E 164 Anxiety Woes for Parents and Children Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW

Why Are People Reaching Out More? Anxiety is increasing for kids and adults. The way we dealt with these emotions may not be helping in 2020. We discuss a range of ideas to help with Jennifer Bronsnick MSW. Many people dealt with anxiety, depression and hopelessness before the pandemic and of course they still are.The…

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E 60 Emotional Trauma and the Role of Chinese Medicine CT Holman LAc

Did you know acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can be used to help heal from emotional trauma? CT Holman Lac joins the show to discuss his book plus facial and pulse diagnosis. Discover why qigong is so important in his life and teaching career. CT Holman is the Director of Development for , teaches internationally,…

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Episode 46: Empowerment and Passion- Why Work and Live Any Other Way Dr. Dinelly Holder PhD

Empowerment confronting your issues, and how to protect and heal relationships. Questions to pick a counselor, avoiding burnout, are you Crazy?, Passionate career women overcomes obstacles and loves treating anxiety, depression and family issues. Take a trip in circumstances that one person would see as adversity and Dr Holder turned into an extreme passion. Wait…

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