic on my mom’s car and knows somebody I took care of at a gym. And that was like the third point. And that third point of connection, she was like, I’m gonna, you know, like it’s, it’s, it’s it’s starting to happen where the ball is starting to roll. You know, people are beginning to talk about how there’s a mobile chiropractor here.

Justin Trosclair 31:46
eight degrees from Kevin Bacon over here. Yeah, it’s like that.

Unknown Speaker 31:51
So there’s, you know what I mean? Like, so I don’t know, I’m more I love the group we’re in. We’re in a house called group before them together. And I liked them marketing ideas are shared, because there’s a lot of variety to that. So you’re kind of making it up as you go.

Justin Trosclair 32:05
Could you do Facebook? I was daydreaming one day about doing that. I was like, man, it seems like you could Facebook Blitz a zip code. That’s your selling point

Unknown Speaker 32:13
for it? I think so. I think Facebook ads if you do them right are worth of money. And sometimes you do wrong and you’re throwing 100 bucks towards nothing. But what if that is what if you know, it’s what it is? someone sees it,

Justin Trosclair 32:26
but what one person will give you 100 bucks. I know

Unknown Speaker 32:29
you’re one person. You’re good. Yeah, that’s good ROI. Obviously you want 10 people better? But um, yeah, so I think Facebook ads are still legit. Those algorithms change a lot. And I’m not Matthew. Matthew something who knows everything about everything. You know, talking about?

Justin Trosclair 32:47
Yeah, I think is Matthew.

Unknown Speaker 32:48
isn’t a coin. There’s no mic. No, Matthew Luke, but he wrote a social media book chiropractor. Like

Justin Trosclair 32:56
he’s the old school. I think Billy sticker when I think of hardcore awesome Facebook marketing. Hey, Billy, if you’re listening, just plugged, you get a service is affordable. And he gets amazing results. Like he’s got he’s Cairo candy. You’ve heard that podcast? I think so. Yeah. Yeah, he’s the guy. He was on the show a long time ago. But anyway, I can’t say enough great things about that guy,

Unknown Speaker 33:16
solid Christian guy. I listen to your podcast. I you know, but

Unknown Speaker 33:21
But yeah, I think Facebook marketing, it’s worth it sometimes. And I think if you get I think the more specific you get, even though people will tell you don’t get too specific. I think you should, I think you should be like, hey, homerun, which is a 10,000 person place like, a home and you know, maybe women aged 25 to 40. Like, and hear your message and really go after the people you actually want.

Justin Trosclair 33:45
It’s going to cost you more, because there’s not that many people in a 10,000 person town that’s going to fit that demographic, but they’re gonna be more targeted. So you’re not gonna waste that money, I would think as easy just Yep. So let’s switch gears because I know you actually need to go and run to another appointment and you got a family. We’ve already talked about it. You’re talking about a love and respect. So your solo Doc, you work part time and in the ministry? Or that could be considered full time as well. How are you able to take the vacation, and we’ll just ask two questions in once, how to take vacation, and then how to keep the love alive with your spouse being that you you both all have lots of things going on.

Unknown Speaker 34:24
So we’re planning, I’m planning on mimicking my mentor. This is our third month. So we haven’t taken a vacation. But we did take a mini one. And I think those are important too. There’s maybe maybe people know about the Wisconsin Dells, we just drove hour and a half to go to the car resort and had a whole day. And it felt like one day of Disney, you know, one day away. And it was really, really nice. So vacations, here’s how I’m going to mimic one of my mentors, Jared Ashton Dorf, who’s in Minnesota, he goes really hard 12 weeks, and then takes a whipping. That I think the Matthew that works out relatively where he can, you can do that, you know, so using it for four week long vacations a year, which is, you know, some people say a lot. Some people say and not enough, but that’s what he does, he works really hard, takes a serious vacation.

Unknown Speaker 35:10
So we’re currently for a business owner, as a chiropractor, that’s pretty good. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 35:14
and he owns a busy in office practice. So he does a good job with that. I think that committing to creating the life you want is that key. As far as keeping the love alive. I do think love is is actually not a feeling, hopefully. And one day, I might be done with Chiropractic and switch over to some kind of worship pastor or marriage or something because I do love marriage. And like I said, finding out how your wife or your spouse needs to be loved. Because it’s a waste of time to buy a bunch a bunch of gifts if she doesn’t feel loved by buying gifts, like so stop doing that. But instead, like for mine, it’s quality, time touched, I make sure it happens. Like I make sure it’s an action that she’s hired, she’s a higher priority than any patient. Because I don’t have a solid foundation. Otherwise, like effects of everything else. there’s a there’s a vine course I mean, something to me from Matthew, it says that if you seek God, first seek the kingdom first everything else will be added. So my point is putting him first and aligning yourself to your relationship with Him. And then your wife and then your business, your wife and family and business. It’s the right way to do it. And you’ll be blessed if you do and and things kind of fall apart real slow or real fast when you switch a model on. You know, you don’t want to get your priorities backwards, which is really easy. Because I feel like sometimes tiny little things are nagging at you and ask him to be first, but they don’t belong there.

Justin Trosclair 36:39
That’s a good answer. Man. You ever feel it’s weird to talk about God and like business and all this kind of stuff? Because it’s such a hot topic these days? You can be anything but the Christian?

