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Ty Greneaux talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair about Acadiana Garage Doors

His view on staff, handling customer concerns and reinvigorating himself with family will get you on the right track this quarter. Ty Greneaux also has exclusive info released first on this podcast. Acadiana Garage Doors, let’s learn more about this 35 year company.

Once upon a time, Ty Greneaux had no intention of leading Acadiana Garage Doors to become the premier garage door company in Lafayette. However, a chance encounter with his father-in-law, Frank, who was the original owner of the 35-year-old company, changed his life forever.

While helping Frank install a garage door opener, Ty discovered his passion for the industry and eventually took over the company. Under his leadership, Acadiana Garage Doors has continued to grow and innovate. Today, the company is proud to announce its partnership with Amarr and plans to build a 20,000 sqft building to house all aspects of their business.

Ty views his role as more than just a business owner; he sees himself as an educator to his clients. He believes that by understanding a customer’s needs and matching them with the right product, the sale will come naturally. Listen to this episode to hear Ty’s tips on advertising and how it transformed his business.

But running a successful company doesn’t come without its challenges. In this podcast, Ty shares his wisdom on handling customer complaints and how a few key hires have allowed him to disconnect and be more present with his family. He also shares his thoughts on what it means to be a veteran in the industry and how to handle the pressure of competition.

At the heart of Acadiana Garage Doors is a company culture built on integrity, education, and a commitment to excellence. Ty invites you to tune in to the end of the episode to learn more about what sets Acadiana Garage Doors apart from the rest.

Hear how a few key hires has taken a load of his shoulders and as entrepreneur, can actually disconnect and be more present with his family.

How do you handle it, when you thought you were top and then someone out performs you, the veteran.


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Welcome to a Doctor’s Perspective podcast Acadia and a local edition. Today we have Ty Grino with Acadia in a Garage Doors. I’m your host, Dr. Justin Truss, Claire bestselling author on Amazon podcast, host, award winner, and chiropractor in Acadian. Let’s go. Hashtag behind the curtain in local businesses in Acadian.

Thank you so much for joining the show. If you caught last week’s episode, you got an idea of where the show’s been, where it’s going now, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve reached out to some people, they said yes, and today we’ll have the first one. The tie. I fare warned them. I got some new questions to ask.

It’s different than my past interviews, so if we needed to edit or redo an answer, no problem. Let’s make sure the flow is good and the answers are top quality. For the Lafayette people. Before we jump in, I’d like to thank the sponsor, scoliosis Center of Louisiana and Chiropractic. If you got a kid or an adult who’s getting back pain, doesn’t like the way they look, or just needs an evaluat, And hold over to Scoliosis Center of Louisiana.

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live from aca. Today on the podcast, we got a, a great guest. His name is Ty Grino. He’s with Acadian the Garage Doors, and we’re gonna find out some things about him, his past, his marketing, and all that jazz. So welcome to

the. Good afternoon. Nice to be here, Justin. Appreciate you inviting me, man.


You are gonna be one of the top five, or I guess should I say first five that we interview and we’re gonna release them all at the same time? Pretty much. And we’re really looking forward to seeing what Acadian has to offer because I’ve been here, I grew up in Bro Bridge for my entire life. I moved away, I came back, and it’s a different landscape whenever you come back.

Sometimes Ambassador Cavs getting. And then some things actually stay the same. .

Absolutely. Man, I, I tell you, I did that myself. Moving out of town and coming back gives you a completely different perspective and you nailed it. I mean, some things it r it takes me back to, you know, 10 years old now. It’s other things like, wow.

We’re, we’re, we’re doing better, thankfully. So the more we have people leave and come back, I think the better it’s for Katie, a different perspective is important. And I

already had two different king cakes, so I think, I feel like I’m done for the whole season already. I mean,

absolutely, absolutely. Put, put your limited too, man.

