M 54 Let Them Shadow You

a doctors perspective minisode 54 jusitn trosclair Let Them Shadow You
Minisode 54 Let Them Shadow You

Teenagers and College aged people need help to narrow down career options. Be the guide for them. Let them come to your office and shadow you.

An Hey. An episode coming out Dr Alex. Vitton and he does lots of TV appearances, so we’re GONNA. Go over how to do videos on TV tips and tricks. If you want to prepare yourself, you can go to adoctorsperspective.net/marketing, and you will see the marketing series that we did a while back. Really great timeless information several episodes on videos there and that get your feet wet for his new take on it before to that but today.

Making goals and taking small steps to get there. Remember. We might have high hopes high dreams for ourselves. But you just can’t jump into a clinic and start seeing three hundred a week. Good luck. You might want to have a goal of fifty. I right, and all the growing pains go in.

We were just talking about future casting in back casting, and all that on the last episode of the Minnesota. So you may want to double check on that one. One of the things when we’re talking about goals. I feel bad I. Guess

High School like you’re eighteen going to college. Somehow you’re supposed to know what in life you’re going to do, so you go to college at first year? Maybe like this change of that later on, it’s just so much information one of the things we can do in trying to find these careers. These things that will make us happy in life is the shadow other professionals I mean the numbers chatel Accountant.

What are they do all day? Don’t do one do like a corporate guy. Independently tax verses, maybe investments versus you know there’s all kinds of different accountants and lawyers and. Doctors I mean goodness.

If you went to a chiropractor, I didn’t even know what an osteopath was for a long time, and then well so similar to Chiropractic in similar to medical doctor. Well, that’s wild.

What does a physical therapist job actually looked like a hospital setting versus a private practice sports versus knee Rehab. Right, and just kind of go through problem like when you’re senior in high school.

I guess I’m encouraging people. Mentor at this point mentor. These people kind of is.

Can you give somebody? Could be the tell them to go out there and shadow Docs shadow other professionals, and most people cool with it I did that a ton throughout college with mostly Chiropractic and when I thinking about being an eye doctor shouts in different people to see what it looks like, and you start to really even as someone who’s not even their feet wet in the program.

I don’t like this I do this while this is what your job really is. I don’t want that at all so diverse. Try it out.

That’s what I would encourage. The listeners a few mentor.

Have you talked to somebody WHO’s trying to figure out WHAT THEY WANNA? Do in life all you just pick up the phone call. Most people are more welcome to come for a couple of hours and experience what they do these. That’s been the experience that I’ve had like. They’re always open arms.

Sure come on down dress like this. Don’t say nothing in the room If you have any questions, we can talk about it later. I mean I. Guess the kind of thing about somebody else.

Hey I heard you. Could like. Watch what you do for a couple of hours. You’re like oh! My Ego stroked a little bit by this person. Share come on down left the teach something all right.

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Welcome back to a doctors Perspective minisode episode Fifty Four. Once again I’d like to mention drjustintrosclair.com/virtualvisits . It’s telehealth excises stretches ergonomic training all kinds of things when you got back pain and you can’t go to the chiropractor art a physical therapist. Pick up the phone. Put on video boom. Get the help you need.

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