E 166 Placebo Empathy and Kindness to Halt Physician Burnout with Larry Benz DPT

Go beyond empathy in connecting with your patients and learn about biopsychosocial aspects, positive psychology and even using placebo to your and the patients benefit. Also find ways to avoid burnout with physical therapist Dr. Larry Benz. Dr. Larry Benz, PT DPT OCS MBA MAPP has just a ton of educational experience and degrees. He…

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E 147 Trauma and Acupuncture Sarah Alemi DAc

Can musculoskeletal pain and mental trauma both be treated by acupuncture at the same time? Sarah Alemi, DAc specializes in both and we talk new practice ownership struggles, acupuncture for veterans, herbs  and touch on marketing. Acupuncture as a second career (5 element with extra training in Tradition Chinese Medicine), albeit an early switch, was…

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Episode 46: Empowerment and Passion- Why Work and Live Any Other Way Dr. Dinelly Holder PhD

Empowerment confronting your issues, and how to protect and heal relationships. Questions to pick a counselor, avoiding burnout, are you Crazy?, Passionate career women overcomes obstacles and loves treating anxiety, depression and family issues. Take a trip in circumstances that one person would see as adversity and Dr Holder turned into an extreme passion. Wait…

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