You’ll be all right. 10 pounds max. Gain your it. You’ll be all right. You can lose it by

next season. Take some chromium. As my mom likes to say, she, she got on the, uh, the, the vitamin wagon. She’s like, just take some chromium if you eat too much. And, uh, ,

get those sugar down some charcoal too, man. Throw some charcoal on there.

Absolutely. It, it, it move, it removes the fat unhealthiness. That’s hilarious. You said the

charcoal ,

it, it wraps the badness up is what she said. I don’t know. I love my mom to death, but, uh, it’s interesting, uh, some of these naturalist ideas I’m buying. I’m

hoping. I’m hoping some of them are really good, you know?

Yeah, absolutely. Well, let’s jump in. All right. Tell the people what do you offer, and if you can really go back, what was the big why to

start with this? So I, I think I have an interesting story, a story that, you know, I don’t think I’m the typical entrepreneur. I didn’t arrive on this at this stage in life.

definitely by, not by accident, and definitely not the normal act. So I’ve got a different background. I’ve got a a tech degree, I’ve got an mba, partial law. I mean, I, there’s a lot going on. Didn’t know what I wanted to do when I got old. And uh, I worked, I moved to Dallas. I graduated from UL Lafayette, one of the first.

UL Lafayette grads when it switched from, uh, U S L to U L L I got lucky enough to get a good job, Texas Instruments up there and, um, was living the life, traveling, rising the, the corporate ladder, doing really well for myself. But that was no life to live for a married man, uh, that wanted to have kids and wanted to build a family.

So they afforded me the opportunity to go back to school and pay for it, you know, years later, uh, my father-in-law, Uh, he was at the point where he bought, he was the original owner of Acadian Garage Doors. He started it in 1986 or 88, I believe, and he was ready. He bought it as far as he could. He was ready to sell it.

Never would’ve thought I would have anything to do with garage doors. I mean, our beginnings were humble. My father-in-law had very, Me and him had a very, um, intimidating relationship. If I said a thousand words for him to him before we got married, I’d be surprised we didn’t really bond. Um, so when I was in Dallas, I bought a, bought a home.

It was a cheap home. It was uh, 2,800 square feet. Bought it for 144,000 brand new. If you can imagine to make that happen, they had to cut some corners, right? And one of those corners they cut was, they didn’t put a garage door opener, it was just a garage door. So bright idea, Hey, I’ve got an opportunity, my father-in-law, we can bond.

And, uh, said, Hey, I’d like to give you some business. If you can bring up a garage door opener. I’d like, like he needed the business and drive to Dallas, but I was trying, right? So he comes down, uh, I help him do the install. I have a million questions. I’m trying to generate some, some connection there. And an hour, 45 minutes later, we, we were finished and I said, man, Frank, his name’s Frank Urban.

I said, uh, we did good, man. An hour and 45 minutes. And, and the funny response is, and I swear to this day, It’s funny now it wasn’t funny. Then he says, yeah, if you wouldn’t have helped, that would’ve been done in a half hour . And that’s, that’s where it all started. Well, that’s a father son moment right there too.

It, it’s, it’s right. And, uh, little did I know. Fast forward decade later, he would be one of my best friends. Um, one of my mentors, sadly enough, he passed away a few years ago and, uh, kind of changed my life, changed the direction I was headed. And, uh, now our goal is to just carry on the legacy. Who created, do all the things that I hope we’re doing to make him proud.


Well, we’re talking garage doors. Like what do, are we talking those custom ones that are like chiseled out and they have a flirty lee on the top and they got windows or. So,

so we, we have everything I turned around, you know, we got the most beautiful stuff, the most expensive, as much as you wanna spend to the as you wanna spend the ugly stuff and everything in between, right?

So one of the cool things that my father-in-law Frank, originally kind of saw before anybody else was. He built a showroom. It was the one of the first showrooms in the country for garage doors. Who would’ve thought, well, years earlier wouldn’t have made any difference. Who wants a showroom? It’s all little square rectangle stuff, right?

