E 119 Why Have A Podcast and A Book It’s No Secret Tyson Franklin Podiatrist

Pivoting from full time podiatrist to full time podcaster of 2 shows while writing two books and building out his business and marketing skills under the It’s No Secret by Dr. Tyson “orthotics” Franklin to empower others to be successful.    Tips on being a podcast guest. What made him change his mind from being…

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E 102 Hong Kong Expat and Combining Pilates with Chiropractic Dr. Fleur Castlereagh

Discover how to combine pilates with chiropractic, why be an expat in Hong Kong, comparing Australia life and marketing, journalism degree and why use udemy for back pain programs and meetup for marketing. Dr Fleur Castlereagh DC We cover fun topics like: are Aussie’s the type to move around the country and to other countries…

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Episode 26: Strategies for Personal Brand Building Jane Anderson, Australia’s Leading Personal Brand Expert, 4x Author, Mentor

Personal Brand Building Expert Jane Anderson takes us through LinkedIn like a pro, advice on becoming a Speaker and Author, how to be an Influencer and great resources for furthering your growth. You will have a to-do-list after this hour. Jane Anderson is a communication expert. With over 13 years’ experience in Personal Brand Building…

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