E 113 ABCA President Talks Legislation and Independent Contractor Practice Dr Quentin Brisco DC

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Dr. Quentin Brisco, DC talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast

American Black Chiropractic Asc President Dr. Quentin Brisco DC discusses their role and purpose in the chiro community, legislation at NCLC and reasons to join state associations, and the ins and outs of independent contractor positions

Perks of being a real independent contractor. Why would you go IC instead of an associate or starting your own clinic?  Is it better to do a percent of collections or flat rate of rent?

If you have an established independent contracting position and you start a small clinic on the side, how do you determine when to go full time at one or the other?

How do you train staff for yourself when they also work for a “main doctor” and are probably paid by the clinic owner?

Dr. Brisco does and enjoys auto accident patients. How do you build a referral base with local attorneys? Is Colossus a big thing in his state?

Dr. Quentin has been involved with the American Black Chiropractic Association as a student, became the local chapter president soon after he graduated and has now since 2016  become the President of the nationwide association.

He discusses the ABCA mission and purpose, how it was started and the conference they hold for continuing education. A major goal is to recruit African Americans to become chiropractors and spread the chiropractic message to the black communities. ABCA is also there for guidance on issues unique to African Americans. Every chiropractic college has a student chapter of ABCA and it serves as a place to fellowship and find mentors from doctors out in the field.

What went on at NCLC (national chiropractic leadership conference) in Washington DC? What impact does/ did ABCA have on the event and in nationwide as well as local legislation?

One bill was trying to pass legislation for Medicare to cover all services provided by chiropractic… ie: exams and exercise, not just the adjustment.

Everyday 10,000 become eligible for Medicare every day until 2023

The other major bill we discuss is getting chiropractic covered for TriCare Military health insurance for the family members as well as the veterans directly.

 What role could a chiropractor have in a hospital setting? How does an internal medicine, PCP, provider handle all the headaches and back pain that comes into the office and how could that be a great referral source to chiropractors?

How do patients get into the pain med cycle and end up with chronic issues that are hard to resolve for chiropractors or worse need surgical intervention?

How did the ACA and ABCA join forces to stop one insurance company from denying treatment for headaches?

What is Global Billing and how did the state  Louisiana Chiropractic Association help fight this injustice?

What are the unintentional consequences of insurance companies unfairly paying doctors for services rendered?

How does he handle or does he have patients not want to see him because of his skin tone?

Taking time off from work was a struggle and FEAR for him, hear the reasons why and how he finally overcame it?

 His hobby might surprise you: high school football and basketball refereeing.

When talking about keeping the relationship love alive, how does networking after hour events and weekend seminars create the most tension?

Dr. Quentin Brisco, DC * ABCA president * 3 SWAC Conference Championships * 1 National Championship * ALL SWAC Offensive Lineman for Southern University

Abcachiro.com American Black Chiropractic Association website

Dr. Quentin Brico personal website is drqmb.com

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Justin Trosclair 0:05
Episode 113, ABC a President talks legislation and independent contractor. I’m your host, Dr. Justin trust player. And today we’re Dr. Quinn Briscoe’s perspective. So in 2017, and 2018 podcast Awards Nominated host as we get behind the curtain look at all types of doctors and guests specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

Glad you’re back to listen to an episode. Today we’re here the president of the American black chiropractic Association, what’s their role and purpose, we’re going to talk about the NC LLC, which is a chiropractic leadership conference in Washington DC, we go into some of the bills that on a national and local level, and why it’s important to say join your associations, and how insurance companies can try to pull a fast one and now we can counteract that. Dr. Briscoe is a independent contractor. He’s been that pretty much his entire time as a chiropractor, and we discussed you know, why would you do that? What’s the perks was the drawbacks, you know, collections flat rate, which is best really kind of explore that for a while, he came up with a stat that said, everyday 10,000 people come eligible for Medicare every day until 2023. So that’s a lot. And that rolls into some of the legislation that we talk about later in the episode, we’ve been talking about the role of chiropractors with doctors and treating back pain and headaches and things like that, and his special hobbies in the into the episode one let you know, we are looking for sponsors. So if you know of a company, whether it’s a respectable product, say you know, shoe inserts are some cold laser, fancy scrubs, electronic health records, companies, and all those types of businesses. Sometimes they can be specific to, you know, a physical therapy series that we did or maybe it’s to market to women doctors, we’ve have past episodes that we can put them on. So pass it along, definitely like the chat with him and spread their message. I’ve been known Quintin since school back in all six. So it’s great to actually be able to interview him and pick his brain and what he’s been up to, for the last decade lower that actually. So all the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash 113. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from Lafayette, Louisiana, and Lafayette Louisiana. Yeah, that’s right. We’re doing our very first in person live interview. So we’re looking forward to this will hopefully all the the audio will play out like it’s supposed to. And today, we have got the American black chiropractic association president. He’s been this for almost two years now. He’s also three time sweat conference championships, won national championship and all swag offensive lineman from Southern University back in his heyday. And now, he’s a chiropractor. His name is Dr. Quinn Briscoe. Welcome to the show doing well. There’s a lot of things you could have done, you got a I think a good story in a sense of your athletes started doing chiropractic to us. That’s very common. Maybe physical therapy is also a route that a lot of past athletes choose. But what brushing the chiropractor of all the other specialties you could have done.