Well, his timing was perfect. Uh, the garage door industry started to grow, started to come out with new and inventive cool things, and he kind of timed that market perfect me coming on board, buying, uh, or getting into the business with my tech background and our systems in place. You know, I’m, I’m not an overly religious person, but I do believe in God.

I believe in his timing and his timing was, you can’t deny it was meant to be. Yeah. Spot on. And, uh, so now we do everything, I mean, we do, from the decorative stuff to the planning stuff, we service, we install, we do residential, we do commercial. And, and this year I’ll, I’ll announce, uh, excited to. We are getting into the distribution side of things.

So we’re building a 20,000 square foot location. It’s gonna be a warehouse office space, showroom space. It’s gonna be located behind Walmart on Ambassador. And we’ll have easy access to I 10, I 49, and we’re gonna distribute all the way from Florida to Texas. Uh, and that kind of, I don’t wanna say fell into our lap, but with Covid timing and the way our manufacturers are changing their business model and distribution model, it’s working out loud.

I’m excited. This is a big year. Big year change. Wait, I saw y’all

gonna be creating your own. designs and are you like partner up with another company and you kind of

handle all that? So we’re, yeah. So we’re partnering up with our manufacturer manufacturers, Ammar. We have an exclusivity agreement to where right now, within a 50 square mile radius, you can’t buy Ammar product unless you buy from us.

Well, their business model is, they have 80 distribution centers all around the country. During Covid, they had to continue paying that operation when they weren’t really productive. They had to have people stay home. So they’re now going to a mega distribution model where the distribution centers will be in major cities and then all the debt areas they’re gonna rely on their dealer network.

And we are going to be one of those key areas. Um, were essentially located, So, yeah, we’re partnering with the manufacturer, sell their product, and what that brings about is cheaper pricing for us. It brings about new opportunity for, uh, different types of market share, uh, and other manufacturers to come on board as well.

So we’re

excited. That’s awesome. You know, I had treated a patient one time in Colorado and that this is what he did. He did only custom garage doors at all. Yeah. And I was like, man, what is, he’s like, oh. 15, 20 grand. He’s like, I do celebrity things. And you know, I wasn’t even, I never actually purchased a garage door in my life.

Uh, still haven’t, it’s just sort of part of the package. I’ve never had to replace one. So I was just like blown away. I was like, wow. They’ll spend that much money on the door. And he’s like, we can go even crazier. And I was kind of blown away, like, You’d

be surprised from wood to iron. I mean, some of this stuff is incredible that I say it’s in front of your house.

For most people it’s, I mean, look, it’s, it’s 20 to 30 feet of the front of the house. People spend all this money on the front swing door when you got, that’s what, three feet that nobody sees. that. So I’m not, I don’t push, Hey, you gotta buy something expensive, but you dang well better buy something that goes with the house that you like that fits it well.

Right? So it’s not about spending money, it’s about making the right selection. And that’s why we have our showroom and we train the people the way we do. The hope is when people come in, they’re not coming in for us to sell ’em. They’re coming in for us to educate ’em and if they choose us, we’re blessed for, for that choosing.

If they go somewhere else, hey, we gave it our best shot, but at least we, we gave ’em pros and cons and, and try and give ’em ideas on how to make selections and what the right move is. It’s not always like you’ll have people with new construction on architect season, one way on on these sizes and such.

Yet we can make some small changes that’ll make a big difference. For example, if you have a three car. A lot of times they’ll make that third car garage a little six foot wide for a golf cart. Mm-hmm. , well just make it eight foot wide and that’s considered a third car garage and go to sell it. I mean, and the cost is the same.

