functional nutrition

E 135 Gut Health is Brain Health Dr. Robert Silverman DC

Leaky gut to gluten free and no added sugar to intermittent fasting, ketosis and prolon diet, Dr. Robert Silverman discusses how gut health translates to brain health. He gives some of his top supplement advice to get you started in healing your gut. Eighty percent of our immune cells are in our gut. Our gut…

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E 56 Holistic Nutritionist and Shared Space with Dr. Brian Stanton DC

Advice on what type of location is best for a new doctor, medi spa, share space or what? How does he define holistic nutrition or functional medicine in his clinic. Here some great success stories that might make you reconsider what supplement line you recommend. What are his 3 top reasons to pick a chiropractic…

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53: Functional Nutrition and How to Look Good Naked Dr Debbie Bright DC

Look Good Naked owner Dr Debbie Bright DC talks her 21 Day Program, functional nutrition, gut health, labs for nutritional issues, rehab specialty, 16 hour days, what makes a good nutraceutical line and lessons learned from a rocky first clinic. Family illnesses (not hers) really got her sparked to become a doctor of chiropractic and…

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