Unknown 3:20
Kind of I want to be a chiropractor since I was 17. When I was summer, before my senior year, my mom, who will see in the copy of the time took me on to one of her visits. And I was able to observe the chiropractor doing his adjustments and, and whatnot on my mom as a patient, it was the most intriguing thing I’ve ever seen up into that point. And that’s kind of where my chiropractic start spark started.

Justin Trosclair 3:47
Did you realize that you could see so many different things as a chiropractor.

Unknown 3:53
At that time? No, I just, I didn’t know what was going on. You know, I just knew my mom had back pain she had been in the city is of auto accidents and injuries from lifting in terms of paper patients she was and she was a nurse by profession. So a lot of times she had to turn patients, you know, patients. And that was one of her initial interviews and started how low back pain?

Justin Trosclair 4:14
What were some of the surprises after school getting into practice? Did you realize that you would have to be a solo entrepreneur? Did you think that you could possibly work at a doctor’s office and make it a hospital? Or were you aware of those types of things?

Unknown 4:25
I knew there was no no hospital aspect to the profession. I didn’t know if I was going to be in solo practice within a group or an associate. Oh, you know, I know what the option was, I just knew there was several options to go with. And

Justin Trosclair 4:40
now you’ve been working in someone else’s umbrella clinic pretty much the whole time for 12 years almost. Have you ever looked at going out on your own? Or what are the benefits of working in somebody else’s clinic as an independent person, in your opinion?

Unknown 4:53
Well, so many advantages, when you first start not you don’t have a lot of working capital Are you know, access to a lot of money, you can join in someone’s practice as an independent contractor, and you can get into revenue sharing situation are you can get into you can pay a monthly rent fee. And then you basically allowed to use all the equipment and office staff and and create your own income.

Justin Trosclair 5:26
Obviously, you’ve been around, you can bet a lot of people including yourself. So this coverage in general, like not what have you seen, but what’s a good fair? Is it better to do like a percent of what you collect, is it better to just say, Hey, I’m gonna pay 1000 bucks a month, $2,000 a month 4000 a month in rent, is there any tips you can give those who are looking at your situation, so they don’t get taken advantage of,

Unknown 5:49
I guess you got to figure out what the overhead of that particular clinic is. So that particular clinics overhead is $6,000 a month. And if you decide just wanted to do flood overhead, you have to come up with $3,000 a month, regardless of what your revenue is. So it’s gonna be tough as it can be tough as a brand new grad, because if you have $3,000 a month, you can start your own practice. So on a Converse,

Justin Trosclair 6:19
because banks don’t know the chiropractor’s, very often, you can just get a $200,000 loan to build your own clinic typically,

Unknown 6:25
not usually, it always are exceptions to the rules. If you know the banker, or you have a well established relationship with the bank or banker, sometimes you can get that type of money without collateral. But most of time that requires collateral some asset that they can come and take if if your business doesn’t go as planned. So um, it just kind of depends not been in, I’ve been in both situation or just say I am in both situations, I have a secondary office where I basically pay a fee for uses per month, and regardless of they’re not. But I have to still see my own patients. On the flip side of that whatever profit I’ll make out of it, it’s it’s profit for the business. So that’s helpful. Correct. So I have some perhaps I

Justin Trosclair 7:10
actually do both five years from now, do you see yourself picking one or the other?

Unknown 7:14
Well, one, one has to dominate the other. Okay? So you know, until one pushes you away from the other than you keep doing what you’re doing until some some line of demarcation happens to one one pushes you out away from the other because you’re so busy at one that you don’t have time for the

Justin Trosclair 7:29
Okay, are there any type of patients that you enjoy seeing on a regular basis that you’d like if I could just see these two things all the time? Like I’m so good at them? I like doing them? I just wish there was a way to always have them.

Unknown 7:40
Oh, you know, I just know real true one injury type patients that I prefer. I enjoy treating people with with headaches, low back pain, neck pain, no saya a lot of my patients come as a result of an auto accident, or some type of work accident.

Justin Trosclair 7:59
Can you do auto accidents and be ethical? I think we’ve all heard of the poi mills and they care more about getting them in 50 times and not getting better. How do you stop that from happening?

Unknown 8:11
Patient journey want to get better pieces that come here want to give out of the you know, I have to take as far as that goes the patient at their word, you know, I’m not inside their body. I don’t know, you know what they’re feeling? You know, I have to accept what they say is what’s going on. I can’t I’m not supposed to be able I’m not supposed to be the judge to decide if the patient is injured or not, you know, the patient comes in and see the injured injured the African you know, I have to advocate for the patient. Because if if I don’t advocate for him who will

Justin Trosclair 8:43
and there’s always paperwork involved where Oswald trees, Merlin Morris, those type of objective, the objective subjective he asked me because they still have to fill it out. But it gives you the numbers to see it there malingering or just actually getting better or whatnot, you find those to be pretty helpful.

Unknown 8:56
I’m overtime most, most my patients do follow auto accidents. Do well, you know, 80 to 85% of my patients, treat for anywhere between six weeks in six months in our subsequently released in, they go on about, you know, different everyday life, there’s always a percentage of about 10 to 15% of people who I have to refer on to a neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, or perhaps to Injection Specialist to help with them controlling their pain. And, you know, trying to get to the bottom of what’s really bothering them.

Justin Trosclair 9:39
Any advice? Sometimes it feels like the attorneys in town have already got relationships with the PT with the Cairo with the ortho clinic. And if you get a p eyes like Oh, they just happen to know you may be somehow and they got injured. So they come to you, is there a way to bridge that gap? So you become the top two that they recommend?