The cost of that door, whether that’s six foot wide or eight foot wide is the same price, but when you go to sell it, you just added huge value. So, , we’re always preaching if you can, as soon as you get your plans in place, come into the showroom not to buy, but so we can make changes, um, that could, you know, have huge dividends for you and end when you go to


And let’s dive in just a little bit more on that, cuz that’s one of the questions I wanted to ask you. When it comes to marketing the customers or making relationships with manufacturers, or even trying to increase the sales in your own place, like you said, it’s about educating, but is there any tips or tricks or things that you’ve learned along the way that’s really helped?

Um, You know, push the envelope. Cause like I said, if you’re not into the huge custom door, that’s great. We’ve got 20 normal vanilla ones, but we still wanna make it match your, your outside. Show me pictures, like any hints or tricks for that stuff. Uh,

dude, every, well, I’ve got so many things to say on this subject.

I’ll try and keep it simple. I’ve got an mba. Right. So all the back, the, the book. Oh gosh. Yeah. You don’t know anything until you, in real life when you’re doing this, you don’t know anything. Sir, we started off advertising. We never advertised before. You don’t know what to pick. You, you talk to seven different meeting, whether it’s radio, television, Fox 15, abc, whatever.

They’ll all tell you why they’re the best. So if I had unlimited funds, I’d just put it everywhere. Right? But at some point you’re just kind of throwing stuff on the wall and see what fit, what, what. Realistically, in my opinion, more than advertising, more than anything else. relationships is key, and that’s not overnight.

You have to build that over time. Uh, whether it be with our builders, with our customers, the key is doing it the right way using a quality product and doing it with consistency for long period of time. That gives you that, um, that loyalty, um, gives you that reputation. Now, from an advertising standpoint,

What I do that just man is kind of surprising is we do a lot of radio. Mm. I think all the mediums work. But one of the things that set us apart, that really changed my business, uh, name’s Jimmy Cole. He used to work for, uh, town Square Media. He came in in like November, December, just kind of walked in one day and said, Hey, Ty.

Um, I’d like to pitch some advertising to you. I was like, man, we’re out of, we’re outta advertising budget here. We’re at the end of the year. He’s like, do you have any co-op dollars? I was like, I got co-op, but I spent them said, you have LiftMaster co-op dollars, which is our main motors. Said they don’t do it.

He goes, yeah, they do. You need a call with ’em in my office, I called him and he said, Hey, uh, you have 30 grand to spend, but you gotta spend it by the end of the month. Oh, hello. I can do that . So he’s sitting there with a big smile on his face, right? He’s like, yeah, I’ll do it. It was absolute luck or God’s time and happy you wanna say it?

Jimmy changed our business Radio advertising, you don’t think of, I mean, you hear it all the time, right? I listen to a lot of radio, but I tune out on, on the advertising side of things. It’s just you hear a ton of this, ton of that. You just learn to tune it out. What Jimmy did differently, I said, Jimmy, I don’t wanna be on the radio.

I’d prefer not to be the guy game. Hey, today, today only 3 99 for 16 bucks. It’s cheese, right? Yep. He goes, well listen, I’m gonna put a microphone here and I’m gonna learn about your business. And we just had a conversation. And he cut together a commercial that was like started with, Hey, here’s the tips from AAD in a garage doors, and he gives you a tip and then it cuts to me and he cut the commercial of us having a conversation.

Well, as much as I didn’t want to be on the commercials, one of the things that it did was, and I book fully believe in it now, customer people wanna hear. The owner, they want to hear from the person responsible for that business. Somebody here local and they don’t wanna be sold. They wanna be educated, and they wanna be informed about what it is that you do.

And, uh, we, we do both. We educate and we tell you a little bit about us, not about, Hey, you know, we have a sale that’s, it’s not sales driven. It’s none of that. We have the long-term picture in mind, that long-term girl is, look, you don’t need a garage door today. . But one day you will. And when you, when you do need that, I hope you think back to us and all the tips that we gave you and all the, you know, we are, it’s huge.

