M 73 One Long Form Post a Week Strategy   

Learn a strategy that only requires 1 post a week but supplies content for a whole year using snippets that are only the top producing for social media likes and clicks.

📍 Welcome back to a doctor’s perspective podcast. This is mini-sode number 73, long form post a week strategy. So I was listening to Amy Porterfield episode 429, and she had a guest that was talking about circular. Verocity.

And it turns out it’s not as complicated as it sounds, but it’s definitely time intensive. So you’d want to probably have like a virtual assistant or a staff member or a social media person that can do this for you. So here’s the skinny, you got to create one long form content a week and listen with things like Jarvis or whatever they call their.

Content writer for that form or what I use is www.writesonic.com and you get a. certain amount of credits per month. I used AppSumo to purchase it. So I get like a lifetime value of certain amount of credits per month. And they have everything from creating LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, Amazons descriptions, bio’s a pain agitates solution for your copywriting.

They have even content long form. Now it burns through a lot more credits, but you can have everything from a topic to headlines and in the actual paragraphs, all from. A sentence or two that you actually have to write and then you just go back and edit it. And now they even put picture for you. So you don’t have to like figure out what picture you gonna use.

So it’s pretty awesome. So just to say, like, if you just do stenosis and chiropractic treatment, then you can create a long form post just from that. Anyway. So what you do there, you create one long form post, and then you break it up into quotes and little clips. Now you could also. Record this as an audio and then have those as well.

But let’s just say you have a software maybe like missing letter.com where you actually pull the blog posts and it puts those snippets for you. It breaks it down and you can have those actually be scheduled out nine times a year. So technically, I guess you can do all this automated you post the blog post missing letter notices that you go there.

You made sure you got the quotes that you like, and then it’ll go to all your social media. Oh. At whatever pace that you want over a three month and six month plan nine months. But the point is all these little clips point back to the long form article. So you can get more hits and more hits on your site.

So you want to pick stuff. That’s interesting out of the article to get, when people want to read it.

And what they’re saying is every three or four weeks after you post the long form, you put those clips, you find out which ones got the most traction, the most clicks, the most likes. And then you just save those in a file. And then you just bring the best one out again in three weeks or in four weeks. So you, you post it, split it.

The winners go into a file. And then those get re posted three weeks later, four weeks later after that, and then continual, and you can just kind of do that forever cause they already liked it. And then it can be as easy as sharing it or reposting it like that.

And so that’s it, that’s the strategy. Like I said, missing letters, a nice way to do it. It keeps it automated, but you don’t know which ones are going to be the best, so that, that that’s a problem, I guess, a little bit. Could you would want to like flood your social media that first week that you came out with a new blog post to kind of see which ones work best for the following ones, but, , as a way to modify it, , if you’re like, I can’t do all of that, but I could do a one-time setup with missing letter.

There you go. So I feel like the resources today, if you need any chiropractic swag t-shirts et cetera, you can go to the doctor’s perspective.net/. T-shirts are you go to slash support and you can support the show with as little as buy me a cup of coffee, or if you were to get some sport, I always do some coaching 📍 calls with you or anything that you would like.

So I appreciate you listening. I hope you can pull something away from this. Remember, listen, critically think and implement to see the best results. All the shownotes can found at a doctor’s perspective.net/m 73, along with the transcript.

sites mentioned: www.missinglttr.com and www.writesonic.com and www.appsumo.com

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