Unknown 9:57
That’s a very difficult question to answer, because I’m still trying to work on that answer myself. But I think the easiest thing to do is find a fresh attorney fresh out of school, who doesn’t have the relationships already established, and you can establish a relationship with someone that’s new out of school that’s still hungry, that’s looking to make, you know, their way in this, that type of that world. And so then you can branch out from them. Sometimes he referrals to new attorney from New attorneys. And sometimes they end up working for older attorneys. And you know, you can kind of bridge the gap and get in with the more established attorneys by marketing to the newer attorneys

Justin Trosclair 10:41
are they looking for? Do you know, what makes you look good? Like this your paperwork?

Unknown 10:44
What time is just a personal relationship? Okay, it’s not, I don’t find that one type of know, makes a big of a difference in most cases, because you everyone has the same degree, they have the same certification in we all we all have to pass the national boards, we all have to get our state license, we don’t have to do our continued education yearly. So it’s all about personal relationships with these attorneys. And

Unknown 11:15
if they know you, they kind of the it’s just like anything else if you know someone you more comfortable with them because you can reach them.

Justin Trosclair 11:23
So one point I was taking a seminar with Tom out Colossus and just trying to get you aware of like, just know what you’re dealing with, you know, and one of the things that they were selling was like a case history summary, some kind of like program so that you can make sure you cover all the things lawyers have one sometimes using the verbiage that they want, that makes sense. Have you ever encountered anything like that?

Unknown 11:43
Um, I’ve been introduced to the idea of Colossus, and you know, states have different regulations. So the rules that are follow is mandated by the state law in a state where the accident happened. So in Louisiana collapses is not as was the word I want you to pronounce it as it is in other states. So it isn’t classes is not determining factor, as far as I know, in this state. Okay, because the attorney because of the way to talk laws are written. So even though some people may try to use it as a factor. I don’t think you’d have the same stretched as it does and others do.

Justin Trosclair 12:19
You work in somebody else’s office? Do you have your own staff? Do you share staff? Can you fire staff? Can you train them to be what you want? Like, hey, when I want laser, if I want ultrasound done, this is how I like it done versus the other doctors? How does

Unknown 12:32
that play out? Oh, we we basically all of us, for doctors here right now. And we share staff, that it’s their job as far as the office manager and our two C’s, which stands for chiropractic assistant to kind of know all of us as physicians and know what our preferences are. And since I’ve been here, wanting years, my staff kind of knows what I want to less x, tell them something specific. That’s maybe different than the adjust accordingly.

Justin Trosclair 13:05
Okay. 8020 rule on that point.

Unknown 13:08

Justin Trosclair 13:08
Okay. So you’re involved in the American black chiropractic Association, you were doing it as a student, I remember that one went to school together, shocker. And then now you become the president of the whole shebang. What is it that y’all are focused on, and they just had the NC LLC, which is the National chiropractic legislative conference that’s in Washington, DC every year. These two might be similar to my coincide together, if they’re two separate things, that’s fine, too. But what’s the goal of Africa? What are y’all trying to do? And then does that was that part of the NCL? See, would you learn from these TLC? And what will of course guys wouldn’t last follow up questions and kind of get dig a little deeper into that was a really broad? So

Unknown 13:45
those are very, very big question with multiple complex answers. So I just kind of start back, I am the president American black hair product Association, and started as a student member, somewhere around 2013. So that’s been about 1516 years, I’ve been involved with the organization. And I became president of my local chapter chapter TC, which is a Texas chiropractic college in 2006, I want to say, and I became a regional student rep for the for the National Board around 2006 2007.

Unknown 14:25
And upon graduation,

Unknown 14:28
I was elected to the position of parliamentarian at the national organization, which I serve for four years under one of my mentors, Dr. Robin Williams one while he was president. So I remained on the board in the next presidents administration as the central region director. And then in 2016, I became maybe see a president, which I currently serve. This is my, it’s been about two and a half years. So ABC was actually started in 1981. But by Dr. Bobby Westbrook’s, he wanted a forum forum, minority chiropractors to be able to meet, fellowship and encourage the recruitment of new chiropractic students to get into the profession, because he saw that there was a great need for black chiropractors in minority communities because they didn’t know what chiropractic is, what it was, and where to go to find one. So it started and it didn’t want to St. Louis, Missouri. And that was kind of the premise of the organization, and has been going ever since. So primary for focuses is to help recruitment of chiropractic students fellowship of other chiropractic doctor because our challenges as minorities, black car practice are different than the challenges of everyone else. It was more difficult for us to get bank loans more difficult to start businesses more difficult to go to the school process is more difficult to get accepted in the school. So this is way to kind of help that process move along.

Justin Trosclair 16:03
And you’ll have like management help inside there? Or is it more of you got some kind of questions that you just can’t figure out? Or, you know, what’s a good business practice to go to? Is that help kind of answer those types of questions, or,

Unknown 16:16
oh, well, we do. We’re basically a group of black doctors work on a volunteer basis. We mentor the student chapters, we have what we call, SABC, which is a stupid American black Catholic Association. And every school every chiropractic school in the nation typically has a chapter and they have a president and vice president and they have chapter members. And so and what they do on a student level is also to help them get through school, help them fellowship, help them along the process of the grueling task, the oldest chiropractic College of Chiropractic school, and the ABC a helps them along with mentorship advice, in how to get to school, he wants to get to school, how to begin the process of the practice of chiropractic.