We’re good people. Absolutely. I mean,

we look at that as chiropractic. We’re always like, okay, what can we give you with the, for your low back of your neck, just enough so that you can call us. Like every business absolutely has something that they need tips and tricks that you didn’t even think about to create the longevity of the motor, et cetera.

Absolutely. And it, and it’s one of those things where you have to be sincere in that. And I think that’s the biggest challenge, right? Is coming across sincere and not the. , let me just tell you why I wanna get you here and sell and, and I think that genuineness comes in if you are genuine. Mm-hmm. , I mean, that’s what we are, man.

Like look, we need garage doors. And I don’t wanna sound easy, it’s garage doors. Is there anything sexy, exciting, fun about, no, it’s garage doors. But if we’re gonna do it, we wanna do it to the best of our abilities. Uh, we wanna be a good partner here in the community. And our motto is the Golden Rule. And, you know, people laugh at that sometimes.

Kind of the old cheesy saying, but it’s true, true to others the way you’d like to be. I’m not chasing after. If somebody calls in and, and we messed up and it happens, we’re not perfect. If you’re coming for a place that’s perfect, you came to the wrong place, but we’re always gonna make it right, even if we’re not wrong.

Even if I think the customer’s wrong for long term, we’re always gonna make the call and, uh, A positive way for the customer for you to leave us and not have, might have been the best experience. It might not have been perfect. We might have made mistakes, but for you to leave us and say, man, they tried to take advantage of me.

You just didn’t give us an opportunity. I will, I will give you money back and you could keep the door. It’s all about making sure that that customer feels taken care of, felt like we care, uh, and look, we’re all consumer. I need to make sure I create an environment that’s super comfortable for them and super trusting.

And that’s really what sales is, right? Build trust between you and the customer. And you

already answered one of the questions I was gonna have. How do you deal with customer complaints? And I mean, as a consumer, we are, we’re already there. If something happens, we just wanna be like, do you, can you just take responsibility?

Or Yeah. Was it my fault? Was it your fault? Did we not communicate? And sometimes you just, you know, especially if you’re spending a decent amount of. Can you just come make it, right? Not six months from now, not three months from now, and keep kicking the can. But you know, in a service industry, that’s kind of the reputation that a lot of people have that like, they’ll never come back and fix it.

And when the, when you find somebody that does, all of a sudden you’re like, dude, Do it. You, even though they messed up, you’ll still get a referral from ’em.

Abso do, do what you say you’re gonna do. My, the one of the things that keep me up at night is a customer that has a bad experience with us and doesn’t say anything.

They just, oh, I’m never using those guys again. I mean, look, we make mistakes. We’ll go out there and we do something that we shouldn’t have charged for and the notes are weird. So our billing department bills and they, and they get $120 bill. We were out there for two minutes and did nothing. It’s an accident.

It wasn’t on purpose, man. I please let me know. I’m never, I’m gonna pay that. I’m gonna pay that bill. Here’s 120 bucks to Katie in the garage doors. I’m never calling them again. No, dude, call me. I, let me look. We make a mistake. And, and even if it isn’t our mistake, let me make your day. I

120 bucks is not worth the bad reputation, the bad Google review and all the badmouthing that you’re gonna get.

Absolutely. Look, we’re a small town man. Uh, word of mouth works both ways. You do a great job. You do the right. Man, it’s easy. I don’t have to advertise. You do the wrong thing, poop. I don’t think you can pay enough advertise and overcome that. No. You know, not in a community like this.

Yeah, I, I mean, I know a guy that we get went to school with and.

but people were like, eh, don’t use that guy. . Yeah. Okay.

Alright then. And it, it’s, it’s when somebody makes their mind up, it, it’s surprising how quickly that spreads. Especially somebody that’s respected. That’s why it’s like, man, every opportunity we have to deal with a customer, even though they might not buy from us, even though they might not be in the market.

