A 04 Kate Lingoni of Bon Bon Strategic

If you’re an entrepreneur struggling with delegation, outsourcing, and productivity, this podcast episode is a must-listen. Kate Lingoni of BonBon Strategic offers actionable advice and strategies to help you optimize your time and energy, delegate tasks, and achieve your business goals. In this podcast episode, Justin interviews Kate Lingoni from Bon Bon Strategic, a business…

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A 01 Ty Greneaux Acadiana Garage Doors

His view on staff, handling customer concerns and reinvigorating himself with family will get you on the right track this quarter. Ty Greneaux also has exclusive info released first on this podcast. Acadiana Garage Doors, let’s learn more about this 35 year company. Once upon a time, Ty Greneaux had no intention of leading Acadiana…

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A 00 Intro to Acadiana Local Business Spotlights

If you’re looking to learn about the most exciting and innovative businesses in Lafayette, LA, then you won’t want to miss this podcast! Our host, an experienced chiropractor and podcast enthusiast, has pivoted the show to shine a spotlight on the best local businesses in Acadiana. In each episode, you’ll get an inside look at…

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