Justin Trosclair 17:08
Are there any programs or stats that show that they’re the black enrollments and increasing or the success rate among like black chiropractors versus anybody else’s better or they’re successful or just helps with the challenge, like said, with the challenges that y’all might have with outright or underpinning racism that goes on? Oh,

Unknown 17:25
I don’t think legally the schools can keep records of that I’m aware of the Kubrick so you know, who’s entering and exiting school select that. They may, that’s not something that I’m aware of rest of, but I know CCE auto,

Unknown 17:43
which is the council corporate education, would be the people who would set those minimum standards if they were any to be said. So I don’t know if how, or if they’re tracking that or not, that’s something that I have to try to find out from each individual school or from see see.

Justin Trosclair 18:00
Okay. And when you went to NC TLC, where you representing Africa are where you going for another reason,

Unknown 18:08
I’m always represented ABC, because I’m the president. So wherever they are represented the ABC. So I was there represent the ABC at the MCs event, and which allows me to meet with the other chiropractors in leadership positions throughout the nation, including the ACA president, sometimes this school presidents out there CCE National Board of the National Board of chiropractic examiners, presidents and vice presidents. And so all the leading people in the profession tend to be at this major event. And so we get to sometimes sit down and talk discuss where the profession is going in TLC is primarily about legislature and getting chiropractic friendly bills pushed into the United States Congress. So that we can try to change some of the law that we find to be discriminatory in Asia or just to allow more people access to chiropractic, which, which is something that we all as chiropractors one,

Justin Trosclair 19:12
anything stick out for you. As far as laws that they’re trying to pass this year that you recall,

Unknown 19:19
the biggest two is inclusion of chiropractic in the Medicare system. As it stands right now. Medicare will only pay for chiropractic adjustments only in that’s the only thing that we can build for that Medicare will pay for.

Unknown 19:35
He told me we have to do exams and rehab. But we don’t ever get paid for it, we have to do,

Unknown 19:39
we are mandated to do an exam on every patient. And most of the time that includes taking x rays, have a patient who’s of Medicare age, and have Medicare risk. So Medicare typically starts at 65. And in some cases 62. And we required to do an exam before we start working on these patients, which Medicare does not cover. So the law that we’re trying to push is that everything that is allowable under state law can be paid for and be a Medicare

Justin Trosclair 20:09
benefit. So as it stands now, they just pay out of pocket.

Unknown 20:14
But yes, the patient just pays out of pocket for their every other service with the exception of the adjustment was they paid their, their whatever they at $20 per, I think is 80%. Medicare covers, and they have to pay that 20% of the adjustment. Everything else is paying out of pocket.

Justin Trosclair 20:32
In the front. The reason why that’s important is if you go to physical therapy, you’re getting similar stuff, it’s probably paid for you go to the medical doctors paid for or there’s some chiropractors who might say, actually, we enjoy the fact that we don’t have to that we can just pay cash because we don’t want to do it anyway. And there’s other customers are like, Well, no, it’s a service, the population is getting older, why should they have to come out of pocket and more when everybody’s allowed to build this anyway,

Unknown 20:52
there are people on both sides of the equation, but I find it I find it interesting, I’ve got an interesting fact given to me NCL see that every day 10,000 people become qualify for Medicare. And everyday today, tomorrow, yesterday, one day, next week, every day 10,000 people are going to be eligible for Medicare. And that’s going to go on until 2023.

Justin Trosclair 21:21
Well, so it would behoove us to get something like this past you got way more access. Okay. So that’s kind of what it’s about, for patients that better access, because right now as it stands, there’s probably plenty of older people that will could benefit but they didn’t save very well, they just don’t have the funds available to begin care because we’re not allowed to discount those types of exams for Medicare.

Unknown 21:40
True. That is true. I can’t we can’t is called a Medicare inducement. So we can’t offer free things to patients to get them to become a patient on the way Medicare rules are written. It’s really interesting to me,

Justin Trosclair 21:55
man, I don’t like doing free stuff anyway. But I understand the idea. Like, we’re not like just write your prescription, just see you one time, it’s like like, just come in, get better get the care you need. It’s going to take more than two visits anyway. So I understand, I guess, to see both sides of that fence. What was the other one?

Unknown 22:12
Oh, this was another bill that was basically for track here. And for those who don’t know, track here is the the military, they use death, their health care insurance system. And so it’s allowing the beneficiaries family to be able to access chiropractic. So that’s, that’s a smaller bill in scope, because obviously, there’s not 10,000 new members every day. But it’s still important to be able to, you know, gifs be able to be a provider for the military and the military families.

Justin Trosclair 22:45
So as it stands, only the veteran gets care and their families

Unknown 22:50
don’t, right, but it’s a little trickier than that. So veterans can get camp, but they have to get referred over via by the VA, specifically to a chiropractor, unless there is they’re getting services at a VA hospital that has a chiropractic already in it as an employee.

Justin Trosclair 23:10
Oh, so we don’t have access at all. It’s our goal is to try to get access to these people. Since we already got Medicare, it’s already

Unknown 23:17
we have limited access to VA patients. So the V would have to basically would prescribe them to a chiropractor and send them specifically to a chiropractor,

Justin Trosclair 23:27
the day discuss or do you know, I had heard every VA hospital is supposed to have a chiropractor? Is that true? Or is it just like certain size VA hospitals are mandated have chiropractic any idea on that?