Look, I got people that. Like once a year. It seems like they’re just lonely just to talk . I’m like, are you ever gonna buy a garage? I don’t know. But we take every opportunity when we touch a customer to take their needs and concerns seriously, never to take advantage of ignorance and to try and educate ’em so that whatever decision they make, Last thing I wanna do is sell ’em something.

Look, I, you can come in. I think I’m a good salesperson. You can come in, I can talk you to sell in a buy the most expensive thing I have. Well, man, that is, what did I gain by you buying something? Regretting it later. And man, he told me one thing, and that’s not the way it was. Yeah. Oh man. Do the right thing.

Make less money up front if it’s not the right thing for them to buy. But in the long run, If they’re ever gonna buy a door again, or they’re gonna tell somebody about us, that’s the long game man, not the shark game. You don’t play, you don’t chase after money at the disadvantage of long time. I mean, that’s, that’s proven.

Yeah. We’ve been in business 35 years now and that’s the only way to do it. That’s the only way you survive. And I could tell you this, not everybody, like we are in a blessed position of being in a long time, and I don’t wanna say we’re a cash cow, but we’re to the point where I’m not, I don’t need to chase every dollar.

So I have the advantages of saying, Hey, you know, You’re unhappy with, with the door you chose and you’re really just, man, I can make your day by just going change it out and take the hit. I’m gonna do that. Well, if you’re a new company and you’re short on funds, cash flow’s low. Man, that $120 I, I, I was out there.

I, I need to get some income. So we’re blessed to be in a position where we’re able to make that decision where not everybody is, you know? Uh, and I, that’s one of the advantages of being in business this long.

Well, let me ask you this question because, uh, when I was interviewing all the other doctors and the first half of my, my podcast, the one that got the most attention, Family life balance, taking vacations because you’re still a small, not small, but you know what I mean.

You’re, you’re, uh, you’re an entrepreneur and so that already is kind of hard to, uh, take vacation. You, I guess you’re in a unique position where I’m sure you’re not the one that’s always turning wrenches and screws and all of that, but when you’re still the boss, you still have, uh, responsibilities and it’s hard to get away.

So all that, the preface, how do you create this work life balance that people talk about and try to maximize, you know, being with your family and stuff,

it feels impossible, especially if you’re control. Right. Uh, I’m still learning that I’ve gotten way better. I, the, the thing that I used to say, and boy, this was probably the first 12 to 13 years of being in business.

I never went on vacation. I went places mm-hmm. , but I was never on vacation. My mind’s always back here. Right? Absolutely. I’ve, I’ve got a little notification on my phone. It’s four o’clock Friday afternoon. I see the last car got here and somebody set the alarm. I can breathe. Let’s, let’s enjoy this weekend, but like going away for seven days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

I just couldn’t relinquish control and I think that’s what most entrepreneurs struggle with is nobody could do it as good as I can. You know what, that may be true, but it, you probably did good enough. You way good enough. You, it doesn’t have to be a 10. I’m good with a nine, especially if that nine allows me to do things that allow me to stay in balance.

Right. So I I, I’ll tell you, during Covid we made some key hires. Um, invested in some key people. And when I say key hires in people, I mean in our office to where, man, I always thought if I’m not the one in front of the customer, I’m worth this. I have to be the one doing it, otherwise nobody’s gonna buy from us.

Guess what? Either I was super fooled and had an ego , uh, that needed to be tamed and. Or, you know, I’m just a control freak and probably a little bit of both. At the time, the folks that I hired, neither one of ’em ever had any sales experience. We learn together, we train together, train them to guess what they’re, as much as I like to think it couldn’t be done, everybody could do it as good as I can.

Not only can they do it as good, they do it better. And learning the trust in the people, as long as you have the right people in place, that gives me that balance to, man, I can go on vacation and not have to worry about it. I know if I get a phone call, it’s only because it’s an absolute must. Anything else can be taken care of.

So it’s all about your people and having trust in those people and pulling the control back, that takes a lot.