Unknown Speaker 36:49
Yes, you can. So what I try to do is I, someone who I didn’t I have not, I was not a Christian. I was 19. Okay, so I became a Christian. And that changed everything about me. And so what I tried to do is put it out there, there was another mentor who said, kind of raise your flag early not often don’t be annoying. What he means is he wants he thinks is the best idea to make it clear that like that your paper is important to you and that your relationship with God has changed your life so that people know you’re a safe person to talk to about it. So basically another way to put his sometimes I fish a little bit, I’ll throw something out there. And I can tell when people don’t want to talk about it. And it’s not going to happen. There’s no flow. But I can tell when people are hungry and not satisfied spiritually. And that’s when I can engage that and enter into that space. But yes, I do feel like sometimes you feel the pressure to say that it was just like mindset and some worldly books that changed my life. But it wasn’t. So

Unknown Speaker 37:52
I think I was 17 or Yeah, I think I was 17 senior year in high school whenever I figure that out. So

Unknown Speaker 37:59
now Okay, good.

Justin Trosclair 38:01
Yeah, good time. Yeah. Alright, so the last question, do we already but you think anything you wanted to cover about the mobile chiropractic that we didn’t really hit?

Unknown Speaker 38:09
Um, yeah, I think one great thing about it is variety. Variety has been somewhat fun to that no date is the same. And to be working at gyms and homes, primarily, and ministry like you can mobile chiropractic can help you live the life you want. Because sometimes I think accepting an associate ship job would lock me into that 40 hour week thing that wouldn’t let me do any campus ministry. Oh, I feel like this. Doing mobile chiropractic has allowed me to create the life I want, where I want to be doing campus ministry and Chiropractic and have a cool way coming on Fridays. In the fall where I’m going to I’m going to do a student day right on campus needed a Kettlebell Gym, that’s going to let me set out there and take care of students. So for me, I’m looking to live we’re going to be students coming to me that that don’t know about the campus ministry and part of and are looking for something and I can, you know, adjust them but then tell them about it. And then the reverse like I can work on people in the campus ministry and help them have a healthier out their bodies work better. So like, it’s a cool way where everything will intersect. So that student is something I’m excited about. Your pockets gonna be hard with all these magnets flow. I know I’m gonna tell you, but really thick ones.

Unknown Speaker 39:25
Are you smoker doc? Yeah, no,

Unknown Speaker 39:27

Justin Trosclair 39:29
Magnets. It’s a therapy. Yeah, I’m gonna MLM. Yeah. Hey, our last one question cool. Blogs, podcasts, books. What are your fun ones? Your favorite ones that are like serious? What do you have for us as a resource?

Unknown Speaker 39:46
You know, it’s crazy as I’m starting to get back into podcast. So I’m probably going to be listening to a mix of discussing theology, sermons. There is one called being boss, that I started to listen to a business owner. But I guess I’m probably the wrong person answer that because I’m this weird guy. There’s a term I want to mention called reactionary, because a revolutionary believes that the world’s going to be better in the future. reactionary says it was better in the past. So So what I’m saying is, I actually keep reading similar books. Your Christianity by CS Lewis keeps me grounded in a way that I don’t read it. I don’t always need new ideas. I need to be reminded of the the true the truth out there. So it’s got me Christianity’s got honestly, like 200 nuggets of wisdom, that it’s good for me to stay on course with. And then I try to stay in songs and a gospel and try to stay in the word. So honestly, most of my growth comes from reading the Bible and reading, like Christian wisdom, just to stay the course. And I guess I like old ideas better than new ones.

Justin Trosclair 40:54
We go different, right? I read his random book A long time ago and always kept it it was, like uncommon prayers, famous authors and poets and know like, What’s his name? Shakespeare and Emerson, not Emerson. Yeah, I guess that’s a person.

Unknown Speaker 41:10
Yeah, he was a poet. Yeah. So

Justin Trosclair 41:12
all of those types of people. they’ve written some kind of like point or something about God, as like, this is really kind of interesting, just to see way back then to now. And it was a fun read. I read it to my kid over like, a month. So yeah, it’s kind of new on mine. It’s fresh on my line, I should

Unknown Speaker 41:27
say. It’s an eclectic mix of people.

Unknown Speaker 41:29
Yeah. Yeah. Well, anyway, how can people get in contact with you Facebook, websites, things like that?

Unknown Speaker 41:36
Yeah. Right now I’m using this cell or I got a chiropractic Facebook page, go ahead and follow to see what I’m up to. Also Instagram, but victory chiropractic I picked I also picked victory because of a crown that it created just because I love the concepts of a crown and victory and victory in your health and victory in your faith in victory over sin or just habits that are leading you away from God and away from others, you know, isolating you. So I wanted to help people find victory in lots of areas of their life. So that’s why I called it that but victory Facebook page is probably the best way to get ahold of me. They can message me there too. And things are probably look different in here. That’s the truth

Justin Trosclair 42:19
is I really appreciate your time and sharing us and your thoughts, and your view of doing it three months out. This would be a fun interview to figure out again, in three years if this thing is still going on. how things have changed.

Unknown Speaker 42:31
Good. Let’s do that. Let’s do it.

Justin Trosclair 42:39
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