Unknown 23:39
I don’t I don’t know what though, the VA mandates on chiropractors, okay, in the VA hospitals, I know, every night I go to usa.gov and kind of check and see who’s hiring and what hospitals looking for current practice. But I’m not exactly sure of the men the VA mandates about having a chiropractor mandating it each hospital or a clinic. That’s something that you hear a lot about, but unless you get this you have the actual law sitting in front of you, or the VA policies and procedures and for you, it’s difficult to know.

Justin Trosclair 24:14
Yeah, it’s difficult to get those jobs. I didn’t make it past like to or second or third process. You know, you don’t you don’t get to talk to anybody. You know, you don’t know what’s going on. You just get a letter or an email that says, Hey, you, you’re on to the next round. But he was like, Yeah,

Unknown 24:28
well, so you so you’ve actually got applied to be a job and got through 212 rounds. Yeah, ever get a face to face our phone interview? Know,

Justin Trosclair 24:39
that’s where it got shut down. I actually asked us like, hey, what, what are they looking for? I was like, I don’t have any political history, you know, you do that might be helped. That could be helpful. I think I got hospital experience and just like, what do I need to become more active politically or something, to have a better stand in his situation?

Unknown 24:57
I think if you served in the military, you have a much better a chance to get her. That’s not happening. So that I left the military. I’m just saying I don’t want to do though. That is one of the things that gives you a leg up in any v position.

Justin Trosclair 25:13
I would like to know, you don’t know this, I’m sure but how many chiropractors are actually past veterans? I mean, cuz up

Unknown 25:18
old guy who would school with his car party college was it was an army veteran,

Justin Trosclair 25:25
bright space to call people out.

Unknown 25:30

Justin Trosclair 25:31

Unknown 25:31
Okay. Anything else that you can think of like, what in CLS did or there’s just a lot of like you said, Bush and elbows with the big leagues and right, it just going out and getting to the congressmen and women, the idea of passing laws, how it’s beneficial, how it seems to government, because it’s all about government spending, kind of for saving money. chiropractic saves money by, you know, allowing these patients to be treated for the underlying cause of the condition lot of times and not necessarily be treated for just a symptoms, you know, in the midst of the of the opioid crisis, you know, we can try to keep them from getting on the opioids. So that’s how we save money, really started. Unnecessary surgery, unnecessary medication doctor is unnecessary in MRI have, it’s a lot of things that can help with the overall health system.

Justin Trosclair 26:22
Do you think that’s why it’s hard for us to get into normal hospitals, because we save money, but in essence, hospitals want to make money. So there’s like that double edged sword of patients get better, but then covered doesn’t build as much as they surgeries. They were thought that

Unknown 26:36
before. I think patients who are surgical, are going to be surgical regardless. Exactly. So they’re gonna, I’m sure that the surgery, you know, it’s not going to stop this surgical, you know, in cases of trauma in cases of major issues, surgery is going to be

Justin Trosclair 26:54
when a technology issue. So what you’re saying, I’d also say, if anything, we could free up potentially the doctors that are doing the surgeries, because a lot of the patients they see aren’t even surgical candidates. So they’re like, wasting their time doing an exam that a Cairo could do, and say, Okay, this is what we’re looking for, for surgical candidate. If not, they’re gonna get kicked out to another system. And then we could almost be a not a gatekeeper. But we can be processing some of these patients really, yeah, but you treat us to therapy, do both whatever. And then they don’t get better send them on. And those that come in are like, Whoa, yeah, your surgical candidate probably like, like 90%. Sure, now you can go. And it frees them up to end up actually probably doing more surgeries, in general, because they can process more people, but they don’t have a six week waiting list anymore.

Unknown 27:38
Right? Well, here’s the thing. Most, most patients who have neck pain, back pain or heading so we’re out there suffering, if they’re lucky, they go to their primary care, physician for help. And in most cases, primary care physicians are really good at treating internal medicine, and, you know, colds and flus and diabetes, and magic cholesterol, high hyper Liberty Media and all that stuff that has to the internal medicine, part medical, in the medical part, dealing with diseases, of origins of viruses, and bacteria, and

Unknown 28:16
all those things that causes problems from a medical point of view, right. So when they get your run of the mill headaches and back pain, most of the time, they give them a prescription for pain relief. Or, if they’re lucky, they get sent to a PT, if they look, so what what the idea would be for them, when they get neck pain, back pain, no headache, that type of thing. Auto Accident, say hey, here’s here’s your prescription for now, five 710 days, but here’s your prescription to go see this chiropractor who’s going to help you so you can not take all this medication unnecessarily for an extended period of time. So you can take your, your meds now, schedule point which a chiropractor, and didn’t work, work through his programming protocols, and see how it goes. Right. And if you can continue to have the problems, then he’s either gonna are some advanced imaging, evaluate you again, and see in send you off to a referral to a surgeon if needed. Because so many people get caught in the in between are just taking medication constantly, that the issue never gets resolved. And the more medication you take, the more you need longer goals, and then all of a sudden they find themselves having to go to surgery, then they don’t want to have surgery, then he can find stuff in your office, looking for a miracle in a miracle, a miracle what a hair later. Know six months ago, here months, a year ago, three years ago, that’s when the miracle the miracle happens when the problem starts not to three years down the line after taking medication for that time.

Justin Trosclair 29:54
Not that we’re not amazing at chronic back pain. But now it’s chronic, which means it’s just a matter of like when will it be flare up again versus a you may not have this problem again, when it was an acute stage? Yeah. Any for us when you were there talking to base Yeah, and those types of people, any agendas that the that Africa has with these organizations, how they can better pair with you?