It tams the ego to know, especially when they said somebody does more. Wait a minute, you had the best sales. More than I’ve ever had. This is ridiculous. I was supposed to be the guy

time and time again.

And lemme tell you, I’m from, Hey, wait a second. That kind of hurts my feelings too. Go, go. Cheering on, on. I love it. Look, this is perfect example. This past week we have a certain minimum that we gotta meet, uh, in terms of buy from a particular manufacturer. It’s a big. And I, I was like, I’m taking, I need to take some personal time off to work on myself.

So last week I took four days off and manned the back of my head. I’m like, will they meet that minimum? Will they meet that minimum? Not only did they meet it, they three x the minimum made it the record that we’ve ever had was with me not being in the office. I wasn’t sitting here ego hurt. I was like, thank you, Jesus.

I mean, . These girls are amazing. Yeah. My, my warehouse manager, I say Girls, it’s all girls. And me and a guy, they didn’t skip a beat. It was better than if I was there. They were like, yeah, you know, you weren’t hovering over us, right? They were like, we, and we, and, and the truth is, and they said this, they were like, we know you needed some time.

We know you needed, needed some space. We wanna make you proud. We wanted, we’re part of a team. And look, that’s a culture right there. It is culture. That’s exactly where I was going. We all pulled, nobody’s there to outshine anybody. I, I, I keep saying I say this all the time, but there’s certain things that I bank on, and this is one of them.

We spend more time together in the office and as a business than I do with my own family. If we’re gonna do that, we sure better enjoy it. And we, and, and I, I won’t accept any other way. This needs to be a place of peace, a place of encouragement, a place of team, and that starts at the top. And I can say all these things all day long, but if I don’t believe them, I’m not gonna show action.

And if I don’t show action, they’re not following. We have that culture and incredibly blessed to have it now.

Yeah, these people see you, uh, super stressed out. That’s really whenever I think some of our true hidden personality comes out. Whenever we’re really stressed out and we gotta sell or whatever, we gotta, we gotta hit a quota of doors and, uh, if we don’t hit it, we’re gonna be stuck with ’em


And, and to know that, you know, they could see the struggle. And it’s not about, man, if I do real well, Ty’s gonna see how well I do. No. Hey, Ty needs a break. Yeah, we gotta step. Because guess what? When they need the break, I’m stepping up. Right. We’re all in it together.

Absolutely. The last question might be fun.

If you don’t have an answer, that’s okay too. We’ll just, uh, cut this part out. Any favorite books or podcasts that you recommend gift to other people or think you should read?

I am a huge podcast listener. Uh, I, I do read, I don’t read fiction. I, I read all non-fiction really? From a podcast standpoint, uh, Valuetainment, Patrick Pet David is one of the best, in my opinion, uh, on the business side of things for the fun side and in serious side.

Joe Rogan, absolutely following Jordan Peterson’s a good, good one. David Goggins for Motivation. I dunno if you know David Goggins is, but absolute incredible person to listen to and inspire, get inspired by. From a book standpoint right now, particular one I’m doing, not that’s business related, but is the love there to try and help with my relationship with my spouse, uh, how to become a better dad.

That’s really right now where my focus is, is on my family and not on my, on the business side of things. So my commitment this year is to read one book a week, no matter how small or how big it’s, uh, and right now I’m ahead of the game, so I’m doing well.

Mr. Ty, really appreciate you being on.

Uh, appreci inviting me.

Man, this was a pleasure. Um, if you need anything, holler, I’d be glad to help. Anyway, we can.

That’s it. That was the first episode. Thank you, Ty, for coming on. Thank you for sharing about work culture and getting outta your own way and how sometimes we just fall into businesses that we won’t even. I wish you lucked, your 20,000 square foot new building, and much success being the best husband and dad that you can beat.

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Absolutely. You don’t ever miss another episode. And if you’d like what you’re hearing so far, leave us a five star review so that way more people in this area can discover businesses that can directly impact you. Y’all have a good


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