E 122 Marfan Awareness and 9 Clinics Kristi Boles Podiatrist

Dr. Kristi Boles owned 9 podiatry clinics before the age of 30 and also suffered from an aortic dissection from a condition she didn’t even know she had Marfan Syndrome. We explore the impact on her clinics and her new allied wellness patient focus. Interesting tidbit about podiatry in Australia: you finish high school and…

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E 108 Cash Practice Continuity Programs and Clinic Buy Outs Dr Joseph Simon DPT

Cash practice marketing has unique challenges, continuity programs, considerations to purchasing a clinic or starting fresh, leadership hurdles and Dr. Joseph Simon physical therapist explains why you need a coach and perhaps his 9 step program. Dr Joseph Simon of Private Practice Business Academy teaching Doctor of Physical Therapists and alternative health care doctors about…

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E 72 Relationship Ending Behaviors—Detect and Prevent by Divorce Coach Jeannine Lee

Relationship red flags, dysfunctional communication, parent child dynamics, balancing the other: these are covered so you don’t get divorced. If you do Jeannine Lee’s Beyond Divorce book and Group Recovery groups is a must to listen to. Learn about yourself and process all the tumultuous emotions. Jeannine Lee, author of Beyond Divorce , has a…

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