Unknown 30:15
Oh, about I want to see my four months ago, then president of the ACA doctor after retook gave me a call asking me how I felt about united health care’s issue. They they sent out a memorandum said they were no longer treat our should I say no longer pay for headaches, the treatment of headaches by car practice. So this is about four months ago, United Healthcare said no longer pay for the treatment of headaches by car practice. So the ACA, reached out to me as the president of ABC a asking me to sign on to co sign a letter to the US United Healthcare CEO or whoever’s in charge board directors, amongst other national organizations and state associations. And we bought and we did that, and we got that policy reversed. So in situations like that, this is how we work together in order to promote chiropractic.

Justin Trosclair 31:20
Can you can’t even imagine that these board is Board of Directors just saying, what can we how can we save some money? Yeah, let’s get rid of this. And like if we didn’t have an organization like yourself, like the ACA, my goodness, that would be unbelievable. What could have happened five years from now four months ago? That’s blows my mind right there. I didn’t pay your dues. ACA is not that expensive. Come on, come on.

Unknown 31:46
Yes, the state associations are important because your state association basically control, not control. They influence the state legislature on what can and can’t be done in the state license. So this past year, the car the chiropractic Association, Louisiana, which I also serve on the Board of

Unknown 32:08
help to pass a law in Louisiana have that stop was called Global billing. So global billing was a situation where a company would say, Hey, we’re only going to pay you $65 for per day on a patient regardless of what you do. So if you took an exam and treated a patient, or we only paying $65, you took an exam x rays and treat your patient we’re only paying $65. And so we found that to be high discriminatory as physician level providers, because they did not do that for medical doctors, podiatrist, or the dentist or the doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. So we find that discriminatory in nature. So we were able to get legislature passed and signed by the governor that allow that stop them from being able to global bill us without globally billing everyone else. Really, really, dude,

Justin Trosclair 33:05
I didn’t know that either. That was huge. I can’t tell you, I can Colorado how many times it was 40 bucks. So we’re going to need you to do some x rays are not experts, but an adjustment and some rehab, and some stem and some some of this and some of that. You got $120 bill, and they’re like, you get 40. Correct. Wow, that’s a thing, everybody. And so y’all are able to resolve that. And now they have to pay you at least something for each service. Correct?

Are you happy with the way that played out? Are they now paying you only like 12 bucks for rehab that some companies might pay like 36?

Unknown 33:38
Well, it’s, it’s, it’s very new, it’s a sign into late in, I want to say August or September of 2018. So I’m sure when there’s new built is a grace period, until all the companies have to become compliant and wants that grace period ended. And then of course, it has to be rebuilding of things. So all that’s kind of taking place now. And so we’ll we’ll have more information in the next three to four months of how things are going.

Justin Trosclair 34:09
This is an interesting, I’m not going to say what company it was just because but they paid us piecemeal, like what you want what you’d expect, but it took you sometimes three services before you could actually reach the $40 mark that he’s other companies were just paying you $40 for even if you just did one thing I thought that was kind of strange to so it wasn’t like it was even fairly reimburse compared to say other profession as well,

Unknown 34:29
right? I mean, they can Oh, I guess they can always combat that by trying to change the fee schedule, or what the paper service, but at the end of the day, they’re doing their patient that patients are their clients, a disservice by doing that to the providers, because what happens is the providers stop providing for those particular healthcare insurance. And then patients get left out in Nicole by not having the services provided, or aren’t I haven’t a number, a number of providers to give them services

Justin Trosclair 35:04
they’ll ever had to argue to match fee. Like, if I can build this code, and an MD and a PT can all be all the same code, we should all get paid the same amount. Has that been a thing for Louisiana yet?

Unknown 35:15
Not that I’m aware of I you know, most of the billing and coding is done by the the office staff here. So that was no question better answer to them. However, when building personal injury I work comp door comp fee schedule is the same based on code. And same with personally

Justin Trosclair 35:34
what’s nice. Yeah, it should be that way. I don’t know why. Nice. Well, thanks for not discriminating against us. So nice. Speaking of discrimination, being a black doctor in South Louisiana, have you ever had to deal with overt racism or ever, like had patients just I can’t see you are any other trials that you’ve had to kind of overcome that probably a white doctor never had to doesn’t even affect you on like a daily basis at all? Either accidentally?

Unknown 36:02
question to answer because most of the time, my patients want to see me they come see me regardless of me being black or or not. But if there are some, I’m sure it gets deciphered by the front desk by the office staff. And so me being the only black person in the office, I’m sure that if they knew I perceived that that would be an issue for a certain individual than that they would just automatically shift that patient over to someone that made them feel more comfortable.

Justin Trosclair 36:38
Okay, right. That’s the stuff we don’t i don’t have to deal with always find it interesting to see what it hasn’t passed guess it seems to be the way it is. There’s some Miss confusion. But at the same time, there’s not I guess a lot of hatred going on. It’s like you’re trained doctor and then like the respect that and expect you to be

Unknown 36:56
right. And if it isn’t, and if they most of the time, if they know that they on that way. I’m sure they can decide to look me up in Google me or whatever. And they’ll see my beautiful brown skin and decided I’m not the guy that they want. And that’s fine. You know, um, but at the same time, even if you feel that way and you come see me, it doesn’t matter. I don’t feel that I’ll take care you just like anybody else that could walks in the door.

