E 164 Anxiety Woes for Parents and Children Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW

Why Are People Reaching Out More? Anxiety is increasing for kids and adults. The way we dealt with these emotions may not be helping in 2020. We discuss a range of ideas to help with Jennifer Bronsnick MSW. Many people dealt with anxiety, depression and hopelessness before the pandemic and of course they still are.The…

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Episode 30: Controversial Chiropractic Statements on Every Corner Dr. Shelly O’Conner DC

Veteran Shelly O’Connor served our country proudly but got some injuries in her low back, neck and knees that causes her issues to this day.  She finds relief with chiropractic care but it still can limit how much she does in her clinic.  She goes into detail about how that influences her clinic setup, hours,…

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