Justin Trosclair 37:21
That’s perfect. All right. I like to break it down get a little more personal. on a on a lighter side. Lot of doctors, especially yourself, he worked a lot. You take off you lose money, technically. How is it? Can you take vacation? Do you take vacation? And do you have any plans to fix that if it’s not congruent? You know,

Unknown 37:39
it was?

Unknown 37:42
What Yes. started here to It was not until I was here almost five years. 6707 years did I decided 2012. So I’ll see a five years and I finally decided to take five business days off in a row. Oh,

Unknown 38:01
I don’t like this. So it was it was very, it was very difficult. I mean, it’s it’s easy to take, you know, a Friday to Monday or Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and come back to Monday. So you can always get that three day, four day weekend. Okay, okay. I mean, that’s not a major,

Justin Trosclair 38:18
you’re doing those right.

Unknown 38:19
Okay. All right. But to to take five business days off in a row, it was very difficult for me in the beginning, for fear of losing patience for fear of losing revenue, for fear of have any the next

Justin Trosclair 38:33
60 days to recover.

Unknown 38:35
Right. So, um, but as you get more patients you get over time, you become less fearful of taking five business days off in a row. That’s that’s always a difficult thing. Especially when you beginning especially if you’re not a salaried employee, and you know, your money is guaranteed, you tend not to miss days.

Justin Trosclair 38:57
Yeah. Do you ever take like you said kind of a Wednesday, Wednesday, that’s still a good amount of time off? Is that work better for you in the past? like is that a safer option for a lot of doctors you think

Unknown 39:07
I’m Wednesday, the wind is still five business days. Okay, I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s you know, it’s not about how many days in row as you because you take off you know, Monday to Friday and you get to two days on the weekend, you know, it’s nine days, right so you can get nine days and robot taking five business days. Just kind of depends on you know, how comfortable you are of course being here in a group practice, I know that my patients will be treated by one of the other doctors if they if they if they so choose sometimes you know patients get really attached to us personally our our adjusting style our you know, based on manner so to speak that they did not as comfortable with another doctor even though the pain so I always try to encourage Hey, listen, I’ll be gone for this amount of time Dr. Richardson adopted mellow be here to treat you if needed any event that you’re in, in a situation where you’re not doing well. So that’s one of the advantage of being in the in a group practice this always somebody to take care of you and I’ve taken care of their patients at times when they’ve gone on vacation or they’ve had to be out for a period of time. So it’s it’s it, it protects you and them to be able to work together. Like I said just this past week, I was in DC from Wednesday to Friday so it was three business days came back on Monday to realize I had a new patient that was an old patient who had had been another auto accident and that she was seeing examined and treated on the first day by one of my colleagues and then when I came back she was already writing print ready to go to continue with treatment

Justin Trosclair 40:41
Do you have to like re examine her and all that kind of stuff over because it’s through the office you just do like a mini exam for your

Unknown 40:47
wants to I just reviewed the exam that the my colleague did and I reviewed her x rays and continued a trigger from that point forward. Perfect.

Justin Trosclair 40:57
You got anything that you do to keep your mind off of work anyhow hobbies are fun activities.

Unknown 41:03
Sure. One of my hobbies is I’m a sports efficient the high school middle school and elementary level I’ve been an official for 10 years now and I do to sports primarily football and basketball and it’s kind of a way to give back to the community because you know as a whole we’re short of officials though we don’t we lot of guys are retiring or aging out of the profession you know they didn’t have a lot of guys between the ages of 55 and 70 and not enough guys between the ages of 25 and 45 so in order for us to keep being able to do we do we need to get new and younger guys involved in fishing because it’s not the kids are going to suffer you know it’s not

Justin Trosclair 41:46
volunteer though is it?

Unknown 41:47
This is not not volunteer you might feel like it’s voluntary time but they do pay you a little a little something to show up okay it’s not nothing to quit your day to quit your day job about but I’m you know it’s a very big for for part time job for a part time job it pays pretty well okay if you’re talking about an hourly pay so it can be difficult at times people tend to want you to be perfect in or they don’t understand is this is not your full time job this is not your professions it’s a hobby do training every year for you might miss a defensive pass interference call

Justin Trosclair 42:24
never go live high school

Unknown 42:27
and high school we don’t have the benefit of having a review we don’t have the benefit of having all the technology available that they haven’t professional even the college ranks so it’s it’s it’s we’re not profession in the hospital work at it we train we have continuing education hours a seminar, watch tape, you know, we get you know this thing called huddle. It’s an app where they sit in place for us to review. So it’s it’s it’s getting is helping you to get better as you progress through your fish.

Justin Trosclair 42:55
Something you probably didn’t know I did some flag football referee and once upon a time, it was in college. And it was not the easiest thing. Even if I was like, man, people just hate you.

Unknown 43:07
You make the wrong call. It gets so mad like p one year. Oh man, the younger the level, it’s typically more difficult to be inefficient. Like once you get to varsity level it’s it’s easier in a sense that the kids know we’re dead doing versus not knowing worth it. And of course the coaches are little bit more professional. So they don’t break you as much as an official when they when they have a job when they’re being paid.

Justin Trosclair 43:37
Parents, right? So

Unknown 43:39
it just it’s just different. varsity versus you had 19 year old literally game whenever all the parents on the side of the field and looking at you like

Justin Trosclair 43:49
us, Jimmy, come on.

Unknown 43:51
But at the same time we do for those kids because you know, they don’t want their parents or their coaches I did a fishing games. So yeah,

Justin Trosclair 43:59
I can imagine you just got married, you got a little baby on the way. Congratulations on both of those. Anything you can do right now or that you have done to kind of make sure you get the relationship good. The love stays alive that way. You’re good, that nice balance between your family life and work life when you live calls, you answer the phone. Oh,

that was difficult, you know,

Unknown 44:22
it’s you know, it’s just understanding is not the eight to five that are nine to five or 96. That that gets in the way of your relationship is is to seminars, on the weekends. It’s the the trainings on the weekends, it’s the billing and coding and inputting doing bills at two in the morning. It’s the networking events from five to eight. Yeah, that’s that’s where it kind of gets makes it difficult because in a typical non entrepreneurial profession, you go to work, you punch clock, you go home, and that’s it for the day. You know, my date never really ends, but it doesn’t mean you know, I may have an email and reply to I may have a question that comes up. So he kind of kind of deal with it. So I have been trying to make it a point to put my phone down and iPad down and shut it down for like an hour a day. And just put it away, you know, just in in kind of talk to the wife and do with the family and in away from the phone for about an hour day. Feels good, though. It’s not it’s not a lot. But it is.

Justin Trosclair 45:32
It’s, you know, I’ve heard most people don’t need I need a three hour time blocked right now. They want quality time and I think get a good solid hour. Man, that was way better than just yelling at you because you’re playing on your phone all day on a Saturday trying to get something done. So it’s cool, man. Good advice when our last question any favorite books, blogs or podcasts that you secretly love? Or in ones that you think other people should check out?

Unknown 45:55
Oh, you know, I’m not really a book, blog podcast guy. Um, I did not do audio book. You know, cuz while I’m in the car, I can let it play kind of a thing. Where you do instead, my other hobbies you play video games from time to time to keep me engaged. And keep me relaxed. You know? It’s it’s a getaway. I do enjoy movies.

Justin Trosclair 46:20
Are you linked up with your buddies yelling at each other on the video games?

Unknown 46:24
No, I don’t I don’t do the I really don’t do the online gaming. Um, I guess I’m either a little too old. or most of my friends. You

Justin Trosclair 46:34
can smack talk you but it’s in Madden, when

Unknown 46:37
you got to set up a

Unknown 46:40
play date to play to play man. Like my brother, you have to have the same man version. Right? You can’t just believe I got 19 he got to have 19 or you know I got 17 you got a team we go go play on it don’t work. Like

Justin Trosclair 46:55
I gotta pause I got I got a 10 minute break real quick, right? babies crying right?

Unknown 46:58
Well, look, man, I don’t meet at four o’clock. And you’re going to be there at four o’clock and we’re going to play for this hour. And hope that you know you’re not later I’m not late side you know, just this is more difficult to play. Like, you know, people that you know and everybody my age got children and they got football basketball practice and they’re going to dance recitals and all these things. So you know, I’m more into the role playing games with single user games now. And just just out of time just to kind of unplug that’s kind of my thing. You know, I kind of grew up in a video game error kind of started with the Atari when I was really young and then a Nintendo came around and kind of just blew the doors open that ever since and I still I’m in the Marvel movies you know I you know different types of movies is very entertaining. It’s just like a two hour escape. Yeah, between that in there fishing does take a lot of time. There barely know some some when it’s hot in the middle of football season basketball season. I’m working no two, three days a week for four or five hours a day you know, so it’s that so it’s hard to really get into books and podcasts. Sports Talk Radio, they go so I don’t know that’s really considered a podcast but

Justin Trosclair 48:15
some people are super internet stuff you What’s your show that to ball

Unknown 48:19
guys? You know, I do some local shows. Nice. You know ESPN, ESPN 1420 you know listen to Kevin flip sometimes on those different notes common call heard on Fox Sports. All right. Sometimes Comic Con hers probably because it’s during lunch time he’s right when I’m in the car moving around you know ever done is Stephen A Smith. In undisputed so I listened to bits and pieces of Oh yes. It’s all very interesting.

Justin Trosclair 48:50
That’s kind of what I was expecting you to say. If you didn’t read a lot of books or whatever cuz it’s like you know, you’re into sports and all this

Unknown 48:56
Sports Talk, you know, get into it.

Unknown 49:00
Medical talk I think Well, that’s a whole nother whole nother question the line of questions there. Some different interview different images.

Justin Trosclair 49:10
Well, Dr. Briscoe, any closing remarks for the audience today? It’s been a pleasure to have you on on definitely want to know where people can find you.

Unknown 49:18
Well, if you’re a chiropractor in you want to come see me I meet me. You can always stop by my office. But the ABC American black Harper association is going to have an annual convention in Daytona far. June 27 of June 30, 2019

Unknown 49:35
will be offered up to eight see credits. The classes will be on the campus of Palmer, Florida and the hotel is nearby on the beach. You have to be black. You don’t have to be black. Tell secrets. We all need secrets. Yeah. So typically, we have nutrition, our radiology or him subjects that we have. So our website is a B, C, a cairo.com.

Justin Trosclair 50:09
Forget and you have a personal site

Unknown 50:10
you want to read. My personal side is Dr. q, amp b.com. q amp b.com.

Justin Trosclair 50:17
Thank you so much for taking the time with us today. And I definitely think people are going to get some good information today.

Unknown 50:27
That wraps up another episode.

Justin Trosclair 50:30
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